How to curl hair with a hair dryer and comb

Wavy Hair Tips: How to make curls and curls at home

To make natural waves and stylish curls in your hair, you don’t have to sign up for a beauty salon at all. If you do not have time, but you have a curling iron, foil or hair dryer, you can curl your hair quickly at home too.

Before styling with hot tools, especially if you do it often, it is worth to apply a heat protectant and fixing gel to your hair, so that your hair lasts longer. If it’s a sudden one-time event and you don’t have any products on hand, and the party is about to start, feel free to experiment without them.

Preparing for Curls

2 “NOTs” when creating curls:

  • Don’t curl curls on strands that are too wet. the roots will pull hard;
  • Do not brush the curls or you will get a “dandelion” effect. It’s better to separate them with your fingers, gently separating the strands.
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The essence of all methods of creating curls without a curler is to force wet hair direction, which they “remember” in the process of drying, and thanks to the styling products retain it for 1-2 days.

In practice they make curls without any fixing gels, mousses and sprays but in that case you should take into account that the durability of curls will be less. It depends on the hair type. Stiff and heavy hair will “fall” quicker, maybe even after a couple of hours. The same thing will happen with porous hair shafts. A little longer can be done on medium-weight, normal-weight curls.

The easiest way: with a hair dryer and a brushing

For lack of habit it is physically difficult to operate a heavy blow-dryer and a big round comb at the same time. But the waves are as natural as possible.

How to achieve this result at home? The experts at SalonSecret gave a step-by-step guide:

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  • Apply a suitable styling product to the entire length of your hair. It is a good idea to wear a hair dryer because it will be applied very close to the hair strands and the air at the nozzle is in excess of 100 degrees!
  • Comb through each strand, catching and then twisting it with a brush and directing hot air from each side of the comb for 10-15 seconds.
  • After curling, curls are already quite soft and loose, so just gently smooth them out with your hands.
  • Finish the waves with a varnish with a high fixation level.
curl, hair, dryer, comb

The SalonSecret experts’ recipe for a curling iron. shine will give the thermal protection product Matrix Miracle Creator, and then apply the mousse L’Oréal Professionnel Rebel Push-Up from root to tip. If the hair is thin and does not hold volume well, before the mousse comes a step with a thermoactive spray Tecni.The Art Pli thermal spray can create a flexible frame and texture in a very flat area.

Useful tips

In order for the curls to be beautiful and hold for a long time, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Make curls on clean, damp hair;
  • Comb them with your hands and brush them back into place before curling;
  • Braids should be installed on dry hair, as the tighter the braid, the longer the curls will hold;
  • For fine and brittle hair it is better to use water with lemon juice instead of mousse, then the locks will be firmer;
  • Curls on damaged, overdried, exhausted hair look ugly and untidy;
  • To make curls last longer it is a good idea to keep them in place for a long time, overnight or 6-8 hours;
  • For long hair the use of professional products is very useful and can make your hair last longer;
  • If you go to bed with a wet head, wear a shower cap;
  • Use a varnish with a low and medium fixation;
  • For a nice hairstyle it is a good idea to detangle the curls with your hands without a comb.

When using irons, blow dryers, and curling irons be sure to use thermal protection.

There are many ways to make small, large curls at home by yourself.

It is not necessary to use electrical appliances and go to the salon. The main thing that there was a desire. and the hair surely will get.

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To learn how to make curls without a curler or curlers, see the following video.

What’s the Proper Way to Style Your Hair with a Hair Dryer

The one with the narrow opening.

The hair dryer can not only dry, but also dry out the hair and make it dull. if you use it incorrectly. It is certainly a good idea to dry your hair naturally more often, but that does not mean that using a hair dryer is forbidden. You just need to know how to use a hair dryer safely.

Especially, hair styles with a hair dryer turn out beautiful and fast, so it is better to try to minimize the damage. And the first way is to always use heat protection before drying your hair with a hot hair dryer. We’ve talked about this more than once.

It’s a good idea to use a heat protectant on the inside and outside of your hair before blow drying it hot. It’s also a good idea to be able to regulate the heat in your hair dryer, from very hot to warm or even cool. Finish drying with cooler air so that the cuticle scales close and the strands are smooth.

Hair styling with a hair dryer. what to pay attention to

This is what the diffuser looks like! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If you have a lot of modern hair dryers to choose from, it might be a bad idea to choose a hair dryer with a lot of power and a lot of air. But note that the hair dryer has multiple attachments, the two main ones being the diffuser (“fingers”) and the guide, with a tapered opening.

7 Blow Drying Tips | Long Hairstyles

A hair dryer with this attachment should be placed at an acute angle to the hair and dried in the direction from root to tip, which helps to close the cuticle scales. Hair drying with a hair dryer with a round brush is best when the strands are almost dry, so as not to traumatize them when wet.

Clean trimmer line hairspray Extrafixation

Editor’s tip: Classic hair spray should come after you blow-dry. Allow the strands to cool slightly and spray your hair with hairspray, such as Pure Line Trimmer Extract, for example. The product formula with linseed, nettle and wheat milk extracts helps take care of the hair and keeps it looking great for a long time.

Tips from the professionals

If you think there’s no room for error in styling, you’re dead wrong. In order not to cause them serious harm, it is worth listening to some useful tips and recommendations from professionals.

  • Before you style your hair (of any length) using a hair dryer, they must be washed and balm applied. Many ladies don’t want to take the time, especially if the haircut is very short, but the result is unlikely to be anything like as effective and well-groomed as possible.
  • Before you start styling activities, it is worth waiting until they are a little dry. Don’t immediately blow dry or curl your hair while it’s still soaking wet and heavy.
  • If bangs are present, they need to be separated from the rest of the hair before you start drying.
  • Do not hurry to start using the hair dryer until you treat strands of special protective emulsion (tarmoshield). This type of formula can help prevent hair from being damaged by excessive heat. In addition, these products reduce the level of static electricity of the bunches.
  • The hair dryer is usually held on top of the hair as it dries. The air jet should be directed from the top downwards. This way you manage to close the hair scales, which makes the whole hair look more neat, well-groomed and aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is not recommended to dry hair of any length with too hot air. Using cool or slightly warm air currents is preferable. This is because excessively high temperatures can severely damage the hair structure, making it too dry and brittle.
  • Stylists advise to apply a special shine to the hair after all the procedures. This makes them shimmer and shine beautifully on both sunny and cloudy days. It is desirable to use glitter, which contains small particles, because too large glitters rarely look neat and dignified.
  • To dry your hair, you need to use only good quality and suitable brushes or combs. With such devices the risk of damaging them will be minimized, so it is worth taking care to choose the right tools. If the hair length is short, the selection of the required things is especially important and undeniable.
  • It is recommended to do Accent on the roots only if the length of your hair is long enough. You will need to divide the locks into small strands and then style, paying more attention to the top and roots. It’s a good idea to blow-dry long locks with a hair dryer and brush against their growth to create more volume.
  • If you’re styling perfectly straight and sleek strands, then you need to consider that you need to dry them by working through each element separately. It is desirable to switch to a cold stream of air for just a few seconds. With this simple move, the curls will remain straight. In addition, harmful electrification will be removed from them.
  • If you are the owner of flirty curls, then to straighten them you will need to use a hair dryer, as well as a special balm straightener. First you will need to apply the latter evenly to the strands and start styling, controlling the brush and hair dryer.
  • If desired, you can learn to give your straight hair a gentle, wavy shape with a hair dryer. To do this, you need to twist the curls along the entire length, forming peculiar curls. After that they will be dried with a hair dryer. Then you can easily melt the resulting strands with your hands. To fix such a feminine hairstyle, of course, you will need to use varnish.

On how to style your hair with a hair dryer yourself, you will learn from the video below.

Hair styling with a hair dryer: step by step instructions

As any shorter hairstylist knows what happens if you don’t follow the rules for styling hair of this length with a hair dryer: unbelievable chaos instead of beautifully shaped hairstyles!

Here’s what to do to get the perfect style:

  • Use a fine-toothed comb to comb through the hair before styling.
  • Lightly blow-dry hair in a chaotic pattern back and forth over the entire length at maximum heat and maximum speed.
  • Divide the hair into sections. Leave the back of the head free and secure the rest of the hair with soft hairpins or bobby pins.
  • Set your hair dryer to medium speed and medium heat.
  • Begin styling the back of the head by brushing the hair all the way to the right with a stiff brush.
  • Then change the direction of the brush. comb through the hair to the left.
  • Stack the temples in the same way.
  • Lay the front of the hair and the bangs, keeping the heat down to a minimum.
  • Fix your hair with hairspray. | social networks

See how stylist and SalonSecret expert Irina Zhokhova does it. The ingenious thing is simple!

No-brush blow dryer for curls

Of course, you can also use a hair dryer to create curls without a brush. Let’s say, twist on curlers wet strands and dry them with a hair dryer. Do not forget to apply mousse to the hair before.

How about a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment??

You can also use a hair dryer with a diffuser nozzle to create curly looks on lightly or naturally very curly hair. Thanks to such a drying curls become more pronounced and beautiful.

How to use it?

To curl curls beautifully you need to wash your head and dry it with a towel or naturally. The strands should be thoroughly combed and styling product should be applied. The foam or mousse is better for short hair, but girls with long hair can use thermal protection only.

It is better to adhere to certain recommendations when using a hair dryer.

  • You can quickly make curls with a diffuser attachment. Considered the easiest appliance to use and a must for creating light, defined curls. The advantage of the diffuser is that this design, thanks to the “fingers” protects the curls and skin from very hot air, which is possible in the wrong temperature mode. Root drying helps to give extra volume. To curl the hair, the hair must be divided into identical strands and dried by moving the hair back and forth with the hair dryer. Other strands can be curled in the same way. Hair fixation with hairspray.
  • It is possible to create a beautiful hairstyle and curl curls using a hair dryer and a round comb. A duo like this gives you chic volume and dramatic waves. To create curls you should wash your hair, dry it and then apply thermal protection to the strands. Comb the hair and part it, separating a small strand at the temple. Hold the comb with one hand while the other hand holds the hair dryer with the condenser attachment and dry the curl. After the strand has cooled, it is removed from the brush. Do the same process with the rest of the locks. The hair is divided into a top and a bottom. The upper part should be held in place with hairpins while the locks are twisted at the nape of the neck. After styling the hair could be sprinkled with hairspray.
  • Lightly curl the strands with the centrifuge attachment. To create such a hairstyle you should wash your hair and divide slightly damp strands into several parts. If possible, they may be misted with mousse or foam and combed out. Place the cylinder nozzle in the first strand and dry it. Do the same with the other strands. Do not keep the locks inside for too long or there is a chance of damaging the hair. Ready curls should be corrected by twisting a little, and apply varnish.
  • To create curly hair is suitable and a hair dryer with a round comb attachment. Thanks to this device you can comb, dry and curl curls. The styling principle is similar to the brushing method. The washed wet hair needs a styling product, then comb and separate into strands. You should take one strand, twist it on a brush, then dry it, alternating between hot and cold air. All strands of hair will be curled in the same way.
  • Suitable for creating curls and a round baler attachment. The appliance not only dries hair but also twists it. To get beautiful waves you need to wash your hair, then dry it and apply thermal protection. Hair is divided into strands, then they are winded one by one on the base of the curling iron. After the hair strand has dried and cooled, the curl is released. The diameter of the tool depends on the size of curls.
  • Curls can be curled using regular curlers and a hair dryer. Such a styling will take more time compared to other options, but the result from such a curl will be simply stunning. The curls will end up with large and voluminous. To create the hairstyle it is necessary to divide the head into zones: the top, sides and nape of the neck. In these areas alternately select the strands, comb them and twist them on the curlers. Velcro or curlers can be used as curlers. After the curlers are completely wound, hair dry with a hair dryer. After they have dried and cooled, remove the curlers and lay the curls. Hairspray or hairspray with a medium or strong hold can be used if desired.
  • Using any device for curling hair, do not forget that the hair will look spectacular only on clean hair, so before using a hair dryer with nozzles to create curls need to wash your head. Dry hair after washing.
  • After drying, the curls should be combed out. A comb also plays an important role. The wrong tool can lead to the fact that the strands will become tangled.
  • Do not neglect the styling products. Apply a light mousse or foam to the tips and run it along the entire length of the strand, without touching the roots. To give your hair extra volume, go over your hair with a hair dryer, starting from the roots, while lifting each strand. Holding a curled lock in hot air for too long is not advised.
  • It is important to use the appliance correctly, because this determines the lifetime of the unit. To protect the locks from overheating it is not recommended to dry or curl completely wet hair.

How To Create Beautiful Curls That Hold Using a Blow Dryer and Round Brush

  • Beautiful wavy curls curled with a hair dryer, will look great on hair of any length. Tall girls are better to curl smooth, large waves. Smaller fashionistas are better suited to small curls and tresses.
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