How to make a wax for hair removal

Why wax: 5 advantages of waxing

According to cosmetologists, waxing is the best way to get rid of unwanted body hair. Wax can remove hair on the face, legs, arms, bikini zone, armpits. The recommended length of hair for waxing. about 5-7 mm, short hairs will not capture and remove, longer hairs need to be trimmed a little.

Hair removal with wax. Main advantages

  • The waxed area will remain smooth for a long time (at least 2-3 weeks), because the hair is removed along with the hair follicle;
  • Minimum contraindications to use;
  • affordable price;
  • can be done both in the salon and at home;
  • Hair after systematic hair removal grows less stiff, in some areas of the body ceases to appear and almost does not grow.

Waxing. quite a painful procedure, especially for women with sensitive and delicate skin. Therefore, the first time hair removal with wax, especially in the bikini zone, after using a razor or special creams, it is recommended to do in a beauty salon. The beautician will show how to properly apply the product, take care of the skin before and after the procedure, recommend what kind of wax is better to use at home for each area of the body.

How to properly do depilation with wax at home

Waxing is the best way to remove facial and body hair. Despite some painfulness and special preparation, the great advantage will be quite high efficiency of the procedure. Depilation with wax can be carried out not only in beauty salons, but even at home. Analgesic ointment for depilation will help make the procedure less painful.

This is what we will talk about in our article. How to properly do waxing at home for different parts of the body using different methods is explained in detail in the information below.

How to prepare wax for depilation at home: proven recipes and methods of melting

Wax for home depilation session is quite possible to prepare your own, buying the necessary ingredients in a beauty supply store. Classic recipes involve the use of beeswax with the addition of additional ingredients. All the devices that you will need to melt the material, you can easily find in every home. Next, all that remains is to prepare the composition and perform the procedure.

Methods of melting

Using wax for depilation at home, you do not need to purchase special appliances in the form of a heater to melt the wax. Home remedies are good for this purpose. You can melt the composition in a water bath.

Melting appliances:

Please note! Choose a large pan, a small pan can cause the wax to spurt out and end up on an open flame, this will cause a fire.

  • Fill the pan to one-third full with water. A container of wax is placed in the center, with the edges of the pot with the composition above the water level;
  • The pot is placed on the stove, with a low heat, the contents are constantly stirred with a spatula;
  • Place the container on the fire for about 10 minutes. Make sure that no water gets into the wax;
  • When the consistency is homogenous, the pot can be removed.

Additional Information. Having an electric stove is an advantage because the paraffin, which becomes gaseous when heated, can be exposed to the burner flame.

Some experts melt the wax in the microwave oven. In such cases, you need a container (suitable for microwave ovens) with wax, a spatula and a thermometer.

  • Place the material in a container and put it in the oven;
  • Set the time for melting, how much you need depends on the characteristics of the microwave. At medium oven power, the timer is set for 45 seconds;
  • Check the temperature of the wax.

The finished product has the consistency of liquid honey. Applicator or wooden spatula a thin layer of hot wax is applied to the depilatory area along the hair growth. The thicker the hair, the thicker the layer required for effective epilation. Then over the wax mass by pressing tissue strips, leaving one edge free. This is what you hold on to when it comes time to remove the wax tape with the hair.

Drop the depilation product on your skin to see if it’s warm enough. The wax should not be hot enough to leave a burn, or barely warm. little viscous and poorly distributed on the surface of the skin.

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Small droplets of blood often appear in the place where the plucked hair grows. It is absolutely normal.

Waxing, or vaxing, is one of the most affordable and popular methods of getting rid of hairiness, which can be easily applied at home. It allows you to remove hair with the roots, but the hair follicles, located deep in the skin, remain unaffected.

So with this method you can forget about unwanted hair for a not very long time. After some time they will grow back, though probably not as thick. In addition, with each waxing, the hairs will become thinner and thinner.

The first experiences with hair removal can be traced back to Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. In those days, to get rid of unwanted hair, resorted to the use of tweezers and waxing. Razors were invented in the 16th century.

make, hair, removal

The advantages of waxing at home are:


  • Removal of hair from large areas of the body in one procedure;
  • duration of the effect of up to six weeks;
  • low cost of the procedure;
  • affordability.

Disadvantages of the waxing procedure at home:

  • soreness;
  • skin irritations in the form of redness and swelling;
  • burns;
  • folliculitis and ingrown hair as side effects;
  • Pigmentation of the skin (when getting waxed skin under direct sunlight);
  • hair for waxing must be 5-10 mm in length;
  • Difficult process of cleaning the skin from the wax;
  • laboriousness of removing wax from different surfaces in case of accidental contact.

Types of waxing for waxing

There are several techniques on how to do vaxing at home and in salons:

  • technique of epilation with warm wax;
  • epilation with hot wax;
  • The technique of cold waxing with wax strips;
  • Waxing in cartridges and with tissue strips.

What you need for the procedure

To carry out the procedure by any of the methods you will need a certain set for waxing at home.

So, when using hot and warm wax, you need to buy it at a drugstore or cosmetology store. For stiff hair it is better to use the hard varieties. The product can be sold in jars, disks, metal containers, granules, and cartridges. A variety of oils and fragrances are added.

To melt the wax, you will need a container. You can buy a wax melter. a machine for depilation, which greatly simplifies the procedure at home.

To apply it on the skin use a wooden or plastic spatula. You will also need strips of cloth. To clean the skin from the remaining wax particles, you need to get any vegetable oil in advance. Sets of strips with wax applied to them for cold waxing are also sold in beauty stores.

You can not buy wax, and make your own. You can take the following ingredients: beeswax (100 g), rosin (200 g), paraffin (50 g). Mix them and put them in the water bath to melt. Cool to a temperature of 40 degrees.

Second recipe: carnauba wax (360 g), white beeswax (130 g), glycerin (7 ml), 2 drops of any essential oil. In a water bath, melt the wax, and after a few minutes of cooling, add glycerin and your essential oil. The product is ready to use once it has cooled to a comfortable working temperature. Can be kept in the refrigerator and melted in the microwave, as needed

Waxing. what is it

Waxing is a method of removing unwanted hair on various areas of the human body. This cosmetic procedure is a type of epilation, in which hair is removed by applying a mass of melted wax on the treated area and removing it in solidified form together with unwanted hair.

Removing wax from the surface of the body is carried out in several ways: for this purpose, you can use special paper strips, and the hair can also be removed in a simpler way. by hand.

make, hair, removal

Predominantly the procedure has been introduced for the care of the intimate areas, and this is for a reason. Waxing is one of the few ways to effectively remove excess body hair without causing severe allergic reactions or cuts.

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But in a short period of time, having taken on board all the advantages of this cosmetic procedure, many salons began to use waxing everywhere.

Brazil is considered the homeland of the procedure, that is why everywhere, especially in the USA, it is possible to hear about the procedure as Brazilian vaxing. In the general cosmetological practice this method entered under the concept of total hair removal, but in just a few years vaksing has acquired several varieties.

It is practiced the incomplete removal of hair, which created a real fashion for the decorative trimming of intimate area hair.

Today there are 4 styles of waxing.

Let’s consider each of them in more detail:

  • The American style: implies the removal of excess hair solely along the line of the passage of the swimsuit, and all that is inside, remains untouched.
  • French style: waxing over the swimsuit area, with a partial extension of the areas of the procedure.
  • Brazilian style: complete removal of excess body hair, but different areas of the body may remain untouched for decorative purposes.
  • Full Brazilian depilation: is to remove hair on all problem areas.

The world of waxing. choose the best

The main difference between waxes for depilation is its temperature use: cold, warm and hot. Facial waxing (for the sensitive area above the upper lip it is better to use cold and warm wax). But the next question arises. what kind of wax to remove facial hair, what type to prefer for depilation of delicate skin? Choose!

Waxing strips. Cold type wax bioepilation is recommended for women who have no experience in such procedures. Cold waxes are sold in any cosmetics store. It is applied in advance on special paper strips.

This is interesting! The wax strips have an important advantage. They are affordable, reusable and gentle on the skin. And ideal for removing stubborn hairs above the lips.

The best wax strips (facial hair removal wax) have only natural ingredients: beeswax, botanicals to soften the skin and special additives that slow hair growth.

And to avoid getting lost in waxing strips from different manufacturers, check out a review of the best brands:

make, hair, removal
Name Brief description
Veet Strips can be selected for a different skin type, the composition includes natural ingredients
Byly Scented strips with a variety of scents, the kit includes and nursing cloths (they are used before and after the procedure)
Shary Contains plant extracts, these strips are not suitable for too short hairs
Deep depil The most affordable, but, according to reviews, not particularly effective, they have to be used several times
Avon Cost effective (can be cut to size), efficient and inexpensive
Acorelle Completely natural composition, which includes almond oil and aloe juice, strips are ideal for depilation of sensitive and dry skin
Beauty imaqe Depilation strips with natural content and mild, gentle action
Cliven The set includes 24 strips and waxing cloths to remove wax residue, so it’s effective and reasonably priced

Attention! Even if your skin is not prone to allergies, before a full facial waxing procedure, be sure to test the wax strips for sensitivity!

Wax cartridges. Economical and convenient option for waxing at home. The wax is easy to apply to the skin with the special nozzle.

For effective use, it is also desirable to buy a wax melter. this depilation involves the use of warm wax (it must be heated).

According to reviews, the most effective means for depilation of tendrils of wax in cartridges produced by: Depileve, Cristaline, Veet, Depilflax, Kapous, White Line, Rica, MayStar, Depilia and NeoPlox.

Wax in jars. The main advantage of such a product is the presence of care products. But this wax is difficult for home use, it is usually used by craftsmen professionals. Before using, the wax is heated in the microwave or on a special heating unit to a temperature of 37-38⁰ °C.

The best jar wax has the following manufacturers: Veet, White Line, Depilflax, Xanitalia, Planet Nails, JessNail and DepiProf.

After heating, the warm wax is applied with a spatula to the skin areas and kept until it cools down. Remove hairs with paper strips stuck on the wax layer.

Wax in granules. The most convenient product for waxing small areas of the skin around the nasolabial triangle. This wax melts easily and is quick to apply.

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According to women, the high efficiency at the granular wax firms such as: Depilflax, Depilica and White Line.

Wax in disks. Another ideal option for upper lip waxing. The difference of such a product is good quality wax and thick consistency. It is melted at a temperature of 45-47⁰.

According to reviews the best wax in discs offer the following companies: Beauty Image, Depilflax, White Line and Kapous.

What ingredients are used and how to properly prepare the product for waxing

You can buy everything you need in specialized cosmetic stores. It is important to choose products of natural origin, suitable for the preparation of wax paste. For the base is suitable not only beeswax, which is better to buy from a familiar beekeeper, but also other materials. These are so-called palm (carnauba) wax, rosin, paraffin. Paraffin is necessarily added to the mixture for greater plasticity, and essential oils and other natural additives help to flavor the composition and give it additional useful properties.


Natural wax is often sold in pellets. It is free from impurities and used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Can vary in color from cloudy white to brown, depending on the type of plant from which the pollen was collected. The most valuable and useful is considered to be yellowish-brown wax, the main thing is that the desired shade is not artificially created by adding dyes to the composition.

What else to pay attention to:

  • Uniformity of structure. Visually, no foreign matter, dirt or solid residue should be visible.
  • The authenticity of the wax is easy to check by knocking on the briquette. If it breaks, the product is natural. The fake will simply crumple upon impact.
  • On the briquette you can usually discern a small depression in the middle. A large concavity indicates the product is not of natural origin.
  • At the points where it is cut or broken, the real wax will be slightly matt.
  • If you scratch the briquette with a knife or other sharp object, the wax will form swirling strips and the counterfeit will just crumble.
  • A small amount of natural wax becomes malleable when kneaded in your hands.
  • After kneading the wax crumbs, there will be no greasy residue or feeling of stickiness on the hands. Such a sensation usually appears when foreign impurities are added to the composition.

The natural wax will retain its original color after heating. The exception. the wax with a lot of propolis will have a slightly greenish tint. The effectiveness of depilation and useful properties of the composition will not be affected.

Palm wax

Specialized stores may offer palm or carnauba wax for the preparation of the composition. This product is obtained from the leaves of a special species of palm trees growing mostly in Brazil. Appearance: an odorless, yellowish flake of dense consistency. This product is most often used in the preparation of wax formulations for depilation in case of individual intolerance to bee products. It is completely hypoallergenic, softens the skin well and helps to moisturize it additionally.


Rosin is added as an auxiliary ingredient to the depilation composition. It improves the adhesion of the compound to the skin, contributes to the plasticity of the composition. For cosmetic purposes it is best to use natural pine rosin, which has a characteristic surface sheen and a yellowish-brown color.


In recipes for preparing homemade waxing mixture, you can often find paraffin. This substance is obtained by refining petroleum products. Paraffin appears white, hard and oily to the touch. Virtually odorless and tasteless. You should only choose a pure white mixture, a yellowish tint indicates poor quality purification. In the wax mixture, paraffin is “responsible” for plasticity and provides additional moisture to the skin. And about shugaring you can learn here.

Under no circumstances should you use paraffin wax sold in construction stores. For wax paste, it is better to buy this ingredient in cosmetic stores.

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