How to get to the Candy washing machine. The main stage of disassembly…

Candy washing machines device

Founded in 1945. The Fumagalli family in the small city of Monza north of Milan, today Candy is a widely branched international corporation with factories in Italy, France, Great Britain, Spain and Portuguese. The annual production of Candy products is about 5.5 million. units. From the very beginning, having orientated the production of household appliances, Candy already in 1946. the first in Europe to release a household automatic electric washing machine.

Starting since 1970. The Candy group has acquired a number of famous brands: Zerowatt, Rosiires, Otsein, Iberna, Hoover, Kelvinator, Gasfire and a number of others. Thanks to this, the Candy group today produces over 1,400 products, covering the entire gamut of modern household appliances.

Candy products are distinguished by the use of advanced design developments that allow you to achieve high operational characteristics. So, for the period since 1980. In Candy washing machines, energy consumption is reduced by 31%, by 44%. water consumption and by 41%. the consumption of detergents

An effective laundry rinsing system (Super Rinse button), used in many models of Candy washing machines, allows you to reach a high degree of removal of the residual powder from the tissue of four rinsing cycles with an increased water level in the tank

The oval shape of the Candy washing machine tank reduces the volume of water that is not in direct contact with the linen due to a decrease in the volume of water heated in the tank, a decrease in energy consumption is achieved during washing.

The new Silitech material used for the manufacture of Candy washing machines is resistant, the ability to secondary processing, low heat and sound conduction coefficients.

The use of sound.absorbing hull panels and casings for an electric motor and pump (acoustic comfort technology) allows 25 % to reduce noise during the operation of the washing machine and put Candy products among the most silent electrical appliances in the market.

The Combiwash washing system, used in recent years in almost all models of Candy washing machines, consists in irrigation of linen in the drum with water, which expires of prismatic pads on the inside of the drum. When passing the lower part of the tank passes, it is filled with water, and when lifting it up, the water accumulated in the pad is poured out onto the linen through the holes in the longitudinal edge of the lining.

Softwasher washing, patented by Candy, is for economical washing of various delicate fabrics. When the Softwasher key is turned on, the washing program at 40 ° C, designed for 4, 6 or 8 hours, which provides for the alternation of dynamic (the drum rotates) and static (linen is soaked) phase.

In a number of models of Candy Candy Candy machines, the Fuzzzy Logic electronic control system is used, thanks to which more than 100 possible washing programs are implemented, excessive pricing in the drum is recorded and electricity and water consumption during washing is optimized.

Original technical solutions are also used in Candy washing machines with drying (Alise series). Steam removed from linen during drying is condensed by spraying the flow of cold water, then removed through the drain hose

The range of Candy washing machines includes front.loading products (standard dimensions, “narrow” and “compact” (Aquamatic series), as well as cars with drying and with upper load (oriented to the user as a narrow side of the case (CTI series), so and wide side (series CR)).

We will get acquainted in more detail with Candy washing machines on the example of Activa series. The washing machines of this series are distinguished by a modern design. The handles on the control panel are advanced by once pressing them and are shed after the necessary manipulations with them

The bunker of the detergent distributor has four departments:

  • separation. for a detergent used in preliminary washing;
  • separation. for a detergent used in the main washing;
  • Department. for the bleach;
  • Departure. for softener of linen.

On the front wall of the hopper there is a folding sign-memory plate with a list of washing programs (pos. 5 in Fig. 6).

Water circulation

A feature of the hydraulic system of Candy Activa washing machines is the presence of a water circulation system. At the stage of filling the tank, water enters through the input ec, the supply tube and the detergent distributor directly into the machine of the machine

At the same time (or immediately after the water bay, depending on the program), a special circulation pump with a capacity of 16 begins to work. 18 l/min, guiding water through two branches of circulation:

  • The first branch ends with the hatch of the hatch of the hatch, through which water is injected into the tank with a consumption of about 11. 12 l/min. At the washing stage, a soap solution is injected, at the stage of rinsing. pure water that removes the remains of washing powder;
  • The second branch passes through the distributor of detergents (its specific separation, into which water enters, is determined by the position of the water distribution mechanism and depends on the executed stage of washing). Due to this, the remnants of the detergent from the corresponding department are removed.

Water consumption for this branch is 5. 6 l/min.

In washing machines with Activa washing (for example, Activa 60 model), water circulation occurs with a reverse rotation of the drum with linen at a speed of 65 rpm.

In washing machines with Activa Plus washing system (Activa 80r, 86r, 100r, 106r, 126p, etc.) the rotation of the drum with linen occurs with a variable speed (its maximum value when washing strong fabrics reaches 110 rpm).

In Fig. 9A and 9B shown cyclograms of the drum rotation in the Activa Plus washing system for washing machines with a universal (A) electric motor (Activa 80r, 86p, 100 rub, 106p, 126p, etc.) and in the Activa washing system for machines with asynchronous (b) electric motor (Activa 60 model), respectively. The so.called “basic” stage of circulation has a duration of 2 minutes is shown.

а) для стиральных машин с универсальным электродвигателем (модели Activa ВОР, 86Р, 100Р, 106Р, 126Р и др.);

б) для стиральной машины с асинхронным электродвигателем (модель Activa 60)

  • The duration of the phase of circulation is 2 minutes: only the “basic” stage;
  • The duration of the circulation phase is 4 minutes: the “basic” stage 2 min rotation of the electric motor in the opposite direction;
  • The duration of the circulation phase is 8 minutes: the “basic” stage of the 2 minutes of the rotation of the electric motor in the opposite direction of the “basic” stage 2 min rotation of the electric motor in the opposite direction;
  • The duration of the circulation phase is 16 minutes: the “basic” stage 2 min rotation of the electric motor in the opposite direction of the “basic” stage 2 min rotation of the electric motor in the opposite direction, etc. D. before 16 minutes.

The speed and direction of rotation of the drum depending on the selected washing program (type of fabric) for the Activa Plus system (washing machines with a universal electric motor) are given in the table. one.

candy, washing, machine, main
Program (type of fabric) stage of the program of the program circulation of water when filling the tank of water circulation after filling the tank speed and direction of rotation of the tank
Durable fabrics Wash X 110 rpm, only clockwise
Rinsing X
Mixed fabrics Wash X 110 rpm, only clockwise
Rinsing X 55 rpm, reversing rotation
Delicate fabrics Wash X 35 rpm, reversing rotation
Rinsing X 35 rpm, reversing rotation
Prewash Wash X 55 rpm, reversing rotation

Washing machine⁠ ⁠

A week ago, when the washing machine is launched, in the cycle of the selection or just when the water is descent in the main cycle, the washing machine began to freeze and issue, as a result, error 5e. over, during the expected descent, a rumble was heard. Something was buzzing in the insides of the brainchild of Samsnung (not advertising).

The search issued information that it was difficult to drain the water and the filter of the washing machine, or the pumping water pump.

Located in the lower front of the machine. Its cleaning is recommended regularly. Twist, blow, pierce all holes) which was done. Did not help.

Further, Mr. Google advised to pay attention to the pump. The thing behind the filter, twists a screw with blades, thereby pumping out water from the washing machine.

Next, I phoned the nearest repair services, sales stores far and for a long time.

In parallel in YouTube, I watched a couple of videos how the pump on washing rooms changes. There is little complicated. The main hands and screwdriver. And 20 minutes of free time.

Services promised me repairs within 5,000, 6000 thousand. The pump on markets costs 1300, 1500. One comrade from the service said that he would see the presence of pumps in the warehouse and may sell me this device if I inform him the parameters. I wished to change the pump myself, if what)

The removal of the pump and the proof to the homing was difficult, but only about 15 minutes. The only thing when I laid the machine on the front part, the pump below and right, did not think to unscrew the water supply hose, and when I noticed this and began to unscrew it the pressure and the amount of water around me enabled me that I was a dunduk and I had to blocked the water. As a result, I know that the thrown blanket on the floor absorbs about 3-high water easily.

candy, washing, machine, main

In general, as the heroes of the programs say, a monetary (or banking) elastic band was wound to the pump screw, which made it difficult to describe water, as it interfered with rotation of the blades for the descent of dirty water.

The savings are economical. For this, the Internet is given to us)

There are a lot of mistakes, the same commas. Photo is not mine, I did not have time to take pictures for the pressure of water.

Answer to the post “punitive repair of equipment” ⁠ ⁠

There are a couple of moments for owners of lag washing. it is better to throw the powder immediately into the drum, The powder compartment is clogged with it. And then the second life hack- these washings, due to the large pressure of the water, sometimes flows on the left side, which is why the washer inside and outside rusts, only on the left side. In order for this not to be removed the drawer for the powder, there is a latch from below, which holds in the washer, disassemble, it consists of 3 parts and brew holes for draining water with a soldering iron. Part of the holes that are closer to the front side of the machine. Then water will not flow. This is all for LG DITECT DRIVE.

I bought a new washer. Installed. Launched. I am happy. But the joy was not long. An error pops up in one of the modes of work. And only in this mode. It would seem “and Husim”, other modes work perfectly, but the washer is new and that is why it is doubly insulting. We climb the Internet. I found exactly the same description of the problem, the exactly the same washer has. Answer to the questions: “who is to blame” and “what to do” is not. One even turned to the officials, his felts were ignored, or they did not say anything specific. The point is clear that the matter is dark and you will have to deal with it yourself. Firstly, it is unpleasant to think that my head was just given to it, secondly because there are no specialists in the village and thirdly my toad is always on the alert. I launch the mode, sit waiting and notice that in this mode, filling with water begins when the drain is not yet fully completed. After stopping the drain pump stops, spontaneous flow of water occurs due to the fact that the end of the drain hose is below the lower level of the tank. T.e. The machine begins to fill the tank with water, and it runs into the sewer with direct move. After some time, the machine gives an error, complaining about an empty tank. Installed an additional piece of the sewer pipe so that the end of the drain hose was at the level of the middle of the tank and magic occurs.

Replacing the bearing in Candy washing machine

Most often, it leads to a malfunction:

  • “Details of details, which is most often the reason for the frequent use of the washing machine and its maximum load.
  • »Water getting into metal parts, which leads to metal corrosion.
  • »Hardness disturbances.

In the best way with the replacement of the Candy washing machine, a qualified specialist. The master performing the work first of all will carry out computer diagnostics of the robot, which can identify the cause of the malfunction, and can also carefully, without damage to the rest of the details, eliminate the problem.

And also, when replacing the bearing of the drum of the Candy washing machine, the masters are issued spare parts, especially bearings. To replace the parts, it is necessary to disassemble the washing machine, while without hooking the engine, electric motor and other parts. Bearings are replaced, for newer details and the price for them is included in the total cost.

Repair of Candy washing washing machines takes about four hours, depending on the size of the breakdown.

Independent replacement

If you decide to replace the details yourself, then first of all you need to remove the upper covers of your washing machine, then remove the drive belt connecting the electric motor with the drum. Then you need to twist the screw and carefully remove the counterweight. You will see the bearings that must be removed from the bearing node, but the most important detail is to install the part perfectly evenly, it is further work that depends on this action. Next, everything is collected in the reverse order. As you know, to establish perfectly evenly the detail only to the master or a specific type of technique.

How to replace?

You can replace the bearings yourself. To do this, you need to purchase the bearings and the oil seal, prepare the appropriate tool, strictly follow the instructions.

Tools and components

Replacement is carried out using such tools:

In addition, a sealant will be needed, as well as universal penetrating lubrication VD-40.

Dismantling of the household appliance

Dismantling procedure:

  • Remove the top cover, moving it back (having previously unscrewed the screws);
  • Remove the plate-fingers;
  • Remove the rear panel (unscrewing the fasteners);
  • Pull the right and left upper panel up and pull out;
  • to unscrew the bolts on the sides;
  • turn off the wiring, photograph it;
  • Remove the control panel (squeezing plastic latches);
  • Remove the hoses of the bay
  • Disconnect the press, remove it;

remove the control unit and the fee;

candy, washing, machine, main


To get to the bearings located in the drum (its posterior wall), you need to remove the oil seal. To do this, it is praised by a flat screwdriver. The oil seal will need to install a new. After that, the hammer with a hammer on a metal rod is carefully knocked out by an external and internal bearing (namely in this sequence).

After removing the bearings, their place should be thoroughly cleaned, wiped dry. Next, new bearings are installed. internal, then external. They are carefully and carefully driven in a circle, making sure that the details sat down evenly, without distortions.

The next stage is the replacement of the seals. Before installation, it is treated with water.repellent grease.

Assembly and check

First, the tank is assembled. Both parts of it need to be well cleaned of dirt and scale, only then fix it. Joints are treated with sealant. The gasket that is laid between the halves of the tank should also be replaced with a new. Bolts twist crosswise.

The whole process of assembling the machine is carried out in the reverse order of the disassembly process. First you need to clean the heater from the scale, and then in stages to return the details to your place.

Connection of the wiring to verify with the earlier photos taken earlier. Inspect all the elements installed in places, clean the dirt, if necessary. replace.

After the assembly is completed, you must wait until the sealant, which was applied to the joints of the drum. Solidification time is indicated on the sealant packaging.

After that, the machine should be connected, pour a little powder, and start for testing. In the process of test washing (as usual, but without linen), the remaining lubrication and dirt will be removed from the car, unpleasant, related smells associated with the repair process. In this case, the machine should work quietly, without excessive vibration.

After testing, check if water appeared under the machine. If the car is erasing quietly and does not flow, it means that the replacement is carried out successfully.

Dismantling of the drum with a vertical type of loading

To disassemble a washing machine with a vertical type of load, you need:

  • First of all, remove the rear panel of the car. To do this, you need to unscrew the fasteners with a screwdriver.
  • Next, we move, and then remove the side panel.
  • We disconnect the wires with the next step, while it is advisable to first photograph them first, so as not to forget what is mounted where.
  • Then we also unscrew the screw holding the shaft. Close the lid and take out the tank.
  • After we do the same manipulations as with a tank with the front type of loading, not forgetting to disconnect the pulley. In more detail, on the example of the Zanussi machine, how to remove the drum in a washing machine, the video can be considered best. It is also shown there how to replace the bearing and elastic band. At the same time, the course of actions in other cars of famous brands, like Indesit and Kandy do not differ.

Replacement of the bearing

Let’s continue to consider how to remove the bearing from the drum of the Washing machine Zanussi. After all, it is he who breaks most often. To do this, we need to disassemble the washer as described above. After that, clean the drum, removing all the dirt and extra objects. Following, trying not to damage the nest to knock out the bearing. After that the seals that have also seen the life of. Put a new bearing, processing the place of attachment with a lithol and the oil seal. To put the bearing in place, you may need a hammer.

Next, collect all the details, and put in place.

Replacement of the bearing on the washing machine Kandy

One of the most famous malfunctions of washing machines, including Kandy, is the failure of the bearing. To eliminate the defect, you can call a representative of the service center, but if the owner of the device wants to save a significant amount of money, he can change the bearing on the washing machine of Kandy independently at home. To do this, you need to purchase a new part, prepare the tool and perform work according to the instructions.

Dismantling of the Candy Aqua 800 washing machine

Candy Aquamatic 800 T-45 is a compact washing machine that can be located even in a small bathroom or kitchen. It can be installed even under the sink if the room does not allow. The symptoms that made her analyze the following. When pressing the washing machine began to smoke. If you open it and twist the drum, there are feelings that he hurts for something.

We begin to disassemble from the top cover, for this we unscrew two bolts by 7 behind. The funny thing is that in the set there is usually a head of 6 and 8, and 7 will have to look in the store.

On the upper metal bar on the springs, the tank weighs, springs are clinging to white latches along the edges. The tank is in limbo in order to extinguish vibration from rotation of the drum and reduce wear of parts. On the same bar there are places of fasteners of transport bolts. They fix the tank in motionless state, so that it does not hang out, did not hurt itself and does not break anything else when transporting the machine. Manufacturers of washing machines prohibit the transportation of washing rooms without twisted bolts, this is a violation of the guarantee! At the same time, if they do not remove them before commissioning, the machine will begin to jump and there will be increased wear of parts, which will further lead to breakdown!

Next, go to the back of the washing machine.

To begin with, pulling the drain hose from the sewage system and salt the remaining water from the machine. On the back wall of the machine, the drain hose is raised and screwed with a clamp, it is necessary to unscrew it and lower it into some container. It is also necessary to unscrew the water hose, but first redraw the tap with a divert on the washer, so as not to fill the apartment.

Next, unscrew 6 bolts of the rear cover by 7 key.

Candy Vending Machine 101. How To Disassemble And Clean Bulk Vending Equipment

Remove the lid and see many interesting things)

Remove the belt from the pulley and tighten the silicone hose from the plastic tube.

We remove three terminals from the ten and 2 maples and a connector from the motor, as well as unscrew 2 motor bolts.

Unscrew the nut with a key or a 24.head, fixing the pulley, after which, swaying, remove it from the shaft.

Disconnect the grounding terminal from the shaft and pull out the wire from the fasteners of the plastic tank. In one place you will have to work with nippers, the wire was mocked in the tank. Black soot on the tank is the result of abrasion of the belt during rotation.

Next, it is necessary to disconnect the drain hose from the pump, squeezing the peculiar clamps.

Also, the photo above shows the leg that holds the tank. There are two of them on both sides. They hold on four bolts. Unscrew them, tilting the car first to one side, and then to the second.

Let’s take a front panel, pull out the cuvette for the powder.

It is necessary to slide the middle of the handle of the washing modes, a bolt is hidden under it, it must be unscrewed. We are trying to remove the panel, removing plastic from the gearing, especially in the area of ​​cuvetta for powder. After the panel has come out, it is necessary to disconnect the terminals of two right buttons and temperature controller. Remove the panel.

These details must be removed in order to pull the tank.

After the panel is removed, unscrew the water valve and remove the introductory water hose from the compartment for the cuvette with the powder.

Disconnect the terminals of the water valve and pull it out with the hose. We release the drive and remove, for this we bend its end from the front panel, then we turn it to coincide the groove on the other side and remove it.

Unscrew two bolts and remove the compartment for the powder cuvette. Remove the mechanism of the opening button.

We pull out and move the other electronics, which can interfere with the lifting of the tank.

Before removing the tank, it is necessary to lift a slotted screwdriver and pull out a plastic ring that fixes the rubber cuff of the drum on the front side of the washing machine. There is no photo unfortunately. We bend the released cuff into the drum, it will interfere and cling to everything when lifting. Next, we need an assistant. The metal plate on which the tank hangs should be unscrewed. She is screwed on four bolts. Well, the moment of truth, pulling the tank up. It will not work to pull out exactly, you will interfere with the shaft, try to dodge! After the tank with stones is pulled out, remove the springs and an iron plate with pliers, which prevents the upper stone from remove.

How to disassemble the drum

In some models, disassembling the washing machine is easily carried out, t. to. To do this, you only need to unscrew the bolts connecting 2 halves of the structure.

But in some brands of grease, drum installations are non.devastated, therefore, for their dismantling, it is necessary to perform a number of such actions:

  • Unscrew the bolt and remove the pulley. If it is attached with glue, you can knock it down with a hammer or treated with a WD-40 substance.
  • Using a hacksaw, cut the tank on the seam into 2 parts.
  • Using a drill along the perimeter of the seam, it is necessary to drill several holes for the future assembly of the structure of 2 halves.
  • Take the drum from the sawed tank so that you can get bearings and seals.
  • The bearing node consists of 2 metal elements and rubber gasket (omentum). The drum is made from the bearing, which is closest to the outer part.
  • It must be laid down with a loading hole and gently knock out the outer steel ring through the hammer.
  • Then remove 2 bearing and extract the oil seal.

After that, you can look for the reason for the failure.

Error code

If an E7 message appears on the display, then this is a one.time failure in the control board or problems with the bearing. E9 or E10 codes indicate problems with the engine, but when they appear, check the bearing, oil seal and wiring.

Replacement or repair?

When failing, the washing machine should be decided whether to repair a malfunction or install a new part. With slight breakdown, the repair is preferable because it saves money. However, in case of serious problems, restoration will help for a period of no more than a month. It is better to follow the recommendations of specialists in Kaluga, make a replacement of the bearing of the automatic washing machine Candy.

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What questions to ask the master?

To better understand the topic, you should prepare in advance for the arrival of a specialist. After diagnosis, find out why the washing machine stopped working. Also ask the cost of spare parts, because in difficult cases their cost is too high and the replacement of the bearing will be a irrational solution. Ask about the availability and duration of the guarantee for work performed and installed parts. In the end, consult with a professional how to extend the service life of the Candy washing machine, avoid common faults.

You can call a private master or get a consultation by calling the phone indicated on the site. Our service offers professional services. Low price of replacement of a worn bearing in Candy washing machine, short time, quality guarantee. advantages for the city of Kaluga and its suburbs.

Screwdriver Set. 2. A hammer.3. Metal rod. four. Sealant. 5. Lubrication. 6. Special pressing device.

First remove the top cover. Then we disconnect the front panel with control elements.

We pull out the water supply valve as well as the press.

Gently unscrew the control unit, disconnect the wires, after remembering which wire where was connected.

Up the bolts, remove the back cover.

Frigidaire Laundry Center Disassembly (FFLE3900UW1)

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Remove the transfer belt and electric motor.

The tank should stay on spring shock absorbers. Gently pull it through the top. After disconnecting all the wires and hoses from it. (We first advise photograph all the connections so that nothing to confuse during assembly.) The tank itself should also be disassembled. It consists of two parts fastened with special bolts. Disconnect one part from the other. Now you need to remove the pulley by unscrewing the fastener bolt. Having done it you will see the shaft. The shaft needs to be knocked out with a wooden bar and hammer. Having rested the bar in the shaft, apply sharp, but not very strong beats with a hammer on the bar. Having knocked out the shaft you will see a bearing. It also needs to be knocked out. About the same as the shaft.

Main problems

It’s good if the machine is equipped with self.diagnosis function. Then the built-in controller himself will determine what the malfunction is and will inform the alphanumer-digital code on the display.

  • The machine does not turn on.
  • There is water in the drum.
  • Water does not heat up.
  • No water drain or it is not gaining at all.
  • In the process, an incomprehensible noise or strong vibration is heard.
  • Damage to the electronic module. With this problem, the machine will not work, even if included in the network, the programs are not tuned, indicators flashed randomly.

Candy car does not turn on

    Try to pull the fork out of the outlet and insert it again. Now you can try to turn on the power button.

  • Point 1 did not help? Maybe a socket does not work? Try to include another electrical appliance in it.
  • The cause of the breakdown may be the oxidation of contacts or burning out in the network button. You can check this using a tester. When the problem is detected, the detail changes to a new.

Water does not heat up

The reason for the absence in the process of washing warm or hot water lies in the malfunction of the heating element. At the same time, the self.diagnosis function will inform the user about the E05 error or blinks an indicator 16 times after 5 seconds.

There are many reasons for the breakdown of the heating element. The most common-wear or thick layer of scale on the heater due to hard water.

How to check its performance and, if necessary, carry out repair of Candy washing machine with your own hands?

    The back wall of the washing machine is removed.

  • The heater with two wires will be visible below.
  • Using a multimeter, you need to determine the resistance of the device. If it is 20-30 Ohms, then it is in working condition.
  • If the heater is faulty, you need to get it. To do this, the bolt between the wires is unscrewed, and the part is pulled out of the machine. Ten can boast, then it is difficult to get it without the help of a rubber hammer. When installing a new heating element, the hole first needs to be cleaned from the scale layer.
  • Ten performance is checked by including the machine in heating mode.

Another reason why water heat may not occur is a breakdown of the temperature sensor. In this case, the machine gives an error 05 or 5 flashes.

To check the resistance of the device, it is first measured at room temperature, and then after heating the water. If the sensor does not work, the resistance will be the same.


8 (926) 523-71-06

Signs of the destruction of bearings, this is an increased noise when washing and spinning. In case of the beginnings of the bearings, it is advisable not to delay the repair, otherwise it may break the shaft of the drum. Further repair will be difficult.

The search for components is made by commercial code on the nameplate under the door of the boot hatch.

During the repair, the task is to get to the bearings. Bearings are pressed in the rear power flange of the tank.

We start a preliminary disassembly of the washing machine. Remove the top cover, rear wall, lower base (access to the drain filter under the lower base). Dismantle the pens and the front panel. The front wall of the body of the washing machine is not removable, attached to the side walls with contact welding.

We dismantle the upper counterweight and analyze the mechanism of the water distributor.

We dismantle the bunker a dispenser, water supply valve, disconnect the dispenser nozzle from the tank. Subsequently, the installation sites of the pipes on the tank must be transformatized. Sore site of Candy washing machines with a metal tank. Superior of the pipes.

Carefully remove the hatch of the hatch door, unscrew the back of the hatch door.

We dismantle the upper caliper without disassembling the electric circuit.

Put the washing machine with the face down.

We turn off the pulp of the drum (a 19th nut), dismantle the heater, thermostats, disconnect the wiring from the tank, remove the drain pipe from the pump.

Dismantle the electric motor. The right seat of the electric motor is made with the possibility of adjusting the position for tensioning the belt.

The washing machine is laid on the front side. Nodes, sensors and electrical wiring are dismantled from the tank. Next, put forward the tank to the upper side of the SMA body and remove it.

Next, we develop the fitting bolts of the front and posterior power parts and dismantle the front power screed of the tank.

You can not remove the front flange of the tank and not remove the drum itself, it is enough to remove the rear power flange. Bearings and an oil seal are in the rear power flange.

We press new bearings into the flange, clean and grind the tsapfu of the drum and begin the preliminary assembly of the tank. We insert the axis (tsapfu) of the drum into the bearings, besiege the tsapfu in place. We combine the holes of the back wall of the tank with holes on the rear power flange and fix it with the heating.

Put in place the front power screed, tighten with bolts, install the pulley in place.

We install the nozzle on the sealant in place, after cleaning the installation places. Install the lower counterweight in place.

We install the tank in place in the case on our suspension springs and put the washing machine with the face to the bottom.

Change the bearing to the Candy Winter

When operating household appliances, even from the most famous authoritative manufacturers, there is a risk of breakdowns and failure of individual spare parts. Very often, the cause of the arising breakdown in Candy washing machines is the wear of the bearings. The elimination of such a breakdown requires certain knowledge and experience.

For specialists professionally engaged in the repair of washing machines, such a repair is not a problem. The work on replacing the bearing takes very little time, but after its implementation you get a post.embassy guarantee that will allow you to contact the service center for help in case of possible troubles.

Instructions for replacing the bearing in the washing machine of Kandy

Replacing the bearing in the Candy washing machine begins with the dismantling of the tank. Consider the whole process in more detail.

After you remove the tank, unscrew the main nut with the key. At the same time, it is necessary to hold the cross to avoid its scrolling. For this purpose, the handle of the hammer is quite suitable. Now you can remove the pulley.

Using an ordinary screwdriver, it is necessary to free oneself from all fastening elements and screws that connect the halves of the tank. After you make sure that all the screws are unscrewed, carefully lift the halves of the tank. Remove the iron tank of the washing machine from the body, clean it from scale and dirt.

Now the turn of the bearings have come. Gently, so as not to damage the nests, knock out or squeeze the worn bearings from the tank. In order to prepare a new kit, connect the second bearing with an oil seal, carefully smeared with special lubricant for bearings.

Insert the first bearing in a hurry, gently raising it around the circumference with a wooden bar with a hammer. Put it into the nest, again using a hammer and a screwdriver. Do the same with the second bearing with the seal.

Put a new gasket on the tank, which connects both halves. Mumble its surface with a connecting sealant. Put on the pulley on the tank and carefully fix it with the key. Do not forget to tighten the screws connecting the halves of the tank. This is how the bearing is replaced in the Candy washing machine. Now you should put the tank back, that is, to make a reverse complex of work.

Of course, having at least some idea of ​​the design of the washing machine, you can replace the bearings yourself. But such repair work is considered a rather time.consuming and complex process. Therefore, repairs should be entrusted to professionals. After all, the design of various models provides for their individual approach.

Quite often it is necessary to completely disassemble the washing machine in order to extract a tank and a drum from the unit. There are models in which an unauthorized tank is installed. In order to replace the bearings in such a washing machine, it is necessary to cut the tank and then connect its parts using a soldering lamp. You can not do without contacting a service center to high.level specialists.

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What does the untimely replacement of bearings lead to

So, if you notice a rattle, rustling or other extraneous sounds during the operation of your washing machine, this is a signal that it is time to replace the bearing. Such problems usually arise after using the washing machine for a rather long time. This is five. seven years.

Extraneous sounds intensifying once from time to time indicate that the problem exacerbates and the destruction of the elements of the unit begins. A variety of defects in the bushings and the seat of the shaft occur. The drum is strongly loosened, cracks and furrows appear in its front edge. Therefore, the sooner the operation of faulty equipment is stopped, the more likely that the breakdown will not lead to damage to the drum, pulley and other functional elements of the unit.

With timely contacting the service center, you get a washing machine that can fully operate. Before the repair work, the specialist carefully examines the tank in order to identify possible cracks and damage, as well as the drum shaft will examine. Such an attentive diagnosis will allow you to get an unit after repair, which will please uninterrupted work for a long time.

It should be said that all manufacturers usually include in warranty service the complete replacement of the rear tank rear segment. Such repairs are made absolutely free throughout the guarantee period. After the period of warranty service, service organizations offer to replace the bearing unit. This is done in order to minimize the cost of repair.

Recommendations for the use of technology

In order for bearings to fail as little as possible, it is necessary to properly operate the washing machine of Kandy. The technique cannot be overloaded, there should be no more things in the drum than it is allowed by its characteristics and the selected program. Volumetric things should be placed inside the drum carefully and evenly distributed there. Imbalance and overload negatively affect the condition of the bearings.

If the owner of the equipment discovered the first signs of the failure of the bearings, do not aggravate the situation. It is recommended to change them immediately, otherwise it will lead to the failure of more important nodes and more expensive repair.

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