How to make a battery for a vape

How to make a battery for a vape

Makeshift electronic cigarette. a good opportunity not only to save money, but also to pump your skills, gain experience. How to make a vaporizer with your own hands?

Modern society is tempted at every step: nicotine has become a real social problem. An experienced smoker easily wastes an entire pack in one day. Trying to “quit” tobacco, many switch to electronic devices, for some they seem more economical. To some extent this is true, but a quality vaporizer is expensive. Experienced users recommend assembling cigarettes yourself. How to make a vape at home?

After looking through manuals you think that a homemade device is simple and inexpensive? Yes, such a way will save you a few hundred, but improperly assembled vape can injure the respiratory organs, the mouth, consume more liquid and run out quickly. If you are a beginner, take a closer look at the already assembled steaming kits. This will help you gain experience and basic knowledge. If you are a confident vaper, you should also reinsure yourself: assemble your own device under the supervision of a pro you know, ask for advice at your local vape shop.

Cheap and cheaper. Buy batteries (ZD or 4C), put them in a chain behind each other. Measure the construction. Measure 3cm more wire than the length of the batteries. Remove the covering from the wire and coil it up: it fits on top of the batteries to the minuses. Secure it with masking tape. Adjust the diameter of the cardboard tube to the size of the battery: it should fit there without difficulty, secure the top of the tube with the rubber band. Next place the battery inside the case with the “minus” facing the bent end. Take care of the wire: leave it so that the clip sticks out from the base, we will still need it. Choose cartridge for your vape beforehand, you don’t want to bother with making a connector, choose V2. The plug is made from an ordinary screw. wrap with duct tape, and from a sheet of metal cut the letter “T”, bend it around the construction. Now you have in your hands the two main parts of the cigarette. Connect the clamp and the outer rings on the battery.

Put the plastic sleeve in boiling water for 20 minutes, remove the base from the “skirt. Drill the holes in the skirt 9mm and 3.A 5mm resistor for the button and the connector. Solder the button itself inside and one of the contacts to the sleeve shell. The next step is to prepare the transistor. Cut off semiconductor plate. To make your future cigarette work, solder an additional 11k ohm resistor. Wrap what you get with duct tape and mount it in the holes you made before. Prepare the minus fixing. One part of the vape is ready and you can insert it in a brass sleeve. Install the battery in the sleeve. Important: Insert the battery with the minus side up, otherwise there is a risk of injury. When finished, install the unit with the battery and the button you made in the beginning. If all the conditions have been met, the design will assemble easily, without additional fixation.

Both of these methods are practical and are used by many enthusiasts. There are also funny cases: some people try to make a vape from a plastic bottle, some are interested in making an electronic cigarette with a pen. Experts advise not to go overboard and to take electronic devices more seriously.

Powerful and high quality vapes are expensive, not everyone can afford to buy and assemble them. If you have enough skills, it is a good idea to try to assemble your own device. The main thing is to observe all safety precautions and check the instructions.

To be able to make rings, a jellyfish or a waterfall you don’t need months of practice and a fancy device. all you need is to work hard and understand their principle

A huge variety of vaping devices makes it possible to choose the “just right” one, the perfect one. No less powerful electronic tube will become an alternative to boxmod. What is it?

Why do we need glycerin in e-cig liquid?? Is it possible to smoke glycerin from a pharmacy and its impact on human health

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Care rules for your vape that will extend the life of your device. Step by step instructions for cleaning and washing removable parts. Can I wash the vaporizer under water??

A step-by-step guide for those who want to make their own e-cigarette filler. Ingredients, Dosage, and Properties.

How a beginner shouldn’t get lost in abundance of types, brands and flavors? What is in a filling for vape and e-cigarette. The Parameters of Choice of Vapor. What Flavors to Try?

Batteries for electronic cigarettes.

Article for those who have just recently plunged into the world of vaping, and has little idea what pitfalls it contains. Reading the following information will not make you an expert in ionic and molecular chemistry, but will provide a basic set of basic knowledge and general ideas about batteries for electronic cigarettes.

Everyone probably knows what the difference between regular AAA batteries and D batteries, in professional terminology AAA and D. this is the size of the battery, corresponding to a certain standard. For lithium batteries, a more simplified and logical system of marking battery types and sizes has been introduced. The format is denoted by five digits, for example:

The first two digits indicate the diameter of the battery in millimeters and the next three digits indicate the height in millimeters. That is, the format 18350. tells us that the diameter of the battery is 18 mm and the height is 3.5 centimeters in diameter, 26650 is 2 centimeters in diameter.6 cm, height 6.5 cm, and so on.

Classification of batteries by chemical composition

I will not list all the types of chemistry found in modern batteries, I will confine myself to those used in electronic cigarettes.

Lithium IMR or Li-Mn (Lithium Manganese) Lithium Ion or Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) Lithium polymer or LiPo (Lithium Polymer)

Each of the chemical compositions has its advantages and disadvantages, none of the technologies is yet perfect, and since for us the most important priority is safety, the best choice would be IMR batteries.

Li-Mn IMR batteries have the safest chemistry and therefore are almost always delivered without protective PCBs, are more resistant to overloads, stress tests, short circuits and mechanical damage. IMR batteries have a higher maximum discharge current than Li-Ion batteries but a lower maximum discharge current than LiPo batteries. IMR rechargeable batteries do not decay or lose capacity on high discharge currents, they can also be charged with higher current, can withstand charging at 2 amps, which cuts the recharging time by 4 times. When short-circuited they tend to become very hot before fully discharged but do not explode. Because of all the factors above IMRs are mostly used in mechanical mods, if you have a mechmod you can forget about other types of batteries.The disadvantage of IMR is their volume, which is usually 1500-1600 mAh for the format 18650, and on fat windings, like klapton, one ac is enough for an average of 15 minutes of vaping. Nowadays the classic IMR chemistry is a thing of the past, in modern batteries it has been replaced by the hybrid IMR type, a new IMR subclass that combines higher capacity with inherent IMR performance and reliability.

Li-Ion is a general name for a huge number of batteries with different chemistry, and different technical characteristics. All Li-Ion batteries are more explosive than IMR ones, that’s why many manufacturers equip Li-Ion banks with protective PCB boards. Li-on are more sensitive to overcharging, or charging with current above 0.5 Amp. When fully discharged, not every Li-accumulator is capable of coming back to life, and the charging cycle does not allow for a full charge. All Li-on batteries have a memory effect, and with each recharging cycle slightly lose their power, but with a quality charger can live long enough. Charge capacity of Li-Ion batteries is generally greater than that of IMR, but the amount of charge may be affected by operating conditions, it decreases at high or low temperatures, the maximum discharge current of Li-Ion batteries is significantly lower than that of IMR. The most dangerous chemistry in Li-Ion batteries is ICR. stands for Li-ion Rechargeable, the letter “C” stands for Cobalt, they are usually mandatorily equipped with protection, now the ICR is rare. In addition to e-cigarettes, lithium ion batteries are used in many other devices, laptops, cell phones, tablets, electric shavers, electric bikes, etc.

LiPo. The most explosive batteries, hypersensitive to everything. short circuits, overcharge, mechanical damage, high temperatures, leaks and so on. With any violation of the conditions of use, have a habit of arranging a merry allahakbar to its owner. These batteries are not removable, widely used in a wide variety of Chinese mods. from EGOs to box mods like iStick, boxes Smok and Kanger, and so on.These were fat minuses, but liposhek has as huge advantages. they do not subside under load, hold a high maximum discharge current dozens of times longer than any other aces, while not warm under load as lithium-ion aces.If you are the lucky owner of a box mod with LiPo battery, try to keep it away from you, at least while you are not using it. Do not carry such a mod in your back of pants, and do not put it under the pillow in the bedroom. It is strongly recommended to buy a fire extinguisher and keep it at the ready, at the slightest extraneous sounds, heating, signs of smoke, run away far away, return with a fire extinguisher after a pop.

Battery types. the ratio of volume to maximum discharge current

From time to time in thematic communities there are publications in which the authors compare completely different types of batteries by some parameters, such posts make as much sense as comparing a sports car with a forklift. When choosing a battery, do not be guided only by its volume, this is the last parameter you should pay attention to, the first place is the maximum discharge current. use it as a reference, choose the battery with the right discharge current for your device. Each battery is made for a specific task that it will handle better than the others.

What will happen if you install a Group E IMR battery to a 30-40 watt box mod?? In such a combination the device will be super safe, with good bulk, but the batteries will have to be replaced twice as often. And when an ak from group A gets into a mechmod with a super sabot winding. you can’t avoid problems, at best the ak will just heat up wildly farting gases, you can forget about bulk on such a bunch, at worst it will snap, and when this happens the industry, manufacturers, anyone but the user is somehow considered to be to blame.

How to make vape at Home 2019 ����

How to make a battery for a vape

The battery is one of the most important components of any electronic cigarette. Choosing it is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. What a newbie in the vaping world should consider before making a purchase?

It only seems to the uninitiated person that any vape is very simple: it is enough to fill it with a liquid with the desired flavor to you. and you can smoke. In fact, modern e-cigarettes are a more complex structure, which. as newcomers note with surprise. must also be constantly recharged! Special batteries or rechargeable batteries are used to keep your vape charged. just like in phones, laptops and other electronic devices.

Before you buy a battery for vaping it is worth remembering that here, as with many other products, the following rule applies: the more expensive the product, the longer it lasts. The best batteries for vaping have the capacity of 2000-3000 mA∙h, this is enough for a beginner. Of course there are batteries for 5-7 thousand milliamps, but they are not used as often.

The eGo e-cigarette batteries can be charged via the central connector with a 510 charger. These batteries have one important disadvantage. they cannot be used when charging, because the liquid tank has to be disconnected. Some batteries can be charged via microUSB, this way is more universal and doesn’t require disassembly. But this connector type does not allow to charge powerful devices, so it is often not suitable for experienced vapers, especially those who prefer serious vapes. It is better to charge with a charger such as Efest, Nite Core, Liito Kata.

Some vapers, in order to avoid wasting money, invent alternative ways to charge the battery or use a cell phone charger. Such ways are fraught with battery failure. and this is the least of the evils that can happen. In some cases, the use of homemade devices led to an explosion with significant damage to the health of the user, who decided to be clever

So, which battery for electronic cigarettes is better to choose, depends only on the vape model. If you still do not know all the nuances of buying, then feel free to ask more experienced vaping experts or the vendors in the vape shop where you used to buy all the necessary accessories. That way you avoid mistakes and unnecessary waste of money.

Vaping is a growing industry, but the effect of vaping on the human body is not fully studied, so the turnover of equipment and ingredients for vaping want to restrict by law.

Vaping is definitely safer than a regular cigarette, but can also be harmful to your health if used too often, and is highly discouraged for children and pregnant women.

Self-suggestion involves independent combination of ingredients for vaping and must be carried out with the utmost accuracy and with exact observance of the proportions.

E-cigarettes. full-fledged tobacco substitute which has grown into an independent phenomenon. History of invention and development of vaping in China and its support at the state level.

The debate about the harms and benefits of vaping goes on around the world, resulting in a complete or partial ban of e-cigarettes, the development of bills to regulate their implementation.

Charger for Li-Ion (Li-Po) batteries from electronic cigarette

E-cigarettes are quite popular nowadays. But they often break down or are simply thrown away because of a dead battery or a broken power button. However, this device can make a good little “charger” for Li-Ion (and not only)!) batteries of 3.6 (or 3.7) volts. In this case, the battery will be charged in an optimal mode, with control of the charging current and automatic shutdown of the charging process when the voltage reaches 4.2 volts (this is the maximum allowable voltage when the battery is fully charged, without the risk of overheating and physical destruction).

To make such a charger will need any adapter, the charger for a cell phone with a 5 volt output, which will serve as a power source and body. After taking apart the “electronic cigarette” case you will find a small electronic board like in the picture.

On this board is located the connector micro-USB, as well as out of it two wires to the battery. “plus (red) and minus (white or black). These wires should be carefully unsoldered and in their place solder a two-wire cable of the required length to connect, subsequently, the batteries to be charged.The case of the telephone “charger” should be opened and the electronic board should be removed from it, as shown in the figure.

The boards from other “chargers” can have different look and size, but this does not matter as functionally and according to their parameters they are the same. We unsoldered a cable with the connector from this board and instead of it we solder a micro-USB connector with short wires to connect it with the board that we took out of the “electronic cigarette”. Such a connector can be taken, for example, from the same “charger” for cell phones. So we will connect the output of the phone “charger” with the charger board from the “electronic cigarette” without the need to perform soldering of small parts, which is difficult to do at home. And instead of two wires which went to the battery of “electronic cigarette” we should solder the cable of necessary length as it was told above. To the end of the cable you can solder any suitable connector to connect the batteries you want to charge (you can solder several different connectors in parallel to connect the batteries with different pins).There is usually enough space in the cases of phone chargers to fit the small e-cigarette board (if not too compact chargers), so we place this board where there is room for it. It does not need to be fixed, it is only important to exclude possible contacts between the two boards, for this you can use electrical tape, sealant, pieces of cardboard or any other insulating materials. It is important to note that the board from the “electronic cigarette” is a LED, which visually displays the status of the entire charger. plugging in (three blue flashes), the charge (lit red) and the end of charging (LED turns off). In order to control the glow of this LED, you should make a small “window” in the case. hole, which can be closed with a piece of transparent plastic (or just leave it open, it will provide some ventilation of the board). This hole should be made in front of the place where the LED light will be located after the assembly of the device.So we will get a good charger for any battery with 3.6 (or 3.7) volt with small dimensions and full control of the charging process. The appearance of the finished charger is shown in the figure.

How to Make a Battery for a Vape

What are the power sources for electronic cigarettes and vapes. How to choose the right battery for your vape?

Battery for vape. one of the most important parts of electronic cigarette. Correct and trouble-free operation of the device depends on its correct choice.

Batteries eGo. is a great option for beginners. It is a thin tube that connects to the atomizer. Its advantages are compactness and simplicity. Most models work on a push-button control. This helps to prolong the operation of the device, compared to automatics. To charge it, you need to screw it into a USB port up to the stop. If the red light changes to green. battery full.

Box mod is a device with advanced functionality. It is larger in size, and in addition to the power supply it includes an electronic board with many options, such as indicators and sensors. It is a controlled battery for e-cigarettes. In it by means of the corresponding buttons it is possible to regulate power, temperature, to protect the process from burning, overheating and other troubles. Its variety is a mechmod. a mechanical device that is responsible for supplying current and has a molded design.

Batteries for vape 18650 are the power sources similar to ordinary finger batteries. In terms of composition they come in two types. Lithium manganese (IMR) is a battery for vape, which can reach 3000 mAh. You can freely use them for high-powered cigarettes and vapes without fear of overheating. Such models are often called high-current, because they can withstand heavy loads. The second type is the lithium polymer ones. They are the reason why there were terrible rumors about the cases when the cigarette exploded in your hands. It happens when you use such a battery in mechmods which do not have a property to limit the power. Ignition occurs if you choose the wrong coil resistance and do not clean the atomizer. And a poor-quality battery can short-circuit any device.

Responsible for battery life without recharging. For example, 2500 mah models, deliver 2.5A of current in 60 minutes. And in 30 minutes. 5А. Often Chinese manufacturers overestimate the capacity. With this device, you run the risk of putting your cigarette out of service.

Affects the overheating or lack thereof of the vape or e-cigarette. For example, if the battery has an indicator from 30 amps, then it is possible to use it at a high current supply. 40 A.

Quality power supplies with high capacity and current ratings will also have high voltages. It’s convenient for experienced vapers and beginners alike.

make, battery, vape
  • Samsung 25R. has a capacity of 2500mAh and amperage of 20A. Such optimum ratio of indicators allows you to generate high-quality steam without overheating and burning.
  • LG HE2/HE4 is a battery that can handle loads without problems. Have the same capacity and power ratings as the previous version. 2500mah and 20A.
  • Sony VTC5. battery for power-intensive vapes and cigarettes with 2600mah. Can work with loads like: up to 30A continuous and up to 60A pulse.

The choice of battery for electronic cigarettes should depend on the following indicators: capacity, current and voltage. It is best to choose proven companies that give real figures and do not overestimate them like the Chinese.

Vaping is gaining in popularity, and e-cigarette manufacturers are offering more and more devices. Who is suitable for battery and who is suitable for electronic vaping, read this article.

You can buy vaping liquid in almost any store. It is very important to pay attention to the composition to understand how harmful vaping is to your health.

Disputes about the harm/benefit of vaping are due to the lack of study of this phenomenon and its impact on the human body. Vaping liquids do not contain tar, with nicotine and other potentially harmful substances, although the e-cigarette can reduce the craving for smoking.

Self-suggestion involves combining the ingredients for vaping independently and must be carried out with the utmost care and with exact observance of the proportions.

Electronic cigarettes appeared on the domestic market not long ago, but they have already gained popularity. Vaping is widespread enough. both as a way to reduce the harmful effects of tar from traditional cigarettes on the body, and as an opportunity to experiment with flavor.

How the atomizer works

The atomizer is the main part of an e-cigarette because it is the device where the liquid evaporates. The atomizer can be a drip, a tank or a tankodripka. The atomizer contains spirals of cantalum, nichrome or stainless steel wire. Cotton is pushed through the spirals and filled with e-liquid. When the button on your box mod is pushed, it closes a circuit and the battery voltage is applied to the coils of your atomizer which heats them up. This way the liquid evaporates from the cotton and because of the design of the atomizer, the vaper can inhale this vapor from the evaporation chamber. The air vents in the atomizer influence the amount of freedom you get from your draw. It takes a lot more effort and nerves to make your own atomizer than to create a box mod, but the device is not very expensive, so it is much easier and safer to buy it or order it online than to try to build it yourself.


Now we have a homemade and safe version of the boxmod and coiled atomizer. The only thing left is to buy a ready-made vape liquid or make your own liquid for your electronic device.

How to make an electronic cigarette / vape at home

Those who want to make their own vape, you need to understand the basic principle of the e-cigarette. After that it is necessary to engage the imagination a little, and from the purchased or found the necessary parts to assemble the electronic cigarette at home. Let’s take the most accessible device for self-assembly. a variant of a mechanical box mod. It works on the principle of transferring the voltage of high current batteries to the spirals of the atomizer. A special button is used for this. Using a mosfet reduces the loss of battery power and saves the button contacts.

In this image we see a great diagram. here we see an electronic cigarette with his hands from the inside. All you need is 14 AWG Copper wire, a 510 connector, a mosfet, a button, and a battery compartment. You can get all of these by going to a radio parts store or ordering from an online store. In this case, the most expensive item is the high current batteries. Here you can take battery options and 18650, and 20A. for example, Sony VTC5, or at least Samsung 25R.

Besides that, to assemble this device you need to use a soldering iron, find the case, and use your straight hands. Those who for various reasons can not get the case for the “mechbox”, can use their imagination and make the case from a large plastic soap box, an old flashlight, or just wood. It is necessary not to forget about the holes that should be made in the case, so that the gases can escape through them.

It is important to remember that if you make any mistake while making such an e-cigarette, it can lead to dire consequences. Therefore, all responsibility for their health each master of the device takes on itself.

At this point we have got acquainted with the principle of “mechbox” and found out how to assemble a vape with your own hands. Next, let us understand what the atomizer is used for.

What is the role of atomizer

The atomizer is the main part in an e-cigarette where the liquid evaporates. Atomizer can be a tank, drip, or bakodripka. Atomizer is equipped with spirals which use kanthal, nichrome, or stainless steel wire. Cotton is inserted into the coils and the e-liquid is poured. If you press the button on the box mod, the circuit will be closed and the atomizer spirals will be supplied with voltage from the batteries, due to which they will heat up. It will make the liquid evaporate from the cotton, and the construction of the atomizer will allow the vaper to inhale the vapors that are in the evaporation chamber. Special holes for blowing spirals determine the “strength” of your draw. Self-made atomizer is quite a complicated thing, it’s harder to create than boxmod. The price of this device is low, so a simpler and more reliable way is to buy it in a store or online market, as opposed to the option of self-assembly.

Now we have a homemade and safe version of the boxmod and atomizer, which is wound with a spiral. Now all you need is a ready-made e-liquid. you can also easily buy it, or suit e-cigarette e-liquid made by yourself.

Self-smoothing for electronic cigarettes

Vaper can get their own liquid for such an electronic device. popularly it is called “self-brewing.

This e-cig liquid with your own hands consists of glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavorings. Due to glycerin you get a large volume of vapor; propylene glycol provides improved dissolution of flavorings and a feeling as if “hits the throat”; nicotine will help those who want to get rid of nicotine addiction; flavorings will need to get in a vape shop, online store, or you can do without them at all.

There are plenty of articles on the Internet on how to make such a liquid. They can tell you exactly how much you need to use this or that component to get a delicious premium liquid. Here it is necessary to adhere strictly to all proportions and carefully follow all steps described in recipes.

As a side note. The result of an inattentive, irresponsible approach to the manufacture of an electronic cigarette, and failure to comply with safety procedures, can be a short circuit, injury from an explosion or ignition of the battery.

The device of disposable electronic cigarette

Cigarettes can be reusable, with rechargeable batteries and removable cartridges, or disposable. smoke until the battery runs out or the chemicals run out and throw away.

I got a disposable e-cigarette. )

Dimensions like a thin marker or a thick pen.

On one side it has a plastic cap that emulates tobacco:

The cap has special notches to allow air to pass through them when you inhale:

Under the cap is a sensor (very similar to a microphone, but maybe it responds to pressure) and a red LED:

On the opposite side of the tube is a rubber plug with a hole for inhalation:

I could not immediately understand how to turn the cigarette. there are no buttons or anything like that. )

Then I guessed that it probably reacts to the noise or pressure of the air passing through when inhaling.

Of course, I didn’t try to put this weird thing in my mouth and inhale. ))

Instead, I removed the plastic cap from the front and blew into the tube:

You can blow with your mouth, I used compressed air.

EASYhow to vape without a battery/ pen/boxmod

The video doesn’t really show the smoke coming out, but it’s there! )

You can also see how the red LED lights up, illuminating the front:

With the cap on, it should probably emulate a smoldering cigarette.

But enough, let’s finally see what’s inside! )

It’s all easily poked outward with a pencil, pen, or any flat rod.

I googled and took a screenshot, but Drive2 still did not bother to make PNG support, so here is a link to this battery:

3.7V 280mAh electronic cigarette battery

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Nominal Voltage: 3.7V Size: D857mm

Characteristic:: Rechargeable, thin, light

make, battery, vape

It turns out that this is a rechargeable Li-pol battery, it is not disposable, and they offer to throw it away (cigarette is disposable, there is no charging), while in Russia, industry can not even create a similar battery! This is unacceptable! )))

Next up is a switch with a red LED:

It has a diaphragm, which turns on the cigarette when you draw air.

I did not break it apart to see what’s inside. it might be useful for some mystery blow switch. ))

This is simply a heater wrapped in absorbent cotton, which is impregnated with chemicals, similar to those that impregnate pieces of finely cut paper when making “tobacco” for ordinary cigarettes.

The heater itself, wrapped in a non-flammable cloth:

In general, it works like this. when the air is drawn in, the sensor turns on a red LED and the heater, it heats the absorbent cotton with the chemical, which from the heat evaporates as smoke.

It is considered safer than regular cigarettes.

Conventional cigarettes work when smoldering fine-cut paper (“tobacco”) soaked in chemicals, but here there is no paper, no high temperature and resins formed when burning, only pure chemistry! )

If you want to dismantle such a cigarette for parts, note that the impregnation on the absorbent cotton is very greasy. you can stain the table and your hands. )

UPDATE: I found a video, which tells about the device such a cigarette, and that it can be reused by recharging the battery and pouring new chemistry on the absorbent cotton:

UPDATE-2: I made a rechargeable battery in a handy case. ))

Simply soldered the wires to the battery, put it through the plugs and closed.

It is very convenient to power a breadboard through a regulator! )

The battery itself didn’t have any discharge controllers, so the regulator could drain it to zero and ruin it. you have to watch the charge manually.

But it is charged very easily through the board for charging Li-Ion batteries for 30r from Aliexpress. )

Charge is monitored and automatically disconnects when fully charged.

Unexpectedly useful thing was this cigarette. so many interesting parts and body! )

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