How to make a tiktok iron

TikTok introduced a new feature for video creation. Stitch

TikTok has added a new feature, Stitch, which allows you to use snippets of other people’s videos to create video responses and remixes.

@tiktokNow Introducing: STITCH! Make the ultimate collab with your fav creators #x1f3ac;♬ original sound tiktok

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Stitch.: sew, stitch) will allow you to cut a fragment from another video and paste it into your video. The feature is similar to Duo recording, only instead of a split screen for recording, you can use the whole screen.

How to make aesthetically pleasing videos for Tik Tok

Tic Toc social network is designed to make short videos, which the user then shares with the audience. Many tiktoks want to become popular, but to do so you need to develop your page competently, and post original works. To attract a larger audience, it is advised to shoot only aesthetic videos, which will enthuse the audience and the number of subscribers will regularly grow.

Tik Tok Shirt Tutorial

How to make a duet in Tik Tok

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a duet with a friend in the Tik Tok app. Software developers once again prove to us that they have no problem with imagination. This can be determined by the speed of release of new original and entertaining platforms. One such new feature is the TikTok mobile app. It’s a kind of social network, with the ability to instantly post videos you’ve just created to your page. You can also create live streams and text each other here.

Making a black theme is easy with the item: “Night Mode” in the settings of the device. On iOS 13 and Android 10, the feature has been added as standard.

Owners of smartphones that do not support the new versions can apply:

  • inversion. A separate “Smart Inversion” mode allows you to change the color of the background, letters, without changing for photos and media files;
  • The use of third-party apps. The second method is more suitable for Android.

In the Play Market there are separate utilities with the name: “Dark Theme”. Some of these affect the selected list of applications, which includes Tik Tok and Instagram. Otherwise, utilities that are not included in the general list will remain unchanged.

  • the load on the eyesight at night and in the evening is reduced;
  • minimalist design. Many apps are already released with a color change of the interface.

But there may be problems with the black design, if the selected application does not have color schemes. So if any hangs or crashes. the dark theme will have to be disabled.

Activation on iOS

There is only one method to activate black mode in Tik Tok. using an iPhone or iPad tablet running iOS 13. This platform is supported by all Apple smartphones, starting from the iPhone SE model. iPhone 6s and later. Also version 13 is available for iPad Air 3, iPad Pro 2017, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 5, iPad mini 4 tablets.

Once you click the toggle button, the entire interface will be displayed in dark tones. You can also open the Tick Tok options and select the “Dark Theme” button. In this case, the user must update the application to the latest version to see the built-in black mode setting.

Activation on Android

Smartphones with the Android 10 operating system have a dark mode in the corresponding settings section.

Another way is to select the color inversion through the developer mode. The option affects the performance of the device, but quickly replaces light colors with dark colors

  • Open “Settings “Special Features”.
  • Item “Color and Display” “Inversion”.
  • Read the warning. confirm changes.

All shades will be displayed in inverse mode. But on Android videos and photos also change to opposite shades. Therefore, the last option how to make Tik Tok dark. applications from Play Market.

  • Go to Play Market. enter “Dark Mode”.
  • Install. open the app.
  • Select the utilities you want to change from the list.
  • Specify in the list of “Tic Tok” go to the social network.

If one app did not work to change the color scheme. the Play Market offers other options that you can download and check in Tik Tok.

How to make a cover for the video in the Tic Talk. Dimensions, design 16 examples

A video cover in Tik Tok is a picture or several frames from an uploaded video. Cover art can prompt viewers to open a video when viewing your profile or searching for clips, so don’t ignore this part of your profile design.

This article will tell you how to make a video cover, its technical parameters, and give you tips on design.

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The popular Lalafanfan duck

The secret of Lalafanfan’s mass popularity is not only her cute appearance, but also her ability to dress her in a variety of fashionable outfits. This kinship with the popular doll of yesteryear. Barbie, for which various outfits, accessories, a house, and even a friend Ken were also designed. As in the case of Barbie, you can buy various fashionable outfits for your Lalafan duck, and change them as you wish.

make, tiktok

You can buy a Lalafanfan doll with a basic kit already ready, but this can cost a significant amount (from 2,000). But you can make it simpler, and create a Lalafanfan duck out of paper by coloring it with felt-tip pens. Also with the help of paper and felt-tip pens you can create the right clothes for your duck, and dress her in the styles that suit her according to your taste.

Let’s take a detailed look at the instructions, according to which you can make Lalafanfan duck and clothes for it from sheets of ordinary paper.

How to make a slideshow in Tick tock from photos

To make a slideshow in tic-tac-toe, first of all, you need to go into the application and proceed with the next steps.

  • Note, at the bottom of the panel there is an icon (menu for creating a new video). It is necessary to click on it;
  • In the bottom right corner, you’ll see a download panel, which you’ll need not just to record a video, but to create a slideshow;
  • Next, the panel will open, which presents all the media files available in the phone. Why not photos, but media files? Not photos, but media files. Here are the photos and videos that are in your phone and you can diversify if you want. Add photos, videos and make the most interesting videos for your subscribers in the slideshow;
  • Once you check all the materials to create, the slideshow function will appear at the top of the panel, it will allow you to create the desired video;
  • Next, you will see the menu of frame settings and overlaying effects, where the further work depends on you and your imagination. When you finish customizing, click Next and publish the result.

Making a video in tick tock from photos is simple!

Adding inscriptions

Now let’s figure out how to add text to the slideshow in a tick tock on the slideshow, which will help you better understand the meaning of the video, enhance and allow you to add some Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the slideshow creator.

In the basic functionality of slide show creation, there is no text section. Do not worry, it is possible to create a text. There are sections here. music overlay and effects. Go to the section effects, in the menu that opens, you will see an item to add text, stickers, etc., which will complement the video.

Adjust the speed of the slideshow

Adjust the speed of frame flipping, you can on your own or the proposed options of the application. In the slideshow editing and effects overlay menu, you’ll see a separate box where you can adjust the speed of flipping. Each slide has a speed setting. The same for all frames and different for slides. Everything is customizable.

The main purpose of a tutorial is to teach subscribers something useful. Tic Toc users share a variety of instructions. Some teach how to shoot cool music videos, some share lessons on vocals, dancing, or extreme stunts.

  • How to make an interesting video with transitions. Show the shot from the side;
  • Interesting Instagram “tricks”. Other social media themes are also popular in Tic Toc;
  • smartphone functions. Show what features this or that phone has;
  • Cooking. Cooking tutorials;
  • Tutorial content.

You can record one to several videos for each topic. The user needs to use a tripod, good lighting, and help from around to make the video interesting.

make, tiktok

How to record a music video

To make a tutorial video in Tik Tok, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Choose a theme for the video. It is better to talk about what the author is well versed in. A simple clip with masks and effects, a guide to creating challanges or a duet with famous bloggers can be used as an example.
  • Record video. The maximum video length is 60 seconds. If desired, the video can be sped up by a factor of 3, so that 60 seconds contains more material. Main thing is to keep speech intelligibility.
  • add text and hashtags. Using the built-in video editing tools, add captions to the clip, changing fonts and colors. You can highlight important moments in contrasting colors and subtitles in black or white. Use hashtags to effectively distribute the video;
  • Search for material using the “Interesting” or “Trending” section. The latest tutorials and Challenges are added to the searchable catalog of the social network.

Having chosen the theme, you need to select the inventory (if necessary), set up the camera.

Tik Tok has hands-free video recording. This mode can be activated by turning on the timer. You can specify a time interval when the recording starts: from three seconds up to 15 seconds.

Example tutorial

To see examples of tutorials, you can use the appropriate hashtag, writing in English or in Russian.

  • Go to Tik Tok. from the bottom: “Interesting”.
  • Type in search: “Tutorials” or “ProLifehacks”.
  • Watch sample videos.

The user can take the masks that have been applied to the clip by other authors:

  • Go to the clip. click on the triplet at the bottom.
  • To try this sticker. go to the menu to create a clip.
  • Take a simple topic (e.g., how to make breadcrumbs from a dry loaf).
  • Record the first part of the video clip. stop recording.
  • Make the second part. go to the tool: “Text”.
  • Click: “Effects” select the time where the effect will be shown.
  • Publish.

You should add to the tags those directly related to the shooting topic and tutorials.

What is “Stitch” and how to use the new feature in TickTock

Although the U.S. government intends to ban TikTok, this process will take a considerable amount of time, but in the meantime the app is functioning normally and recently received another update. With the new “Stitch” feature, you can add a 5-second clip to your old video, or even to videos from other users.

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