How to dry your hair with a hair dryer with a diffuser

What is a diffuser and how to choose it

A diffuser is a hair dryer nozzle, most often in the form of a round, expanding bowl, with many “fingers”. Such a nozzle can be included in the kit of the hair dryer, but it can also be purchased separately.

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There are several different kinds of diffusers, each differing in shape and material of construction, as well as function. Which is the best choice for styling your hair type is detailed below.

Important! A diffuser is not just for styling. Its main function is to disperse hot air waves when drying hair with a hair dryer. This makes the procedure more gentle.


It takes longer to dry your locks with a hair dryer without a diffuser.к. The airflow is not wide enough to “cover” the entire volume. The dryer not only takes less time with the nozzle, so it’s not only safer, but faster too.

A diffuser also has the following benefits:

  • Increases the volume of your hair with a wider jet of hot air;
  • Prevents tangling hair, especially curly and frizzy hair;
  • Helps create soft “waves” for those who have unruly and stiff hair;
  • It adds variety to the usual styling techniques.


The diffuser, when used correctly, has almost no disadvantages. However, when choosing the right nozzle, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • Some diffusers are quite expensive;
  • Not all attachments are universal and are not suitable for all hair dryers;
  • Using the device incorrectly can lead to the opposite effect instead of the desired curls can be obtained shapeless too voluminous “mane.

What kind of diffuser to use

The choice of a suitable nozzle depends on the type of hair and the desired effect:

  • The regular “cup” diffuser. It is ideal if you want just a quick blow-dry to give volume to the strands. It can be used for straight, curly and curly hair.
  • The Arm Diffuser. This unusual nozzle is not suitable for all hair dryer models, so it is important to check the compatibility beforehand. The “manual” diffuser is great for drying and styling curly curls of all types, including long and thick curls. It produces a 360-degree flow of air, radiating heat from all sides, maintaining hair’s natural shine, and protecting it from breakage. Ideal for adding volume and preserving the natural structure of curly strands.
  • diffuser in the viewfinder. Such an unusual nozzle very gently dries strands, thanks to the many small holes for the release of hot air. That’s why it’s perfect for brittle and damaged tresses. Hair drying with such a diffuser will be longer than with other options, and will not provide strong volume or steep curls. Its primary purpose is to guard against the damaging effects of hot blow-drying and styling. Suitable for any type of blow dryer and made of soft, flexible foam.

Diffuser for the hair dryer: what it is and what it is for, the choice and operation

Rare woman does not dream of well-groomed, beautiful hair. However, not everyone can boast of having thick and shiny curls from nature. Therefore, the arsenal of every fashionista includes all kinds of devices to make hair more lush, shiny, curly or, conversely, straight. And a hairdryer is a device without which no truly complicated hairstyle can happen.

It was to facilitate the process of giving shape to the styling came up with the diffuser. the nozzle for the hair dryer, which helps to untangle the hair, add volume, movement, as well as (if used as intended) turn the strands into tight curls.

How to use the diffuser on the hair dryer. 2019

Diffuser. an attachment for the hair dryer, which may well replace several devices for styling: curling iron, tongs, styler. It dries, twists strands in careless waves or bouncy curls, and even smoothes without a flat iron. The main thing is to know how to. Here’s how to use the diffuser on your hair dryer to get different hairstyles.

This is the name of the round bowl-shaped nozzle with spikes or “fingers”. It was originally used for styling curls (there are a lot of training videos on the web). Thanks to the numerous holes in the bowl, a powerful stream of air is dispersed and dries the hair without disturbing the natural curl pattern. Later, when there were different types of diffusers in diameter of the bowl, size and material of the spikes, stylists began to use the nozzle when working with any type of hair. to give volume by dispersing hot air, smoothing, creating waves.

Massage the scalp long spikes, which improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth;

No hot air reaches the roots, which prevents the scalp from drying out.

The diffuser is not always included with the device;

when buying a nozzle, you need to make sure that it is suitable for your hair dryer (there are universal or for specific models).

If you use the diffuser incorrectly on your hair dryer, you can unfortunately end up with a voluminous “mess” instead of curls.

Types of diffusers are selected based on the type and length of hair:

large hair dryer nozzles with a wide bowl diameter and short “fingers” are taken for quick styling. the larger the bowl, the more area of the head it occupies and the faster it dries;

Diffusers in the form of small or medium-sized discs with long spikes with holes are used for volume, as well as to work with thick long hair (the longer the spikes, the more hair they can grab);

Sparse-tooth nozzles are the masthead for thin, loose, severely tangled strands (they won’t pull hair out);

diffusers with lids can also be used as a dryer;

Soft diffusers can be used as a climazon nozzle for a hair dryer. they convert the air stream into the heat and infrared radiation of the far Spectra, creating natural curls and protecting the hair from overdrying.

It all depends on what hairstyle you want to do, but there are general guidelines:

hair should be semi-dry. if you have just washed your hair, dry it, if it is dry, moisten it slightly;

How I Diffuse Curly Hair

a thermal protectant should be applied before styling to prevent the hair from drying out and split ends;

it is important to fix the head tightly before use. it should not fly off and the air should be evenly discharged through the diffuser;

it is recommended to style at minimum speed at minimum temperature, perpendicular to the head. so curls are formed most naturally.

How to use the hair dryer nozzle for styling short hair

Hair fixatives are applied to the entire length of the hair. To add volume, each strand is gently placed in a bowl and dried with the diffuser at a 90 degree angle to the head. The hair can be tilted for better curl. This makes it easier to reach the roots of the hair so you can dry it by tilting it up.

How to use a diffuser to create natural curls

Distribute the styling product over the semi-dry hair;

Separate a few strands, neatly put them in a bowl;

tousling it with your hands and fixing it with hairspray.

There is another option. twist one curl around your finger to get a curl and lightly dry it in the diffuser.

How to use a hair dryer with a diffuser to create light curls can also be seen on video.

How to properly straighten your hair without a curling iron

A little skill and you can learn how to smooth curls without overdrying them with curling irons:

Apply styling product to semi-dry strands, evenly distribute;

Start drying the curls with the diffuser from the roots, moving to the ends and wrapping the warm air inward;

The key to beautiful styling. an understanding of the basic drying technique and the right hair dryer in the presence of. A simple device from the nearest store is only good for its low price, but its characteristics are not enough to get a wow effect. It’s better to buy a hair dryer once with optimal temperature settings, different functions to adjust it to your hair type and desired style.

A hair dryer for everything PARLUX 3500 SuperCompact Ceramic Ionic Edition. The ceramic heater heats the hair evenly, over all zones, unlike metal spiral. The ionization system gives your hair a balm-like, distinctive shine. Adjustable to individual hair lengths and condition. it has 8 combinations of modes.

Rule 1. Don’t style wet hair

When you blow-dry your newly washed hair with hot air, the moisture in your hair boils over and tears it from the inside out. The result is brittle, dull, lifeless hair. Allow hair to dry 80-90% naturally or gently towel dry it before blow-drying.

Rule 2. Use thermal protection

Ignoring this step dries hair dry. The heat shield creates an invisible film, a layer between the hot air and the shaft, slowing fluid evaporation.

Rule 3. Divide by zone

Fasten the clips to the side, back and sides so hair feels more evenly blown out. Start at the back of the head and cut the ends off.

Thanks to the sturdy springs Shark Clip Holds a thick strand without slipping.

Rule 4. Raise the temperature a little at a time

If you blow-dry your hair immediately with a hot stream and make a habit of it, dandruff won’t be long in coming. Run the hair dryer on medium for the first 5 minutes; go to the next setting when the main length has dried out.

Rule 5. Blow-dry in the direction of hair growth

Girls often omit this point, explaining the error by a lack of time. Seems like moving the nozzle up and down makes strands dry faster. But the reverse current doesn’t speed up the process, it opens up the scales and splits the stem. How you can quickly dry your head with a hair dryer, if you are late for an important meeting, tell us below.

Rule #6. Cool

Finish with a cool stream of drying. hot strands lose their shape at the slightest touch. The cool air will hold it in place and give it more elasticity.

Rule 7. No polish on your hair just yet

Allow hair to cool completely and do not brush it immediately. Fixing agents, smoothing gels for the ends of the hair should be applied after at least 10 minutes.

Preparing hair for styling

Take time to properly prepare your hair before getting curls into your hair. For flexible styling without frizz, hair needs to be as moisturized as possible. Here’s how to do it.

Wash your hair with a mild, sulphate-free shampoo and only use on the scalp so as not to over-dry the hair.

Use a silicon-free moisturizing balm. Apply it to damp strands and leave it in for a few minutes so it can “seal” moisture inside the hair, increasing the moisturizing effect.

On naturally wavy hair, you can use the so-called “curly method”. To do this, take more balm than you would normally use and gently squeeze it for a few minutes on the length of your hair to form curls. This can help keep curls in place, making them more resilient and defined.

Rinse the conditioner off, blot the hair with a soft towel and apply a leave-in conditioner or heat protectant spray. Such a product will help get rid of frizz and tangles, and help prevent damage to the curls when styling with hot air.

You can also use a styling product like a mousse or curl gel before drying your hair in order to create longer-lasting curls and then apply a medium-strength spray to finish the style.

How to dry your hair with a diffuser at home

It is shaped like a disk with spike-like projections, between the holes of which a steady stream of air passes.

When you create a hairstyle with it, you spend a minimum of time, while drying and styling your hair.

There are several diffuser options:

This attachment is often used for daily styling.

Curly hair drying method

“Curly method” of hair drying involves the use of effective ways to take care of natural curls and curly curls obtained by perming. This includes a variety of techniques that help dry hair with beautiful, even curls without split ends or tangled, frizzy strands.

Rating of the best hairdryers with a diffuser for curly hair

Hair dryers with diffusers are produced by almost all well-known brands of household appliances. But based on the reviews, there are several particularly popular models for curly hair.

Bosch PHD 5962

Powerful 2200 W appliance with 6 airflow and temperature modes. This allows you to choose the best settings for any hair. healthy and weakened, thick and thin. The hair dryer has an ioniser that prevents the curls from getting electrified, leaving them flexible, smooth, and frizz-free. The model provides protection against overheating, there is a removable filter, which can be cleaned from time to time.

Model from Bosch is equipped with two nozzles:

  • It has a concentrator that creates a targeted airflow for the strands that need to be fixed;
  • The diffuser for curling and volume, it can be used even on fine curls.

Also, the hair dryer provides for operation in the cold blast mode. You can use it after you’ve created your hairstyle, to keep it in place.

Among the disadvantages of the device users note a significant weight of about 900 g and a medium-length cord. 180 cm.

You can buy the Bosch PHD 5962 with a diffuser nozzle for about 2300

Philips HP 8233

One of the best hair dryers with a diffuser for curls works at 2200 watts. It has 2 blowing speed modes and 3 temperature programs, so it can be easily adjusted for any hair type. Equipped with an ionization system, the hair becomes shiny and glossy after treatment, without electrifying or sticking to each other. The appliance supports cold air blowing, which is recommended after each drying process to fix the style.

In the kit with a hair dryer Philips go two nozzles:

  • The diffuser, which can be used to raise the curls at the roots or to lightly curl the hair;
  • concentrator. narrow nozzle allows you to focus the treatment of a particular strand and fix it in the hairstyle.

Ceramic heating element radiates heat in the infrared range. Due to this drying is soft, the hair is not overheated and does not become brittle. The model has a removable grid that allows for quick cleaning of the air intake, a safety device to protect the hair dryer from overheating. The device has a 1.8m cord and weighs only 600g.

Buy a hair dryer with a diffuser Philips HP 8233 for 3000

Remington AC 8605

The 2,300 W functional hair dryer features UV filters in the heating element area and an intelligent sensor. The device monitors the air temperature and changes it in case of overheating. Also in the device provides a ring soaked in oils, in the process of drying it helps to protect colored hair from damage and color change.

It has 3 temperature settings and 2 airflow speeds, as well as a cold air blast which is necessary for a firm hold. Built-in ionization makes drying safer and prevents sticking.

The hair dryer Remington is equipped with a diffuser that allows you to perform a soft curl, and 2 concentrators. 11 and 7 mm. The model has a removable grid that allows you to clean the filter from dust. One of the advantages is the very long 3 m cord, you don’t need to use extension cords.


Natural drying

This method is the most familiar to most curlers. What actually requires such a drying? That’s okay.

Even the most ardent supporters of all natural for curls will approve it, because it can not harm the hair at all. No heating, no air blowing.

But I gave it up. Why? Even when I have free time, I arm myself with a hair dryer. The thing is, my curl is pretty flaccid, delicate and at the slightest opportunity when drying stretches or disappears altogether.

And I’m not talking about the appearance of the ends, they just hang like sticks, not curling into rings.

And another important point, which finally turned me away from the natural drying. it’s time. When I did not put gel on my hair, and used a cream, drying was many times faster. When drying curls with gel, a crust is formed, through which the moisture evaporates with great difficulty. And it multiplies the drying time. By the way, with the gel my hair can dry for up to 5 hours. Imagine drying so much every other day? And in winter?

And my results with this drying method.

The most “ecological” and natural way, accepted even by the most fervent followers of orthodox Kgm (no thermal effect, curls do not dry out, etc.) often than not, this drying method is less fluff

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