How to install an ikea dishwasher in an ikea kitchen

How to build in a dishwasher with your own hands

Everyone knows that the dishwasher can save us time and energy for more interesting things than washing dishes. But first you will have to spend time and effort to select the model, workplace, global preparation, installation. How to build a dishwasher by yourself. read the tips from the experts in our article.

IKEA. a company with Swedish roots. Its full name is IKEA International Group. Owns the largest chain of stores selling furniture and household goods.

IKEA kitchens are versatile, mobile and practical furniture. It is a kind of construction set from which you can assemble a kitchen set according to your needs. Modular kitchen allows you to collect sets of different layout and functionality.

IKEA not only sells furniture, but also various appliances, including dishwashers. Dishwasher manufacturer. Electrolux, Sweden. Interestingly, the warranty on such appliances is 5 years, while the dishwashers, produced under the brand name Electrolux, have a warranty of only 1 year.

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How to Install a Dishwasher in an IKEA Kitchen

Usually the installation of the dishwasher in the kitchen, namely its embedding does not create problems. Even a novice “do-it-yourselfer” manages to get the job done in a relatively short period of time. But this is when the kitchen is made with the built-in dishwasher in mind, and if not? In this article, we’ll break down the cases when you need to install a third-party dishwasher in an Ikea kitchen. We will also look at what problems can arise during the work and how they can be solved.

Review: IKEA Metod Kitchen. Marketing tricks

This is a hot tip: we bought it, we brought it, and we installed it! Hitarp.

Nothing can be said about quality yet. We hope for the best. I write this review for those who are only planning and calculating. Unpleasantly surprised by the little things:1. Forced to buy a dishwasher at Ikea, as only “their”) models are equipped with a slider. Separately, the slider is “not currently on sale”, and without otoe front panel will prevent the opening of the machine (details on this you can find information on the network, and even tips for those who have in the presence of free “capable hands” ).

Ikea countertop width by 3 cm. is more standard (63 cm instead of the standard 60). We found this out in practice: after we had already dragged into the house of a four-meter eighty-kilogram countertop made in Russia and put it on the cabinets.

IKEA install Dishwasher Kitchen Door. porte lave vaisselle cuisine ERSATTARE

Okay, Ikea marketers come up with this stuff. That’s what they get paid for. But why didn’t any of the kitchen staff say anything??! No less than four people have heard from me that we will take the countertop elsewhere, because we want it to have no joints. Or do they also get paid for keeping secrets??They attached a bar along the whole length. Now we’re looking for a skirting board that will cover it all without diminishing the Ikea charm)

Another thing about the dishwasher: there are only two models of 45 cm. The difference in the number of functions, and the amount of water consumption. The difference in price is five thousand. Very much I was persuaded by one of the employees to take the one that is “only five thousand more”! Indeed, five thousand. “there, five. here, that’s all there is to it! I ask him what’s the difference, and he explains, “This one. I’ll just put a tablet in it, and that’s it, and that’s it. You’ll put the powder separately, the salt separately. “. I ask another employee (male) if there is a difference in the use and loading of detergents? Answer: no, it’s the same model, the only difference is the number of functions. A few days later my husband comes to pick up the dishwasher, and again some girl is telling him how hard it is to put salt in the dishwasher. Is that such a naive girl, or is the guy going to lose his bonus for blabbing??

The overlays are very expensive, pardon the pun. And again about the dishwasher: it’s the last one in the row. There’s a refrigerator right next to it. You have to attach a side panel to the countertop between the refrigerator and the dishwasher, which provides rigidity and holds the dishwasher in place. It’s simple, only the native “Hitarpov” panel costs eight thousand for an additional fee, because it is. Changing the design of the cabinet.We bought a non-Ikea, for seven hundred. Saved money, but had to pay the installer separately.

Have not bought yet and overhead panels on the sides of the cabinets right and left of the dome hood. Eight thousand each.

No trim panels on the side walls. no eaves (upper and lower) because it is assumed that the side panels are attached only at the front. From the sides. overhead panel issues. Installation of non-native cornices: five hundred linear meter (we have a length of the kitchen of four meters. Top and bottom rails. 8 meters). Yeah, that’s the same figure again!)). Did not buy, we’ll think and do it ourselves.

Installation: one installer installed everything in one working day. We took a “full package” installation (1299 p. for the frame) 999 p. Installation of one piece of equipment Ikea dop. Work on 3650 (increase the width of the countertop, countertop and side panel installation not Ikea sink faucet extra hinges). Total: almost 18,000 for the installation. Well, it’s not that cheap. That said, we should consider that the cornices, wall plinths and lights we will still be installing ourselves.

CONCLUSION: If funds allow, do not pay attention to “five thousand”. That way, eight. here. ” and all that Ikea offers you like. Take it safely, it will be just like the picture! But if you don’t like everything, and your money, be careful. no one is interested in making it easy for you to save!


My team ordered this when we built two houses in France a couple of years ago. I personally haven’t used it, but it worked.

The method does not seem to be with this width shorter panels. So, I think the only real option would be to remove the bottom cover of the dishwasher and see if the panel works without hitting any dishwasher components.

Cut the mounting plates. is good, if they lag behind everything else, then you can add side fillers to the sides of the cabinet, not the dishwasher panel, to hide the unsightly gap.

Just so you know. With a full panel on your dishwasher, you’ll need to fully extend the dishwasher for any and all future service.


IKEA dishwashers are practical and necessary. The manufacturer has made Accent on integrated solutions, as they have been gaining in popularity lately. With a built-in dishwasher, you can hide the appliances behind a cabinet door, in a recess under the sink and other places in the kitchen. So easy and simple to save space, which is important for small apartments. The brand offers two standard dishwasher sizes: 60 or 45 cm wide.

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Wider fits most homes and apartments. They have room inside for 12 to 15 sets of cutlery. The slimmer, sleeker dishwasher only holds 7-10 sets, making it a good choice for a small home with few users. Dishwashing with a dishwasher saves time, water and energy. All Ikea appliances are powerful, reliable and rated A to A. They are also reasonably priced.

Thanks to their standard size, all dishwashers fit nicely behind furniture doors.

How To Install An “IKEA BEHJALPLIG” Sliding Hinge On Bosch, Neff or Siemens Integrated Dishwasher

Noise level of all models: 42 dB, Voltage: 220-240 V. Most models are CE marked. Among the basic programs we would like to mention the following.

  • Auto wash.
  • Normal Washing.
  • ECO mode.
  • Intensive cleaning.
  • Quick wash.
  • Pre-cleaning
  • Glassware program.

The main faults of dishwashers

Like any other appliance, an Ikea dishwasher can undergo some kind of malfunction over time. The main malfunctions of these appliances are as follows:

install, ikea, dishwasher, kitchen
  • The filter is clogged with food residue (be sure to remove any food residue from plates and pans);
  • the washing process does not start (reason: loose fit of the door, so the machine protects against water spillage);
  • No water sprinkling (cause: nozzles are clogged, remedy: clean the nozzles with a toothpick).

In order to ensure that appliances like IKEA dishwashers will serve you for many years, use a quality detergent and various additives to protect against limescale, which is bound to form in hard water.

Installing the Dishwasher in an IKEA Kitchen

How to install the dishwasher correctly in an Ikea kitchen. How to install a dishwasher of any manufacturer into an Ikea kitchen. What are the challenges of installing a dishwasher in an Ikea kitchen? Ikea in Russia switched to the European height of 91-95cm. How to correctly install the pmm in the kitchen Ikea. How to make sure that the dishwasher stands upright against the countertop and not on the floor. The podium or the pallet for the dishwasher with his hands. How to make the dishwasher front work on the Ikea BEHJLPLIG sliding rails and not fall off. Ikea Sliding rails / Sliding Facade on the Pmm Door. Fastening Ikea strips to the dishwasher door and rails to the Ikea kitchen furniture fronts. Fastening the headlight. Features of attaching Ikea kitchen fronts to the dishwasher door. Insert and fix the dishwasher into the Ikea kitchen furniture. Aligning the dishwasher with the fronts and hanging the Ikea fronts on the dishwasher door. Putting on the plinth. Installing the dishwasher in the Ikea kitchen with my own hands is complete )) PS Video is not sponsored!

0:00. Introduction 0:31. Difficulties in installing the dishwasher in an Ikea kitchen 1:19. Adjusting the dishwasher to the height of the countertop 3:02. BEHJÄLPLIG installing the stiffeners on the pmm door 5:25. Installing the rails on the Ikea front 9:01. Why the Ikea front fell? 12:04. Installing the dishwasher in an Ikea kitchen 13:15. Hanging the front on BEHJÄLPLIG guides 14:33. Demonstrating the installed dishwasher in an Ikea kitchen 15:39. Installing the plinth

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Dishwasher cabinet 60 cm. Types of cabinets to install the dishwasher

For built-in dishwashing machines use furniture of various designs:

Cabinet under the dishwashing machine gives the opportunity to place models of any weight at a height of 15-20 cm from the floor. But this option is not suitable for everyone: some women find it difficult to bend over every time to load and unload dishes.

In the next article, we’ll talk about the topic. nightstand cabinet under the TV. Let’s try to describe this topic in more detail.

Dishwashing machine in a cabinet can be at any comfortable height and is most suitable for people who find it difficult to bend over.

Cases are also used for safety. little kids just can not reach the equipment.

Only one disadvantage of kitchen drawers is their massiveness, as a result of which they are absolutely unsuitable for a cramped room.

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