How to find out how much water in the water heater Edison. Basic rules for using a water heater

EDISSON water heaters (Edison): Review of models and prices

Edisson. Licensed line of flowing and storage water heaters from the Termyx division of the company. These products quickly gained consumer trust, since it has a long operational period, a simple design and a management system. In addition to all, the Edison water heater belongs to the average price category, due to which it is an affordable large circle of consumers.

The popularity of the brand

In 2005, the company of flowing boilers Edisson System was produced by the company. At the end of this year, the company released another innovative series of technology, which is not corroded and at the same time significantly warms the liquid-Edisson-Light-storage vehicles.

The brand has gained popularity among domestic consumers due to the rapid expansion of the model range. In addition, the company began the development of the creation of electric convectors for heating summer cottages, private houses. The company, unlike competitive firms, does not overload its products with technical innovative technologies. The fact is that they require the introduction of various mechanical nodes, and the more parts in the apparatus, the less reliable design.

All running and storage water heaters presented on the official website of the company have a simple design. Enterprise specialists reduce the number of complex and unreliable joints, nodes. Edisson’s company rely on maximum reliability and long.term operational period of each product.

Excable water heater EDISSON ER 100V. review

We were looking for a very budget water heater for a summer house. The summer kitchen was originally planned and a 50 liter bell was supposed to be comfortable to wash the dishes, but as it is built from the summer kitchen in 2.5×6 decided to build a 6×6 room, while the purpose was changing, and hot water became needed not only for plates, but also for a full bathing, they decided to purchase 100 liter. They began to consider offers in the market, I wanted to buy an already proven trademark, for example, as Ariston, the water heater of this company has it in the house and has been served for 10 years, but we ordered in the online store.

The package included a cord with a fork (I was very surprised that there are models not equipped with a fork, and even a cord should be lengthened), instructions and a huge box with a water heater. Bell without a thermostat. When turning on, the red button lights up. There are five divisions in terms of heating. In summer, we were quite enough for the average division, the water was heated and the bell turned off, the red button went out.

At the same time, exposing the heating almost maximum the heating indicator did not turn on, I turned on the water myself, tried it for heating, and turned off the bell. That is, or the water in the tank cooled quickly that the water heater did not turn off or the water seemed not to be heated enough, not boiling water.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the economical electricity consumption or not. Both water heater in our houses are connected to one meter.

We had problems with the water heater fastening. Our first is actually on the second floor of the house, attached below the floor and is closed by a wall with a separate door. The same had to be attached to the wall, almost to the ceiling, while not missing the beam, since the house is from the sibpanel, and the weight of the heater is a kilogram 25, and if you add 100 liters of water to this, then the wall is very noticeable for the wall. I had to fix the transverse bar against the wall, then the unit itself, they were very afraid to get past the racks.

Excable water heater EDISSON ER V50. review

Oh. I did not plan to write this review now, but the situation is so that now I just can’t be silent.

I will immediately start with the fact that I did not choose it. A storage.type water heater EDISSON ER V50 went to me with the house in which it was installed. I bought the house in winter.

Having carefully studied, the received “good” we immediately set ourselves the goal of replacing it.For several reasons:

But I also have my dishes every day and more than one time!

Yes, of course, having poured a tank of 50 liters, you can wait until it gets and heats up again. But this time, money (the counter is shaking) and inconvenience. You have to adjust the schedule and your pans for the water heaters. Well, nonsense.

In general, the problem was indicated, and we decided to replace it in the fall, immediately with a gas double.circuit boiler, but fate decided everything for us by itself.

But first, a little official information about the technical characteristics:

Network voltage. 220 century

Height. 560 mm

Nominal power. one.5 kW

Water capacitance volume. 50 l

The weight. 18 kg

Pressure at the entrance. 0.50-6 atm.

Width. 450 mm

Installation. Vertical

The number of heating elements. one

find, much, water, heater, edison, basic

Maximum water heating temperature: 75 ° C

Heating temperature limit: there is

Connection diameter. 1/2 inch

Magnesium anode. There is

Eyeliner. Lower

Depth. 460 mm

Inclusion indication. there is

Method of fastening. wall

At the same time, only when he failed me, I found out that his value is very, very low (well, really, I thought they were more expensive):

It is characterized by high energy efficiency and is able to heat water to 75 ° C within 1-2 hours. The ability to adjust the heating temperature allows you to get warm water twice as quickly at home. The model is equipped with a convenient indication of inclusion, which allows you to track the heating time. And the scale protection system guarantees high wear resistance of the device: the water heater will last for many years.

But unfortunately, this is complete nonsense!

The declared heating time is 1-2 hours 50 liters up to 75 ° C. In fact, he warms these liters for more than 6 hours, if we say that I completely leaked the tank and she scored it again.

“Convenient” inclusion indication is so inconvenient, at the bottom of the tank. And in order to track something like that, you have to get into the letter “Zu”.

PS: We have already bought a new water heater, we chose ourselves and all that. That’s so convenient! And here the chickens are mocked.

In general, the hour of reckoning was waiting for me on one day in mid.May, when there was a sharp cotton and 50 liters of hot water in 3 minutes poured under my feet, flooding the entire kitchen to the level of 5 cm (I have a small kitchen)

It is difficult to imagine my shock. Someone like blocking the main highway of water supply, and collecting 4 full buckets (another safely or absorbed, or sucked into the cracks) of hot water, I sat down to read. And what happened to him.

And yes. My floors in the kitchen have never been so clean))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Since I, in principle, did not plan to write a review of the hotels, I will not have beautiful pictures. Will be ugly, after attempts to repair.

find, much, water, heater, edison, basic

But we did not come to this conclusion right away. For on the same Internet they write that heating shades, or pressure valve, or rot, or a pipe (in a photo with a red rim), because it is made of low.quality metal, more often.

And of course, at first we began to check the ten, valve and pipe.

Surprisingly, Ten, although there was a trace of rust and scale (not without it. And by the way, in order for the ten to serve longer and it was not necessary to change it, you need to drain all the water from the water, fill it with water with citric acid (100 grams of cystols per liter) to heated to the maximum, let stand for an hour and drain it. The next two sets of water is also just drained. Well, you understand the essence. how to clean a kettle from scale). but quite efficient and clean.

The next were the valve and the valve, but they were in normal condition.

So the worst thing happened. The tank burst. Repair of such a breakdown, as a rule, costs like a new water heater and does not guarantee that this will not happen again every other day or two.

So we did not even consider the option of “brew” leakage.

Gas models

The water heater can be gas or electric. Edisson produces a variety of models that receive positive consumer reviews. When choosing a particular model, it is worth considering all the features that will be discussed later.

The main advantage of gas water heaters in their compactness. For such devices, it is easy to find a place even in a small kitchen. over, models of this type are reliable and very economical. They are able to provide almost instantly with hot water. And, most importantly, there are no restrictions, since models are usually of a flow type. That is, if you need 50 liters or 80 liters of hot water, you can easily get it if there is a gas water heater in the house. As a rule, models from this brand have up to ten liters per minute. But there are models that produce up to twelve liters per minute.

When choosing a gas heater in water, be sure to pay attention to the heat exchanger, the method of ignition and the view of the burner itself. As a rule, the best models are equipped with a copper heat exchanger, which allows them to heat the water many times faster, and they serve much longer.

Electronic ignition of the burner is a very convenient and safe way of ignition. Edisson models already have batteries, which are enough for at least six months. But there are also models with piezorodes. this is when the ignition is carried out by pressing the button. In addition, many models from this brand have reliable protection that will protect from unforeseen situations. For example, this is flame control and overheating protection.

This brand produces several series of gas models, we will talk about the most popular.

If there is a need to buy a compact model, then you should pay attention to the Heat series. The height of such a device is slightly more than 500 millimeters.

Thanks to the compact dimensions and the modern case, such a heating device will look great indoors with any interior. Devices of this series are quite powerful and are able to produce up to ten liters per minute.

SPARK series includes basic configuration models. All devices of this series are equipped with an open combustion chamber and are distinguished by simple control. Thanks to the original design, any device will look harmonious in the modern interior.

One of the popular series of this brand is the FLAME series. Models of this series are equipped with enhanced heat exchangers, which are made of copper. In addition, all devices are distinguished by an original and stylish design, thanks to which they will make a certain “zest” to any interior. Devices of this series have reliable protection, the ability to adjust the flow of water and the volume of gas itself. As well as models of this series are equipped with the “Winter. Summer” mode “.

Electric models

Electric models, as a rule, are of two types. These are accumulative and flowing. Proporal ones are compact models that most often purchase for washing or washing dishes. If there is a need to provide the whole house with hot water, then you should pay attention to the accumulative option. Such models differ in volume. It can be a model of 30 liters, 100 and even more.

Make out how the device of this type works is easy. Instructions for use describes in detail all operating rules. The accumulative type models are completely safe to use and are great for any room.

At the same time, it is worth considering the reliability of the walls of the room if you plan to buy a boiler with a large volume. For example, a 80.liter boiler weighs more than twenty kilograms, and if the design of the wall is flimsy, then additional fasteners will be required.

Edisson presents a number of cumulative models that work using electricity. For example, this is an ER series. Models differ in their round shape and are equipped with mechanical control. All devices have an enameled tank and safety valve.

A series of EDF boilers are models that have a flat case, so they do not take up much space. The tank of such devices is made of stainless steel, and their control is mechanical. All models of this series have reliable overheating protection and inclusion indicator. These devices have a limitation on heating temperature. Namely: water will not heat up more than 75 degrees.

Electrolux water heater rules

The first launch, inclusion after a long downtime is carried out according to the standard scheme listed above: opening the tap of warm water, filling the tank, inspection for the presence of malfunctions and leaks, closing the crane after feeding a flat jet without bubbles, heating. After a long non.use, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the tank with a long liquid descent.

We will consider in more detail the other features of the operation indicated by the manufacturer. The main among them is to carefully monitor the quality of water, which should be supplied without mechanical impurities, derivatives of oil products, harmful substances, etc.D. Compliance with these requirements excludes increased scale formation inside the tank, rapid wear of the anode rod.

In addition, it is necessary to carry out timely maintenance of water heating equipment to ensure reliable work with a calling specialist. The technical work includes:

  • Checking the tightness of the compounds;
  • Filters cleaning;
  • Inspection, cleaning of the internal space of the water heating reservoir, heating, which depend on the degree of rigidity of the heated fluid;
  • Checking the pressure in the water supply system;
  • Inspection of the condition of the case, thermal insulation;
  • Checking the work of protective, emergency devices, if installed;
  • Inspection, replacement of the magnesium anode as necessary.

Checking the correctness of work

As soon as you turned on the boiler and it began to heat the water, it is important to check whether the device is working properly, even if it has protection systems:

  • When pressing the “Network” button on the boiler, an indicator light should light up, confirming the start of voltage supply to the apparatus (on the heater).
  • Look at the initial temperature in the device and remember it.
  • After 15-20 minutes, look at the boiler again and determine whether the temperature data has changed (whether the water is heated).

Remember that the inclusion of water heaters in the network should be executed through a separate RCD. If it is “knocked out”, turn on the device one more time. When you repeat the protection machine, do not turn on the boiler anymore and call the specialist.

How to turn on the boiler correctly: detailed instructions for those who first use the water heater

From the author: Hello, dear readers! Modern houses and apartments are gradually equipped with an increasing number of different equipment, which is designed to greatly make life easier for the owners and make it more comfortable. Washing and dishwashers, robots, microwaves, microwaves, double boots and multicookers-without all this it is quite difficult to imagine life.

Tankless Water Heater DeScaling. How To Flush

The same can be said about water heaters. Even in houses connected to a centralized DHW system, there are quite often shutdowns of hot water. What can we say about those in which only cold water supply is initially provided. each acceptance of the soul turns into a real quest. This problem is easily solved by water heaters, which provide the opportunity to always have hot water in stock. But people who first acquired and installed this technique have many questions. How to turn on a boiler? How to use it? How to avoid leaks and the like troubles?

All this will be described in today’s article. Many people prefer to master new equipment by the “poke” method. they intuitively press the buttons until they receive the desired (or reverse) effect. Of course, this method also has the right to life, especially when it comes to a fairly simple technique: a vacuum cleaner, a hairdryer, etc. D. But in the case of equipment for heating water, a more responsible approach is required. When using the water heater, you run the risk of getting not only a broken device, but, for example, a flood in the apartment. So let’s look at how to properly start a boiler for its reliable and long.term work.

Launch procedure

So, the water heater was bought. When it is already installed and connected, the question arises of what to do next. But before taking up the click of the buttons, you should check the quality of the connection. You need to carefully examine all the joints. It is advisable to attach a piece of toilet paper to the compounds. It has excellent absorbing properties and, accordingly, absorbs even the slightest drop of water, which you may not see with the naked eye. If the paper after the diagnosis remained completely dry. excellent, move on.

Important: the use of a boiler should be carried out strictly in the presence of grounding! In general, this should be warned by specialists who were engaged in the installation of a water heater. If there is no grounding in your apartment or house, it must be carried out, connect a boiler to it, and only then proceed to the first inclusion of equipment. Otherwise, you will endanger yourself.

The first launch of the water heater is carried out in several steps. It is important to observe the correct sequence.

find, much, water, heater, edison, basic
  • Crush the supply of hot water from a centralized system to the apartment using a crane. If you do not, then subsequently all the water, carefully heated by the boiler, will go to the common riser. Even the check valve, which is one of the mandatory elements of the water heater installation, in this case will not help. After the valve is blocked, open the “hot” tap on the mixer and wait until the remaining water from the pipes merges from the pipes. Of course, if your house is not connected at all to the hot water supply system, just miss this step.
  • Now pay attention to the boiler itself. Two pipes are connected to its lower part. As a rule, they have color markings. The blue denotes the pipe for supplying cold water to the water heater (as a rule, it is on the left, but another option is possible), red. for the release of hot. On both pipes there are valves. Open the one on the “cold”. Water will begin to enter the equipment. We do not include the device on the network.
  • Now open the valve on the “hot” pipe, as well as the corresponding crane on the mixer. At first, air will come out. you need to wait for it to be replaced by a full.fledged flat stream. After that, close the tap on the mixer.
  • Now connect the water heater to the mains and set the necessary temperature regime. The last operation is performed quite simply with the help of special levers or a special control panel. a separate instruction is not needed for this, everything is shown on the very case of the device.
find, much, water, heater, edison, basic

A few words should be said about the optimum heating temperature. As a rule, the range of permissible values ​​of the water heater is quite wide. from 30 to 90 degrees. At the same time, it is worth focusing not only on efficiency, but also on security.

For example, at a temperature of up to 40 degrees in the tank, various bacteria are actively propagated. You will not be able to get rid of them, since they, in any case, will come from a cold water supply system. In hot water, such bacteria either fall asleep or even die (depending on temperature). But moderately cold for them. just paradise. The result of washing in such water can be various diseases.

The best option is a temperature of 55 to 60 degrees. Bacteria in such an environment do not die, but do not multiply, they simply go into a state of animation. In addition, this level of heating favorably affects the service life of the heater, lowering the intensity of the formation of scale. This is optimal from the point of view of safety. water with a temperature of 55–60 degrees does not cause burns in a person, so you can safely entrust the interaction with it not only for adults, but also for children.

As for the 90 degrees mode. it is also necessary, but not for everyday use. Heated the boiler once a week to this temperature, let it stand for two or three hours, and then set the usual mode again. During these couple of hours, hot water will completely destroy all the bacteria, thereby the tank will be disinfected.

Often people are interested in the question of whether it is possible to turn off the water heater at night. Many people believe that it will be more economical, because at night no one washes, and the constant heating of water is wasted. In fact, you should not do this. Firstly, heating the total fluid volume in the “from scratch” tank will require much more resources than the regular restoration of slightly fallen temperature. Secondly, in the morning you will have to wait long before being washed and go to the shower.

If you really want to save, then transfer the boiler at night to low.temperature mode, but do not turn it off at all. Thus, the morning heating time will be reduced, and at the same time the night consumption of electricity will be very small.

Rating of the 10 best models of Edisson water heaters

Before buying a water heater, it is necessary to read its description and technical characteristics. All models are of high quality, convenient for houses or apartments, but have differences. And since everything is individual, the company has released several types of boilers. Consider the top. 10 models of Edison water heaters and reviews to them.

High.speed electric heater Edisson Er 100 V

This accumulative boiler is able to heat the water to hot for a couple of hours, and maintain it in a warm state during the day. It is roomy, but compact, suitable for a large family. The boiler is round, white, inside is covered with glass ceramic. Attached to the wall vertically.

  • .
  • Volume. 100 l.
  • Producing country.
  • The maximum heating temperature is 75 ° C.
  • Dimensions. 45 × 80 × 46 cm.
pros Minuses
Hot water lasts a long time in the tank without cooling No protection against overheating
Easily attached to the wall There is no temperature display
Even taking into account a large volume does not take up much space

The line of Edisson Flame

This line includes a couple of models that belong to flow gas water heaters and are in the average price segment. They are all small. from 15 liters. To view the characteristics, you can choose the most popular model from this line. the EDISSON FLAME F 20 D:

pros Minuses
There is a display It consumes a lot of gas
There are winter and summer switches
The kit includes a shower nozzle with a hose
Can work for several points
There is a protection against overheating

Line Edisson Edf

This includes electric boilers, they are white, flat, attached to the wall vertically. In terms of value of the model of this line, they differ in the range of 500–700, the more lotrazh, the more expensive. There are different volumes. 50, 80 and 100 liters. The most popular in the line is Edisson Edf 50 V:

  • .
  • Volume. 50 l.
  • Producing country.
  • The maximum heating temperature is 75 ° C.
  • Dimensions. 45 × 46 × 65 cm.
pros Minuses
Simple in circulation Not durable. the average term of work is 2 years
Heating water quickly
There is a protection against overheating
There is an inclusion indicator

Edisson F 20 GD (fire)

This is a gas flow water heater of stylish design with the following parameters:

Water heater System 1000

This is a flowing electric water heater with mechanical control.

EDISSON ER 50V 50v 50 l electrical heater

Eddisson water heater 50l is the smallest model of three similar ones in the ruler. The parameters in almost everything converge with the water heater Edisson Er 80 V and 100 V. The boiler is attached to the wall vertically, the lower eyeliner, hydraulic control. The main characteristics of the device are as follows:

Edisson Light MS 30

This is a fairly unusual model of a cumulative electric boiler. It is attached to the wall vertically, has the shape of a drop tapering to the bottom. The water is heating this device well, very economical. Can work both accumulative and as a flow. Options:

  • Price. now withdrawn from sale.
  • Volume. 30 l.
  • Producing country.
  • The maximum heating temperature is 75 ° C.
  • Dimensions. 41.5 × 61 × 30 cm.
pros Minuses
Shower and hose are included No pressure
Good heating in a short time You can’t see how many water is typed in the tank
There are problems with the drain of water

And you knew that.

The EDISSON Light MS 30 water heater in this manufacturer was and remains the only model that can work simultaneously in the accumulation and skip mode of water with heating.

Mini Edisson Es 30 V

The electric boiler has a round shape, white, installed vertically and takes up little space. He has a comfortable lower eyeliner. The parameters of the device are as follows:

pros Minuses
Heating water quickly Need constant anode cleaning
There is a heating temperature limiter The service life of most users does not exceed 2-3 years
Refers to the budget segment

Printing type of EDISSON VIVA 5500

This flowing water heater is attached to the wall horizontally. Works on electricity, supplies water under pressure. Technical characteristics of the Edisson Viva 5500 water heater:

pros Minuses
It is not expensive Can only work for one water.beed point
High water heating temperature Small throughput
There is a protection against overheating protection against work without water

Problems and malfunctions of EDISSON water heaters

The company Termyx has been producing flowing and storage water heaters of various volumes for more than a dozen years. All of them are quite budget and in this plus. But the disadvantages of the devices have. What problems are most often noted by the owners of the devices of this company:

  • The heater needs to be cleaned every six months, because lime is actively accumulating on it. If you do not conduct technical examinations, then the device will quickly and forever fail.
  • Electronics constantly suffers, often problems arise with the connection and installation of the device.
  • Water heaters cannot independently withstand voltage drops. It is necessary to additionally install the stabilizer.

Absolutely all Edison water heaters require regular technical inspection and timely repair. Their repair is expensive, and therefore people prefer to buy a new device than to repair the old.

Features of EDISSON water heaters

Edison produces such types of electric buses: ES, ER and EDF, which differ only in design. ES compact version, ER with a round section, and EDF are flat and designed for installation in small.sized rooms, since the compact design of the unit significantly saves the area.

The main characteristics of all the brand electric buses are identical:

Edison electric heater, advantages and distinctive characteristics:

  • The use of high.quality materials;
  • domestic assembly, and a wide network of service centers in the country;
  • accessibility of spare parts;
  • The uniqueness of the design allows you to maintain the installed С water;
  • protective anti.corrosion heat treatment of internal surfaces with fiberglass;
  • energy.efficient model with minimal specific electricity consumptions for heating 1 liter of hot water;
  • an improved design of a thermostat with double functionality for protecting against overheating and maintaining a given heating temperature;
  • long uninterrupted regime;
  • Easy in operation and installation;
  • Protection of the structure from high pressure using a safety valve governing the pressure drop.

The main types of EDISSON water heaters

Simple and reliable water heaters are produced by Edisson for individual heating of hot water, like an alternative to central heat supply.

The product line of electric models is designed for operating conditions. Main types: cumulative and flowing.


Classic type accumulative water heaters. The design is made of a metal tank, a certain volume treated with an anti.corrosion layer. The container is used to heat and storage of water, with the accumulative effect. At the bottom of the case are two pipe for connecting water. input/output. In the lower part of the container is the electric element of the heating element, which carries out the heating of the water.

The design feature of the water supply to the container is that the water water through the short pipe enters the lower part of the tank, displacing heated water to the top. Since cold flows are below and cannot mix with hot layers of water, the environment with a given temperature adjustable by the thermostat occurs.

Additional Information. The most popular models of the Edisson water heater: ES 30 V, ER 50 V, ER 80 V and ER 100 V


This model is considered an optimal solution for hot water supply, in the absence of centralized gas supply. A wide range of power allows you to choose a device for any volume and provide unlimited supply of heated water.

The flow type of heater has constructively has significant differences from accumulative devices. They have no tanks for the stock of water. Therefore, tap water moves through a high.speed heating element, and comes out with a given temperature.

  • Compact design, small dimensions;
  • modern attractive design;
  • reliable protection for overheating of the medium;
  • instant output of heated water;
  • Simplicity of installation and maintenance.

Important! A large amount of energy is required to work electric water heaters. Therefore, it is recommended to install them in houses with powerful electrical wiring.

The most popular running modifications of this brand: Viva 3500 and Viva 5500. These devices are of high quality, excellent performance, modern design and affordable prices.

Basic rules for using a boiler

It is important to correctly include a water heater in both flow and accumulative type. Each device must be operated based on the features of its structure. Further, we will talk about the methods of operating heaters.

How to use a storage device for heating water

There are several requirements that must be observed using the accumulative water heater.

  • Using the boiler at negative temperatures is prohibited. In this case, the air temperature in the room where the water heater is standing should not drop below 5 degrees. This fact is especially relevant for those who buy a boiler for use in the country.
  • Including the device to the mains, you should check the presence of water inside the tank. Its absence will lead to a breakdown of the apparatus.
  • Before turning on, you need to buy source of uninterrupted nutrition. Sudden voltage drops will adversely affect the work of the unit.

How to use a flowing type water heater

There is no water capacity for heating water in such devices. Heating occurs when the liquid flows through the heating elements. When using a flow heater, it must be borne in mind that due to the great pressure, the water will not be able to warm up.

note! During the operation of the device, you need to put a special filter that can clean the chlorinated water. Chlorine will quickly ruin the internal details of the device. It is extremely not recommended to use the device at negative temperatures.

Boiler inclusion recommendations

Depending on the type of water heater, several options for turning on the water heater are distinguished. How to include the most famous brands of devices will be discussed later.

Watch this Before Buying A Gas Water Heater Tank

Launch of the water heater “Ariston”

After connecting the device to the mains, you must act according to the following algorithm:

  • Pay attention to indicators that should light up on the panel of the device.
  • Logging temperature light bulbs indicate that the water heater does not work.
  • Press the button responsible for starting. Most often, such a key is located in the extreme corner of the panel.
  • Adjust the required temperature using the corresponding keys.
  • Install the required power. On boilers from Ariston, this parameter does not exceed 2500 W.

Additional Information! Most devices for heating water automatically retain the initial settings. Therefore, in the future, the water heater will not have to set up.

How to launch an Electrolux water heater

There are several actions that need to be performed to enable the boiler of this brand:

  • Connect the device to the network.
  • Press the Power key.
  • After completing the above points, the device display will be turned on.
  • Adjust the indicators: temperature regime, heating power.
  • Press the “Save selected Parameters” button

Important! Most of Electrolux heaters are initially active “Energy Saving” mode. Some users can turn off this opportunity by going into the settings of the device.

Following the recommendations that were set out in this article, you can significantly increase the durability of the boiler.

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