How to make a corner fireplace out of cardboard

Fireplace from cardboard with their own hands for the New Year: step by step instructions for creating a magical holiday attribute (34 photos)

Nothing makes Christmas twilight and New Year’s Eve as cozy as a fireplace with a bright fire or smoldering embers. It warms up frosty, cold and so short winter days with its warm breath. If before the fireplace was used only for its direct purpose, that is, for heating, now it is one of the most spectacular and expensive decorative elements.

Unfortunately, not every house can be equipped with a real fireplace, but there is an excellent solution. a fake fireplace from boxes with their own hands for New Year. This is a great decoration for an apartment or a private house, which can be created very simply, with a little effort and imagination. In addition, such a construction helps to get rid of trash in the form of cardboard boxes from under electronics, shoes and even small cardboard packaging, from which you can cut “bricks”. Throughout the New Year holidays, the artificial fireplace will add to the mysterious atmosphere of magical days.

Rocinante Paper Model from The Expanse. Part 2

Continuing with the trim. Now the propulsion module. it’s half made of tiny beastly rings, which are not always clear how to fit into each other.

The cargo module is tricky, some of the parts are glued in before the cladding is placed. A bit of fiddling with the half-cylinders, but the rest was easy. I glued the niches, glued the connectors and wrapped it around the frame. The model is calculated with a phenomenal accuracy, the skin fits without cracks.

And finally the entire ship is glued together, so I can easily hang it on the hull monolith.

Starting with the PDC containers (Point Defense Cannons, translated in Russian as PDC. A set of fun 40mm six-shot shells with armor-piercing ammunition. PDC is able to shoot down an approaching torpedo and make holes incompatible with life in another ship from a short distance). And at the same time, the hatches and other little things hooked.

Similarly installed the bow and prepared a bunch of other details of the case.

Assembled the side pieces in one piece and applied. how it would sit?

I cut and prepared the big elements for the top and bottom of the head, I spent a lot of time assembling and gluing (I had to press down and press the edges with a toothpick) the small protrusions.

After all the large pieces were done, I finally put them on the glue. Installation was easier and faster than I feared, the large elements of a fairly complex shape fit their places perfectly.

CARTON FIREPLACE / False do-it-yourself fireplace from the boxes

Rosi takes on a familiar look from the show.

make, fireplace, cardboard

To be continued (and there’s the wildest stuff ahead, stay tuned).

P. S. The model is by Michael Grosberg and is available for free on

Red brick box mantel

One option for creating a charming fireplace for the New Year is a hearth imitating a red brick.

  • Prepare the shoe box.
  • Staple the bottom with glue and tape.
  • The long side needs to bend to the outside. This will end up being the protruding base at the fireplace.
  • Connect the second long “shutter” with two short ones to make a small window.
  • Along the entire border you need to put small boxes and mark them.
  • Remove the boxes, and enlarge the window by removing the excess cardboard.
  • Then glue small boxes on the border of the marking to create a kind of portal for the fireplace.
  • Make a shelf out of plastic or Styrofoam and install it as a canopy. Because of this, the shelf should be five centimeters longer compared to the fireplace.

The New Year’s Eve hearth should be painted on all sides, and the wallpaper or self-adhesive wicker with a “brick” image should be glued inside.

The resulting fireplace should be decorated with Christmas decorations, garland, candles, etc.д.

Cardboard fireplace decor

Once you have the frame, all that remains is to make the decor. Here you can use all your imagination. The classic variant is the imitation of masonry. For this you can use wallpaper with a pattern of bricks or foam. The most colorful option is the use of foam plastic. For this purpose it is necessary to cut narrow strips of 1-1,5 cm in thickness from it. After that, create a brick-sized stencil from cardboard and use it to cut the required number of pieces from the foam plastic. For added effect, the front side can be stamped with longitudinal strips imitating the pattern of burnt clay.

If there is a desire to make artificial bricks, you can use thin foam plastic.

Glue the finished blanks to the mantel. They can be used to glue the entire structure or only parts of it. The bricks around the arch and at the bottom of the product will look colorful. The remaining area can be painted with an ordinary water-based paint.

If you intend to paint the product, it must first be primed with plaster. One small package will suffice for this.

Bricks should be placed in a staggered order, so that the masonry was as close in appearance to the real one as possible.

Another element of the decor can be a falshlepnina made of foam plastic. Simple elements in the form of geometric strips can be made by yourself. Ornate monograms or rosettes will be easier to buy.

The firewood effect

To make the construction look more realistic you should light a fire in it. Of course, the fire and firewood will not be real, but the same decorative. Fire can be imitated in the following ways:

  • Using a picture and a poster with fire
  • With a light fixture with simulated fire made of fabric
  • With LED candles, which are installed behind the firewood
  • With the help of Christmas lights

Artificial firewood is not hard to find. Large interior stores sell artificial fire or paper firewood. You can also make them yourself. You also need cardboard for this. It must be rolled into a semicircular cylinder. You need to make 3-7 such blanks. Then they need to be covered with wallpaper, imitating wood or paint.

Inside, you can install a photo of a real flame, and put real or homemade firewood in the firebox.


Decorative grating

The decorative grating is another important and picturesque element of the fireplace. There are also many options for making the grate:

  • From a garden fence. One section of the lattice is enough for this.
  • Made of cardboard. Use cardboard to cut the grating according to the stencil and place it in the portal.
  • Made of rigid cable. Bend the cable into an S shape and stick it onto the bottom edge of the mantel.

Paint the grate before mounting it into the portal. Any metallic or gold-colored paint will do. You can use two colors at the same time: first, paint the whole lattice with dark paint, and then apply gold strokes. This allows you to age the product and give more picturesqueness to the product.

Christmas fireplace

How to make a Christmas fireplace out of boxes is worth telling separately, as this type of fireplace requires a separate decoration and additional creative ideas. When making such a fireplace frame, it makes sense to reinforce the inside with pieces of Styrofoam by putting them inside. You need to reinforce the New Year’s Eve fireplace because it has more decorative elements and more objects can be placed on it.

Such a fireplace will make your apartment or house more comfortable, and at New Year’s Eve it will create the necessary magical atmosphere.

In addition, before installing it, you should think about connecting electricity. If you think about it after installing it, it may be that there is no outlet nearby and will have to pull an extension cord. Wires lying on the floor, the romance in the interior will not add. If you think about it in advance, they can be hidden behind furniture and behind the fireplace.

make, fireplace, cardboard

It is also better to think in advance about the decor of Christmas fireplace. It may require additional parts and fasteners.

Lighting and staining the fireplace

New Year’s Eve fireplace has many decorative elements, so it will be more harmonious to paint it in a plain color. It is better to perform brickwork as decorative elements of foam plastic only around the arch and at the edges.

Completely brick fireplace and a large amount of decor will look too overwhelming.

Christmas or other photos next to the fireplace are always spectacular and memorable for a lifetime.

Advice. Before you make the lighting and decorate the fireplace, you should think about how you’re going to give presents. If you plan to put them in the fireplace or to hang a cobbler with gifts there, it is better not to glue the photo of fire on the back wall of the portal.

Decorate the fire in the New Year’s Eve fireplace better with garland with yellow lights or LED candles. It makes sense to install candles behind the firewood, so that only the light from them is visible.

Other ways to decorate

Once you’ve got your New Year’s Eve fireplace, you should start decorating it. New Year’s decorations options:

  • LED candles on the top shelf
  • Artificial or natural spruce branches
  • Tinsel
  • Garlands
  • Boots for gifts
  • Wreath of spruce paws
  • Photo frames
  • Sandglasses

Important! On the top shelf of the fireplace and next to it, you can not install candles with a natural hot flame, as it is a fire hazard.

Decorating variants

An interesting option is the imitation of masonry made of brick or stone. You can choose a self-adhesive film for this. In construction supermarkets such materials are sold. It is only necessary to calculate the size of the leaf and choose the desired pattern in the store.

If the product is decorated with stucco, then the fireplace will look more interesting. For this purpose, use leftover ceiling tiles, foam plinths, or additionally purchase stucco products.

If desired, the fireplace can be decorated with additional elements. For example, Christmas fireplace can be complemented by LED lights, imitating candles.

And finally, the most important thing that allows you to call a fireplace a hearth. a fire. A few logs wrapped with LED tape will make the hearth almost real. And on New Year’s Eve, the flickering light of the fireplace will give the room a cozy and festive mood.

So, here is a simple and affordable, financially uncomplicated variant of constructing a home fireplace. You can say that this is a basic instruction on how to make a decorative fireplace. There is a base, and decorating with decorative elements everyone performs to their own taste.

You will need:

What fabric to make a New Year’s Eve dress: 15 great patterns

Making a sturdy base

The lower part of the makeshift fireplace, which serves as a base, must be strong and rigid, since in addition to all the weight of the structure, it must be able to withstand all the objects installed on the hearth for a long period of time.

The bottom border can be strengthened with additional inserts, they will be fixed inside the cardboard frame. Such “ribs” can be placed along the entire length at certain intervals or simply glued chaotically across the bottom.

Fasten all the parts for a secure structure

The reinforcing inserts must have the same height, otherwise the weight will be distributed unevenly, which will affect their holding capacity.

The bottom part as a support should always be longer and wider than the main structure of the hearth, approximately 100-120 mm. To make a stand, you can use the 2 easiest and most effective ways:

  • cut two identical sheets from cardboard (bottom and top). Glue “ribs” to one of them to support the fireplace. Double-sided tape or glue can be used here;
  • Find a flat box with sides and install reinforcing inserts inside.

How to decorate the stand?

Like any other item, the stand needs decoration. The easiest thing to do is to pick up the original side panels for it, cover the cardboard with self-sticker with a pattern, wrap it in wallpaper or paint it. But there are other, more original ideas.

Self-adhesive with a picture in the design of the fireplace

If the homemade fireplace was made in the Honor of the Christmas holidays, the base can be painted red or white and wrapped with rain with garland.

For a standard, people often use wide baseboards with beautiful patterns. You can buy them in any construction store and install them in the bottom and top of the hearth, it always looks very beautiful and holistic.

Self-made fireplace of any kind can be made by anyone who has no experience in construction. Also, such a hearth will make the apartment or house more comfortable, and in the New Year’s holidays will create the necessary magical atmosphere. It is worth noting that Christmas or other photos next to the fireplace are always spectacular and memorable for a lifetime.

Surprisingly, but from the cardboard boxes you can make not only home fake fireplace, which can perform only a decorative function, but also to build a portal for an electric fireplace! Of course, such a portal excludes the installation of a gas burner or bio-fireplace, because there are open flames and a fire can happen. It is also impossible to install a heat-exchange fireplace with a water boiler and cover. because of the unwieldiness of this construction and, of course, the danger of ignition of cardboard from overheating. Also, do not install electric fireplaces with an open firebox and built-in heating function. for the same reason. In a design made of cardboard boxes you can install an electric fireplace with a closed mantelpiece and simulated flame (on the LCD screen or with backlighting).

According to style trends, there are the following types of fireplaces (fireplace portals) made of boxes:

  • In the style of art nouveau. This style of design of a fireplace portal offers a variety of textures and colors, a combination of modern forms and antique decorative elements (stucco, rosettes, etc.).). Such a fireplace will fit well in almost any interior;
  • In the style of high-tech. It would seem that the high-tech style suggests a certain futurism, the use of ultramodern materials such as steel, plexiglass. what about the cardboard boxes? However, even from them you can make a fireplace in this style. just make it an interesting geometric shape and paint it in black or steel, and in the furnace to insert a mirror. As an option, you can put glass on the mantelpiece;
  • In classic style. As you know, the classics are always in fashion. Strict lines, a minimum of additional decorations. such a fireplace can be put absolutely in any apartment;
  • In the country style. The “rustic” style, loved by many people. Distinguished by the fact that such fireplaces are made of brick and natural stone. In order to give a fireplace made of boxes such a look, it is enough to cover it with self-adhesive tape or wallpaper with a print under a brick or stone. Be sure to put firewood in the furnace.

How many boxes do you need for a false fireplace

The number of boxes depends on their size. If it is a large package from the TV, one box will suffice. However, you may still need small boxes for decoration, for example, when you need to make a stand, a chimney.

From candy or shoeboxes, you need at least 8 drawers

A minimum of eight medium-sized boxes of candy or shoe boxes are used. That’s enough for a case. If you intend to install a chimney, you need 2-3 more boxes.


Summarizing the above, you can make a few conclusions:

  • New Year’s Eve fireplace is a bright attribute of the holiday, which will create a festive atmosphere in the house.
  • To make a home fireplace you need simple and affordable materials that everyone has. If something can not be found, you can easily buy in the store.
  • The fireplace can be used as a place to arrange gifts to loved ones. It is not only beautiful, but also a kind of interior decor.

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