How to disassemble the split system centek

Repair of air conditioner with your own hands: the causes of malfunction and troubleshooting

Modern climate control equipment effectively helps to create a comfortable environment at the facility. This group of devices includes air conditioners with separately installed condenser and evaporator. Usually the first unit is mounted indoors, and the second unit is mounted outside the building.

Conditioners, as well as any other technique, should be periodically repaired. This process is a complex set of complex measures. Usually they are performed by highly specialized masters. However quite often it is possible to repair air conditioners with your own hands, but to do this you need to know how the devices are designed and work.

disassemble, split, system, centek

Air conditioner functions and remote control

Split-systems are equipped with a big number of functions, which are not easy to understand, if you are an inexperienced user. But it is enough to spend some minutes on reading this manual to understand the essence of each function.

First of all, the air conditioner is set with the help of control panel. It is supplied in the kit, powered by two batteries. Detailed instructions for the remote control and basic functions are given below.

Disassembling the external module

Disassembly of mobile or window air conditioner does not take much time. it is enough to remove the device from the window or remove the duct. While disassembling full-value splitsystem it is necessary to save all the refrigerant.

Connecting pipes through which freon is transported have different diameter. Thin channel is used for liquid refrigerant transportation. The large tube is designed to pump freon gas. When disassembling the air conditioner it is necessary to “drive” the refrigerant into the outdoor module. Then the main ducts can be disconnected. In order to pump the refrigerant it is necessary to screw on the branch pipe with liquid freon that goes from the outdoor unit to the room while the unit is working. The device pumps the gaseous substance into the outdoor unit in 1 minute. After that, immediately turn off the unit.

Disassembly of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is performed by two people. In this way you can eliminate unnecessary risk and reduce the time of work.

After disconnecting the unit from the mains, disconnect the cables by marking the terminals.

You can straighten the copper ducts that carry the refrigerant by yourself, taking care. The electric cable is removed into the room together with it. It is screwed to the end of the tube. Then the nuts that hold the outdoor unit must be unscrewed. Two people dismantle the unit. Lastly, the brackets are removed from the wall.

Removed outer module requires vertical storage and transportation. to prevent possible damage, it is placed in a box with foam.

compressor removal

In some cases only the dismantling of the outdoor unit is required, for example when it is necessary to adjust the compressor. In this case the indoor unit remains in place. The main task is to remove the compressor correctly:

  • remove the cover of the outdoor unit;
  • disconnect delivery and suction tubes;
  • disconnect the electric cables;
  • unscrew the fastening elements of the fan and condenser
  • remove the condenser from the case;
  • to dismantle the compressor mounts and the part itself.

by following this sequence, it is possible to reduce the risk of damage to pipes and gain access to other elements located in the casing.

Disassembly in winter

The air conditioner can also operate in winter time. And not only as a heater, but also in cooling mode (for example, in rooms where there are servers).

Note. To collect freon in condenser of the outside unit is possible only in cooling mode. in a heating mode it already works as an evaporator.

Peculiarity of work in winter time in this mode is that there is lower limit of temperature on which depends on type of refrigerant, type of a conditioner and additional equipment. This dependence is connected with peculiarities of compressor’s construction. it is oil-based, and oil thickens at low temperatures. Normal conditioners have lower temperature of operation within the limits from 5°C up to.5°C, for inverter units. down to “minus” 15-25°C.

Before dismantle of splitsystem one should take into account these nuances. and if the temperature is lower than the pointed limit and conditioner is not equipped with “winter set” with compressor crankcase heating, in order to take off a unit one should use pumping and freon collecting station (it has oil-free compressor).

disassemble, split, system, centek

Dismantling of the air conditioner with freon preservation

Before starting the dismantling process, all tools must be prepared. A adjustable spanner to turn different nuts or a set of wrenches, an Allen key to open the service valves of split systems, and a screwdriver. Besides, you will need an assistant’s services at least because it is very difficult to take conditioner off the wall by yourself.

The sequence of the operation in the first method is the following: we unscrew the protective caps from the service valves of the external part and put the allen key in the slits of the liquid valve with a thinner pipe (usually located at the bottom). Then we switch on air conditioner on cooling in turbo-mode. We set the lowest air temperature, which is foreseen in your model of cooler.

After switching on the line with liquid refrigerant is closed by screwing the valve, where we have earlier inserted a hexagonal key. From the moment of screwing, time 1 minute, during this time all the freon should be pumped by the compressor to the outdoor unit. The time interval is chosen according to the advice of experienced installers, that’s why this method is called “by eye”. After a minute, screw in the second valve, shutting off the gas line, after which you must immediately turn off the machine. The coolant is pumped and you can disassemble it.

In order to fulfill correctly dismantle air conditioner you should loose and unscrew nuts for pipes, disconnect them and with scotch tape or adhesive tape carefully wrap all connections, avoiding dust or dirt to get inside during transportation. Then you have to take off a thermal insulation from external parts of freon line and manually level copper tubes so that they could pass easier through a hole in the wall.

Next, remove the protective cover and loosen the clamps of the electric cable, disconnect it and screw the free end to the pipes. Now the only thing left is to unscrew the nuts fixing the outdoor unit and together with an assistant remove the latter from the bracket. The last external operation is the dismantling of metal brackets.

Having moved inside the house we remove the front panel of the unit and disconnect it from the mounting plate. The mains together with the cable can be dismantled by yourself by unscrewing them from the cooler and carefully pulling them through the wall. The same operation is performed together with an assistant, without unscrewing the tubes from the unit. The last thing to do is to take off the mounting plate from the wall, now your splitsystem is ready to be transported. How to do all the dismantling is clearly shown on the

It is more correct to dismantle conditioner by pumping freon into the outside unit, guided by the manometric manifold. The latter is connected to the service connection with a refrigerant gas and after switching on the unit and shutting off the liquid line on the device you can see how the pressure in the system drops.

When it reaches zero, you must close the second valve and immediately turn off the chiller. The rest of the procedure is the same as described above. How to perform this step correctly, you can look at


In the lower part of the housing of the indoor unit you can see special clips, which should be unclipped. Click on them or pull them down to release.

Sometimes it is not enough to just unclip the clips to remove the decorative panel. Around the perimeter you need to look for other fasteners, such as self-tapping screws, which should be unscrewed.

Чистка фильтра в кондиционере.

Now you know how to open the air conditioner. This is already enough for most owners of split systems, because in this case you can easily remove the filters and replace them or clean.

If taking off the decorative panel is not enough and you need to make a complete disassembly of the unit, follow our recommendations.

Disconnect all electrical wiring. Unscrew the fasteners that hold the indoor unit. Gently pull the case toward you. If it does not come off, look for additional clips or other fasteners around the perimeter of the unit.

Following the same principle, remove the drainage tank, if your air conditioner has one. It is also necessary to detach all other components to which the container is connected. They can be fixed with self-tapping screws or clips.

It remains to remove the fan. It’s not an easy job and should only be done by an expert technician. However, if you decided to remove the fan yourself and it is located on the left side, then you should not have any particular difficulties. You only need to unscrew the fastener and remove the fan from the casing.

Comparison of the main features

Although the models of each series are similar in appearance, they have slightly different technical characteristics. Models 5207 and 5209 have the advantage of technology against ice formation in the system. Among its advantages, the Centek CT-5809 has a system to regulate the direction of air flow.

Most Centek models have identical dimensions. All three models in the table are single-phase and not inverter models. As these devices are equipped with a timer that allows you to turn on and off the system after a specified time. Each of the products can be easily turned on by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.

Repairing a Centec air conditioner is inexpensive, so if you have a problem you should call the professionals right away. The cost of installing the system depends on the seller, but as a rule, buyers do not pay a lot of money for it either. To avoid additional costs it is necessary to remember the following rule: during operation of the air conditioner all windows in the room must be closed. It will exclude overheating of the air conditioner and prolongs its serviceability.

Model CT-5207 CT-5209 CT-5809
Operating mode cooling/heating cooling/heating cooling/heating
The area of the room (m.kv) 21 26 27
Noise level of the outdoor unit 48 DB 50 DB 50 DB
Noise level of indoor unit 32 DB/36 DB 32 DB/36 DB 32 DB/36 DB
Heating power consumption 2200 W 2780 W 2780 W
Power consumption for cooling 2050 W 2640 W 2640 W
Ventilation mode it is available at is
Remote control it is is there is
Refrigerant R410A R410A R410A

Демонтаж кондиционера с сохранением фреона

Causes of contamination

If you do not clean the unit in time, it will not only stop cooling the air, but it will also begin to clog.

Clean conditioner successfully fights harmful contaminations, which are present in the air of living spaces.

disassemble, split, system, centek

Refrigerant level monitoring

It’s not just accumulated contaminants that cause a decrease in efficiency. Reducing the amount of refrigerant also worsens its performance. Main refrigerant. Freon subject to natural evaporation. It is about 9-10% per year. Decrease of the refrigerant level can also be the reason of the system failure. Therefore, the freon level in the air conditioner must be monitored at all times. Disassembly, cleaning of indoor unit of split system panasonic p.s. Don’t forget to grease the impeller bearing in the rubber. To avoid this, you should make charging of the system in time. It can be carried out independently or entrusted to professionals.

Signs of insufficient quantity of freon:

  • Deterioration and slowing down of operation
  • Increase of power consumption
  • Freezing of main parts of the system
  • Setting the room temperature different from the set temperature.

At the first manifestation of these signs, you should unplug the unit and carry out the charging procedure. Before that you should specify what charging type is supported by splitsystem. Some conditioners do not support partial charging. In this case the remained refrigerant is pumped out and the unit is charged anew completely. If in AC it is possible to conduct partial filling with freon, such problems do not occur. It is possible to know what type of charging is available from the documents on a splitsystem.

As it is said before to clean split system by yourself you should get acquainted with the basic recommendations, it is obligatory to unplug the device from a network. At the first signs of appliance failure, you should stop cleaning and contact the professionals.

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