How to cook rice in the microwave

How to cook rice in the microwave oven. Stuffed Rice in the Microwave. Recipe

Microwave Rice Recipe

Now we will tell you how to cook rice in the microwave. For cooking in the microwave, we will be suitable for any kind of rice: round or long-grain. So, rinse the groats well several times until the water is clear. Pour a cup of rice into a container for microwave cooking, pour water, add spices to taste and throw a little salt. If desired, you can add crushed bouillon cube to the bowl.

Now cover the container with heat-resistant film, a glass lid or a fan plate and put it in the microwave. Set the timer of the device for 12 minutes and select the maximum power on its panel. Once you hear the signal of readiness, leave the rice in the oven for another 15-20 minutes, so that it becomes much more tender.

Afterwards, using an oven mitt, carefully remove the container from the appliance and stir it gently with a wooden spatula. To cool the rice quickly, you can use a fan. Add a spoonful of olive oil or sour cream to the boiled rice. If you season it with turmeric, the ready dish will acquire a pleasant yellowish tint. That’s it, crispy rice in the microwave, ready, you can put it on the table.


Rice rinse well until water is clear. To cook this dish, you will need a pot with a lid, which can be used for the microwave. Put the washed rice into the pot.

cook, rice, microwave

Pour 1.5 cups of pure cold water over the rice, add vegetable oil and send it to the microwave oven at a power of 800 watts for 15 minutes.

Pour in the remaining water. Cover with a lid and send to the microwave for another 5 minutes.

When the cooking time is up, take the pan of rice out of the microwave, add butter to taste and stir.

Delicious, crumbly rice cooked in the microwave will be a great side dish to meat and fish.

Microwave rice for rolls and sushi


  • Peel rice and rinse well. Fill it with cool water and leave it for 40 minutes. During this time it will swell well, which will reduce the cooking time.
  • Drain water, put rice in a suitable container. Pour hot water over it.
  • Run the microwave on maximum power for 7-8 minutes. Every 2 minutes, stop the appliance and stir the rice.
  • After switching off the microwave, add the vinegar mixed with salt.
  • Stir the rice.

It remains to wait for the rice to cool to a comfortable temperature, after which it can be used to make rolls and sushi.

How to cook rice without bubbles. A simple way to avoid white foam when boiling rice.

One more way to avoid boiling rice. Take a lid of a smaller diameter and cover the contents of the larger pot with it.

This is the version we came up with by experiment. Of course, much depends on the variety, but in general, such measures of restriction most often work and the contents does not leave the pot.

We set our dish in the stove, we put the time 10 minutes and the mode 450W

After 10 minutes on the set mode stir the content and add salt (if desired). A quarter of a teaspoon per glass of cereal is quite enough.

We usually use the crumbly rice at this stage for stuffing stuffed cabbage rolls or stuffed peppers. It is not quite cooked yet, but it is ready as a semi-finished product for all kinds of fillings.

We put the lid back on and let it cook for another 10 minutes in the same 450W mode

After this it is desirable to give a cooked dish a little time to infuse and you can serve it.

Sometimes the finished dish is a little too dry. Some rice varieties absorb more moisture and require more liquid. In such cases you need to adjust the amount of liquid per serving later on. For example, for 1 cup of cereals you need 2.5 cups of water.

And in general, you can always add some liquid to the already boiled rice and bring it to the desired condition. Cook for another 5 to 10 minutes in the same mode.

In the already ready portion you can add a piece of butter, spices to taste or your favorite sauce.

cook, rice, microwave

The dish goes very well with a variety of vegetable spices and gravy.

Rice porridge in the microwave with milk

Milk rice porridge in the microwave is especially delicious. The essence of the recipe is that first with the help of a device cook ordinary porridge in water, and then already pour milk into it. It is better if it is already boiled and hot. Optionally you can add dried fruits, sugar or honey to the dish to taste.

  • Rice is washed well, salted, poured with water and cooked in the microwave for about 17 minutes at maximum power.
  • When the rice is ready, add the milk and sugar and cook in the microwave for 3 to 4 minutes more.

Rice in the microwave

We have already found out that in the microwave you can not only heat foods, but also perfectly cook a variety of dishes. It’s time to find out how and how much rice should be cooked in the microwave.

How to cook crispy rice in the microwave?

What could be tastier and more beautiful than crumbled rice, when you cook it grain by grain? The question is rhetorical, but the question of how to cook such rice in the microwave still requires an answer.

Super easy way to cook sticky rice in Microwave หุงข้าวเหนียวในไมโครเวฟ ง่ายมากและอร่อยมากกกก

To start with, the rice needs to be well washed. Then we put it in a special dish for microwave, add water and salt. Close the lid and put the dish in the microwave. Cook at full power for about 17-18 minutes. During this time, the rice should be stirred a couple of times. After cooking, let the rice rest a little, 5-10 minutes, under the lid. Stir and enjoy. you don’t have to rinse the rice, it’s nice and tasty.

How to cook rice for sushi in the microwave?

Sushi and rolls have recently become an incredibly popular dish, and more and more people are daring to make them at home. The main requirement for the rice for sushi. he must stick together, that is, a recipe for uncooked rice, we clearly do not fit. So that the sushi was delicious and kept its shape, the rice must be cooked properly, how to do it now tell us.

Rinse the rice with water until the water becomes clear. Next, we pour cold water over groats and leave them for 30-45 minutes, during which time the rice will swell. Next, put the rice in a bowl or a microwave-safe pan, pour water on it, and put it in the oven. It is necessary to take water in 1,5 times more than rice. Cook 300 grams of rice for about 7 minutes at full microwave power. During cooking, the rice needs to be stirred, every 2-3 minutes. Ready rice mixed with vinegar for sushi, spread on foil and leave to cool.

Recipe for chicken and rice in the microwave

Once the technology of cooking rice in the microwave is mastered, you can proceed to cooking more complex dishes, such as chicken with rice, such a peculiar version of pilaf in the microwave.

Rinse and wash a cup of long rice. Put it in a two-liter glass saucepan and pour two glasses of water over it. Put in the microwave on medium power for 10 minutes. During the cooking process, you need to stir the rice once, 5 minutes after putting the rice in the oven.

Peel two chicken thighs from the skin, cut out all the bones and cut the meat into large pieces. Fry onion and two carrots in vegetable oil (you’ll need to use the stove), all coarsely chopped. Add meat and spices to the vegetables and fry. After 5-7 minutes we take it off the heat and add it to the rice. Stir everything, add salt and add 2-3 cloves of garlic, if necessary, and close with a lid. Return the pot to the stove. Cook for about 15 minutes at 80% of microwave power. While the pilaf is cooking, do not forget to periodically open the oven and stir the rice. After that, we turn off the stove and leave the rice to “mature” for another 10 minutes under a lid.

If you can not fry the meat and vegetables in the pan, or want to do without fried food, you can cook everything in the microwave. First you need to boil the rice in the microwave, just like roasting. Then put the meat in a bowl (glass pot) and pour oil on it and cover with a lid. Put the meat into the microwave. Leave it there for 5 minutes at full microwave power. Then add chopped onion and carrot and 0.5 glass of water. We put everything in the microwave and cook at the same power for 3 minutes. We mix the rice with meat and vegetables, add spices, garlic and put it in the oven for 15 minutes. Microwave on 50% power.

Bake a favorite for many curd casserole can be not only in the oven, but in the most ordinary microwave, and on the taste qualities, your culinary masterpiece, cooked in a microwave, and still will give way to his “oven” analogues.

Everyone has heard about the dangers of the microwave. Here are just hostesses do not tend to part with this miracle of technology and continue to delight their loved ones with culinary masterpieces, which cooking with microwave oven requires a few minutes. Like the tenderest meringue.

Who wouldn’t love a juicy, flavorful, pan-fried or oven-baked chicken?! Really makes my mouth water? That’s just have to wait for her cooking and you can start eating. And if you shorten the process, using the microwave for this purpose?

Personally, I have not met such people who do not like pizza, especially if it is homemade and the hostess is not stingy put more toppings. Unfortunately, making pizza at home takes a lot of time. True, if you have a microwave in the household. this changes things dramatically.


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Thank you, for the super recipe, the rice came out even better than when cooked on the stove )))))

Alla, I am pleasantly surprised!Thanks for the recipe!

Take advantage, Elena! Thanks for stopping by.

Allusya, I’m coming to you with a photo report.Allochka,this method was a godsend for me,the rice is gorgeous, crumbly and tasty.I went further and tried to cook millet in this way (I love millet, but at ordinary cooking it turned out sticky, mushy), and here. Hooray for the crumbly millet. I have added a photo of millet!Thank you this recipe has caught on with me now.Now I will cook cereals in this way only, I will try to cook them all in this way.

Perfect Rice in the microwave

Oh, that’s great! While I was resting, here is such interesting news! Thank you, Julia, for the report and for the new experiments.

How to cook “Rice porridge in the microwave” step by step with photos at home

To cook rice porridge in the microwave, we need long-grain rice, water, milk, salt, sugar, raisins.

Rinse 90 grams of rice thoroughly in several waters. In a microwave-safe bowl of large enough volume (this is to ensure that the water does not run off), place 90 grams of the rice with 200 ml of water. Add 1 gram of salt and 5 grams of sugar. Stir in.

Put the lid on the pan. Cook on high power (800 W) for 7 minutes. Mix with a spoon.

Cook on high power (800 W) for 7 minutes more. During this time, the rice will absorb all the water and will already be ready. This rice can be used to prepare salads. Serve as a side dish.

In order to get porridge, add 100 ml of milk and 20 grams of washed raisins to the rice. Stir. Cook on high power (800 W) for 2 minutes more.

The rice porridge is ready to serve. You can serve it with a bit of butter.

Recommendations for boiling different kinds of rice

Before you cook your favorite rice according to the suggested plans, you should carefully read the instructions on the product package. Only by following specific recommendations can you expect to get the desired end result.

  • Brown rice. If you decide to boil this cereal in the microwave, you need to take into account that you will have to use about twice as much water, and to process the component. twice as long. The mass should be stirred more often than usual (we do it accurately, so as not to remove from the surface of the grains especially valuable shell). Don’t judge the degree of doneness by the amount of time it boils over, but by the texture.
  • Basmati. To cook such a cereal crumbly, but not dense, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations on the amount of water used. If you are not lazy and regularly stir the mixture, it will turn out very tender and airy.
  • Jasmine. It is almost impossible to microwave this popular dish so that it remains crumbly. Even if you reduce the amount of water used, the mass will turn out quite soft and sticky.
  • Red. This rice with a distinct nutty flavor is almost impossible to ruin. If you want, you can even experiment with the amount of liquid and cooking time to achieve the perfect consistency for your liking.
  • Black. It’s when you boil it in the microwave that the unusual herbal flavor of this rice really comes out. You just need to strictly follow the recommended proportions and cook the cereal as long as indicated on the package.
  • Risotto and Paella. They need a lot of liquid, which they actively absorb. Given the purpose and specificity of the variety, do not rely on the density of its texture. Here no methods will help to achieve crumbly.

Grain cooked in the microwave usually has a clean and pronounced flavor, which is not the case with dishes cooked on the stove. If this rule is not adhered to, it indicates a low quality of water used. Change the liquid and see what happens when you do this.

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