How to dry your jeans in the dryer

How to dry your jeans at home

This is interesting. The heyday of denim pants is traced to the rise of Ozzy Osbourne, the Beatnik idol. Later this fashion picked up the hippies, decorating the restrained models with rhinestones, beads and other decorations.

If you’re drying your jeans on a balcony or outdoors, hang them by the pant leg

We wear pants of denim and for a walk, and the solemn events, and even in the office (if it is allowed by the dress code). So you have to wash jeans quite often, and they dry much longer than other items of clothing. But in order not to look for a replacement for your favorite pair of pants, consider a few tips on how you can quickly dry jeans. You can use:

However, you should be careful with any of the above methods, as jeans are sewn from different fabrics, and therefore will react differently to exposure to high temperatures (it is their effect that underlies the quick drying). Denim jeans will be fine, but fabrics with stretch in them shouldn’t be dried in such an extreme way as they will lose their elasticity. In general, depending on the wet area, you need from 1 hour to 10 minutes and the right conditions to dry your jeans. The latter requires a closed room. you can not quickly dry jeans outdoors, unless it’s a hot summer.

Microwave drying

Microwave drying is a risky, inefficient but effective method:

  • Fold the jeans and put them on a plate.
  • Place in the microwave oven.
  • Turn the appliance on for no more than 30 seconds.
  • After a while turn the garment on the other side. Perform such manipulations until the jeans are completely dry.

Vaporization is intense when drying, so be sure to let the steam out quickly. Since the microwave is closed, then almost all the moisture will remain inside it. even a few hours of such “drying” you get hot, but still wet jeans.

There is a risk of damaging the appliance, since there are metal fasteners on jeans. To prevent breakage, they should be hidden in a cloth.

Drying with a hair dryer

If your jeans are a little wet, you can dry them quickly with a household hair dryer on the max power setting. Before you do that, make sure you turn the inside out, undo the buttons, turn the s inside out and hang the article vertically, so you can dry it comfortably on all sides.

IMPORTANT! To avoid burning the fabric, keep a distance of at least 30cm from the appliance.

Particular attention should be paid to drying the areas in the seams, s and waistband. After the inside is complete, turn the jacket inside out and continue drying.

What to use with care

Remember under no circumstances use an open fire in the house, because synthetics are very flammable. In nature it is acceptable to dry clothes over a fire, but only under close supervision.

If the jeans are already dry you can leave them to dry with a hair dryer or fan heater.

  • Turn the pants inside out.
  • Lay the garment out on a table or other flat surface and carefully smooth out the jeans with your hands. You can also hang the garment vertically using the special hangers with clips.
  • Turn the hair dryer on at maximum power.
  • Blow-dry on the inside of the thighs first. Then heat dry the seams, s and waistband. Then dry the back and front of the pants.

Do not hold a hair dryer close to your jeans, or you may scorch the fabric.

If the material contains a lot of synthetic fibers, there is a risk of fire. Maintain a distance of 30-40 cm. If you smell burning during drying, make the garment stand out, or lower the temperature.

How you can dry your jeans in different ways

Appliances that help dry clothes at home:

The quick dryer is not suitable for all jeans. If the fabric contains synthetic threads, it is contraindicated high temperatures.


One of the gentlest options for removing moisture from clothes.

  • Hang the jeans on the back of a chair or crossbar of a sliding dryer.
  • Install a fan at a distance of 30 cm and turn it on.
  • The device creates air circulation and the water evaporates faster.
  • By adjusting the speed of rotation of the blades, as well as periodically changing the position of the pants, you can dry jeans in a few hours.

Use an air conditioner for the same purpose, directing a stream of air at the wet clothes.

Heating device

In winter, central heating makes drying clothes much easier.

How to wash a pair of dry jeans | Nudie Jeans co

  • Spread wet jeans on a hot radiator and leave them on for a couple of hours.
  • When the time is up, shake the pants and put them back the other way.
  • Two to three hours later, the dry cloth is taken away.
your, jeans, dryer

The advantage of radiators. a relatively low temperature, which allows evenly warm fabric and not spoil its structure. However, if you forget the jeans on the radiator, overnight they can severely dry out. Exercise caution when using this method !

Water heating doesn’t work in the summer, but there is an electric heater as an alternative. The drying process is different in that the electric device should not be left unattended. Frequently lift the jeans and manually adjust the heating temperature.

Dry your jeans quickly with an electric dryer

This device is specifically designed for drying clothes and laundry, but is not a subject of prime necessity. If there is such a unit in the apartment, you can forget about the long wait. Jeans simply spread out on the bars with heating elements, plug in the cord. An electric dryer works independently, allowing you to do your own thing. A few hours later you’ll have your pants ready to go with very little effort.

If you need to dry your pants quickly after washing, you’ll have to work hard. You will need an iron, a table or ironing board, some towels, sheets and diapers.

  • Spread a terry towel on the work surface;
  • Place your jeans on a towel with the backside up;
  • Cover your pants with a flannel diaper or sheet;
  • Use a heated iron to iron your jeans;
  • Remove the dampened fabric, shake the pants and let them cool;
  • Repeat the ironing cycle several times, changing towels as you get wet.

Be sure to turn off the steam function on the iron, otherwise the drying process will take too long.

Separately, we should mention how to dry jeans with different composition of fabric. Rough material can be ironed with the iron at maximum heat. Stretch fabrics prolonged treatment with a hot iron is contraindicated. You can use this method if you set the temperature knob on the first bar.

It’s easy to use a hair dryer to dry lightly splattered clothing. The same drying method can also be used for washed jeans. How long the jeans can dry depends on the power of the appliance. The convenience of the hair dryer is that the flow of hot air can be directed both along the product, and inside the pants.

  • Turn the jeans inside out and flatten at the seams, to evenly heat the jeans.
  • Hang the garment on hangers and hang it from a rope in the bathtub. It frees your hands and allows you to turn the jeans in the right direction.
  • Turn the hair dryer to the center position and aim the air jet onto the wet fabric.
  • Move the appliance smoothly up and down, covering the entire surface of the garment with warm air.
  • After 10 minutes, turn off the dryer, turn the jeans on the front side.
  • Repeat the drying process by placing the tip in one of the pants for 5 minutes. Make sure the air filter is outside, otherwise it can overheat and damage the hair dryer.
  • Apply the same procedure to the second pant leg.
  • Pay attention to the s and waistband, where heavy fabric takes longer to dry.

Using a hair dryer, you can get your jeans dry in about an hour. This method is the most labor-intensive. In addition, a powerful hair dryer consumes a lot of electricity, and with prolonged operation can overheat and break down.


If you need to dry your jeans urgently without a hair dryer or iron, there is an extreme option. the oven. It’s quick, but a fire hazard. You could end up with no jeans, plus it’s very dangerous.

  • Wash the oven from the inside out;
  • Preheat the oven to 120ºC;
  • Roll up your jeans and place them on the rack;
  • Leave the door ajar;
  • Every 5 to 6 minutes, remove the pants, shake them up, and re-fold them.

Stay in the oven, keep control of the process. Even 10 minutes can be a fire hazard. Completely dry the product in the oven is not possible. some areas are still wet, while others are already forming scalds. You can also dry your jeans outside the oven by hanging them on the door handle.

For your convenience, different drying methods are listed in the table below.

Being smart during the camping trip

Going to the nature, you must take care of a change of clothing and shoes. You may get caught in the rain, wade across a river, or just sweat. In order not to get sick you need to keep things dry, so at the first opportunity change into a spare set of underwear.

your, jeans, dryer

Wet clothes on a camping trip can be dried in the sun or wind. To do this, hang it on tree branches, ropes, put it on a tent. Empty your s of all items, turn them inside out. Place your wet clothes under the sleeping bag and leave them to dry overnight. Body heat will dry out your pants or sweatshirt while you sleep.

Dry things by the fire only as a last resort. Place them at some distance from the fire source so that you feel only heat, not heat. Constantly monitor the condition of things, one spark and you risk losing your belongings altogether.

How to quickly dry jeans and not spoil them: the table express methods at home

You know how to quickly dry jeans after the wash if the hair dryer, iron and other heating devices simply is not handy? This information is useful when it is not possible to dry yourself and dry your clothes at home. Or in a situation where jeans are needed here and now, even though they are still wet.

Today, few people remember that this versatile closet item. jeans. originally served as a robe. But the pants made of thick canvas fabric proved themselves so well that soon they migrated to the shelves of expensive stores and to the shelves of closets of fashionistas and fashionistas. Jeans pants are perfectly combined with any style of clothing, although belong to the urban casual. Young ladies skillfully complement them with airy blouses of thin fabrics and high “stilettos. The great outdoorsmen pair them with jackets and leather oxfords. Kids wear them around the yard, and pensioners consider them the best clothes for walking and traveling.

But versatility isn’t the only good thing about denim pants. Another advantage is their ease of use. Jeans can be washed with soap, powder and soft gel. Pants do not wear out long and after each “visit” the washing machine look like new. By the way, ironing jeans is also not necessary. they instantly smoothed out on his owner after a couple of minutes after putting on.

How to dry jeans quickly

There are several ways to quickly dry jeans, shorts, skirts, windbreakers, shirts, and other such items. True, none of them gives instant results, but only speeds up the drying process, reducing the process by several hours.

Using towels

Terry towels are known to be excellent moisture absorbers. They can help jeans dry faster. To do this, it is necessary:

  • Lay out several large bath towels on a table, clean floor or other flat surface. The number of items depends on the size of the garment and the size of the jeans.
  • Place a wet item in need of drying on top of the towels.
  • On top of the product from the denim should put a second layer of bath accessories.
  • Curl everything with a bundle (tube) as tightly as possible, hold for a few minutes (2 to 5), and then unroll. As an option, you can also stack cloth accessories “envelope”, it is easier, but not as effective.
  • Unwrap a skein of clothes and evaluate the result.

To maximize the speed of drying denim items, you will likely need to repeat the manipulation twice or thrice. And each time you should take fresh (dry) towels.

Since the drying method described above does not effectively speed up the yield of moisture from the denim clothes, creative hostesses have found a decent alternative. Household appliances such as an iron, hair dryer, radiator and even an electric dryer can help dry your jeans. But be warned, such aggressive spinning is not good for the garment. It causes premature wear and tear, since it impairs the fabric structure. Do not dry delicate, stretchy pants made of a denim/elastane blend at high temperatures.

  • Wash your clothes in the washing machine first.
  • Put the wet thing in the drum along with a couple of terry towels. The towels will absorb all excess moisture and the garment will remain slightly damp.
  • Turn on spin mode
  • When the machine is done, iron the garment with a warm iron so it dries completely.
  • Place the wet thing in the drum, along with a couple of dry towels.
  • Turn the spin cycle on. Depending on the fabric type, choose the spinning intensity.
  • When the process is complete, the towels should absorb the water and the clothes should be dry
  • If the cloth is not completely dry, iron it.
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