How to make curls with a hair straightener

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How to make curls with a hair straightener. Step-by-step instructions

The hair straightener can be used not only as a smoothing device to get rid of wavy strands, but also as a tool with which you can make voluminous curls.

How to: Easy Flat Iron Curls (No Twisting!)

Despite the simple structure of the iron, which consists of a heating plate, thermostat and frame, it is able to create the most unusual types of curls of varying degrees of curling, especially if the set to the straightener has appropriate attachments.

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Hair Conditioning

Beauty is certainly necessary, but health is much more important. Agreed? Then be sure to think about the condition of your curls and properly prepare them for the planned procedure. Otherwise you risk saying goodbye to an impressive part of the length.

  • Before curling your head, wash it thoroughly with shampoo.
  • Be sure to use conditioner, mask or balm while cleansing.
  • Don’t forget heat protection in the form of a spray or cream. A simple moisturizer for hands or face is not a bad preventive measure. It should be applied to the ends of the strands.
  • If you have too stiff, tough hair that is difficult to style, apply a little mousse, foam or gel.
  • Wait until the product is fully absorbed into the strands and they are dry.
  • The thinner the strands you take, the longer the curls you made will hold. And it looks so much neater and prettier hairstyle.

The speed at which the iron glides

How I used to do it: It was quite fast, because I wanted to keep my hair from burning in the heat.к. Worked at high temperatures and didn’t want to burn your hair

Perhaps the most important point. As soon as I started to slide the iron slower, all the styles began to work: the curls began to curl from the point where I made the first roll of the iron, not just on the ends (especially important for long hair).

The most important link: Temperature/slip speed. The cooler temperature made the iron glide more slowly; the curl seemed to glide more evenly over the entire length of the hair, even on longer hair.

Features of short, medium and long hair styling

How to curl short, medium and long hair flat iron for straightening, approaches are different. With long hair is easier to work with, you can apply any method of curling hair: the ends, and from the middle, and over the entire surface.

For short hairstyles more suitable iron with a small plate area. If your hair is thin, you can use the device to create a curved volume, twisting the plates at the root of the strands.

The wider the heating surface, the larger in diameter the curls will be.

On a small length of hair this kind of curling is not possible. With medium hair, it is preferable to curl the curls from the middle of the strand and the tips, forming structured elements or the effect of a light wave. For this purpose, such models of haircuts as a bob, a square-cut classic and on a leg are suitable.

Top Popular Styling Ways

There are many ways to create beautiful curls with a hair dryer. In any case, you can always turn to professionals, but it will take time and money. It is better to do it yourself, taking minimal time and saving a lot of money.

This method is recommended for all hair types, it is the easiest and fastest. And the time will not take more than 10 minutes.

  • Distribute the hair in separate areas, and then into narrow strands.
  • Clamp each one perpendicularly to the curls.
  • We wrap the tip around the appliance.
  • Move the device to an upright position and pull to the bottom.
  • After completing the action in a circle, remove the iron.

The above steps should be carried out with each strand, then slowly comb and fill the finished curls with varnish.

Thanks to this method, you can make light, natural curls in a minimum of time.

  • Separate the hair into thin sections.
  • Twist each one into a curl.
  • Clamp the tourniquet with the straightener and advance over the entire surface until the hair is heated.
  • Wait until it has cooled and then turn them.

If you want to create the most spectacular hairstyle, it is better not to touch the tips.

It is possible to give volume to thin and damaged hair with the help of a hair dryer, making beautiful curls.

  • The hair is divided into small strands.
  • Curl each of them on your finger and secure them with a bobby pin near the roots.
  • Slide up the hair near the neck for maximum volume.
  • Curled hair is held tightly between the plates of the device and wait for them to heat up well.

Finally, gently pull all hairpins out and distribute the locks.

A simple and affordable option to create beautiful curls in waves.

  • The strands are divided into small areas.
  • We take one, with the volume as a whole will depend on the thickness of the strand.
  • Use the hair straightener at the roots and hold it vertically.
  • Rotate around the axis along the length of the curl.
  • Repeat the process for the remaining strands.

After that your hair will get a classic spiral shape. If you want, you can comb through them, and then you get smooth transitions.

The next method allows you to make classic curls in a retro style.

  • Pick out the widest strand.
  • Pull back from the roots and press with the hair dryer to create a curve.
  • Moving the appliance lower, making a strip in a different direction.
  • We work one length at a time.

The remaining strands are recommended to alternate in curves so that they converge in the direction or go in a staggered pattern. Finished curls combed with fingers.

How to make curls with a hair dryer

Contributor(s): Gina Almona. Gina Almona is the owner of Blo It Out, a hair salon in New York City. Has over 20 years of experience. Her work has been featured in People Magazine, Time Out New York, and Queens Scene. Keeps abreast of the latest trends in the hairdressing industry, participating in shows and workshops such as the International Beauty Show. Trained at the Long Island School of Beauty, Astoria.

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The hair dryer can be used to make lush, bouncy curls that won’t look like rings. It will take some practice, but once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll look adorable and practically ready to hit the red carpet. Read on to learn how to make the curls of your dreams without a curling iron.

  • Use a quality curling iron. A good iron works faster, leaves hair smoother and less damaged than a low quality iron. It can make a big difference in the shine and evenness of your curls. [3] X
  • Set the iron to the warmest temperature possible for your hair type. If you have thin and not very thick hair, use a low temperature setting, below 150°C. For normal hair, 150-195°C is a suitable temperature. If you have thick, coarse or very frizzy hair, you can set the temperature to 175-205 °C. [4] X Source of Information
  • If you have thick hair, spray each strand separately. If you just spray it on top, it won’t cover the hair in depth.
  • Also brush out any tangles in your hair before using the iron.
  • Start at the bottom, from the ears and neck. Separate a layer of hair which will be your first layer of curls. Work comfortably with strands of 2.5 to 5 cm. Curl the rest of the hair up.
  • When you have curled the first layer, remove the hairpin and separate the second layer, and pin the rest of your hair up again. Continue to curl hair layer by layer.
  • At the ends: Start in the middle of the strand length, clamp the iron in place, and twist it back half a turn. The hair and the iron form a U-shape. Without changing the position of the iron, slowly move it down to the tips of your hair. The quicker you do this, the less noticeable the curl will be. If you like big soft curls at the ends, move the iron more slowly.
  • Along the entire length: Start as close to the scalp as possible (but not so close that you burn yourself), clamp the hair with the iron and turn it back half a turn as in the previous case. Slowly run the iron down to the ends of your hair. Again, the slower you move the iron, the tighter the curls will be. If you move quickly, you’ll get a weaker wave. [7] X Where did you get the information from?
  • See what comes out better. You may find that half a turn is enough, or that three-quarters of a turn gives the perfect result. Maybe some days you’ll curl your hair this way and other days you’ll curl it differently. All at your discretion!
  • Try to stick to one direction. It’s easy to curl the strands on one side in one direction, then switch hands and discreetly change direction. However, even if you accidentally twist your hair in different directions, you are likely to be the only one who notices. [9] X
  • On the other hand, alternating directions can look great too. Just choose a certain sequence and stick to it.
  • When curling, you squeeze the flat iron on each strand separately. For a regular curl you hold the strand over and slowly pull the iron down, about the same way you would curl a ribbon of paper that you tie on a present or a bouquet. [10] X
  • Use a non-aerosol spray. Aerosol will turn your hair into a clumpy mess.
  • Not too much hairspray, or it might get sticky and hard, which is not the effect you want.
  • Smaller strands will make smaller, tighter curls, and there will be more. If you want to curl your hair in rings, get strands no wider than 5cm.
  • Larger strands will give more lush, lighter curls that look a little more natural. For big curls, use strands that are wider than 5cm. [12] X
  • Use strands of varying sizes. You don’t have to curl all of your hair with just big strands or just small strands. For example in the face and on the crown you can make bigger curls that will create volume, and at the bottom. tighter and smaller. Try curling your hair in different ways and see which one you like best.
  • What’s different about different techniques? How you curl your hair, how quickly or slowly you move the iron, and how much you twist it. Experiment with these three variables to find the best fit.
  • You can curl not all of your hair. If a few strands remain straight or only slightly wavy, you get a natural, beach-inspired hairstyle.
  • For looser curls: gently run your fingers through your hair to ruffle it slightly. This gives your hair volume and a more relaxed, natural look. [13] X
  • For a firm hold: Spray a small amount of hairspray all over to keep curls defined and firm throughout the day. If the humidity is very high, you can also use an anti-humidity spray.

Gina Almona is the owner of Blo It Out, a hair salon in New York City. Has more than 20 years of experience. Her work has been written about in People Magazine, Time Out New York and Queens Scene. Keeps up with the latest trends in hairdressing by participating in shows and workshops, such as the International Beauty Show. Trained at the Long Island School of Beauty, Astoria.

How to curl hair with a blow dryer on medium to short hair

The waves that can be made with a flat iron work best on short hair.

Curling with the flat iron is a sure-fire way to create volume. Credit: Shutterstock

Light curling with a curling iron not only creates noticeable curls but also fashionable textures.

make, curls, hair, straightener

For instance, you can texture medium-length hair with a curling iron-say, if you have a classic or elongated braid. Credit: Shutterstock

7 ELEGANT Ways To Curl YOUR Hair With Straightener/ Flat Iron- EASY Curls For Medium To Long Hair

What is the difference between curling your hair with a blow dryer or a curling iron?? Depends on what kind of curls you want. For example, watch 4 different curlers on the YouTube channel All Things Hair:

What’s the right way to style your hair?

In order to properly do the styling, it is necessary to prepare:

    And then use foam or mousse.

  • Thermal protection.
  • Curling iron.
  • hairbrush. It is possible to use a regular hair curler or a fine-toothed one.
  • BANDS, Crab Curlers, Clips.
  • Hair fixation spray or nail polish.
make, curls, hair, straightener

Curling is done only on clean and well-dried hair. Therefore, hair must be washed and dried before the procedure. For volumizing you can use mousse.

Apply thermal protection 15 minutes before perming. This is enough time for it to be absorbed and dry. Hair should be combed to get the product on the entire length. To protect the ends, apply a special serum or spray additional thermal protection.

For a beautiful curling it is necessary to choose the right curling iron. What qualities a good iron should have:

  • It should be thermostatically controlled. Fine, light hair needs to be curled at a temperature below 120-150 degrees. If the curls are porous and stiff, you need to set the temperature to 200 degrees. Undamaged curls can be curled at an average temperature of 150 to 180 degrees.
  • The iron should have a ceramic top surface. It won’t pull individual curls and won’t make strands porous or brittle.
  • It is necessary to buy a straightener with a comfortable handle. A great option is a curling iron with a cord that rotates with the handle.
  • Straighteners should have a tight clamping ring. A light clamping version is best for straightening thick strands.
make, curls, hair, straightener

A curling iron should have rounded edges. It’s a good way to avoid those sudden and ugly crunches.

Hair with a curling iron: Curls on pins

To create this hairstyle with a curler, you need to twist a thin strand of hair on a hairpin. very tightly, around each end, repeating the shape of a figure of eight. After that, the hairpin with the strand twisted on it must be clamped for 5.7 seconds with a hot iron. The curls appear fine, crimped as if crimped. So if you don’t have a corrugator, you can easily replace it with an iron.

Circle curls

To create this hairstyle with a flat iron, twist a thin lock of hair on your finger and pinch the resulting ring between the plates of the styler. The result is a delicate, beautiful wave that can be created at home!

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