How to make a cabinet under the washing machine

Self-assembling a cabinet to place the washing machine in the kitchen

The cabinet for installing the washing machine into the kitchen unit can be easily assembled on your own hands. We will need materials and a simple set of tools.

Service rooms in apartments are not characterized by excessive space, which should be used as rationally as possible. A tall cabinet, which will house the washing machine, has compartments in the upper part that can be closed with doors. They can store small-sized household items, appliances and other items. The lower part of the cabinet is also closed with a one- or two-leaf door.

Cabinet for the washing machine in the bathroom

Usually the bathroom is built to last, so the choice of a washing machine is an important decision. First of all, we have to think about whether we want a free-standing or built-in model. If we bought a built-in appliance, there are many options how you can close it with furniture boards. Freestanding appliances are cheaper than built-in, if necessary, it is also easier to replace or repair.

Furnishing the bathroom, it is desirable to make sure that the washing machine is not in sight. Clever solutions can make it seem completely invisible at first glance. Consider the most interesting variants of floor cabinets large and small and photos of the implementation of such projects.

Under-counter cupboard

When placing such a cabinet under the countertop, first of all, it should be taken into account that it should not rest on the washing machine. It is necessary to leave a few centimeters between the appliance and the furniture structure. This is important for the free operation of the device, especially during spinning, for moisture evaporation and possible service.

Once the door is closed, the appliance becomes completely invisible

The countertop can be an extension of the area with a washbasin, next to it you can successfully equip a place for a basket for dirty laundry and shelves for storing clean laundry. Installing the countertop at a height of about 90 cm will provide ease of use sink. At the same time, note that in this arrangement, the countertop should be long enough, about 150 cm, to fit the sink and all the devices.

In some cases, the washing machine is not covered with a door, and it blends into the interior, but it is important to think carefully about the design of the bathroom and choose the right model. For example, a white machine in the bathroom, decorated in white colors, with snow-white furniture and plumbing. Or a metallic finish model in a room with gray ceramic tile and gray countertop, as shown in the photo below. The finish of the appliances blends in very harmoniously with the finish of the room.

The washing machine can also be concealed by changing its color finish with a film finish! If there is no goal to completely hide the equipment behind the door because of insufficient ventilation, you can simply paste it with a special film to match the color of the surrounding furniture casings.

Of course, in this case we can leave the washing machine “in full view”, but it is much more advantageous to create aesthetic interior cover, for example, using a movable wall moving on rails. When we need to access the unit, the panel moves to the sink. Rails are installed on the countertop and on the floor. Not only can we use opaque material such as wood panels, but also opaque frosted tempered glass to create this door.

The appliance is placed under the countertop and is masked by a tempered glass door in an aluminum frame (in the first photo) and a plastic door (in the second photo)

If you want to install the sink lower, you can use a solution with layered countertop, where the countertop under the sink will be lower and the countertop, under which the cabinet with the washing machine is located, will be slightly higher. This option will look stylish and interesting.

The cabinet under the countertop can also have a continuation above the countertop. The countertop in this case can serve as a stabilizing design element. Hinged cabinets in the bathroom over the washing machine can accommodate a variety of shelves to place clean linen, cosmetics, hair dryer and toiletries.

Cabinet under the washing machine in the bathroom

Which cabinet in the bath for a washing machine to buy, depends on the device itself, and more precisely. on the way it is opened. A model with a vertical load opens from the top and admittedly takes up less space, but it is much harder to hide in the cabinet. Vertical washing machine is no longer hidden under the countertop. An alternative is to install it in a vertical rack with blinds, or a floor cabinet for the washing machine in the bathroom, which at the same time can store towels, laundry products and toiletries. Such furniture, of course, will entail a loss of space. because of the way of loading the washing machine, the first shelf is set at a height of about 120 cm above the floor.

A cabinet with a washing machine in the niche is a solution for front-loading washer models with a door that opens in the front. In this case, the cabinet will be even more functional.

The box with a drawer

One popular option is a box under the automatic machine, the top is complemented by storage spaces. This is very convenient. and the washer is hidden, and there is a place to put the necessary things: detergents, towels and other paraphernalia. To look up the draft of a drawer cabinet can be found on the Internet. For example, the following option can be taken as a model:

Make a Laundry Washer/Dryer Pedestal

The project must be “adjusted” to the size of his washing machine. As for the height of the cabinet, then in bathrooms will be optimal 1,8-2 meters. Of course, if the room is spacious, you can easily build a “pencil case” up to the ceiling. Allowed and such a variant of execution of the box:

make, cabinet, washing, machine

In this situation, under the “cover” of wood fiberboard or, for example, artificial stone, several retractable modules for storing things. The edge of the countertop is better fixed to the wall, for greater reliability of the design. An interesting option. with their own hands to build a cabinet under the washing machine with a sink. This solution looks very stylish. You can not even cover the dispenser with a facade.

Deciding to make a box for the machine, you should first assess the “capabilities” of the room where it will be installed. In some rooms, a long cabinet-furniture is ideal, in others. a low nightstand with a countertop, in others. a compartment construction with sliding doors. Choosing a project, measure the body of the washing machine and stock up on the necessary materials.

Linen niches

Every housewife is interested in a practical, compact placement of household appliances. But you can not forget about the details. somewhere to put dirty laundry, put detergents, store bath and toiletries. Such things are usually left in the bathroom, so the niches for laundry are equiped in this room. To compactly place both the washing machine and the functional elements of the cabinet filling, you can make the construction as follows:

  • install a vertical cabinet, in the lower part of which to install the equipment, and the upper module is used as a built-in basket;
  • equip the horizontal cabinet with a drawer, the sinks in this variant are cut into the countertop, one part of the furniture (left or right) to use as a niche for linen;
  • suspended model of the cabinet, in which the appliances are installed on the floor, can be equipped with a capacious niche for a basket. It is still recommended to close it with doors.

Of course, you can equip built-in baskets in the kitchen or in the hallway, but in the first case, things will be additionally impregnated with food smells, and in the second. you should not combine clean outerwear in the corridor compartment next to the niches for storage of dirty laundry and home textiles. In addition, baskets outside the bathroom look untidy.

Installing appliances in the closet. an ideal solution for small rooms and spacious rooms. Washing machines don’t make as much noise when they run if the units are located behind closed doors. Bathroom, kitchen, hallway or toilet can be equipped with furniture for recessed. Because of the individual dimensions of the product, both vertically and horizontally loaded units can be accommodated neatly.

make, cabinet, washing, machine

Ways of mounting the washing machine under the countertop

You can install the typewriter under the worktop in several ways. without door and with door. The first option is good by the fact that it is enough to choose a model that is suitable in height for installation. The machine can easily be removed from under the countertop when moving or repairing. But this method has its disadvantages, the front panel remains visible, which means that there will be gaps around the body. In addition, the interior will not be as orderly and homogeneous as with a full recessed installation.

If you place the washing machine by the wall, it is desirable to fix the countertop to the wall, not just leave it on the cover of the equipment. Appliances will look harmonious if you choose them to match the color of the set. Although the range of such machines is small, you can take the most universal shade. white or stainless steel color. In the kitchen, decorated in the provincial, country style, you can separate the area with the appliances with a nice curtain, in the same color scheme with the interior. The special vinyl stickers are suitable for decorating previously purchased models.

There is another option. built-in appliances with a door. The machine can be completely hidden if the model will have a reduced depth of 45-50 cm. An appliance with these dimensions will leave enough space for hoses. Do not choose a model by the depth of the body, but by the door and the most convex points.

If you make a small gap, more than 1 cm, as noted above, it will help the powder tray when advancing does not rest against the rib of the door and the hinge. The cabinet door should open more than 90 degrees, so it will be more convenient to unload and load the drum of the machine.

Popular Catwalk Designs

Even a child can make the simplest pedestal for a washing machine. You can make such a podium from the simplest materials, and it can serve for dozens of years without any problems. The essence of the construction is as follows. We take two 63 cm long wooden planks and put them parallel to each other. The spacing between the planks must be the width of your washing machine (for instance 60 cm).

Then we put two boards 60 cm long, 3 cm thick and 30 cm wide on the joists. Boards we tighten tightly by self-tapping screws to bars, you will get a shelf. That leaves us with a 3 cm large ledge at the front. We put a board 3 cm thick and 30 cm wide on it as a rib. It creates the simplest podium with a rim of 27 cm. If possible, you can make a smaller bead by sawing the board in half lengthwise. The board should also be firmly screwed down with self-tapping screws. You cannot build a drawer into this catwalk, but the washing machine will stand on it steadily and work properly.

Important! This ledge should preferably be made from larch, as this wood doesn’t get wet and doesn’t get damp from water.

You can decorate the catwalk with waterproof drywall, decorative plastic or laminated chipboard. Another design of the podium involves the use of bricks. The height of the catwalk in this case can be chosen as desired.

  • Lay out of the brick two, standing parallel to each other walls of width 1 brick (the distance between the walls is the width of the machine).
  • On top of the walls, lay a suitable size concrete or polycarbonate board on the cement.
  • At the front of the board we sew two small metal corners.

Under the brick podium there is enough space to put a lot of small things. In addition, in the niche under the podium you can build a drawer with wheels, made of laminated chipboard. You pull the box by the handle, and it rolls out from under the machine, and it contains both detergent and fabric softener, and you can put the dirty laundry in it. All in all, a very handy thing.

The podium of a similar design, you can make in a small toilet Khrushchev apartment, but the box will not put anywhere. The essence of the idea is as follows.

  • Lay bricks lying on the floor drain pipe (preferably it is first replaced with plastic).
  • Build with their own hands behind the toilet bowl two high narrow parallel walls.
  • Cover the walls on top of the stove.

After final decoration and finishing with tile tiles, everything will look like an overhang over the toilet, on which there is a washing machine.

Some people do not like this option of placing the washing machine, but see for yourself how much useful space is saved and how convenient it is to use the subject of household appliances. Another good option involves making a catwalk from polycarbonate plates and blocks. Currently, there are many firms that sell such materials, you only need to choose the blocks and plates of the required size and you will be provided as soon as possible.

In this case, you do not even have to do anything special. Build a podium of the desired size from the blocks, twist the boards and blocks with screws, and use. Monolithic polycarbonate and similar materials are very durable and resistant to moisture, in addition, they are very difficult to destroy by mechanical impact. Perfect for our purposes. The only downside is the price, but not everyone stops it. We roll out of the laminated chipboard a drawer on wheels under the podium and place the washing machine on it.

Whether you need a box under the podium or not, you decide for yourself. The box. a handy thing, but you can do without it quite well. In particular, the factory podiums from Miele have a box, but we make the podium with our own hands for pennies. Experience in using the catwalk for the washing machine shows that the drawer is not really needed, but we repeat. you decide, you may want to do not a podium, and a cabinet for the washing machine. this is a matter of taste!

Features of installation and operation of the machine on the podium

Now let’s talk about the installation and operation features of the washing machine installed on the podium. At first glance it seems that what are the features here, raise a little machine above the floor, and that’s all, we have not changed anything in its design! It didn’t happen. Some craftsmen, putting the machine on a firm or homemade podium, then discovered with horror that their home helper refuses to wash, or it does not connect at all.

Let’s start with the simple. the location of the socket. It may sound banal, but some when installing the machine on the catwalk with their own hands, do not calculate the length of the power cord, because before the machine was without a catwalk and connected normally. And then it turns out that the wire does not reach the socket. Therefore, experts recommend to pay attention to this point and consider the location of the socket and the distance from the machine to it.

With a conclusion for water supply everything is easier, the fill hose usually comes with a reserve in length, but you can buy and put a hose more authentic. The main thing is that the pedestal does not overlap, otherwise the inlet hose can not be screwed to them, respectively the machine can not connect to the water supply, and the pedestal will have to move or remove.

If you buy a new pouring hose for the washing machine, take a double with the system “aquastop”. it has a leak protection.

When installing the washing machine on the podium it is also important to raise the sewage pipe. This is to avoid a “siphon effect” and water does not flow out of the washing machine tank on its own. Raise the sewage pipe should be so that it was 40 cm above the cover of the podium. To do this you can:

  • Install an elbow on the old pipe;
  • Connect to it another piece of pipe of the required length;
  • Insert the drain hose into the drainpipe and use the machine in peace.

Planning the bottom of the kitchen for the washing machine

I suggest that you talk in this article about the main points related to the features of the kitchen set, which should be built into the washing machine.

In the passport to it (if it is built-in), given the size of the opening, in which this technique should be installed, well, under this aperture need only calculate the front, which, incidentally, is then attached to the “machine”.

This option (with the front), and we’ll consider.

So, before we start to calculate the bottom of the kitchen set, it is necessary to know the size of the washing machine, which should be built into it.

And the first thing you need it for. to determine the height of the lower kitchen base.

Building Laundry Cabinets From Scratch

Since any washer has a certain height, then it must naturally be placed under the countertop (and better yet. when it will be over it are the strips that allow you to accurately maintain the size of the width, at least along the top).

For this reason, knowing the height of built-in appliances, you can immediately calculate the overall height of the bottom of the kitchen, and proceed to the following calculations.

The location of the washing machine relative to the drain into the drain is important.

The best option is when it is located near the drain, and, therefore, the angle of the drain. the maximum.

Usually, if the kitchen set is corner, then one box, standing in the corner, belongs to the sink, and the second, which joins with it, belongs to the washing machine.

Well, now, let’s move directly to the calculations themselves.

The optimal height (clearance) from our appliances to (in our case) the upper cabinet slats is 15-20 (mm).

It is necessary to take into account that the machine may need to be more “adjusted” to the level, and some of its sides may rise.

Now consider the size of the opening in depth.

In the classical version (when the tabletop of the standard depth of 600mm, and the depth of the bottom boxes. 460mm), the distance from the face of the boxes to the wall. 560mm.

Suppose, in this case, the overall depth of the washing machine. 500mm.

But the depth of the casing itself (without taking into account the depth of the hatch in the center of the device) is 35mm less

Under the washing machine does not need to design any boxes.

It is enough to calculate the width of the cabinet slats (which, as mentioned above, maintain the size in width between the adjacent boxes, to which they are attached), and the bottom partition, which is needed to fix the bottom of the swing fronts, closing the opening, and the width of which is equal to the width of the cabinet slats.

For the depth dimension, you still need to know the depth of this bottom partition.

For example, if its depth (as in our case) will be 60mm, then the total size of the depth will be equal:

If we consider that this part is at a distance of 100mm from the floor (that is, it is not in the area of the washing machine hatch, but is located where its depth is less than the overall depth by as much as 35mm), then, with this depth of this slat, this technique can be placed in the niche.

In our case, the gap from this strip to the device can be equal to 10mm.

One nuance: the depth of this technique must be measured, taking into account the size of the adapters, which are attached to the corrugations and hoses on the back side.

And the last thing left to do. calculate the size of the opening (the distance between the adjacent boxes) in width.

For open installation, you can give 10-15mm on the gap (on each side), and insert the washing machine in its niche.

In the niche formed between the boxes, will be attached more hinges for the fronts, which will take up some space.

make, cabinet, washing, machine

Usually the clearances in this case (for the hinges) are given 25-30 mm.

In this case, you can get two options for a built-in washing machine:

  • When it is deep, and the depth of the bottom partition is less than in our case (60mm), or, for example, when the partition in general, you need to install vertically (thus getting a depth equal to the thickness of the wood particle board), so that this washer will fit into the formed aperture. In this case, you can not adjust the fronts (with the washing machine installed). It will be necessary, each time, to pull it out of the niche.
  • When it is not so deep and the distance from it to the fronts is 60mm or more. In this case, you can adjust the hinges on the fronts without pulling it out.

And also do not forget that the bottom partition (the one which depth in our case is 60mm) so that it could be quickly removed (in case you need to take the washing out) should be fixed to the adjacent boxes or on the corners, or better. on minifixes.

Here, the general points concerning the calculations made in the design of the kitchen drawer, in which a conventional washing machine should be built in.

Constructing the base of the cabinet for the washing machine

The bottom base of the cabinet for the washing machine should consist of 2 rails and as many crossbars as possible. If there are a lot of crossbars, the cabinet will be stiffer. And this is very important, since the machine, which will stand on this bollard has considerable weight and will vibrate when you turn on the spin. In this project, designed for 2 automatic washing machines, you have to take 5 crossbars, and the size of the base should be 150 X 67 cm.

make, cabinet, washing, machine

Fasten the boards to the crosscutting ones using furniture screws, making holes at the joints beforehand, so that the screw head is not above the board surface. The caps will be in recesses, and on top of them are attached plastic caps that match the color of the cabinet under the washing machine.

Fasten to the resulting base Woodchip board plates or plywood sheets. The thickness of the plywood should be no less than 8 mm. It is better to fill the screw heads with wood filling to keep the surface of the cabinet flat. Otherwise when using it the baskets with laundry will cling to the protruding screw caps. Then we make another base. the upper one.

Let’s move on to the final and most important step!

The last stage of making the cabinet

On the prepared feet of the future cabinet, you must attach the corners, which will be attached to the upper and lower bases. For this, it is better to screw the screws designed for wood and the angle, which will be attached to the 2 surfaces. It is better to fasten the corners to the guide boards with bolts. They make the connection more durable.

Now it only remains to cover the top of the base with prepared plates of particle board, fix them with screws and fill all the existing holes with modern wood filler. In conclusion, it remains to give the cabinet under the washing machine marketable appearance. To do this, it should be treated with a wood stain and coated with a special lacquer or paint in a suitable paint.

Photo of the cabinets under the washing machine

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