How to make an Americano in a coffee machine

Caffè Americano. recipe with photo

Americano. One of the most common coffee drinks. Its recipe is very simple. We take as a base a portion of espresso, to which we add water. As a result, we get a hot black beverage, of different strengths and flavors. It depends on how much water is in the drink.

There are quite a few recipes and ways to make an Americano. Now we will get acquainted with them.

Common characteristics

Americano is a way of making coffee, which consists of the combination of a certain quantity of hot water and espresso.

Let’s consider the general characteristics of this drink. For convenience, they are summarized in a table.

Choosing the type of coffee for an Americano

Some coffees produce a slight sourness in the finished beverage during the brewing process. An americano, on the other hand, is particularly acidic.

For those who like this aftertaste in their coffee, experienced baristas recommend brewing the drink with a mixture of several Arabica varieties. In this case the preferred roasting for the beans is Full City.

If you want a noble bitterness in the aftertaste of your drink, it is better to choose a blend of 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta. This also results in a higher coffee strength, because Robusta has more caffeine than Arabica.

Here it is worth mentioning that americano from a blend of robusta and arabica beans has a more dense and steady crema than a coffee made only from arabica beans.

At the same time, a blend with a Robusta percentage above 10% has a less intense flavor and a more pronounced bitterness. Such a drink is best drunk with milk.

Using Kenyan Arabica in the coffee-making process gives the drink a hint of peppery piquancy. But the Indian Arabica has a chocolate flavor with a slight hint of acidity If you mix these types of Arabica and make an Americano and dilute it with water in proportion of 1:3, then the drink will have a rich and dense taste.

Fans of warm, chocolatey coffee tones will appreciate the Vienna roasted beans. If we are talking about a dark roasting. French or Italian. the ready beverage will have a more bitter aftertaste.

Strong roasted beans are better to be taken if espresso is diluted with water in the ratio of no more than 1:2. 1 part espresso and 2 parts water. Less concentrated coffee has an unpleasant bitter aftertaste, which has to be masked by sugar, milk and other additives.

Beans grinding

An Americano should be made with fine espresso beans. Less commonly, the beverage is made with medium-powdered beans.

The coarser the bean, the less intense the taste of the espresso. And considering that this way of making an americano requires water to dilute the espresso, you end up with a coffee drink that tastes unimpressive.

A coffee maker for an Americano

To make an americano you need an espresso machine with a minimum of 9 bars pressure in the espresso chamber. If possible, the coffee machine should have a separate tap for hot water.

How to make an Americano

It’s the same espresso, but diluted with a lot of hot water. This coffee recipe was developed in Italy during World War II as an alternative to the traditional filter-coffee made by American soldiers by pouring boiling water over a filter with a layer of ground coffee. Gourmet Italians find this way of making their favorite drink sacrilegious and offer their own variant. With time it became popular not only among Americans, but also among many health-minded Europeans, because it has less caffeine than espresso, making it a delicious dish to drink.

A typical cup of Americano is 120 ml. Served in a cup of up to 180 ml.

There are several ways of making an Americano.

  • An Italian recipe calls for making espresso and then adding water to it at a ratio of 1:3. This process completely destroys the crema, which makes Americano a lot like filter coffee, the traditional coffee of North America.
  • Swedish recipe is based on the idea of keeping thick and fragrant foam. For this, first pour boiling water into a cup, and then add a thin stream of brewed espresso. This results in a steady, light crema and a more delicate and aromatic taste. Espresso to boiling water ratio is 1:3.

Restaurants often serve a glass of hot water and a separate espresso. In this way, the visitor has the opportunity to choose the proportions of his or her own Americano.

European recipe for an Americano

How to diversify the taste of coffee

Many people like the classic variant. coffee with cream. A light, creamy flavor softens the bitterness Lovers of original flavors add various ingredients to Americano. Additives reduce the level of caffeine, helping to diversify the taste, bringing it to a refined nuance:

  • Apricot, raspberry, and cherry syrups add fruity and berry notes;
  • Spices (cinnamon, vanilla, ginger) make the aroma richer;
  • mint refreshes the flavor;
  • Liqueur, grappa or rum turn Americano into a cocktail.

You can sweeten the drink not only with sugar. They add caramel syrup, honey or marshmallows. Cold coffee sprinkled with chocolate chips and chopped nuts makes an appetizing dessert.

Americano coffee recipes, drink composition

An Americano is a universal drink with many variations. To make an Americano at home you just need high quality coffee grounds and water. There are currently three ways to prepare this drink:

  • The traditional Italian method consists of brewing espresso and adding hot water to it, so that the espresso crema is almost completely destroyed by the water, and the final drink is made without espresso.
  • The Swedish (or Scandinavian) version, where an espresso is added to the hot water in the cup, which helps keep the thick foam on the surface of the drink.
  • The democratic European version. this is when water and espresso are served separately from each other. The idea is that the drinker himself decides how much water to add and in what sequence to mix the ingredients.

Americano can be made at home in a coffee machine or in a carafe, and it does not require any special knowledge. It can be made with a single serving of espresso or with a double serving (doppio).

In the coffee machine

Americano can be made in a coffee machine or a pressure cooker. When making an Americano in a coffee maker you just need to choose a type of coffee. In the coffee maker, the water passes through a coffee filter and you end up with a ready beverage.

  • Pour 7-8 grams (one cup) of ground coffee into the coffee machine;
  • Prepare the espresso. Do not brew it for more than 20-25 seconds, as this is considered the optimal time for a delicious and flavorful beverage. If you increase the brewing time in the coffee machine, the coffee will have a burnt, sour taste to it;
  • then pour hot water (about 80-90 degrees) into the finished espresso;
  • And that’s it. your Americano is ready.

Americano can be made without a coffee maker and without a coffee machine. You will need to brew espresso in a carafe, strain the resulting coffee, pour it into a cup and add hot water to it. Your drink is ready.

As you can see, an Americano is pretty easy to make. For those who like to experiment, you can add a variety of ingredients to the drink.


You can add cream or milk to a classic Americano. Depending on the concentration and the fat content the taste of the drink will depend on.

To make a creamy Americano you need to mix the cream with the coffee and add a cinnamon stick or sprinkle the ground cinnamon on top. Add sugar to taste.

Coffee with milk is a classic. Simply add milk to an americano and you get a soft mild mild coffee drink.

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With Cinnamon

Americano with cinnamon is another classic, just like coffee with milk. You can just sprinkle ground cinnamon on top, or you can make milk coffee with cinnamon. To do this, “boil” a cinnamon stick in the milk, put it on low heat and bring it to a boil. Then mix the resulting brown milk with the espresso. finished.

With syrups

Black Americano coffee goes well with many toppings, like syrups. Especially popular are chocolate and maple syrup.

If you want something fresher, try a minty Americano. You need an espresso, then add mint syrup and dilute with hot water. The result is a very special and refreshing taste.

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You do not have to stop at these recipes, but can mix the ingredients into your coffee, trying to find the right proportions.

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Americano. Classic recipe

You don’t have to have a coffee maker to make Caffè Americano. You can use an ordinary coffee maker.

Recipe for an Americano:

  • Grind the coffee beans very finely and mix with the sugar.
  • Pour the coffee mixture into a mug, slowly heat it up.
  • Then pour warm water on top and bring to the boil.
  • Take the maker off the heat and stir the coffee gently, without allowing it to boil.
  • Re-load the jug on the fire and slowly bring it to the boil.
  • Cover the coffee pot with the lid and leave it to stand for a few minutes to allow the sediment to settle to the bottom.
  • Pour the coffee into a warmed cup and pour the pre-cooked, slightly cooled boiling water over it.

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Coffee improves mental alertness, stimulates and invigorates. But people with cardiovascular and thyroid diseases should not drink it. Americano can increase blood pressure. Coffee should not be drunk by pregnant women at risk of miscarriage, as well as people with increased irritability.

Americano is not indicated for people suffering from constipation.

If a person is contraindicated to caffeine, then you can drink a drink with chicory. It tastes just like coffee. It is completely harmless and shown to those who suffer from tachycardia, thyroid disease. Decaffeinated coffee is also available today and is a good substitute. This beverage is served in many coffee houses in Europe and America, Russia and Asia

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