How to do embroidery on a sewing machine

Can you give me a hint for a beginner?

Hello, dear needlewomen! Please advise. I want to do machine embroidery, specifically learn how to embroider from a photo. The size of an A4, well, 20 to 30 somewhere. Expensive professional machine now can not afford, I can buy everything under 50k. I got acquainted with the information on the Internet, of course the more expensive, there are more options. Well, so far I have only 50 thousand (I plan to open a credit card for this purpose). Here are a lot of questions appeared. I really wanted to Janome Memory Craft 350e, it is somewhere around 49900r now, but I understand that in order to subsequently embroider the photo to purchase a program (it is even more expensive). the question: can the program is not licensed, or what other options? At the beginning of time for photo embroidery I need threads, fabric. stabilizer (it is obligatory)?). Will I be able to meet the 50-max?60 thousand to buy everything to learn how to embroider from a photo. The second option Brother NV 750E, it is about 40 thousand т. E whether I have enough 10 thousand. for the rest of the device for embroidering photos. In comparison, read, they say janomki more reliable, but they have weak mounts. There is a third Brother NV 90 E, is even cheaper option, well, the functions on less, whether it can embroider on the photo. In general, please help, a lot of information on the Internet, but no specifics. So, what machine I can embroider from a photo, which are more suitable for this under 50 thousand Is it possible to install unlicensed software, or maybe there are cheap, what do I need to buy to the machine to sew. Sorry for the weight of the text, I can not decide what to do. Or maybe in the budget of 50000r I will not manage to buy everything for the embroidery of the photo. Thank you all.

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Hello, dear needlewomen! Please advise. I want to do machine embroidery, specifically to learn how to embroider from a photo. Size of A4, well, 20 by 30 somewhere. I can’t afford an expensive professional car right now. I can buy anything up to 50k. Read the information on the Internet, of course the more expensive ones are better, they have more features. Read entirely

A variety of machine stitches

During the work use the same variety of techniques as in hand embroidery: ironing, cross or openwork.


One of the easiest techniques. The contours of a particular pattern are embroidered with a straight stitch, and then filled with stitches of varying size. By learning how to use this technique, you will surprise everyone with your products. And if in the middle of the pattern to leave not sewn tissue, and then cut out with scissors. get great slit embroidery. It is distinguished by its refinement and at the same time elegance.

Openwork embroidery

Openwork, made on a sewing machine, always stands out for its sophistication and elegance. Machine embroidery is characterized by different types of tracery. Openwork is similar to a slit ironing, only the empty space is filled with fishnet or store lace.

Embroidery Richelieu

Irresistible works, embroidered in the technique of “Richelieu. It is achieved with the help of the “ironing roller”. The picture is stitched along the rim several times with straight stitching. From the closed areas, the fabric is carefully cut out. Further machine stitching is done so that the first and end stitches are on opposite sides of the stitching done. Sewing should be of equal length and filled in uniformly.

Types of machine embroidery

To understand how many opportunities open to needlewomen embroidery machine, it is necessary to get acquainted with the basic techniques:

  • Richelieu or openwork embroidery. The machine makes holes in the fabric, the edges of which are sewn with a smoothing stitch.
  • Monochrome patterns made with a shuttle stitch.
  • Three-dimensional machine embroidery 3D.
  • Without using fabric, but using a base that is removed at the end of the work, such as water-soluble fleece.
  • Applique.
  • Roll embroidery.

There are equipment with special features, such as the use of beads, ribbons, sequins. Some machines are able to make large loops like those made by crochet.

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The finer points of machine embroidery

Free-motion machine embroidery for beginners

To begin, the woven material must be hooped. On the fabric is a drawing, which will be embroidered by a machine. The fabric must be very tight, so that the needle can accurately pierce the fabric, and the stitching is even.

If the pattern is large, then the fabric is moved to the next section until the entire pattern is embroidered. The small fabric is finished in pieces, so that the hoop can tightly grasp the entire canvas with the pattern.

In machine embroidery for beginners there is one rule. Artisans should try to work on the machine without thread at minimum power, as at first there may be errors when embroidering, the needle may break and threads may tear. To do this hoop put under the needle in the machine and begin to accurately and slowly display the needle under the working canvas, creating a pattern. When the seamstress feels confident in working with the embroidery equipment, then you can tuck in the thread and embroider fully.

Recommendations for beginners

Before embroidering, needlewoman should read the instruction manual for the sewing machine. However, this is not the whole key to success. Of great importance is the preparation of the workplace.

Before starting embroidery, the needlewoman should read the instruction manual of the sewing machine

So, there are a few rules, following which you can feel comfortable working with such a product:

  • On a table, which is designed for this craft, there should not be anything unnecessary. This rule may seem trivial, but it does not lose its importance. Anything extraneous will be a distraction for the needlewoman, who may injure herself while working with the needle.
  • It is recommended to install the sewing machine on a smooth table with a flat surface. So it will be easy and convenient to work.
  • On the technique must be installed lamp. In addition to her, it is important to include another source of light. If you embroider during the day, it is not necessary to turn on the lamps. It is important to make sure that the room is well lit.
  • Tools for this work should be prepared in advance. When the master has begun embroidering, she should be as focused on it as possible, and not be distracted by the need to find one or the other.
  • Next to the sewing machine should be placed manicure scissors. It is very convenient to cut the thread with these. In addition, they do not take up much space.
  • Also for work, you should prepare special pads-stabilizers, with the help of which the fabric can be fixed.

Objectively about machine embroidery or “And let’s sew a mascot picaboo?

Most of the images and inscriptions embroidered on things are made by machines, not by skilled hands. And no matter how skillfully embroidered skilful and skilled, embroidery machine can not keep up. Even a domestic home embroidery machine. Especially behind the multi-headed industrial monster.

Embroidery is all around you everywhere, although you usually do not notice it. Police, EMERCOM, military and many, many others wear chevrons. Cashiers in stores often also have nameplates (embroidered or sewn on). Many clothing brands love and appreciate the little embroideries (in the interest of carefully examine your closet. On shirts there are often micro embroidery, on Polo T-shirts the same Lacoste necessarily places an embroidered crocodile, shoes also come with embroidery, even patterned stitching usually do on an embroidery machine).

Actually, as sewing and embroidery are engaged in similar in their mechanical device machines. The principle is the same. the needle hits in one place, the shuttle at the bottom fixes the loops, the object of sewing/embroidery moves.

The needle and the shuttle work together like this (google, mursi):

And the next thing you know, it’s whoever is running the machine that gets to work. And it’s either the seamstress moving the fabric with her hands, or the embroiderer, first “explaining” to the machine in the program, how and what to move.

And if everyone has seen a sewing machine at least once in your life, this miracle of technology, I think I’ll show.

Instead of hands supporting the fabric, here. hoop (the green ones are out). Instead of the same hands guiding the fabric. x and y drive (hoops hold fixtures in steel beam, gray box positions).

Domestic embroidery machines are often hybrids (both sews and embroiders), industrial ones are single-tasked, but very fast. And if we take a multi-headed hydra, then. This is roughly what the reality of the embroidery industry would look like.

The machine itself changes threads (you just need to tuck in 6-12-15 bobbins and write how they alternate), the machine itself moves all the necessary trajectories, she trims the thread, with an additional set of laser. and cuts out the same chevrons by itself. Miracle of technology!

An embroidery machine can’t do applique. and immediately calls people. And the slightest thing wrong. Again, who will help, if not a person? Lubricate it, change a thread, wipe off the dust.

And an embroidery machine can’t embroider. It can’t even sew a stitch (a sewing machine can, even a child can make it sew). Without a person and made them a design in the right format is just a pile of metal.

embroidery machine does not embroider pictures, it does not understand them;

Embroidery machine can simulate hand embroidery with the proper skills embroiderer / lady;

Embroidery machine can embroider a cross;

How to do free-motion embroidery using a regular sewing machine

embroidery machine in its own whimsical and demanding (it is whimsical than a sewing machine, and an industrial embroiderer is whimsical than a household, but it is many times more powerful and faster), the reasons for the whims are different. the fabric is not properly stabilized, the threads need readjustment, the operator’s golden hands are out of his ass after all.

Good news. Embroidery software and training in embroidery technology can handle it all. And the result. Embroidery itself, a lot of embroidery and in a very short time.

I may have missed something. I think on pikabu to find colleagues who will correct me and complement 🙂

A further narration about the program for embroidery, fabric preparation, threads, embroidery itself should be conducted with examples. To keep things interesting, let’s embroider. mascot picaboo? The masCOT peekaboo? muffin? the lettering itself?

Suggest options) It must be a vector image (or at least with clear boundaries of light and shadow).

What you need for machine embroidery: a kit for beginners

So, you’ve decided to start doing machine embroidery. Great! It’s a hobby But wait, since you are reading this article, you already know what machine embroidery. So, let’s just do a “skip” to the place where we answer the question “What does it take to start doing machine embroidery?”

So The list of things you will definitely need in the beginning consists of the following items:

To begin with, we just list them, and then we will talk about them in detail

Embroidery machine (and hoop), 2. Consumables for the embroidery itself:

  • Machine embroidery thread (“top” and “bottom”),
  • Needles for machine embroidery,
  • Stabilizers and fleeces (tear-off, tear-off, water-soluble),
  • Fixing means (glue-spray temporary fixation, clips for the hoop)
  • Scissors (tailor (for the fabric), manicure (for erasing threads. broaches) and scissors for applique, if you will do them),
  • pins,
  • A dressmaker’s crayon or special fabric marker,
  • iron

Computer (for storing and viewing designs), 5. “flash drive” (for transferring designs to the embroidery machine), 6. Software (for viewing designs and convert them to the format of your embroidery machine).

Well, everything you may need in order to start doing machine embroidery, we have listed. Perhaps some of the terms are not yet clear to you. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you in the dark. Below will go a detailed description of each item on the list.

Embroidery machine, or as it is lovingly called by craftsmen, the embroidery machine.

We say at once that the embroidery machine is not just a lot, but a lot. Domestic, industrial, single-needle, multi-needle, sewing and embroidery and just embroidery.

embroidery, sewing, machine

How to choose one that will be a faithful companion in the very first couple? To begin with we have to deal with all of the above embroidery variety.

Where to Start? In the article “What’s the best embroidery machine?” series “How to Start an Embroidery Business at Home” can answer this question. There’s a detailed description of the entire selection process with criteria that everyone sets for themselves. In general, however, the rule of choice of embroidery machine for beginners will be as follows:

  • Embroidery machine must be easy to operate. This means that the most “advanced” functionality (i.e.е. machine capabilities) a beginner embroiderer does not need. Do not immediately buy an expensive professional machine with a complex interface and many features, half of which you will never use. Normal single-needle household embroidery machine will help you get used to the world of computerized embroidery.
  • An embroidery machine should be easy to maintain. This means that the service (in case of damage) must be at least in your city.
  • When choosing an embroidery machine you should at least roughly understand the value of the most basic details (maximum embroidery field, hoop size, embroidery speed, etc.).д.) Article “Husqvarna hoop sizes and formats of designs” is an excellent starting point for those who want to begin to become familiar with this kind of details.

Free Motion Sewing on a Regular Sewing Machine

Consumables (consumables) machine embroidery:

“Embroidery threads” are special threads for machine embroidery.

They are divided into two kinds: upper and lower (and they should not be confused). Upper thread will be used by the machine for stitching (that’s what you will see on the front of the embroidery). The lower thread will support the “front side” on the wrong side.

Upper thread comes in different qualities: viscose, polyester, cotton, acrylic, etc.д. For details about what kinds of embroidery threads exist in nature, can be found in the article “How to choose a thread for machine embroidery. Part 1”. There you can also read about the names of some companies producers.

Now let’s talk about “top” threads separately.

What embroidery thread you need to have in order to start doing machine embroidery?

embroidery, sewing, machine

Polyester and viscose 7 base colors each (think of a rainbow) plus black and white are the minimum that must be. Polyester and viscose are the most commonly used.

Metallic, acrylic and other “decorative” threads are used much less frequently, so in the beginning you can do without them. Keep in mind that the above color minimum is a starting point for the very first steps in embroidery. You may soon need to increase the palette of colors.

Tip: A rough estimate of exactly what you might need and how many colors you will need, you can do by looking at the color card of designs you like. On the Royal Present website, each design is posted with its corresponding color chart.

For example: a Christmas ornament with a bow A machine embroidery design has 4 colors. two green and two red. This means that you will need to add at least 2 more colors to the basic 7 colors.

What is computer machine embroidery?

The term “machine embroidery” refers to the process of using a sewing machine or special embroidery machine to create a design on the fabric of your choice. Machine embroidery is most often used for commercial purposes, as it is a great tool for branding products or uniforms, but it can also be used to create patterns for purely decorative purposes. There are several basic types of machine embroidery: manual, using household specialized sewing machine (with a small coordinate device and a set of ready-made elements for embroidery in memory) and computerized industrial embroidery machines.

When handmade machine embroidery designs are created using a sewing machine. This is a very time-consuming process, as the embroiderer must apply the future design for embroidery on fabric and changing colors of threads, manually move the hoop. This power is not for everyone, because it requires diligence, patience, artistic taste, an accurate eye and coordination. In the presence of all these qualities are obtained wonderful embroidered pictures that are ideal for home interiors. But when embroidering a structured image. such as text or regular geometric shapes, this method does not allow the image to be applied clearly and evenly and that’s the main drawback.

For a wider range of home needlewomen manufacturers have created specialized household embroidery machines that combine the capabilities of a sewing machine, as well as allow you to apply the embroidered elements on the fabric. This sewing machine is equipped with a small coordinate device in which the hoop is fixed. Coordinate device moves the hoop according to a predetermined program. The same program can be selected from the memory of the machine which stores a number of ready-made embroidery designs, you can download what you like from specialized resources on the Internet or try to create your own embroidery design using a set of elements stored in the memory of the machine and using the various settings. So this type of machine embroidery can be called a computer embroidery, because there is a coordinate unit controlled by a processor and has an interface that allows you to create embroidery designs and change the settings of the application of embroidery. Pros: widespread. Affordability and relative ease of use. The disadvantages include a low resource, as this equipment belongs to the class of domestic. Consequently, limited productivity, limitations on the materials on which the embroidery is applied, and a relatively small embroidery field.

Digitizing artwork for embroidery

Digitizing embroidery artwork is the process of converting an existing artwork, such as a company logo, into a stitch file that an embroidery machine can then read and use to copy the design on the garment.

Industrial embroidery machines allow the most complete use of their capabilities to apply the embroidered images on most materials with maximum quality and high productivity. This is full-fledged industrial equipment with long life and expanded capabilities, such as: enlarged embroidery field. multi-needle (up to 16 needle drivers) head and high embroidery speed (up to 1200 rpm). The general principle is similar to the above described domestic embroidery machines: multi-needle embroidery machine combined with a coordinate table, and controlled by an internal processor or an external computer. There are single-head embroidery machines, as well as multi-head. Enterprise with a fleet of single-head embroidery machines is more flexible in the choice of loading. as it allows you to embroider a variety of embroidery. Owners of multi-headed machines are less flexible in the choice of loading. but they are more productive for large batches and less expensive (given the lower relative cost of one head). It is worth mentioning that. That the operation of this equipment requires highly skilled personnel. Embroidery designs are created in specialized graphic programs. which opens up a wide scope for creativity. The disadvantages include the high cost of the embroidery equipment. The high cost of software to create embroidery programs and the need for highly skilled personnel. Everything else is a solid plus!

embroidery, sewing, machine

Machine embroidery is not only durable in terms of future wear, but it is a highly productive process, which means that a large amount of work can be done in a short time. Although creating a logo embroidery program can take a long time, then after creating a design file, it simply needs to be loaded into the embroidery machine, which will start working. And most of this process is automated, which means that everything can be done in a minimum amount of time.

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