How to make an electric meat grinder from a mechanical one

Powerful homemade 750 watt meat grinder

Beginners are afraid of the electrical part and do not know how to assemble the meat grinder. No complications. The meat grinder inside contains a collector motor, the other is not suitable for reasons of cost or lack of stability. Part consists of a shaft with rotor windings, housing with stator and brushes with contacts. Scientifically, you must first install the shaft, but the rotor will not go in if you forgot to remove the brushes before repairing. Make sure that the contacts on the springs are removed.

Otherwise, using a simple screwdriver, remove the brushes, remembering in advance where it was. Do not insert reverse side more often because of the design. Brushes are in the middle of the collector, there is no great difference (although experienced craftsmen lapped graphite). So, carefully put the shaft in place.

Lithol grease the shaft bearings. The shaft rotates softly, quietly, without rustling. Note. there is no need to lubricate the rotor surface. Scientifically here, between the stator and the rotor, a small gap.

For proper operation of a collector motor uses varistors for over-voltage protection, thyristor speed correction circuit. You need to know how to solder in order to replace electronic components. If the steel does not pick up (and should not), buy a special acid for cleaning and surface preparation purposes in a store. Using a soldering iron you can quickly achieve the effect.

Scheme on the thyristor is simple. Before assembling make sure that it works, that the output voltage is 220 V. Read more about testing methods on the forums. It is permissible to assemble the meat grinder without an adjustment board at all. The meat grinder will run at a single speed, and the speed will fluctuate greatly depending on the surges of mains voltage and the load applied to the shaft.

make, electric, meat, grinder, mechanical

The exact algorithm for assembling a meat grinder depends on the specific design of the appliance. For example, the meat grinder Belvar Helper has three steps, and the gears are plastic, and overload protection is located on the shaft sleeve, otherwise arranged Bosch. Subtlety comes with experience, gained on an individual basis. Details. loaf master, will not disclose.

How to assemble the electric meat grinder correctly

Consultant in a furniture store. 5 years experience.

Assembling an electric meat grinder is no more complicated than a manual instance. Detailed instructions, often illustrated, are in the owner’s manual for each specific appliance. In general, the procedure for assembling the device is as follows.

    First you have to insert the auger into the socket on the motor housing. Then fix it by turning it counterclockwise so that the part snaps into place. This ensures the correct operation of the mechanism, the transfer of force.

Main steps of the work

The first thing to do is to make the frame. To do this, you can use a metal corner or a profiled tube (in this case a corner is used).

We weld the square base of the frame, and then weld the two legs to it.

Also you have to make a platform for the electric motor. It must be rotary, which means it will be attached to the frame on hinges.

In addition, you will need to make and fixator for the platform to fix it in horizontal and vertical position.

Then we paint the frame and the motor body itself. When everything is ready, you can start to assemble.

We attach the electric motor to the slewing platform, and fix the electric motor to the frame.

Installing the pan (an additional platform is used to fix it). On the motor shaft we put the cutting blade.

For details on how to make a household electric meat grinder with your own hands, you can watch the video below. This idea belongs to the author of the YouTube channel HONG HA Vlogs.

The belt transmission and its disadvantages

Below is a list of the most common breakdowns of modern meat grinders:

In fact, belt-driven mincers are the cheapest today. Their design is based on the fact that the drive is connected to the blade by a belt. The rotation of the motor (not directly, of course, but through a reducer) feeds the rotation to the knife.

There are several buttons on the multi-food grinder. They control the speed of the motor. For example, high speed is not required to grind fruits or vegetables. However, for making mincemeat out of tough meat, this option comes in handy.

The belt is made of rubber. Consequently, no matter how carefully the meat grinder is stored, over time the rubber dries out, it becomes more brittle. Eventually, the force required to grind the meat is not processed and the rubber belt is torn apart.

Repair of electric meat grinder. with your own hands

An electric selmer meat grinder is of course more convenient in our domestic use compared to a simple mechanical meat grinder.

The electric circuit of the meat grinder can be referred to the simpler circuits.

As with every household appliance, the meat grinder has its own causes for malfunctions:

and other reasons. Untimely maintenance of what can be attributed to?. Let’s say a poorly sharpened cutting edge of the blades. In this example, both the electric motor of the multi-food grinder and the electric circuit of the multi-food grinder are under load, which can cause failure of both the electric motor itself and the capacitor in the electric circuit of the multi-food grinder.

You can’t name all the reasons at once. Let’s assume you bought the multi-food grinder in winter time, brought it home and plugged it in at once. In a warm room created condensation on the stator windings. you connected it and immediately burned out the electric motor of the meat grinder

For the correct use of household appliances, as it would be necessary to pay attention too

How to choose a meat grinder: we help you decide on the criteria

Choosing a meat grinder for your home can seem like both a fairly simple and not too trivial task: the fact is that different users have too different requirements for this appliance. It is clear that the selection criteria can vary significantly.

It is possible that for some tasks a manual mincer will be quite enough

Let’s find out what features a modern electric multi-food grinder has and what you should pay attention to in the first place.

How to make a power meat grinder from a #32 manual grinder.

Device of a meat grinder

Modern mincing machines are arranged approximately the same way: inside the body of the device the motor is hidden, a screw is attached to the motor, and to the screw. the knives that grind the meat. In the process of mincing the meat passes through a grid with holes of a certain diameter: in this way the granularity of minced meat is regulated.

“Samurai” knives Panasonic MK-GM1701

In addition to this (standard) set, the meat grinder can be equipped with additional attachments or accessories that expand the capabilities of the device. With these accessories, the meat grinder can perform the tasks of chopping, slicing, juicing, stuffing sausages, etc. п.


The body of modern electric mincer in most cases is made of plastic and it is absolutely reasonable decision. there are no excessive loads on its share, and plastic is elementary easier to use than plastic. However, there are variants, when the plastic body is “clad” on the outside with metal (mostly stainless steel) plates, and even all-metal bodies (usually made of aluminum).

It is believed that metal framed enclosures will, on average, prove more durable than plastic, and will also be easier to clean. In fact, there is some truth in it: for example, in the case of a fall a metal sheet will form a dent, and the plastic body risks cracking or even splitting. In addition, the metal body will be easier to clean (although we note that cleaning the body after using the device will be much less difficult than cleaning the parts that are in direct contact with the products).

Plastic housing is not always a disadvantage (Bosch ProPower MFW66020)

In most cases, the choice of housing material is a matter of taste, although, once again, in the more expensive and prestigious models, metal elements are more common.

And what is actually much more important than the material is the presence of a handle for carrying and a recess for winding the electric cord on the body of the multi-food grinder.

Main working parts

The main parts of a modern meat grinder are the nozzle, auger, knife nut and a set of perforated grates. The knife and the grates are made of steel (sometimes stainless, sometimes not), the other parts are made of aluminum or silumin (aluminum-silicon alloy). In practice, this means that the nozzle, auger and nut cannot be washed in the dishwasher. they will get blackened and dirty.

Silumin is usually used in cheaper models and aluminum in more expensive ones, but there are plenty of exceptions to this rule. Most likely you will not notice any difference between the silumin and aluminum parts, but theoretically silumin is more fragile: you can break a silumin part by applying enough force.

Standard elements of any meat grinder that deserve special attention when choosing

It is almost impossible to find on the market models with steel nozzle, auger and nut. Taking into account that some models cost tens of thousands, we can’t find a rational explanation for it. for such money they could be at least made of ingots

In most cases, a buyer can only visually control the quality of knives and grates: check the absence of technical burrs on the grate, check the sharpness of the knife “by eye”, etc. п.

Unfortunately, such a superficial inspection will not be able to give a comprehensive answer to the question about the quality of knife sharpening and how long it will last. That is to say, blatantly shoddy workmanship of details will certainly make you suspect that it is better to refrain from this purchase, but no one is insured from the situation when a good looking knife will blunt much earlier than you expect it to blunt. So the only source of answers to these questions is user reviews and reviews of specific models on topical resources.

Some circumstantial signs can help to ensure at least that the manufacturer has not saved every penny. for example, the thickness of grates and their number, the thickness reserve of the knife to the thickness, providing for multiple sharpening.

nozzle attachment

The nozzle of a modern meat grinder, as a rule, is attached to the body with a special connector. The fixation is made with the help of a rotary mechanism and automatic latch, or with a special lever handle. The most archaic design should be recognized the design with a pressure screw: about the reliability and workmanship of the meat grinder, it, by and large, says nothing. but it’s just inconvenient.

The press screw would have to be tightened and then loosened each time

Sometimes the transmission of torque from the motor to the nozzle is done through a special plastic sleeve. The strength of this element is designed so that if the auger jams (for example, when hitting a hard object) in the first place it will fail, and not any other element. Replacement bushings can sometimes be found in the delivery set, and sometimes you have to go to the service center for them. In general, the presence of such insurance should be considered useful, because without it there is a chance of burning the engine.

Metal connector for attachment of the attachment: Bosch ProPower MFW66020

What you can make out of an old meat grinder: ideas for conversions

New technologies appear on the market at an increasing rate. Many household products are losing demand among customers.

Therefore, hand grinders have almost exhausted their relevance in the kitchen, but have gained a new application in the field of decor.

The same applies to electrical products that have failed. They’re being used to create new appliances needed in the household.

Important! Folk craftsmen proved that it is not necessary to throw away the product. You can always find another use for it.

Let us tell you what you can make from an old meat grinder.

Ideas for using the manual meat grinder

In today’s world, electric meat grinders have all but superseded mechanical ones. Traditional kitchen appliance of the past is gradually migrating from household pantries to the garbage chute. However, applying a little imagination and creative skills, an old meat grinder can be turned into a unique vintage interior decoration item.

make, electric, meat, grinder, mechanical


Lovers of houseplants will appreciate the original flowerpot.

For this purpose, it is enough to fix the meat grinder on a window sill and fill the body with earth.

How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner using bottle. Easy Way

Light fixture

An original lighting fixture will attract the attention of guests. Both the body of the product and the base of the fixing clamp are used for the lamp base. And lovers of special coziness use the device as a candle holder, placing a candle inside the body.


At home, you can use an old meat grinder as a towel or toilet paper holder. In the case instead of spare parts put a suitable cutter, the meat grinder itself is attached to the surface.

For needlewomen

The kitchen appliance is also used in the spheres of stationery and needlework. The body can accommodate items for writing or a puffy needle case.

Interior decorations

Skilled craftsmen use the meat grinder body and its parts to create original installations to decorate the interior.

Using internal components

Not only the body can be used in everyday life. The internal and external components that are in the meat grinder can also be used in the household or decorating.


The grid is suitable for making a potato masher. The grid should be carefully sanded with sandpaper. A pin is inserted into the central hole to serve as a handle and fastened with bolts. It is recommended to equip the upper part with a silicone insert for more comfortable use and safe contact with the skin.


The handles from an old meat grinder can be used to create hooks for clothes

Such a product looks very original and creative.

Useful products from the electric meat grinder

Its use in the economy is not only a mechanical product. A broken electric meat grinder can also be used to make new appliances. A functioning motor will help in the creation of many household and household appliances.


By attaching the blades and fasteners, you can get a small room fan. Thus the owner saves on the purchase of a new device and finds a use for a broken electrical device. After all, a fan is a useful household appliance in hot weather. It will also be an indispensable helper for every housewife engaged in cooking.


Men in the economy will be useful abrasive mini-machine or grinder. They are also assembled using a motor. In everyday life, such products are used for sharpening metal products: axes, knives, disks. Specialized stores offer a wide selection of such products. However, it is notable for its high price. Therefore, self-assembly of components from electric grinder Philips or other models will save the budget significantly and will come to the taste of technology lovers.

Important! The assembly process of the electrical appliances must be carried out in strict compliance with the safety regulations. Failure to follow the rules can lead to injury.

Old things often get a new life. Even such ordinary kitchen items as a manual or electric meat grinder can become a harmonious and original piece of interior. The main thing is to apply a little creativity and use a little free time.

Materials and tools required

To convert a manual machine into an electric one, you will need a few spare parts, most of which are present in the household of a skilled person.

  • Manual meat grinder.
  • Slave, drive belt drive pinions or pulleys.
  • DC electric motor with reduction gear.
  • Motorama.
  • V-belt or toothed belt.
  • Bolt with a thread diameter similar to the locking screw.
  • Power connector.
  • A two-position power switch.
  • 12-16V PSU.
  • Thick plywood.
  • Self-tapping screws and other assorted fasteners.

Almost all parts of the manual mincer are needed for production, except the handle. You can safely throw it away.

Electric meat grinder with your own hands in 5 minutes

Hello dear readers. Don’t buy an electric meat grinder until you’ve finished reading this article. The essence of it is to combine a screwdriver and an ordinary meat grinder, the result is a kind of portable miracle. Cordless portable meat grinder that you can take with you anywhere. I bet not many people can boast of such a thing.

Advantages of a homemade meat grinder

To assess the benefits let’s compare this device with the factory-made electric meat grinder.

  • Price. almost free, since most people have everything at home.
  • Not tied to the power outlet. take it anywhere you want: camping, fishing, or even to the country house.
  • Mode Switching.
  • The possibility of breaking bones with a screwdriver ratchet.
  • Versatility (easy to turn into a regular meat grinder).
  • Easy assembly.

After all of the above, let’s admit to ourselves that we use a meat grinder 2-3 times a year. Therefore, there is no point in buying the factory one.

You’ll need

Bolt must be taken with the same thread, which is screwed into the shaft of the auger.

Assembling the electric meat grinder with an electric screwdriver

Clamping the screw into the screwdriver chuck. Try to center the bolt better so that there is a minimum of runout during operation.

Check by screwing the screw into the auger.

If everything is okay, install the auger in the housing and screw the screw sticking out of the screwdriver into it.

Install the blade.

Putting on the knife-grid.

make, electric, meat, grinder, mechanical

Screwing on the clamping nut.

Checking. All done!

See video

Now I suggest you watch a video of this device. Fish is used as an example. Runout of course there, but they are not critical, at least nothing jumps out of hand. Thank you for your attention!

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