How to install a coffee machine on the street

Where best to install a coffee machine

It is better to start a new business with the choice of location. There is hardly anything more important. If you manage to find a good place where coffee is in high demand, in the future you can only load the ingredients on time and get the money.

Successful places to place coffee machines are traditionally considered:

  • railway stations, bus stations and bus terminals;
  • airports;
  • clinics
  • Government offices and any other organizations where people spend a long time waiting: social services, tax inspection, departments of the city administration;
  • banks;
  • educational institutions;
  • Cinemas, parks and other places of entertainment;
  • malls, markets and stores;
  • office and business centers.

Of course, most of these places may already have coffee machines. But this is no reason to despair. You can try to find another place, not worse, or do not be afraid of competition with your existing apparatus. Here you can experiment: if after installing a machine you do not get the profit you expected, it is never too late to change its location: you can hardly expect that the situation will change by itself.

Making a business plan, do not lose sight of the fact that the cost of renting space for a coffee machine can be different. The most expensive places are airports, railway stations, big shopping and business centers, banks. In markets, stores, educational institutions and clinics, can be much lower.

In some cases it may be more profitable to pay not a fixed rental price and a percentage of sales. This is relevant for those who have just installed a machine and can not yet know exactly what income can count on. If the owner of the room is ready to make concessions. with him it is possible to agree.


In any business, there are pitfalls and “chips”, and the business of coffee machines is no exception:

  • Place the machine in a crowded place, but only so that it is not in the aisle, not to block the place to rest.
  • Change filters promptly.
  • Only use water that has been purified to make drinks.
  • Don’t skimp on dosage. if you make a good drink, you’ll have more customers and therefore the profits will grow.
  • Do not inflate the cost of a portion, at least in the beginning.
  • For prompt maintenance of the machines should have a car, as it would be, to put it mildly, inconvenient to carry the consumables and ingredients for refueling in the subway.

Coffee machines business is quite profitable and, in fact, easy to manage, but you need to do everything progressively. gradually increasing prices, but at the same time and the quality of services, to prioritize customer satisfaction.

The cost of a machine for the sale of coffee

How much does a coffee vending machine cost and where to buy it? It is not very difficult to buy such a machine in the Russian market. If you are a beginning businessman and just beginning to probe the market for developing your business on the placement of coffee machines, it is better to buy a machine inexpensive. Read reviews, analyze Such machines are suitable for points of average traffic with an estimated sales volume of 50 cups of coffee per day, 16 variants of various drinks, as well as hot chocolate and sweet milk. Dimensions of such machines will not burden you much with rent, so at the start are profitable.

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Well, if you already have a well-established business or picked a good place to install the machine for coffee, it is better to buy more expensive equipment, fashionable now a direction “coffee with you. An example of such equipment would be “Unicum Rosso To Go”. Full Calculation of the coffee vending machine business will be based on this equipment. Taking into account the delivery to the place let’s accept it

Vending coffee and snack machine for the street

Vending machines are sometimes set up on the street because in this case they can bring in revenue around the clock. And the potential customer will sooner notice the opportunity to quench his thirst and cheer up. The purchase can be made by everyone as if on the fly, for this there is no need to stand in a queue, to force his way through the crowd in the shopping center and so on. д.

But this method of placing vending machines has a downside, which may scare the novice entrepreneur. Let’s take a brief look at the possible problems, talk about the features of outdoor vending machines (coffee and snack machines), and then touch on how to solve one of the main problems.

Business documents

Considering coffee machines as a business, it is important to understand that any entrepreneurial activity is subject to mandatory state registration. In order to engage in commerce on an official basis, you must gather a package of documents and apply to the tax authorities.

Coffee vending can be implemented with any legal form of business. In other words, you have the right to independently decide what is better to open. IE or LLC. If you act independently and plan to start a business with the installation of one or two vending machines, the best choice would be the registration of IP, step-by-step instructions of which are on our website. With its help, you can quickly and smoothly go through all the necessary procedures.

Important! Documents for IP registration include an application of the established form R21001, in which you need to specify the code of the planned economic activity. For coffee vending business, it is necessary to specify 47.99.2. “Trade activity through vending machines”.

In addition to the Certificate of State. Registration as a sole proprietorship, you will also need a rental agreement for the location of the machine.

Important! Some novice entrepreneurs install vending machines on the basis of oral agreements with the owner. However, this option is extremely undesirable, because in this case, the landlord may at any time without any coordination increase the fee or stop cooperation at all and demand to remove your equipment from the leased area. To avoid trouble, conclude a written contract, which will spell out the duties of the parties, the order of payments and liability.

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Sipping a cup of Espresso | Vietnam Street Coffee

In addition you will need the following papers:

  • Certificates for the machine itself, as well as for all products that will be sold with it and for accessories (cups)
  • Information about the product (place it on the machine itself)
  • information about what the customer has to do to buy the desired product, as well as what to do if the device does not give out the product (to be placed on the machine)
  • Information about the vendor. name, location, working hours (to place on the machine)
  • Contract for waste removal (if this obligation is not assigned to the lessor by the contract)
  • medical. Employee’s card of a coffee machine operator (if you are planning to operate on your own, it means your personal health record card)

Preparation of all necessary documents may take from 1 to 2 weeks in total. Next, let’s look at a brief business plan for a coffee vending machine.

The device vending machine: general points

Classic vending machines are the size of a kind of “lockers for clothes. The design is designed for human interaction: there are menus at eye level and buttons and product dispensing at just below shoulder level. Of course, there are also table coffee machines which can also be intended for commercial use, but we do not consider them in this article.

The dimensions of such devices are quite large, but this is done for the convenience of buyers. No need to bend down for a product or change. over, the large size is an advantage: more products can fit in. you will have to refill less often. Of course, it makes transportation a bit more difficult, but the problem is quite solvable.

On the front side of the vending machine there are usually buttons. unless, of course, it is a sensor model. The convenience of the buttons is that you can change their appearance by just printing out the desired label and putting it in the appropriate slot.

You can also distinguish the following elements of design:

Payment systems (usually purchased separately).

Internal mechanisms that ensure trouble-free operation of the unit.

Coffee machine

The inside of a coffee machine consists of about the same basic elements as a regular coffee machine, only these parts are larger. Machines working with natural grain products necessarily have a coffee grinder (mill), water tank, hoppers for ingredients. There is also usually a dispenser, a mixer, a conveyor and a saturator.

As for the outside, it consists of such parts:

a window for dispensing beverage cups;

The button panel is usually very clear about what drinks can be prepared and the price to pay.

Coffee machines also often have a glass door in the compartment responsible for the beverage dispenser. It is useful for dirty rooms and the street, but in regular buildings vendors usually remove it. then users will not have unnecessary obstacles to take a drink.

Snack machine

“The snack dispenser cabinets are distinguished primarily by the fact that they resemble a refrigerator with a transparent door. Besides the already mentioned payment systems, such machines include an information display, a mechanism for dispensing products and the “brain” inside, which is responsible for the correct execution of all processes. Also, depending on the products offered, a refrigerator and a heater can be included.

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Snack machines differ in the type of dispensing, which can be clip, spiral or conveyor. In detail on these subtleties we will not dwell here.

Coffee vending machines as a business from A to Z. How much profit one coffee vending machine makes?

You dream to open your own business, but do not feel in yourself the strength to regularly conduct complex economic calculations and accounting? Today it is no longer a problem. Coffee vending machines as a business are becoming more and more popular. In this case, hot drinks sell out very quickly.

But the financial investment in such a case is not so great. The profit is not only quickly recoup all the expenses, but soon will become a real steady income.

The choice of location

Start your business with the selection of a suitable location for installing the machine. It should not just be a building with more people in it, but a place where people have to spend quite a lot of time. In addition, it is desirable that there are no canteens and cafeterias, other coffee machines nearby.

As practice shows, the most successful options are:

  • Shopping and entertainment centers;
  • universities, colleges, and schools that are always full of students
  • beauty salons, gyms;
  • clinics and hospitals;
  • car dealerships;
  • airports and train stations;
  • libraries and information centers;
  • markets and stops, the subway;
  • Houses of culture, where clubs and classes for children are held.

Note that profit depends on the choice of location. If within a few months the machine is not profitable, you need to move it to another location.

A one-meter square area is enough to install the machine. In some cases you may need a little more space, up to 2 square meters depending on the size of the machine. Also, there should be a little free space near the machine, so that several people can stand near it.

Please note that it is desirable to install a waste basket near the machine. Otherwise a person can refuse to buy just because he will have nowhere to throw away the used cup.

Expenses and income

Now you know what vending is. Coffee machines with the right components and location can bring considerable profit. Of course, to start such a business requires initial capital. And many are interested in how many will start to pay off the machine?

It all depends on functionality. Of course, you can buy a used model. As for the payback period, with the right choice of location, the technique within 6 months brings an income of 150 thousand.

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