How to get things out of the washing machine

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A foreign object has got into the washing machine

It is not uncommon for a foreign object to end up in the drum of an automatic washing machine. If it rolls around with the clothes, there is no danger to the machine. Another thing is if it is stuck in the tank. in this case it is necessary to undertake a campaign to remove the object, so that the washing machine is not prematurely out of order.

On how to get the foreign object out of the washing machine without the help of a specialist, we will tell you below.

Determine the location

Since during the operation of the machine, things loaded into the drum are constantly moving, buttons, coins and other elements, can settle in a variety of places. Therefore, if you suspect the presence of a foreign object in the machine, it is recommended to check these areas:

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The exact location can only be established by hand, probing and examining all the cavities.

What happens if a foreign object gets into the washing machine

Foreign object falls through, then gets stuck. Unpleasant rattling metallic noises during wash cycle. Depending on where the product is jammed, the consequences will vary.

  • damage to the garment;
  • Short circuit;
  • Stopping the drum during washing;
  • leaks;
  • Appearance of rust on the appliance.
  • Pipe. It is difficult to seal the holes. High probability of repeated failure. The part will have to be replaced.
  • Cuff. When the machine drains the water, the liquid will get on the floor. Have to make a replacement or glue the damaged part.
  • Pump. This is where plastic parts fall more often, easily breaking in the drum. If the blades are jammed, the device will hum, but will not be able to function. If the unit is not repaired in time, the motor will burn out and the pump will have to be replaced.
  • Drum, tank. If these parts are damaged, most often buy a new washing machine.
  • Heating element, TEN. Sharp metal fittings cut the heater tube. A ruined component cannot be repaired, it can only be replaced with a new one.

Do not ignore a foreign object, even if it does not interfere with the operation of the appliance. Gradually, fittings get dirty, resulting in a musty odor. Plastics in the heater can melt, causing a characteristic smell of burning plastic to spread around the room.

Rules for washing bras with bones

To avoid problems finding and removing the bone, the following rules should be followed when washing a bra:

  • Always check the integrity of the seams on the product, if there is damage, sew them up before loading them into the machine;
  • place the underwear in a special mesh bag, if not. in a pillowcase or other fabric cover that can be buttoned up;
  • Use washing modes with the minimum number of revolutions (e.g. “delicate”, “manual”);
  • Clean by hand.

The presence of the bone in the drum of the washing machine is quite easy to detect, but it is harder to get it out. The easiest way to remove the part if it is still held in the holes of the mechanism, but if it has fallen, you can get it through the drain or electric heater, and only by disassembling the machine. In most cases, you can do it yourself, but it is better to avoid this problem and wash laundry correctly.

How to remove

Interesting is the information about what could get under the drum of the washing machine and how it is dangerous. In most cases, the “culprit” of the problem is the metal part of the bra: it is thin, so it can easily penetrate under the drum through the holes.

Coins, jewelry, clasps, buttons, beads and other decorative elements from clothes fall inside the washing machine.

things, washing, machine

Often a foreign object remains under the drum for a long time, but at some point signs of a problem will appear. it may be an uncharacteristic noise during washing (grinding against metal, rattling, ringing), appearance of rust or paint stains on clothes, etc.д.

There are more dangerous consequences, for example:

  • Deformed or punctured tank;
  • damage to the heating elements;
  • Breaking the collar of the tank of the washing machine;
  • A hole in the drain spigot;
  • damage to the pump.

If a foreign object got inside, you can try to remove it yourself.

How to disassemble

To change the handle, the door from the machine must be removed and dismantle the broken part.


Before disassembling the door, remember the location of the bolts, where the handle is attached, and the side of the glass tilt. It is better to take a picture of it so that you do not forget.

It is not difficult to dismantle the unit yourself, without the help of a craftsman. The instructions are very simple:

  • Open the door. Near the canopy, find the attachment points to the housing. As a rule, these are self-tapping screws that can be unscrewed with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Remove the boot lid, place it on the floor. It will need to be disassembled.
  • Unscrew fixing bolts around the circumference of the cover. This will require an ordinary or Phillips screwdriver, depending on the type of fasteners.
  • Insert a flat screwdriver in the gap between the inner and outer part, pry. Disassemble door into two halves, remove glass.
  • Handle is secured with a metal rod. Required to push it with an awl or a thin pin, push through and hook the rod, then pull out.
  • Take out the handle and the spring.


It is best to take a picture of the knob before disassembling it so that you do not get confused during reassembly.

How to avoid problems

An item stuck between the tank and the drum can damage the appliance. Therefore, it is better to follow some rules:

  • It is important to always inspect your s for coins, nails, and other small items.
  • Carefully check buttons, clasps, and other fittings. If you are not sure that these elements will not break off during the wash, it is better to put the clothes in a special cover-net for washing.
  • It is worth getting a special cover for washing bras. this will protect both the machine and the product itself (during washing, the bra will not lose its shape).
  • If you have small children in the house, it is always best to keep the washing machine door closed.к. A child could easily throw something inside while playing. Always inspect the drum before washing.

If you closely monitor the clothes that a person throws into the wash, the likelihood of a foreign object in the drum and deeper will be reduced to zero.

How to drain the washing machine

To drain the water from the washing machine tank, you need to find the location of the special tube. It is usually installed by manufacturers next to the filter. The drain hose is located at the bottom behind the decorative panel.

Place a container, a basin or a bowl under the tube, open the plug, the water flows by gravity.

On a side note: Some units have a dirty water removal hose located at the back from the bottom. It can easily be disconnected.

Not all water is removed this way. If the pump drain pipe is clogged, you will have to disassemble the machine. Not everyone can do it themselves. You will have to call a master.

To remove the clog, you need to get to the drainage pipe of the tank, remove it, then clean. It is important to remember that the washing machine tank can hold 15 liters of water.

How to remove the iron seed?

If after washing you notice that the bra is missing a bone, first of all inspect the walls of the drum. Also, a foreign object creates extraneous noises when spinning: clanking and grinding.

Shine a flashlight into the opening of the hatch, carefully inspecting the cells of the drum and running your hand over the surface. Lucky if the part can be removed in this simple way. After that, check the collar for integrity.

If the bone has fallen deeper, you will have to disassemble the machine. Here are a few options that will help cope with the task by your own efforts.

Taking out the heating element

This option will prompt how to remove the item from the front-loading washing machine. Ideal for models that have the heater located behind the back panel.

If the underwear item is caught in the tank, it can be taken out through the insertion hole of the heating element. Of course, to do this, you have to remove the heating element, and here’s how to do it:

  • Disconnect the washer from the power supply, close the inlet valve.
  • Prepare a bucket for water, and disconnect the communications from the body of the washing machine (you will need the bucket when the water flows out of the flutes).
  • Unscrew the bolts around the perimeter of the back panel, remove it to the side.
  • At the bottom you will see the leads of the heating element.
  • Take a picture of the location of the wires so you can connect them in the correct order.
  • Disconnect wiring from heater pins one at a time.

A pin in the spiral of the element is caught? Then you can take it out with it. Carefully check the heating element for damage, even scratches and small cracks indicate that the heater needs to be replaced.

Shine a flashlight into the seating hole and try to remove the part with a thin wire. It is not uncommon to find several items of clothing on the bottom of the tank at once. After this, put the heating element back in its original place. When using an old heater, change the sealing rubber, which gets damaged during disassembly.

Warning! After disassembly, make sure the machine does not leak by running a test wash.

Clean the drain nozzle

Why do you need to remove the drainage pipe?? There are two reasons for this:

It is true that disassembling the front wall is time consuming and labor intensive. But it is possible to reach the branch pipe through the bottom or rear wall of the washing machine (for example, in Bosch models).

  • Turn the body of the washing machine on its side (bed a blanket in advance so as not to damage the coating).
  • If the machine has a bottom, remove it. Fasten the bottom with bolts or clips.
  • There is a black pipe that leads from the tank to the pump. Unscrew the clamp’s retaining screw to loosen the metal shackle.

Your machine has a full-fledged leakage protection? Then remove the bottom will be problematic, because you will have to disconnect the sensor wiring. It is easier to get to the nozzle through the back wall. How to remove it is described above.

Getting the Part Out of the Tank

It also happens that the part is stuck not at the bottom but at the side or at the top of the tank. Then it is not possible to get it without disassembling the tank. This process works differently for different manufacturers’ washing machines. For example, in the machine ” Ariston ” tank is not collapsible and you have to saw it into two parts. And it is unlikely that someone would want to disassemble the whole vehicle in order to remove the bone.

There is only one way out. to make so that the part was at the bottom of the tank and get it by the first or second method. Go ahead:

  • Remove the back panel by removing the screws around the perimeter (sometimes you have to remove the top cover).
  • Remove the drive belt from the tank pulley and motor.
  • Lightly tap the drum shaft with a rubber mallet.
  • When the shaft moves slightly, rotate the drum by hand.
  • A rolling bone should be heard.

Once it is at the bottom, pull it out through the outlet of the heating element or spigot. Put the pulley and drive belt back in place.

Cleaning the drain system

Plastic fittings break easily when rotating the drum, so it can also get stuck in the drain filter or pump. The latter often causes the pump to break and block operation. Start the inspection with the filter, which protects the pump from debris. Depending on the washing machine model, it is behind a solid panel or a small plinth.

To clean the draining filter, see the next page

Also check the seating hole for debris. If no bone is found, you’ll have to move on. Next in line is the drain connection. See above for how to check it. Moving on to the pump. The element could block the rotation of the impeller, so the machine does not drain.

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To determine where the unit is located, look at the manual. In many Ardo models. Veco. Samsung. Candy is possible to get the pump through the bottom. For “Electrolux” and Zanussi you have to remove the back part. complicated way to the owners of Bosch. Siemens and “AEG”, here it is necessary to remove the front panel. The previous methods of disassembly have already been described, so we will tell you how to act in the latter case.

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