How to connect the wires of the water heater Termyx. Tools and materials

How to turn on the Thermex boiler correctly

Installation and connection of water heating devices to the network are most often performed by specially trained workers, t. to. This process is difficult and requires the presence of proper skills. But during the operation of the unit, the owners often need to independently restart the boiler or change its settings. The deadline for using the device depends on the accuracy of the performance of these procedures, therefore it is recommended to familiarize themselves with the instructions and find out how to enable the Termex water heater, check the correctness of its work, select the temperature regime, etc. D.

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The installation of a water heater is most often performed by specially trained workers.

The main characteristics of Thermex

Thermex line devices have the following characteristics:

  • Tank volume. 15, 30, 80 or 50 liters. With its increase, the water heating time will increase.
  • The required voltage is 220 V (the permissible error is 10%), the frequency is 50 Herz.
  • Maximum operation temperature. 95 ° C. When it is achieved, the emergency shutdown system is triggered.
  • The inside of the case is made of stainless steel and titanium, due to which the boiler has good thermal insulation and protection from the appearance of rust.
  • The space between the case and the tank is filled with a high.quality modern sealant. polyurethane foam. It provides additional thermal insulation and protects the device from leaks.
  • Fluid heating is carried out due to tubular electric heaters (heating elements) located inside the tank. The temperature is adjustable using a thermostat.

The service life of the device is from 10 years, subject to all safety regulations, regular maintenance and elimination of small breakdowns.

How to hang a water heater Termyx?

In order to suspend some models of thermox boiler, you should know some features. The kit may include 3-5 surgery anchors. In this case, everything will depend on the number of support points. In a boiler with three points of the support, the suspension plane cannot always coincide with the plane of the water heater. The model, which has 5 points of the support, are located in more than one plane.

It is quite difficult to fix the EVN on an even wall without refinement. It will be necessary to dismantle the lower bracket, after which to give the necessary shape by patching points of the bend, waste to the required opening for the fasteners of the brackets to the tank and fix it again on the case.

The anchor contained in the kit is not recommended, because its hook will fall into the boiler housing. You need to use a mount that protrudes less from the wall.

The installation of the lower point of the support must be carried out 1-1.3 mm below the fastener bracket. This is necessary for further installation, so that it is possible to significantly reduce the likelihood of erroneous calculations. The gap should be chosen using tight winding of durable insult from plastic. Before trimming, be sure to take care of protecting tiles, glass and ceramics.

The top plates of the support, which are stamped in this way, make it possible to adjust the plane and slope of the suspension due to bending. The lower plate of the support should be divorced at a distance that can allow a hole for the screws of fasteners.

You will have to cut or replace the anchor in this case.

Termyx Boiler Connection Scheme.

The upper supports for the fasteners in the models of the water heater of the Termex of the flat form are made by volumetric stamping. They are not allowed to bend, even though the support without refinement will not enter the gap between the wall and an anchor hook. The main anchor puck will need to install an additional galvanized puck of steel. It is recommended to choose a puck with a diameter of 10 mm and 2 mm thick.

After the installation of an additional washer, you will need to cut the anchor sleeve by 2-3 mm. If this is not done, the nut can hook only a few turns of the hook thread.

In order not to install an additional washer, you can slightly straighten the anchor hooks. This work must be done very carefully. If a crack appears, then the anchor hook should be replaced.

You will need and slightly polish the brackets to remove existing stamping defects protruding behind its plane.

If the water supply of the EVN is visible to everyone, then the pipes of the structure that are purchased should be carefully examined. In production, they can be welded to the tank not quite high quality.

Before purchasing EVN, it is recommended to check whether the thread of the pipe is cut in diameter correctly. On a pipe that has a properly chopped thread, all connections should be easily wound, with a small backlash.

Where to start connecting the water heater Termyx?

The water heater, which is extracted from the package, must be installed vertically on the floor. The pipes should be located on top so that there is an opportunity to perform measurements and work on preparation before installation. In the working position of the boiler, the nozzles should be located below. To perform measurements, the front side will not be needed, but it will be necessary to free access to all points of the support.

The first thing you will need to do immediately is to take care of preventing an erroneous connection of the water heater to the electric network, which is not filled with water. To do this, his cord with a fork must be completely folded, placed in a polyethylene package and tied. You need to unpack it when the tank is completely filled with water.

When installing AVN, such a precaution is rarely observed. It is recommended to adhere to this rule always.

Before performing measurements and marking the installation points of anchors, you will need to level the supports and tighten the screws. If this will not be done, then after a while the bias of the water heater may begin, which is fixed on the wall.

Some believe that in order to perfectly hang a boiler, it is enough to install fasteners on the wall on the construction level. This is not true. On almost all water heater this type, the symmetry axis is not perpendicular to the line, which passes through the reference points of fasteners. On the EVN, which have 2 supports, these lines may not be parallel to each other, while the sides of one support are asymmetric.

The inverted EVN will be needed using the same level to set in an upright position (along the lateral lines of its body). The screws of the support fasteners should be loosened, after which, using a light tapping with a hammer, besieged in the direction of the upper part of the water heater to choose a backlash. Using a plumb line or level, you will need to check the horizontality of each of the supports at the installation points. If there is a need, it is necessary to align the location of the structure, and the screws tighten. You need to tighten the screws tightly, but without unnecessary efforts, so as not to disrupt the thread.

If there are not enough actions for alignment of supports for adjustment, then you will need to drill holes for fasteners, shifting vertically to the required distance.

It may be that during adjustment of the vertical vessels one or two sides of the supports will be needed to move.

Examples of Boilers Termex

All supplied devices are designed for a network voltage of 220 V, excess pressure in the main water supply of more than 0.5 ATI. Consider the most running models of broilers used in everyday life.

Thermex water heater with a volume of 80 liters

For a family of three or more people, the best water heater will be a device with an internal tank of 80 liters of Termyx. Volumetric tank retains the temperature for 9 hours. Models have a different shape and location, compact and conveniently integrated into the allotted space. It is recommended to choose a device with a water heating element in the form of a heater, the spiral will fail faster. Before installing the Termies of 80 liters, read the instructions for the use of the device, the conditions of safe operation.

Paragraph 3 lists the set of equipment supply, including the elements for connecting. It is necessary even before the purchase to check the completeness in accordance with the specification.

The buyer needs to know, the warranty period for the electronic and electric part on all products of thermex 1 year. But the mechanics are designed for multi.month non.vocational work. The price of a water heater is 80 liters depends on the materials used and the configuration. The use of electronic control with multi.level regulation of the process will make the model noticeably more expensive. The more complicated the shape of the model, the higher the device is estimated. The product becomes much more expensive if, instead of enameling the inner surface, a tank of special austenitic steel is used.

The device is based on the physical process associated with the occurrence of wandering currents, electrochemical corrosion, possible hydraulic boards, wear of the gaskets. repair of the water heater Termex 80 is allowed only for cleaning and replacing heaters. Automation and electronics can configure correctly.

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Choosing a water heater 50 liters

A small container can be installed even in a cramped room.

water liters are enough for 1-2 consumers. Attention should be paid to the water heater Thermex ER 50 V. These models are leaders in demand. The power of the heater is 1.5 kW will not create a high network load. Water heating for 1 hour 45 minutes. The steel tank is covered with enamel from biosteklophara and preserves the quality of water as in a ceramic vessel. A guarantee for a tank is given for 7 years.

Thermex if 50 V water heater is more complicated. It has a metal tank made of stainless austenitic steel and two heating elements. In total, they give a power of 2 kW, but the electronic control system allows you to connect one element, depending on the task on the display.

Model of 30 liters

The miniature water heater Termex 30 is represented by the company in different performance. There are models with an enameled tank and an eternal vessel from a Japanese stainless steel. The external case can be plastic and metal, covered with durable paint. Devices with heating elements 0.7, 1.3, 2.0 kW are installed on different models. Easy to choose a device that creates a small load on old networks. For one person, water is enough, a new portion heats up within an hour. The service life of installations is at least 10 years, with timely cleaning and replacing electrodes.

Even a small boiler is more economical than the flowing water, for which a separate wiring is needed. With the installation of a boiler, the quality of life in a rural or country house will improve. When choosing a device, it is necessary to take into account the condition of the electric network, the number of users. The more powerful the device is, the faster the water will heat up, while one amount will be consumed.

Installation and connecting the boiler to the network

The grounding wire should in no case be connected to the zero wire. The device has a standard cord and a fork for connecting to the mains. In normal condition, when the Termex hangs correctly, the hole of the fence tube inside the tank enters the upper quarter, and inlet in the lower quarter.

To correct this drawback, you need to remove them and give the desired shape, as well as to squeeze the holes for the bolts a little.

Installing the boiler first of all, it is necessary to fix the heater on the bearing wall, while the large weight of the equipment should be taken into account. Such devices do not need a special installation, since they work from a conventional outlet. The device does not withstand thermal mode.

What does the water heating temperature affect? This design feature allows you to change the side slope of the case with a simple movement of the lower point of the drive. But this is only provided that the water in the system meets the necessary standards and does not contain a large number of impurities and heavy elements, as well as during the use of the device, the rules for the installation, operation and timely maintenance of maintenance were observed. The electrical diagram of the water heater connection through the outlet connected to the cable laid from the shield: the dipavtomat can perfectly replace the bunch of RCDs and the circuit breaker.

connect, wires, water, heater, termyx

Unscrew the drain valve5. Also, an electrical circuit of the water heater and the connection diagram to the network should be applied to the instructions for the operation of the equipment. Installing the boiler first of all, it is necessary to fix the heater on the bearing wall, while the large weight of the equipment should be taken into account. Most often, the design of the water heater provides for two thermostats: the first controls the heating of the water, the second monitors the state of the first.

If necessary, replace it with fresh. work will lead to a decrease in the efficiency of work and a decrease in the level of efficiency. Note that the manufacturer sets the minimum service life of the Termye water heater seven years.

She is able to succumb to form formation and is not afraid of temperature changes. If the brackets are held for some time, the characteristic will change quickly. The valve often comes with a water heater, but it can be bought separately and experts say that it is extremely undesirable to use a regular check valve. When installing these elements with your own hands, scroll along the threads of revolutions, no more, otherwise damage the pipe. Boiler connection diagram to the water supply

Instructions for installing and connecting a water heater

The installation of the boiler consists of 3 main stages:

connect, wires, water, heater, termyx

The installation of the boiler should be engaged in qualified employees with appropriate skills. Incorrect installation of the device can lead not only to improper operation of the unit, but also to causing harm to the property or health of people. You can buy Thermex water heater and order the installation service in g. Tyumen.

Water heater connection scheme.

Placement and installation of the device

The installation site of the water heater must comply with safety standards. Access to the sewage system, remoteness from electrical devices (and other equipment for which contact with water is undesirable), the possibility of emergency drain and autonomous connection to the panel is undesirable. The installation process takes place in several stages:

  • Measurements, tolling points of fastening of anchors.
  • Drilling holes, screwing anchors.
  • Boiler mount to the wall.
  • Connection of cranes to water supply circuits.
  • Installation of filters and pressure gearbox on a cold circuit.
  • Installation of the safety valve, tee, drain hose and other auxiliary and protective elements.

For sealing the joints between the elements when installing the water heater, flax is used. It protects from the effects of hot water.

Connection to the electric network

The last stage of installation of the boiler is its connection to the mains. The procedure consists of the following stages:

  • Laying wires in strokes or in a patch box.
  • Connection of the RCD to the shield.
  • Conducting the cable from the electrical panel to the fuse.
  • Connecting the boiler to the machine with a separate cable.
  • Connection of wires “phase”, “zero” and “grounding” to the lower part of the water heater.

The wiring connection to the boiler is carried out exclusively by professionals.

Devices are not equipped with cords and a standard “fork-rosette” system. Instead, they are connected to the network using a 3-filled cable D 2.5-3 mm with a mandatory installation of a 16-ampert fuse.

Varieties of water heaters “Termyx” for 50 liters

There are a large number of aggregates of this group. They differ in several parameters, the environment of which: dimensions, weight, method of installation (installation, connection), electrical characteristics, functionality, degree of protection against scale. Review of the Termyx boilers 50 l:

  • Thermex Ers 50 V Silverheat. Cylindrical tank. It is made of metal, the walls from the inside are protected by enamel, due to this, the risk of damage to the boiler due to rusting is reduced. Communications are connected from below, the method of installing such an unit is a vertical. To control, a mechanical method is used. Removeed pressure. 6 bar. The device heats the liquid to a temperature of 75 ° C in 105 minutes. Power is 1.5 kW. The kit includes RCD.
  • Thermex Fusion 50 V. According to the main parameters, this model is not much different from the previous one: the control type is mechanical, fastening on the wall is carried out vertically, the method of summing up communications is the lower. However, it looks different-in the form of an oblong cylindrical device of a small diameter, but a significant length. Removeed pressure. 7 bar. The unit is characterized by a higher power. 2 kW. This affects the heating speed. So, to the required level of 75 ° C, the boiler will bring the liquid in 65 minutes.
  • Thermex Giro 50. Made a stainless steel device, inside the tank is covered with enamel. The type of installation is universal, which means the ability to fix the unit on the wall vertically or horizontally. This is due to the location of the hooks on the boiler. The pressure inside the tank is not more than 7 bar. Ten is wet, tubular type. The power of the unit is 1.5 kW, to a greater extent because of this increases the heating rate of fluid: it is brought to 75 ° C in 105 minutes. Auxiliary functions, in addition to indication, are absent.
  • Thermo 50 V Slim. The internal walls of the device are covered with biosteclophaoor. The tank is characterized by a cylindrical shape. As previously considered analogues, this model is installed on the wall vertically. You can connect to the boiler from below. Control type. mechanical. It is important to use such an unit in accordance with the pressure of the water supply line. For this model, the withstanding indicator is 6 bar. The power of the water heater is higher. 2.5 kW than the analogues. Due to this, the liquid temperature of 75 ° C is achieved in just 1 hour.
  • Thermex nova 50 v slim. This is an enameled cylindrical boiler. It is intended for installation on the wall in an upright position. Pipe eyeliners are carried out on the bottom. Such a boiler is controlled by mechanically. The maximum temperature is 75 ° C. Water is heated to the specified value in 80 minutes. This is due to high power. 2 kW. The advantage of such a model is the presence of a dry heater. However, the display is absent, which complicates control when changing the values ​​of technical parameters.
  • Thermex Mk 50V. This is a flat water heater, it is manually controlled by a mechanical way. The upper limit of the withstanding pressure is 7 bar. According to the main parameters, this model does not differ from the previously considered: power. 2 kW, the maximum temperature is 75 ° C, the duration of heating is 80 minutes. It is equipped with a wet type, the display is absent. The boiler is equipped with an RCD apparatus. There are no auxiliary functions, except for indication and protection against overheating.
  • Thermex Optima 50. This is another flattened model. It is characterized by a rectangular shape. This is an enameled boiler protected from rust due to the coating on the internal walls of the tank. The unit is controlled using the electronic system. Pipes are connected from below. The device is equipped with an indicator of temperature, withstands a pressure of 7 bar. The maximum water temperature in the tank is 75 ° C. Wet type, tubular. There is no display, auxiliary functions are also not provided.

The device is equipped

You can purchase a water heater together with various elements (details, devices). The equipment depends on the model, while most often in the boiler packaging are: the user’s guide for the operation of the device, RCD, a package with fasteners, a check valve, a magnesium anode. The latter is installed inside the tank until the installation starts.

The set of models of this group (fluid volume 50 l) includes all of the listed elements, which is an advantage, t. to. do not have to purchase details and the device separately.

Instructions and features of operation

The inclusion method depends on the model. Some boilers have a button for this. In order to control the state of technology, a display is often installed. It is not available in all models of Termyx water heaters for 50 liters. If possible, using the regulator set the required power value. In many devices of this group, the indicator of this parameter does not change. In addition, you need to set the temperature value.

During the operation of the boiler, you can change the temperature values ​​at your discretion. Когда изменяются параметры сети или нарушается работа агрегата, срабатывает УЗО. To turn it on, you must click on the button located on this device. You can start the operation of the equipment after the end of the installation, if you open the taps of the mixer, which will allow air to get out of the tank.

The frequency of service of the device depends on the composition of the water that is supplied to the boiler. For this reason, service can be performed every 6-12 months, and sometimes 1 time every 2 years. To do this, the unit is disconnected from the network, drain water from the tank, dismantle it and wash it from the inside. Additionally, a new magnesium anode is installed, since the former is quickly destroyed. in a few months. In addition, it is necessary to clean the heating element from scale. Then it is installed in place and the device is performed in the device.

Connection of the water heater Termies to water

To replace the heater, unscrew the colored wires. yellow, red and blue carefully remove the thermostat and sensors. Protective automation is turned on; When the device is turned on, it knocks out traffic jams on the counter; Water heating does not occur or water is very poorly heated; The water heater begins to hiss, the water comes out not clean, but a muddy. Two cylindrical tanks are installed in thin boilers, interconnected by Double Tank technology.

The connection diagram of the electric heater should be performed by one composition of the wire.

Having taken out the ten tt, they found that there was no magnesium anode on it. Spirals overheat and burn out. Also, the power regulator performs an additional shutdown function at a certain heating temperature. It is very important to check the wiring in the entire apartment before connecting and evaluate its capabilities: the size of the cross.section of the wire, from which it is made, the maximum load on the wire.

Installing the boiler first of all, it is necessary to fix the heater on the bearing wall, while the large weight of the equipment should be taken into account. Operation of the water heater “Thermex”

The first launch and verification of the correctness of the boiler work

After connecting the unit, it is necessary to prepare it for connection and check the performance. The algorithm of actions:

  • Overlap of hot water from a common riser. This is done so that the Broiler does not heat the central water supply house at home.
  • Filling a tank. First, water is poured into the boiler, then the mixer is opened and the exit for hot liquid, then the entrance for the cold. These manipulations are needed to release air from the tank.
  • Opening of the feed taps standing on the boiler.
  • Opening of the tap of hot water. After a while, when a stable and flat stream comes from it, it is closed.
  • Connection of the water heater to the mains.

From connection to the first launch of the unit, you must wait 1-2 hours.

With mechanical control

The first launch of the boiler on mechanical control is carried out according to the standard scheme. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Designate the power using buttons on the control panel. There are 2 modes in total: 1.3 kW and 2 kW. The selected value is displayed on indication lamps: if 1 of them burns, Single Power is selected when 2 is Double Power.
  • Adjust the temperature. This is done using the regulator handle. When turning clockwise, the value increases, against. decreases. The step is 1 ° C.
  • Measure the temperature of the water in the mixer using a thermometer. Turn on the boiler, wait for about 30 minutes and produce another 1 measurement to make sure that heating has begun.

You can turn off the device with mechanical control by turning the temperature controller until it stops.

On the touch screen

The first launch of the unit with the touch control panel is easier. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Get out of the DEMO mode, in which the device is originally located. To do this, you need to simultaneously hold the upper and lower brackets for 5 minutes.
  • Select power. This is done using the upper and lower selection keys. The display will display the selected indicator: Single Power (1.3 kW) or Double Power (2 kW).
  • Set the temperature. The transition to the selection mode is carried out by 2 presses of the upper bracket. The value is displayed on the screen.
  • Install a timer. This is done by pressing the left.wing bracket of choice.
  • Turn on the unit using a round key in the center of the screen. Remember the temperature of the water (it is displayed on the panel) and double-check it after 20-30 minutes to make sure that it increases.

You can stop the operation of the device with repeated pressing the key in the center of the display. A boiler with a diagnostic system will turn off itself in case of violations of working conditions and will issue an error message on the touch screen.

The purpose of the heater

Thermex heater is made using modern assembly technology using high.quality materials. It has a protective shutdown device (RCD), which ensures safety during operation. Termies complies with international standards and the requirement of GOST R IEC 60335-2-21-99. In some models of heaters, a silver anode is installed. This is indicated in the instructions for the water heater.

The device is used to heating running water in household and industrial premises. He is very reliable and economical.

For the normal operation of the water heater, the Termyx pressure in the system should not exceed 0.6 MPa.

Otherwise the water will not have time to heat up to the desired temperature. In winter, use Thermex should be in well.heated rooms. All models of household appliances are connected to a power source with a voltage of 220 in. The termination heater is included:

The circuit diagram of the water heater is shown in the rice. one. It shows from it how the fluid heating in the technical design occurs. The Termy heater body is made of durable plastic. The internal tank is made of low.carbon stainless steel. Thanks to this, Thermex has excellent corrosion resistance and a long service life. The space between the plastic case and the steel tank is filled with heat.insulating material.

To repair the fault of Ten, the flange on which it is held is removed. On the front panel of the product, a thermostat sensor with a thermostat is installed. Using this device, Termyx maintains the set temperature. Work is automatically. The required value is set by the regulator.

How to use the device, indicated in the instructions. The protective shutdown device is mounted on a supply cable. It works when a current leak is 0.2 mA. The simplified electrical circuit of the heater is shown in the rice. 2, where the safety element is thermal protection. The drawing can be used to search for a malfunction in the equipment.

Installation and connection of the heater

Simplified electrical circuit of the heater.

The heater is mounted on the wall near the water supply. Install Thermex should be over water supply pipes. This is necessary so that the condensate moisture that is formed on the pipes does not drip on Termyx. For inserting into the water supply, it is best to use metal.plastic hoses. They are quite elastic, when bending they are not afraid of breakdown.

When connecting the device to the mains, you need to choose the right section of the supply wire. If the power of the boiler is, for example, 6 kW, then we select the wire as follows. From practice it is known that 1 kW has 4 amperes. In our case, 24 A enters the boiler. It is also known that the wire with a section of 1 mm² draws 10 and current. From this it follows that the minimum section of the supply cable should be 2.5 mm². A smaller cable will cause a malfunction in the equipment. As a protection of this chain from a short circuit, the next to the face value is installed. 32 A. The face value of this equipment is indicated in the operating instructions.

The electric heater must have reliable grounding. This is a necessary security measure. Thermex wire should be thicker than the supply cable. The grounding wire should in no case be connected to the zero wire. Otherwise, the electrical circuit of the water heater will not work. When you try to turn on the electrical equipment, a protective shutdown device will work.

Such an error of electrical installation is quite common. The connection of grounding with zero is possible only outside the work scheme. In this case, the electrical circuit has this type, as shown in the rice. 3. It is clearly seen here that the grounding wire is located separately.

The main causes of equipment breakdown

The reason for the temperature heater failure is most often the following circumstances:

  • Ten breakdown. This may happen when there is too small pressure during the water supply system in the water supply system. Protective sensors do not work. The heating element in this case overheats and its spiral fails.
  • Drying with mud in the internal system of the heater Termyx. So that this does not happen, you need to rinse the water treatment filter more often.
  • Wear of electrical elements. This is primarily included in the contacts of contacts. Over time, all the contacts of connecting the boiler weaken and begin to bask. In order not to destroy, they must be periodically tightened. Although this is not said in the instructions, but this is a very important point.

So that the above breakdown does not occur using the Thermex heater, it is necessary to follow the rules of technical operation. Periodic inspection of the working units of the equipment should be carried out from the moment the boiler is connected. This will contribute to an increase in the term of its work. The connection diagram of the electric heater should be performed by one composition of the wire. Compounds of copper wires with aluminum wires are unacceptable. This is due to the fact that they have various electrical conductivity, and their connections will heat up.


It will be useful to first get acquainted with the device of the Termyx boilers first to effectively eliminate problems. The following components can be distinguished in the design:

Temperature sensor. With it, the owner can at any time find out what temperature the coolant has in the tank. Often it is made in the form of a scale with an arrow or digital indicator. This device makes the operation of the boiler more convenient. Even if this sensor fails, this will not affect the work of the device itself. True, in this case, the user will no longer be able to find out to what temperature the water will heat up. Thermal insulation. Its presence allows you to maintain heated water for a long time. This element will never break. Hot water drain. It belongs to those elements that usually do not cause problems to the owner. The outer membrane of the water heater body. This part can be made of different materials. metal, plastic or combine both options. The integrity of the outer shell of the body can be disturbed only if the device accidentally falls or the owner himself carries him damage. Inner tank. Usually it is made of stainless steel. Due to the small thickness, it can easily affect corrosion, which can also cause its failure. But if we provide regular maintenance, then for a long time he will not create problems to the owner.

connect, wires, water, heater, termyx

Ten. This element assigned a determining role in the operation of the device, since it carries out the heating of the fluid. over, more powerful models require less time to heat water. In view of the fact that it is constantly operated and exposed to corrosion, it is with it that the most frequent failures of water heaters are associated. Magnesium anode. For him, a place is highlighted near the heating element. Its main purpose is to protect the tank and heating from corrosion

It is very important to monitor its condition and, if necessary, change to a new. Cold water supply hose. Thermostat for the water heater Termyx. Thanks to it, the liquid in the device is heated in automatic mode. Several types of thermostats are distinguished: rod, capillary electronic

Although there are models of different versions on the market, nevertheless, they use the same principle of work. The temperature sensor constantly monitors what temperature the liquid has. Depending on this parameter, he sends the signals of the thermorelele, which begins to close or open the tena power circuit. Most often, the design of the water heater provides for two thermostats: the first controls the heating of the water, the second monitors the state of the first. A feature of expensive models is the presence of three thermostats, and the task of the third is to control the serviceability of the heater. The thermostat failed cannot be repaired, so it changes for a new. Insulating gaskets. They are necessary for compaction and protection against electricity. This element in the event of failure should also change. Electronic control and control schemes.

Several types of thermostats are distinguished: rod, capillary electronic. Although there are models of different versions on the market, nevertheless, they use the same principle of work. The temperature sensor constantly monitors what temperature the liquid has. Depending on this parameter, he sends the signals of the thermorelele, which begins to close or open the tena power circuit. Most often, the design of the water heater provides for two thermostats: the first controls the heating of the water, the second monitors the state of the first. A feature of expensive models is the presence of three thermostats, and the task of the third is to control the serviceability of the heater. The thermostat failed cannot be repaired, so it changes for a new. Insulating gaskets. They are necessary for compaction and protection against electricity. This element in the event of failure should also change. Electronic control and control schemes.

It is precisely the above elements that are all the accumulative heaters produced under the Termyk brand. It should be said that running devices have a similar design, however, they are deprived of a storage tank and have a heating element of increased power.

How to connect the water heater to the water supply system correctly

In order for the connection of a flowing, accumulative tank to be correct, it is necessary to observe a certain sequence.

Most often, each set has a scheme where the installation of the boiler is described.

  • the number of holes that will need to be made in the wall;
  • types and quantity of fasteners;
  • a detailed description of the connection of pipes;
  • What units, equipment will come in handy so that the installation of the tank passes correctly.

To connect the Termyx boiler with your own hands, you need to perform the following sequence of actions.

It is worth examining water pipes. If they are in a worn state, it is recommended to replace them with new.

It is allowed to install pipes from any material: metal.plastic, plastic, steel, copper.

Be sure to install a safety valve on a boiler. Its role is to protect the technique from excess pressure.

Installation should be carried out on a pipe where cold water is supplied. Fum-tone, sealant must ensure tightness.

On the pipes that are brought to the water heater, ball valves are installed. Thanks to them, you can adjust the supply of water to the container.

It is recommended to install a pressure gear on a pipe with cold water. He will regulate the pressure at the entrance.

At the output, water will be supplied with constant pressure. This device is important when the boiler is installed in multi.storey buildings, where the pressure in the tap system jumps.

After the installation of the water supply is completed, you need to open the water tap for supply to the tank. After it is filled, well.heated water should come from the tap.

At this stage, the tightness of all connections is checked.

Conducting preparatory work

The installation of a water heater requires determining the place where it will hang or stand. For rooms with a small area, you can install a small boiler that will accommodate 50-80 liters of water.

Such tanks are most often suspended on the wall. You can choose a water heater with any diameter, design.

If you need to install a container of more than 220 liters, then you can’t hang it on the wall. For such a tank, you need to choose a place on the floor.

When fixing the water heating tank on the wall, it is worth choosing a load.bearing wall for this so that it can withstand the weight of the unit.

To fix the tank, you need to have anchor bolts in stock. In some models, they come with a tank, sometimes you need to purchase mounts separately.

For water heaters that are placed vertically and have a volume of 30-100 liters, you need 2 anchor bolt.

If you need to install a horizontal unit, the volume of which is 50-100 liters, then you need to have 4 fastening elements.

The place where the boiler will be located must meet the requirements:

  • The water heater needs to provide access under the entire period of its operation;
  • The installation of the tank on the wall provides for the ability to withstand a load equal to the double weight of the water heater;
  • It is worth checking the wiring, it must withstand the operation of the water heater. If the wiring is old, then it will need to be replaced;
  • It is necessary to check the condition of the pipes in the room, conclusions should be created for connecting the water heater.

Installation of a water heater

Termyx flowing water heaters, due to its size, can be installed above the sink, which will significantly save space in the room. Water heating occurs in a metal flask.

Due to the use of powerful heaters, a separate machine should be made for a flow boiler.

Thus, the general wiring in the house, the apartment will always be good and not depend on the inclusion of the unit.

The installation circuit of the water heater can be temporary or inpatient. In the first case, the water supply with cold water is connected to the tee, after which it is combined with the water heater.

The stationary installation scheme involves the creation of a parallel system of water intake of liquid.

Tees should be cut separately under cold and hot water. The tender valves are installed behind the tees.

The input pipe of the running boiler must be connected to a water pipe with cold water.

The output pipe is connected to the tap, through which already heated water is supplied.

The tightness of the system is checked without fail with a temporary, stationary connection.

To do this, you need to turn on at the same time a tap with hot water in the shower, in the bathroom, in the kitchen. If there are no leaks, then you can include electricity.

Termyx storage water heaters do not present requirements such as flowing.

Installation and connection requires the use of a scheme in which water supply can be carried out simultaneously into a crane, shower.

Installing this type of boiler with your own hands is simple if there are the necessary tools. Marking is applied to the wall where the water heater will be located.

Elements of fastening are installed on the marked places.

After fastening the tank on the wall, you will need to connect the water, install the safety valve.

When connecting the water supply, it is worth ensuring that the valve is closed. After the installation of the entire system is installed, the water heater is carried out by Termyx.

Cables and Connectivity

When checking, all compounds of the parts of the pipeline should be sealed, and warm water should come from the tap.

To see clearly what is the installation diagram of the Termyx Water Heater with your own hands, you can watch the video in our article.

Details of connecting a boiler board

The reader of the VO4IK, who carefully reads all my articles, found inaccuracy in my article, which he set out in a commentary on May 19, 2021.

I post a photo with the details of connecting the board and the boiler scheme that he sent:

TEN connection diagram with wire flowers

Ten terminals indicating the color of the wires

How to remove the water heater from the wall

In the back of the boiler there is a plate with holes for fasteners to the wall. At the same time, anchors with hooks are fixed in the wall, on which the unit is suspended through these holes. The heater freed from the water is disconnected from the pipes (using a divorce key) and rises to make it easy to remove from hooks.

Sometimes the device suspended to the wall is additionally fixed with bolts. In this case, first you will have to unscrew the bolts with a wrench, and then remove the installation from the wall. The removed boiler is turned over and put on the floor with nozzles up. this will be more convenient to dismantle it.

note! Ariston models with oval flanges can not be turned upside down, since the heating element can fail inside. They are dismantled without removing from the wall.

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