How to Make a Coffee Latte in a Coffee Machine

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Coffee Latte. Recipes

Making coffee in the coffee pot. We heat the milk to 50-60℃ and then whip some of it in a blender on high speed. Take a glass and pour the liquor on its bottom. We add milk foam, then pour a thin stream of strong coffee. We pour the foam on top and decorate it with different templates, such as a heart or some other pattern.


Thanks to the successful combination of products included in this drink, its taste is surprisingly harmonious, and the aroma is unforgettable.

  • espresso. 50 gr;
  • The milk is 150 ml;
  • water. 100 ml;
  • sugar. 150 gr;
  • cinnamon. a pinch;
  • ginger (finely grated or dried). 10 gr;
  • Vanillin. a pinch;
  • whipped cream. to taste.
  • Bring the mixture of sugar, cinnamon, water, ginger and vanillin to a boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes;
  • In the meantime, brew espresso;
  • Prepare milk foam;
  • pour first the coffee, then about 50 ml of the resulting syrup into the Irish glass, and finally lay out the foam “cap”;
  • The top may be garnished with whipped cream.

An extraordinarily fragrant, ginger and gingerbread treat is ready.

  • Make a fragrant espresso;
  • When preparing the milk foam, you can add to it a little of the syrup used if desired, it would be correct if the foam for the beverage cap in this method will be prepared separately without any additives;
  • The ingredients are added to the Irish glass in the following order: first cool syrup is poured, warm whipped milk is placed on it, then hot espresso is gently poured, and finally a high “hat” of milk froth is placed on top;
  • Various additives can be placed on top: Chocolate chips or marshmallows, for example.

Latte Art Basics Tutorial. Latte Art 101. Coffeefusion

The classic latte recipe

The above ratio of coffee and milk is placed in the prepared dish as follows:

The drink is thus made in three layers: coffee, milk, and foam. Lately, it’s common to mix the two bottom layers into one.

The decoration is most often served by neat drawings of coffee with a toothpick on the froth or drawings with stencils, there are as many variants of serving as the barista’s imagination.

This is the most widespread latte recipe that is used in cafes around the world and at home by those who know how to prepare latte coffee in home conditions.

The decorations most often are neat drawings of coffee with a toothpick on the foam or drawings with stencils, there are as many variants of serving as the barista’s imagination.

Classical recipe for latte coffee at home

Now about how the latte itself is made: the milk is heated to 50-60 degrees, at the same time it is whipped with a mixer or blender until it forms a lush, airy froth. The foam is transferred to a separate container, after which the contents of the pot is poured into an Irish glass (but you can also serve in a special large cup or tall glass) along with the foam, and a thin trickle of coffee is poured. A latte should look like it consists of three layers. foam, milk, and coffee. In addition to the syrup you can add cinnamon or grated chocolate.

On a hot day, lattes are made in a slightly different way: you put ice in the Irish glass, pour in cold milk and syrup and top with a strong coffee. It’s recommended to drink through a thick straw, traditionally you should put a spoon for foaming, and a napkin should be used so that your hands are not burnt by the hot glass. This was a common recipe, below are a few variations for those who want variety.

  • The coffee beans should be well ground and the consistency should resemble sand, but it is important not to overdo it, so that it does not resemble flour, then the coffee will be bitter.
  • Quantity: 7 grams per serving (per 25 ml of water). Then it is necessary to pour coffee into the horn of the coffee maker, press it with a special tool. a mortar, and here you also need to have a knack: strongly compacted coffee will be bitter, weakly. sour. Some coffee makers do it themselves.
  • The water must be purified, without minerals and heated to 90 degrees. In 25-30 seconds the drink will be ready, and you only need to pour it into cups, preferably heated beforehand. You can do this with the special function of the coffee machine, or by pouring boiling water into the cups for 30 seconds.

Vanilla Latte

A light and fragrant vanilla latte is quick and easy to make, so you can make it both at home and in an equipped cafe.

  • Make espresso coffee (you can use a turkey or coffee maker, as well as a coffee machine).
  • Pour vanilla syrup into a glass with it, stir.
  • Then, carefully pour the milk into the glass with the syrup, so as not to mix the layers.

You can make a summer latte with vanilla and ice in hot weather. Add cold milk and ice to the pre-cooled coffee mixture. do not stir the cocktail.

Ingredient Volume
Espresso 50 ml
Vanilla syrup 2 teaspoons
Milk 150 ml
Ice for ice coffee

The simplicity of the recipe lets you make lattes at home without any special equipment.You don’t have to use freshly ground coffee to serve latte: even store-bought or home-ground coffee brewed in a stovetop buzzer or a simple coffee maker will produce a flavorful and non-bitter drink.

Rules for serving lattes

Italians drink their lattes exclusively in the morning. There are two basic ways to serve latte and latte macchiato:

  • in a tall, clear glass with a straw. But some gourmets say the plastic spoils the latte’s taste;
  • in a glass with a coffee spoon. stirring the froth gently with it gives the drink an especially delicate texture. But the guest will not break the etiquette, if he helps himself to the crema with a spoon first and then drinks the coffee.

A sugar bowl or sugar stick is served with the latte. Coffee goes well with pastries, jellies, mousses, mascarpone desserts.

A very effective way to serve coffee. latte-art. Pour black coffee in a wide, low ceramic cup. Then tilt the machine, gently refill the milk. When the pitcher spout can be held 3-4 mm away from the coffee surface in the cup, milk foam makes patterns: stylized flowers, leaves, funny little animals.

How to take care of your coffee machine

Some machines have a self-cleaning function, but if not, you need to clean the appliance yourself. Before making coffee using milk, it is necessary to clean it very carefully, because milk has the ability to sour, and then the cappuccinator will make unpalatable and ugly crema the next time. To remove any milk residue that may have appeared, it is necessary to:

  • When the milk has been frothed, remove the milk container and put the water container back on.
  • Press the button on milk heating and foaming.
  • It is necessary to run the water until it is clear.
  • Clean the cappuccinator by dipping the spout into a container of clean water and turning on the steam for 20 seconds. Repeat if necessary.

Whipping the milk foam

Baristas recommend milk with a fat content of 2 or more centigrade in order to get a good foam.5 to 3.5%. The chilled base (60 ml) is poured into a glass jug or a metal pitcher. You put a cappuccinator or a steemer nozzle in the steamer.

Steam pipe is connected to the steam pipe of the coffee machine. Add steam under high pressure to the glass. The first 30 ml of air should be expelled, t.к. they are saturated with moisture. On contact with milk, oxygen bubbles stick to the protein molecules and break down lactose into saccharides. As a result of heat treatment the base is structured into a dense foam and acquires a sweet flavor. When foaming the milk mixture should double in volume.

The main advantages of steam attachments over cappuccinators are the quality and speed of emulsifying the mixture. With steam, you can easily create a Speciality foam.

How to make a latte in a coffee machine

In the middle of the last century, passionate coffee lovers. the Italians invented a way, how to reduce the strength of the fragrant drink with the help of milk foam. They solved the problem of drinking large quantities of coffee with the least harm to health. So began the triumphal march of the new way of making coffee. latte.

It’s easy to think of the name: in Italian latte is the word for “milk. We’ll show you how to make a real latte in your coffee machine.

Milk is as essential an ingredient in a latte as coffee. But don’t think that lattes and coffee with milk are the same thing. After all, you don’t just add milk to an espresso, you add milk foam. To get it, you need to whip the milk properly.

The secrets of making latte coffee

The popularity of the coffee drink is due to its amazing mildness. An interesting thing about lattes is the layering of their structure, which is why coffee houses usually serve them in clear glasses, so that coffee lovers can see the order of the layers. What else you need to know about this drink?

How to Make a Perfect Cafe Latte at Home

  • The bottom layer must be a coffee bean, and if you pour milk into the glass first, you get a latte macchiato.
  • The secret to any great coffee is finding the right coffee beans. It is recommended to use a coffee machine for brewing them. The coffee grounds of the drink must be strong. the beans may contain up to 10 percent Robusta.
  • The legendary latte foam is made exclusively from milk with a high percentage of fat.

Liqueurs, syrups and chocolates can add personality to your drink.

  • The bottom layer must be a coffee bean, and if you pour milk into the glass first, you get a latte macchiato.
  • The secret to any great coffee is finding the right coffee beans. It is recommended to use a coffee machine for their brewing. The coffee base of the drink has to be strong because the beans may contain up to 10% of Robusta.
  • The legendary latte foam is made exclusively from milk with a high percentage of fat.

Latte macchiato

The same ingredients are used to make a latte macchiato as for a classic latte. Brew black coffee in the same way and whisk the milk. Then the milk is poured into an irish-coffee glass. Coffee is poured into the whipped milk in a thin stream.

Specific density of coffee is lower than that of milk, which is why the drink in the glass is stratified: milk sits on the bottom, coffee is above it, and a snow-white froth with a coffee spot appears on top: macchiato means “stained” in Italian. The effectiveness of the stain can be emphasized by sprinkling it with chocolate shavings.

Black coffee and a glass with whipped milk are served separately. The guest himself chooses the proportions of ingredients.

Peculiarities of making coffee latte

  • To serve the drink, you’ll need an Irish glass. If it is not in the kitchen arsenal, you can replace it with an ordinary large and tall glass tumbler with a volume of 250 to 370 milliliters
  • Ideally make a latte with espresso coffee, but you can substitute any other freshly ground strong coffee
  • To whip milk you need a blender, a hand mixer, a cappuccinator or a French press
  • Milk for latte at home does not need to be boiled: it is heated to 70 degrees Celsius. If you boil the milk, it’s very hard to get the crema out of it
  • When all the specifics of making coffee lattes at home have been mastered, you can begin the most creative process of creating the coffee treat
  • Latte can be made in two ways: either by mixing all the ingredients evenly, or by placing them in neat layers
  • To make the coffee treat lay in a glass in layers, you need to master a few tricks of preparation:
  • Ingredients for each layer must be at a different temperature to avoid mixing. When making a latte with syrup, warm whipped milk is poured over the cool syrup. After which the scalding coffee is poured
  • Pour the coffee into the milk in a thin stream, for the ease of the process place a long spoon in the glass

For example, a latte called “Gingerbread.”

make, coffee, latte, machine

Italian brand Squisito

Squisito has a long history, but its products first appeared on the Russian market in 2008. But even in such a short time the company has managed to win a large army of fans all over the country, because the basic principles that it adheres to is a strict quality control of production and using only premium raw materials to create their blends. The Squisito brand is a combination of Italian luxury and modern functionality.

Squisito has a history of more than ten years, but its products first appeared on the Russian market only in 2008. But even in such a short time, the company has managed to win a large army of fans across the country, because the basic principles that it adheres to is the strict quality control of production and the use of only premium raw materials to create its blends. The Squisito trademark is a combination of Italian luxury and modern functionality.

Composition and proportions

Who first invented the idea of combining coffee and dairy products. is not clear. Italians claim primacy, motivated by the name of the famous drink. Hardly true, because in Italy they prefer very strong coffee made of strongly roasted beans. The French and the Austrians were not far behind either. It might have been the Americans, who to this day can’t stand the strong taste of beans, adding more water to the espresso.

Coffee latte, also called macchiato. what is it? In fact, macchiato, cappuccino and latte are different drinks. The difference is not only in their composition; there is also an external difference. First we need to understand the ingredients. what you need to make a latte at home.

It is best to take freshly ground coffee beans, like for espresso. Arabica is fine, as it is more aromatic and contains less bitterness. You need 7 to 10 grams of coffee beans and 50 to 60 ml of water per serving.

Interesting additives for an interesting latte

Even a classic latte recipe can be made unusual by adding an unusual flavor.


Add a new flavor to your latte by using syrup: vanilla, cherry, blueberry, mint, etc.

Important! You can add any kind of syrups to your latte, except citrus, which will make the milk sour.

A latte requires 50 ml of syrup per glass. 1/3 is cooled and poured into an empty glass. Mix 2/3 with heated milk before whisking.

Homemade caramel

Extraordinary taste in a latte is given by the addition of homemade caramel made from sugar and water. Order of filling the glass: milk, espresso, caramel, milk foam.


The guests at your party will appreciate the original coffee latte you offer. For this you do not have to invent a new recipe. After making a classic latte, add some alcohol to it, such as rum, cream or caramel liqueur, etc.п.


Oriental sweetness gives special originality and zest to your latte Milk for the latte needs to be separated.

Grind 70g of halva into small pieces, mix with 3/4 part (3/4) of milk warmed up. The resulting mixture is properly whipped with a mixer or blender. Pour a brewed espresso into a glass, then whipped milk and halva mixture. Put the remaining part (1/4) of the milk on top, which is also thoroughly whipped until frothy. You can decorate the milk foam with grated chocolate.

make, coffee, latte, machine

With cinnamon and honey

To give your latte a sweetish flavor with a hint of cinnamon, add them to the brewed espresso. For 120 ml of classic coffee you will need 2 dessert spoons of honey and a third of a teaspoon of cinnamon. Add extra ingredients to the warmed milk before whipping. Pour coffee with honey and cinnamon in a glass glass, then carefully pour whipped milk and decorate it with milk foam.

Chocolate and melted cheese, grated ginger and nutmeg, even softened banana become additives that give your latte an unusual flavor. Become a true creator when you make your coffee latte in the coffee machine!

Making Cappuccino at Home

Strong and gentle creamy cappuccino. a real salvation on a sleepy morning. Served in classical small trapeze-shaped cups, made of faora or ceramics. You can also decorate with light cream, cinnamon and colored glazed sprinkles.

A classic cappuccino

There is more than one recipe for making cappuccino that you can use at home. The tastiest cappuccino. classic, vanilla and egg.

Recipe for a classic cappuccino

To make 2 drinks, you will need

  • 100 ml of fat milk or cream dissolved in milk.
  • 100 ml of espresso. A typical espresso requires 25-35 ml of water and 7-10 grams of ground coffee.
  • Sugar to taste.
  • Warm and whip milk. Oily milk and cream is kind of hard to whip. That’s why it’s best to do it with an immersion blender or a French press.
  • Make espresso in a carafe, a coffee maker or just in a cup. In a classic espresso, the proportions per cup are usually 7-10 grams of coffee to 35-50 ml of water.
  • Pour the espresso into 2 cups.
  • Add ⅓ of the milk on top and ⅓ of the milk foam. Ready.

Recipe for vanilla cappuccino

To make it, you will need:

An egg cappuccino with a frothy foam

  • Make a classic espresso in any way you like: in a coffee maker, in a coffee machine or just in a cup.
  • Beat egg yolk with powdered coffee until it becomes very foamy.
  • Add vanilla to the whipped mass.
  • Gently spread the crema in a thick layer on the surface of the drink and let it cool. Done.

It’s easy to make delicious coffee with milk foam at home. For beginners, this should take no more than 10-15 minutes. The pros, who constantly practice, to prepare an amazing cappuccino or latte at home takes 5 minutes. Recipes can be supplemented, the main thing is to observe the basic proportions. and it will be delicious. Let your morning be always fresh and aromatic!

Step-by-step steps to make a latte at home without a coffee machine

Latte is a very delicate coffee and consists of three layers: milk-coffee foam. Pay very close attention to every step of the brewing process, unless you want to achieve a real Italian drink, not an ordinary coffee with milk.

  • The first thing to do is to brew coffee using any known method. Ground coffee is brewed in a carafe, while regular instant coffee just pours boiling water over. But to make a tasty beverage it’s better to use a more expensive kind, and preferably a stronger coffee.

Important! The coffee must be hotter than the milk, so the pot can be placed in a bowl of warm water after brewing it, so that the coffee does not cool down so quickly.

  • Heat the milk to a temperature of 50-70 degrees. the fatter the milk, the better the froth, don’t forget that. You can heat the milk in the microwave oven. At this stage sometimes add sugar to the milk. but this is not necessary. In Italy, they prefer it in its “pure” form.

The important thing is! Be sure not to let the milk boil, otherwise it will be harder to get foam.

Help! A French press is often used to make a frothy milk. Simply whisk the milk until it is frothy with the press itself.

  • Pour the milk into a glass, followed by the coffee, and it’s done. which, according to popular wisdom, is much easier said than done. Adding coffee is the most responsible moment of the whole procedure. This is what determines whether you end up with a real latte or something more like cocoa. The coffee must not be in contact with the froth, so slowly pour it in a very thin stream around the rim of the cup. We have three distinctive layers. To make the layers visible, and for the drink to be not only tasty but also beautifully decorated, it is desirable to use a special high Irish glass.

Synopsis! You can add coffee by dropping a teaspoon to the very top of the foam and pouring it into the center of the spoon.

What is a latte?

There is perhaps no espresso-based coffee recipe that has caused so much controversy about what it is and how to make it properly. Of course, I’m not going to claim to be the absolute truth, but I will say that a latte (as friends who have lived in Italy told me) is just an espresso with milk. You drink it in the morning during or instead of breakfast. To make a latte, you just pour warmed milk into a cup of espresso. No one really calculates the ratio of coffee to milk. You usually take about three times as much milk as an espresso, that’s all!

Latte (with the accent on the first syllable) comes from the Italian “kaffè latte”, which simply means “coffee with milk”.

But since Italians are addicted to espresso, a latte is an espresso with milk, and not just coffee made in a regular way in a bucket, a drip coffee maker or a French press.

We make lattes unconventionally

It’s easy to avoid monotony when making a latte. Your loved ones will be surprised by the variations of your favorite drink. For this you need to use not only the usual recipe. Latte also allows for unconventional approaches.

Latte macchiato

“Macchiato” (or “machiato”) is a “baby” coffee invented by the Italians. It differs in increasing the volume of milk. The proportion of espresso and milk in a macchiato is 1:3. Coffee is poured into the hot whipped milk, and brown coffee spots appear on the snow-white surface.

That’s why the drink got that name, “macchiato” translated from Italian as “stain”. Originally, macchiato was not decorated with a foam cap on top, coffee spots were the peculiarity of this coffee. But more and more often now, macchiato is served with whipped milk, just like a regular latte.

Ice latte

And in this case, the name indicates a peculiarity: the ice latte is an iced drink, which many people prefer to the usual recipe in the hot summer. To make the ice latte you need ice cubes, which are put into the glass first. The milk for iced coffee is not heated, but cooled. An espresso is added to the glass with ice and ice milk in a thin stream.

A variation of the ice latte is coffee, which is made with ice cream instead of ice. In this case, replace the ice with a ball (50 g) of ice cream. Usually professionals prefer plombard, but they also like to experiment with crème brûlée, chocolate, vanilla and other kinds of ice cream.

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