How to decorate a gas pipe in the kitchen

Concealment of pipes with their own hands

For home handymen, the uncomplicated installation of the decorative box is not too difficult. There are various ways to hide the gas pipe, which you can apply yourself:

  • Using drywall. Usually the cladding is performed on a metal frame of unified support and mullion profiles, fixed to the wall on the perimeter. The frame should be built up with a free space for free access to the pipe structures. Sheets of gypsum plasterboard are cut to size and fastened to the metal frame with self-tapping metal screws. If the gas pipe is installed on the valve blocking the gas supply, in the front of the housing is installed revision hatch size 200 x 200 mm or 200 x 400 mm.
  • Hide the gas water heater and pipes in the closet. The easiest solution to hide the column and pipes. to hang a hinged furniture locker without a back wall with opening doors. It can be ordered at any furniture store. The form and design are chosen in the style of the interior of the kitchen set and design of the apartment. Hanging the cabinet on the wall with special anchor bolts or dowels.
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  • Removable cover. To hide the pipes in this way, it is necessary to install guide rails with clips for fixing the decorative overlay. It is possible to choose a large number of variants of decorative removable cases: metal covers with peoria, plastic products, wooden lattice covers, smooth stainless steel half-circles. Removable cover is fixed in the rail with screws, clips or fixed by the tabs of the slatted frame.
  • Placing pipes inside the furniture. Conceal a high-positioned pipe with a wide shelf below. Filled with kitchen utensils and jars with spices shelf visually hides unsightly design and accentuates the set of beautiful dishes. Horizontal pipes are easy to hide behind kitchen cabinets, which at any time can be pushed away from the wall and provide free access to the gas pipes.
  • Reiling system as a way to conceal. The gas pipe can be hidden by a hinged chrome or bronze rail mounted in just below and filled with various holders with hooks. Горизонтальные направляющие проложенные параллельно с трубопроводом отлично прячут коммуникации и создают оптическую иллюзию еще одной рейки рейлинга.

The result is a functional and simple decor of the gas distribution.

Hiding pipes behind furniture fronts

This option is suitable for masking both vertical and horizontal sections, and even the gas equipment (meters, columns). If you are renovating in the kitchen, you can immediately order a raised cabinet of a certain size. However, the existing set can also be upgraded.

Enough to make holes for pipes on the back, bottom and top wall. The space of the cabinet, which will hide the gas line, can be used to place kitchen utensils, but the prerequisite is sufficient ventilation, so in the most inconspicuous places you can create a few holes (the main thing is not to close them later with cans and pots), or install a lattice screen. Vertical part of the pipes can be hidden in a cabinet, horizontal. in an ordinary cabinet. The main thing is to provide quick access to communications.

Safety requirements for decorating the gas pipe

Gas utilities in most apartments are routed through the kitchen and are classified as dangerous installations. Representatives of the controlling services do not care about the beauty of the interior of the house, their demands are justified solely by safety. Numerous tips on how to close the gas meter in the kitchen with photos are not always reliable. Therefore, it is necessary to know the basic rules:

  • one of the walls or door must be removable to allow quick access;
  • It is necessary to provide a grid or peoria for ventilation;
  • the distance between the gas pipe and the wall of the box. from 5 cm.
  • to hang various objects on them;
  • lead into the ventilation holes;
  • To put a blanket in the walls;
  • To illegally cut them, to move them.

To protect the structure from rust and prolong its service, it must be painted. Lightweight materials (wood, plastic) should be used for caulking. They must be resistant to moisture, household chemicals.

The decor of heating pipes

It is not difficult to create a decor for radiators by using a special box inserted into the radiator. The big advantage of the construction is that when a breakdown or malfunction occurs, you can soon remove it.

There is a considerable choice of such boxes and it is possible to take an option for any style. To make the finishing of communications in a single style, you need to buy a set of screens, both for the battery, and for pipes.

  • Steel. the best solution would be to buy a model made of metal, because they will serve for a long time and are well suited for subsequent decoration, for example, painting;
  • Wooden. looks great harmonious, wooden screens, giving the interior a living, natural elements.

decorating screens for pipes and batteries must have holes for the free passage of warm air through the room. It can serve as a fine grid with patterns, as well as wide strips of free space.

Using bamboo

Bamboo has always given designers a wide range of possibilities for decorating rooms. Pipes are no exception. There are several ways to cover pipes with bamboo decor. It is usually used to camouflage a vertically located pipe:

Placing the pipe inside a thick bamboo trunk.

If the pipe is far enough away from the wall, the bamboo is carefully sawn lengthwise, but not in half, and choosing a quarter of the pipe diameter. So that the joints of the saw cut can be turned to the wall. All partitions are removed inside. Attachment of sawn parts can be done on the glue or in several places tied with decorative twine.

The second option is preferable, the structure becomes collapsible and can be quickly dismantled to provide free access for inspection of the pipe. If the pipeline is installed close to the wall, the bamboo trunk can be sawn in half and attached directly to the wall.

The vertical pipe can be blocked with a few thin bamboo stems. The stems are installed at a slight angle next to the main pipe, which is painted to imitate bamboo.

How to decorate a gas pipe in the kitchen

The easiest way to mask the gas pipeline in the kitchen is to apply a paint composition in the desired color scheme. The color of the pipe is chosen, depending on the style of decoration of the room or the facade of the kitchen set:

Concealing & Coving Around Pipes | The Carpenter’s Daughter

  • For classic kitchen interiors or finishing it in the style of minimalism, it is recommended to paint the pipeline in the color of the wall to which it is attached.
  • If the apartment is finished in the “modern” style kitchen with bright colors, the color of the gas pipe can contrast with the color of the front of the kitchen set or wall.
  • When decorating the gas pipe in the interior of the kitchen in the high-tech style, it is allowed to paint in the color “metallic”, which combines with stainless steel appliances, monochrome furniture fronts.
  • If there are bright textiles in the kitchen. tablecloths or curtains, you can perform decoupage of the steel gas pipe. The artistic technique is done using the same shades, which will make the gas line an attractive part of the decor.

If the gas pipe is laid on the wall at eye level and parallel to the floor, this area can be covered with glossy metallic paint, disguising it with a standard kitchen rail. When making such a decor, it is not allowed to use the pipe to fix kitchen or cutlery.

How you can hide a gas pipe in the kitchen and not violate regulations

For the possibility of using gas for cooking you have to pay for unsightly pipes running along the walls, which spoil the look of the kitchen. Most of the owners seek to make the pipes going to the meter as inconspicuous as possible.

Gas is an explosive substance, and unlike other utilities, there are special requirements for the placement of pipes, so it is important not only to make the pipe inconspicuous, but also do not violate regulations and do not create a threat to life safety.

How to hide the gas pipe in the kitchen: methods of camouflage and rules for the device of the box

For some people there is nothing unusual in the fact that the gas pipe is open to view, while others, on the contrary, try in every way to hide elements of communication.

In this article, we discussed in detail how to hide the gas pipe in the kitchen, so as not to resort to the radical method. the transfer of. We considered in detail the most popular ways of masking, one of which is the device of the box, gave interesting ideas that are easy to implement with your own hands.

In fact, there are many options for this task, but some of them should not be applied they are not safe. Therefore, in this article, we focused on the forbidden methods of disguise.

How to decorate the gas pipe in the kitchen

Many people are not annoyed by the presence of pipes and flexible hose on the kitchen wall in the open. Но другие задумываются, а как спрятать газовую трубу на кухне, чтобы ее никто из посторонних не заметил.

There are several ways to get rid of the unattractive look of communications, which we will consider.

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