How to Craft a Fireplace in the Forest

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Put on a hand drill kit and use it on the fire and it should light up, yay!

Now you need to make sure you have a supply of wood, why? Because without fuel your fire will go out, you’ll be cold and uncomfortable, and a little sad tbh;. so don’t forget to cut down trees with an axe and throw logs into the fire!

There are different ways to start a fire, you can use matches:

Armor in The Forest (All Crafting Recipes)

This armor acts like lizard armor but gives you extra stealth, perfect for camouflage. Your character can wear 6 pieces of this stealthy armor.

This armor will give you more protection than lizard skin armor, and there are also 6 of them you can wear.

  • Lizard Skin Armor = All you have to do is get lizard skin by killing lizards. There is no need to craft anything.
  • Snowshoes = 5 sticks 2 ropes.

Your character can gain a speed advantage by wearing these shoes in the snow.

Since these are rabbit fur boots, they will protect you during colds and add some stealth. Please note that you cannot wear them if you are wearing snowshoes.

As the name suggests, this suit will act as armor, as well as help you fight the cold temperatures.

How to light a fireplace in the forest

The Forest is a realistic survival horror game! When you play it sometimes want to say how to pass and where to go?, Here I will try to tell you the algorithm of the game The Forest!

1) View the opening video which shows a father with his son flying the plane, and suddenly the plane crashes! After the disaster it is seen that some aborigine kidnaps our son Timmy, the screen fades and a happy start game.

2) Take everything you have on the plane, don’t leave anything out.

3) come out of the plane find that now we have the axe of the plane (if you want hit him 3 times stewardess, well, if you want, at the same time her clothes put on, protection will be).

4) Once out of the plane with an axe and some supplies begins survival. (If anyone does not know, now know, be vigilant in this forest, because it is a horror, without creepiness nowhere, will walk through the woods of mutants that will scare you and kill, and less evil things are the natives, beat them with an axe).

5) Press the English B and study the book in detail.

6) Try first to create yourself a small hut (well, do not need at first the big luxury game, and then there is a big hut, well, do not need it at the beginning of the game, the functions are the same).

7) For the small hut chop 13 logs.

8) Home is good, but you still need to eat! Try to make a fire (I recommend the bonfire), (you can’t even tell by the name of the bonfire), it’s a very good fire made of 7 leaves with 4 sticks and 7 stones (I won’t say where to get them, I think sensible people will understand where to get the stones).

9) What about drinking, if you landed near the beach, that’s good, try to scrap a catchment for quality water, and if somewhere in the woods, that’s ok, try to hlup to the beach! You need 1 turtle shell and 4 sticks for the watershed.

10) If you can not find the turtle, that’s ok, go along the beach until you find the tent, which is located near the anchor, there is a pot in which you can boil raw water on the fire.

11) For food, make a spear (2 sticks) and try to catch critters (hares, lizards, squirrels and so on).

12) Basic ways of survival you have and it’s good, soon go to the plot.

13) Build near the house fence with spikes and trap what you want (they are all deadly), you need of course to kill the natives, half-naked assholes who are ready to break your unprotected fortress, not to mention the mutants!

14) After all this, take a walk around the island, but do not go into the caves.

15) If you have found a huge straight crater, then you just say good job, there we will soon go to the plot!

16) If nearby killed an aborigine, then throw it in the fire, will be bones in addition.

17) Gather berries (blue and black berries are edible, and white and red are poisonous), I will not talk about mushrooms, because they do not need to eat.

18) make a water bottle, you will carry water with you (2 deer skins (are near the big lake) and 1 rope (7 cloth)).

19) Craft a bag for berries and mushrooms (2 skins of a hare).

20) make a bow, can hunt and kill at a distance (1 stick, 1 string and 1 cloth), and of course arrows for them (1 stick and 5 feathers (kill birds for that or scraftee and hang birdhouse). For future reference, the most effective arrows are fiery, always make them (5 regular arrows, 1 cloth and 1 Molotov cocktail, usually on the plane and on the island).


21) Explicit tiphak: let’s say you left the game, of course oblutali plane, but when you come again, the things will appear in their places, it is very useful though tricky).

22) Do not be afraid if you once kill a native, it is even useful in this game! So when they get you in the cave, take the map and COMPASS, and look at the suitcases too, go up to the surface, now you have a map that will pave all your further way.

23) Take everything in the radius of the main camp of the natives.

24) Make the maximum number of Molotov cocktails, they will be useful.

25) Go back home and take care of your own buildings if you want!

26) Begin the era of climbing in the caves )).

27) In search of the best melee weapon Katana! It is located in the dead cave! If you go forward from the crater along the river and after some time turn right, there will be a cave.

28) If you hear sobbing sounds, it’s a mutant, but don’t be afraid, explore what’s in the cave, go up and NEVER turn right, or else., Well it will be bad, turn left. We pick up if we want clothes and go the long way forward! Soon there will be a katana on the man, and if you want turn left from him and there you will see a partition, break it and take a flashlight! It’s better than the lighter.

30) Let’s go get the key card, the most important item in the game, because with it we open the bunker where all the secrets will be.

31) If we walk along the beach, we can bump into a container, turn left and we see the cave, we go there.

32) Go straight ahead, the natives may appear, katana to help! Go forward and forward, then there will be a partition, break it and we will see the descent down, be careful there is a mutant, we can not go around him!! Shoot him with flaming arrows or Molotov cocktails!

33) After his death, take the key card and with it the camcorder, where you can insert the tapes and watch them. On the way to the key card you can find a cassette called Lunch with Megane.

34) Go to the next place to the next, but no less important item Aqualung! Without it, it is impossible to finish the game as well as with the map!

35) We stand with our back to the tent where the anchor is and go to the North-West, find the cave and go down there! When we got down go to the left abortion and break the partition, attention, you may see the natives, if you look to the left you can see the descent down even lower! We go to the water walls, turn left and see an Aqualung with cylinders of air! Now you can get out and if you want to go to the base!

36) Let’s go to the next, not less important thing. Ice-axe, you can climb walls and blocks, so it is possible without it, but with it much safer and quieter!

37) Crouching around the crater find the cave next to the tent, go down! Take out your scuba tank and swim through the cave lake, beware of the smallest harmful mutants babies, go on through the cave and out on the ledge of the crater, go left and see another entrance, we there! Ahead of the descent down, in fact there will be only 1 natives, kill and go further! Carefully pass the thin ledge of the cave, passing even further turn left and kill all the natives and babies! Ice axe on the wall take it and return the same way to the base!

38) In fact, we already have everything, but there are little things left, so let’s continue!

39) Build a small hut in winter biome (located where the biggest mountain of the island), there, if you slightly walk over, you can see the nose of the plane, which is a rocket launcher, but 5 charges are clearly not enough! Build a hut and over-go at least 30 charges!

40) Arm up to the maximum bombs (1 circuit board (from laptops), 1 Molotov cocktail, 1 coin, 1 watch and 1 duct tape!

42) Up to the nose of the plane you can see the clumps, that’s where the final cave is. Unfortunately, I can not explain exactly where it is located, so the Internet to help.

44) Further down, but, attention, below the mutant, also kill with handy tools and go forward! We break the partition with the axe and turn left! If you see the rope descend (just a quote, some more), then another rope, and then another rope on which also descend! But from here you need an ice-axe, or you can jump over, but it’s safer with the ice-axe! Farther up we go not up but down, but farther not down but over the ice-axe to the other side where the lantern’s light shows! Next also go down the rope, and attention, again there will be natives and babies, of course you kill them! Next will be the entrance to another cave! We are going along the narrow slope of the cave and descend to the right side on a rope, lifting the air tank on demand! Next, turn left and go forward, when you get to the partition or wooden wall (also break it and get into one of the most dangerous places in the cave, because there will be a lot of mutants!). Here’s a but, you need to collect a better version of the bow, so from there we turn right and swim across the lake to the other dry land! We see the light tents, there’s a modern bow on the box, we take it and go the same way to the point where we turned right! Now turn left, this path will lead you to the bunker! Blow up a stone wall with dynamite or a bomb and go on, there will be some natives! You swim across the lake, pick up the cassette and use the ice pick to climb to the top of the ledge (or you can just jump in)! Virtually next will be one or two mutants, if that kill and open the big stone gate! And then again the gate and go further forward. Next will be a small bridge, in the center will be part of the robot Timmy, which is meaningless, because the other parts we have not collected (it’s not so important)! Next will be the entrance to the cave again, and then the big gate and the place where players directly dream to get the crater, we are at the bottom! In the crater, we need to get to the central lake, and not to kill mutants, you can climb on the rocks and reach it! We put on a scuba tank and swim across the lake to land! (If you saw a helicopter and took the machete, then too, but it is not particularly strong as a katana)! When we get out of the water, follow the triangular entrance forward! There will be one aborigine, kill him and go straight ahead! Next you will also find a new cassette from the camera! We go down the rope and then climb up the wall and the ledge with an ice pick! Then there will be passages lit by candles, go forward on the right side! Next is a huge field, go left until we come across a tent! Save yourself and go down the straight aisle, turn right and there’s the bunker! Congratulations!

46) Exploring the entrance and climbing up a rope.

47) Next go back and to the left, and then there will be a way down, jump off and go on!

48) Open the door and you see a huge school photo with Megane and correspondence with the parents!

49) Also on the left we jump down and move on (there will be a dead end on the left), use a rope to climb up to the restaurant, so to say the canteen.

50) You want to have a good meal! Then we go up through the ventilation system.

51) Next we fall into the nursery, where the children were tested (Devils).

52) Next pass through the red door, beware of babies, pass to the right also through the red door!

53) Do not rush to run, look across the alley slowly.

54) As you have already guessed kill it.

55) Go also along the corridor, ho ho do not say anything about what is in Room 3, I agree )).

56) Next will be a pass to the top, but on the way will be lying I do not know what it is, call it a type of pass, which says Property Megane!

57) After examining the Megane drawings with the flowers turn right and jump down!

58) I will not say anything further, you’ll see for yourself.

59) Find the main vast room with the artifact!

60) Find the artifact and open it!


We learn that our son Timmy was killed in order to revive Megane (you will understand if you watch the tapes).

61) Watch the reel and learn that you need a living body in the artifact

Spoiler alert

To bring my son back to life!

62) Also go through the corridors, but this time be guided by the bloody footprints on the floor, will be like a clue!

63) Open the door to the big lab and see Megane at the end of the lab!

64) Watch the reel with Megane and see how she mutates before your eyes! Kill her and bring her body to the artifact.

65) The system says that you need a living specimen, and Megane was at the time of mutation dead!

66) Take Megane’s gold card and go to the second artifact!

67) Turn left and go through the caves, I think you’ll find the way out, most importantly do not go down!

68) Next, go along the corridors and you will see the elevator!

69) Next will be a passageway with panoramic windows on the mountains, turn left to your destination!

70) Now the player has a choice: press the center button in order that the son will still be with you, or press the right side of the wall, where in the end nothing will happen and you will survive on the island!

71) we press the center button and watch the plane fall!

72) Draw your own conclusions! We see how it all worked out.


We’re on a TV show with my son, talking about adventures and so forth, agreeing to chop logs. And we see how the son suddenly mutates, just like Megane did, right in front of everyone’s eyes! Then everything comes back to normal.

Farther we see the roller for adult Timmy, in his own apartment. But suddenly he starts mutating again, only these frames are not shown to us and

Well, I certainly hope that somehow I helped you, at least the algorithm is not so detailed, but at least something! I hope I helped, and good luck to everyone in the game The Forest! =)

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Kraft, buildings, map of the island!

As promised, if not promised, but certainly said to describe the crafting in The Forest. That’s what I’m describing. I also added constructions, opponents and a map to the end WARNING. This review is for the game reached v0.09. Not recommended for other versions of the game.

So. Let my review be a guide to survival among the natives. Actually with them I will start. There are 5 subspecies of our neighbors in total:

Scouts. hunched-over creatures, more like outcasts. Always walk one at a time, run away when they see you, and they’re easy to kill

Ordinary Natives. There are both boys and girls. You can also find their children in the caves. Babies to be exact. When interacting with them nothing happens.

Leaders. Octopuses can be easily distinguished from the others by the torch or lantern on their heads. Always walk ahead of the group. You kill the leader, the rest will scatter

“Octopuses. No longer aborigines, they are male mutants with six arms and four legs. The easiest to kill with a bomb, but other methods are not forbidden. A hero is killed in two or three hits. Their main virtue is that they almost never cave.

And the fifth most feared type, the Spider. It’s two or three women with six legs, two heads, and very small arms. Attack by standing on two legs and collapsing the rest. Can defeat any structure, and can only be killed in melee combat.

-Stone. It can go wherever and however it wants

-Stick. Can cut down a small tree, a sapling, or just found in the woods.

-Log. Cut down a tree and get three to five logs. Depends on the height of the fallen tree.

-Leaves. Gather automatically when you cut down bushes.

-Resin. Like leaves, it is obtained automatically by cutting down large trees.

-Feathers. Thrown by birds. Just chasing a sparrow and waiting for a feather to drop.

-Feet, hands, head. Yeah, you need that for the kraft, too! Kill an aborigine, stick the axe in again, and you’ll see scattered limbs.

-Skull. Either find in villages, or roast a native’s head on a fire.

-Teeth. Drops out in a fight or dismemberment.

-Booze. Can be found in tents, on the beach, in suitcases. Takes energy, and if you drink a lot of it, you get an intoxicating effect.

-Soda. In suitcases, on the plane. Totally restores energy.

-Rags. In suitcases on the shore.

-Rope. Can be seen and picked up in caves, in aboriginal buildings, on a yacht, in a boat tossed ashore.

-Medicines. On the plane, in suitcases. Restores vitality

-Candy bar. Same place as the medicine. Gives satiety and a burst of energy.

-Aloe and Calendula. Grows in the forest, in any spontaneous place. Just watch your step.

-Seeds. Extracted from the plant, grows in the same place as aloe and calendula, but a different texture.

-Mushrooms and berries. Grows in the same place, you can eat it right away. But they can also be poisonous.

-Electronic board. Can be found on the plane when you pick up the axe. on the right, sticking out of the trim. Can be found in some caves.

-Money. Change can be found on the shore, and papers in suitcases.

-Batteries. I personally have never found one, but they say it’s in the caves.

-Flashlight. Illuminates the area. Runs for 10 game minutes and needs batteries.

-Lighter. Found in the main character’s possession from the start.

-Signal a checkers. On the boat, in the cave, the co-pilot of the plane. Can be used as ammunition for a flare gun.

-Player. Listen to music and lure the natives. Lies on the wreckage of the boat.

-Varan’s skin. What you get when you carve up a carcass of rams. Used as armor in the game.

-Meat. precisely, the carcasses of the varan, rabbits and fish. All this we kill and carve. A very hearty meal if roasted over a campfire.

-A tennis ball, a small rock. Collect it is impossible, but as long as we hold in our hands, the natives are wary of us. True, I have no idea what you can do with a tennis ball.

-A simple axe. It’s like excalibur, except instead of a stone, the stewardess, and instead of a sword, the axe.

-Stone axe. Crafters themselves, about this later.

-Iron Axe. Can be found near the corpses of the natives (in theory it is the miners) and in the caves.

-A modern axe. Can be found in a single location. Screenshots below

All axes can be used both as a weapon and as a mining tool. How else to cut down a tree?

-Spear, can be found near the ponds throughout the island, or near the tent, on the same bank where the modern axe.

-Onions. We craft our own. Arrows for it, too.

-Mace. Craft or pick up from the dead hands of the leader.

-Signal Pistol. Can be found in caves, or at the bottom of the ocean, under the yacht. By the way, the boat itself is spawned in any place.

-Explosives and Molotov cocktails. We do everything ourselves!

What is the most necessary for the island to survive? Fire, water and food. Our protagonist doesn’t drink water. And here’s what to cook with? Of course on the fire. So, Bonfires.

1) A simple campfire. 7 leaves, 2 sticks

2) Stoned. 7 stones, 4 sticks

3) a large fire. 5 logs, 10 sticks

4) Standing fire. 3 rocks, 4 sticks

What’s next for the survivor? A place to spend the night!

1) Shelter. 14 sticks, 26 leaves. Since the game starts around noon in game time, there is no point in building the hut at the beginning.

2) Hunting shelter. 5 stones, 7 sticks, 8 logs. This is the place to start setting up. It looks more reliable and you have time to build it.

3) barn. 13 logs. Just a barn.

4) Big House. Building for the decade to come and the requirements are the same. 82 logs.

5) Treehouse- 35 logs. Although enemies can climb up to you, but it’s rare, not enough wriggles.

6) hunting cabin. Also sits on top of a tree, but smaller in size. 18 sticks, 32 logs.

7) House on the water. Build on the shore and push out onto the water. Not a practical building. 48 logs.

Built a fire, built a house, what’s next? To defend against uninvited guests. You can set traps, you can build the Great Wall of Wood, and you can stumble on totems. Everything in order. Traps:

1) Hanging Trap. A trap with a weight on one side and a hanging mechanism on the other. Suspends the native by his feet with a rope. 2 sticks, 5 logs.

2) Wall of sharp rods. rising and piercing wall of sharp rods traps. 2 stones, 19 sticks, 4 logs.

3) Piercing Trap. A log with sharp parts falls on the native from above if he steps on the mechanism. 3 sticks, 3 logs.

1) A simple wall. Simple timbers, laid out lengthwise, the Enemy will be able to scatter them. 5 logs.

2) Pole Trap. Regular Pole Trap. Only “spider” can destroy. 6 logs.

3) Door. Lets you lock yourself away from your enemies. Ai though thoughtful, it won’t get through the door. 5 Logs.

4) Window- Before the bow, more of a decorative structure. “Octopuses” and “spiders” break with ease. 5 logs.

5) Barrier. Sharped logs, do no damage, but do not let the enemy pass and give a clear view. 9 logs.

Any enemy can be deterred by. The guard totems will help us to do this. They are dismembered natives on a stick. Totems also work passively, but it’s better to light them up. In total there are four types of totems:

1) Head on a Stick. The name says it all. 1 stick, 1 head, 3 stones.

2) Fan of Arms. Represents a fan of spread arms. 7 arms, 4 sticks, 3 stones

3) Medium totem. K-shaped totem, put 4 of them around the perimeter and be happy. 3 stones, 4 sticks, 3 arms, 2 legs, 3 heads

4) Big Totem. The scariest for enemies, but also the most costly, since it uses the most heads. 6 stones, 10 sticks, 9 heads, 9 arms, 4 legs.

Now that we can stand up for ourselves we can take care of the tedious gray days of survival. Sooner or later we will experience a feeling of overcrowding in the backpack. That’s why they came up with the vaults:

1) Storage for sticks. I don’t think it’s worth describing. So, it’s clear what for. 6 sticks.

2) Storage for rocks. 8 sticks.

3) Log Storage- 16 sticks.

4) Mobile Storage. Handy thing when going out for logs: build, fill and push towards the house. 16 sticks.

Not to forget the food. There are many ways to get food. You can stand with a spear by the pond or in shallow water and look for fish. Stab it, take it, roast it on the fire and we’re done. You can hunt rabbits or varans:

1) Rabbit trap. Rabbit runs through, sticks a stick and it’s in the cage. It remains to take the warm and lively.

2) Cage for the rabbit. If we catch the rabbit alive and do not kill it, we can put it in the cage. A second rabbit will appear and try to escape.

3) Jerky Cave. allows you to hang animals and fish carcasses. After a while you get jerky meat.

4) Orchard or Bed. A small area in which you can grow herbs with seeds. We can get any plant we want. 2 Logs.

As you know the caves stretch under the whole surface of the peninsula and as the developers said they could be interlaced with each other in the future. There are several entrances to the caves, in some of them you have to descend a rope. Also the caves are teeming with a huge number of different mutants and you have to be careful. So let’s talk about the gate and cave locations in more detail.

Dead Cave The Forest

Dead Cave has three entrances. The first entrance is to the north of the cannibal village, the second is to the west and the third is to the east side by a small pond.

Hangman Cave in The Forest

This cave is so called because if your character passes out near the mutant village where the first entrance is, the mutants will hang you upside down in the cave. The second entrance you can find near the small village by the lake. A third entrance in the rocks in the forest.

Raw Cave in The Forest

This cave has a special feature in that a large part of it is under water. One of the entrances is at the river bottom at the west end of the Fertile Lands. The other entrance you can find near the dirty white tents.

Kids Cave in The Forest

This cave is so called because it contains baby mutants. The entrance can be found by the lake shore to the west of the southern mutant village.

Underwater cave

This cave has two entrances on the southwest corner of the peninsula you are on, and another underwater entrance under Goose Lake.

Lawyer’s Office Cave

One entrance is west of Goose Lake. The second entrance is to the northwest from Goose Lake and the third one is on the hillside near the shipping containers.

Drop Cave

If we consider the Abyss Cave in terms of length, navigation and the number of enemies. this cave is undoubtedly the most difficult. The Abyss Cave has only one narrow entrance, which you can find after crossing the northernmost isthmus connecting the peninsula with the mountains.

Sinkhole Cave

It is a continuation of the sinkhole cave, from which you can enter the sinkhole cave.

Escarpment Cave

An interesting fact is that if you blow one of the walls you can gain access to the Dead Cave. The first entrance to the cave is between the Great Lake and the sinkhole. The second entrance can be found on the hill.

Waterfall Cave

The deepest cave in the game. The entrance to it you will find to the west of the sinkhole.

Shipwreck Cave

This cave is located to the southwest, just beyond the anchor icon on the map, and to the west of the boat.

You can only enter it if you swim over the wreck of the old ship and descend into the cave entrance, which is located in the hole in the ship’s hull.

Hell Cave in The Forest

To get into this cave is possible only through a small passage under the water. After a long swim, you will emerge to the surface in a very large cavernous space.

Cave of Scientists

The cave of scientists is only accessible through the front door of the laboratory and is located between the laboratory itself and the elevator to the observatory.

Kanji’s Cave in The Forest

To enter the cave you need to dive in the place marked on the map as “West Cave Island”. The cave is a tunnel lined with many Japanese talismans and curses.

The Forest game walkthrough. tips for beginners

Today the market offers a wide range of different games about survival. But unfortunately in this endless stream of monotonous projects it is difficult to find anything original and addictive. The game we will talk about in this article, stands out against similar projects with its original idea and a wide range of features, and an intriguing storyline draws you in from the first minutes. As for the game “Forest“, the walkthrough in Russian, presented below, will give all the necessary tips for the initial exploration in this virtual world.

Where to Find the Skull

The skulls can be found in the cannibal caves. They can also be obtained by cooking a cannibal’s head at a bonfire or destroying scarecrows in cannibal villages and used to make a mace.

How to enable (open, activate) the developer console in The Forest? How to use the developer console in The Forest?

To activate the console, type the command developermodeon in the main menu before starting the game session itself. Then download your save. F1 key brings up the console itself. F2 will show the log and status. F3 will show your character’s parameters. athleticism, weight, strength and calories. Pressing F1, F2 and F3 again will close the corresponding window.

All of the codes below must be entered into the console.

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