How to make hot chocolate in a coffee machine

Making hot chocolate in the coffee machine

In order to prepare a healthy drink in the coffee machine, it must be equipped with a special function. Therefore, when thinking about purchasing a fancy kitchen gadget, be sure to consider variations that include this option.

The Delonghi range includes models with which you can easily prepare hot chocolate at the touch of a button. They also come with a special jug in which the milk-chocolate mixture is whipped.

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According to most users’ reviews DeLongi equipment copes with its functions perfectly, is easy to work with and durable. It is purchased not only for use at home, but also for work in offices, coffee shops, restaurants.

The advantages of choosing Delonghi coffee machines:

  • The ideal price / quality ratio;
  • reliable construction, quality materials of components, long warranty period;
  • Ideal dimensions: compact size, but enough power to be compared to expensive professional equipment for restaurants;
  • good performance;
  • Convenient, clear interface, easy to use, LCD display, high-sensitivity touch-sensitive buttons;
  • Additional functions of auto-cleaning pitcher and cappuccinator, cup heating option;
  • The process of preparation of coffee and chocolate is fully automated, but it is easy to adjust the level of temperature, strength, sweetness, and even an individual recipe of your favorite drink;
  • volumetric pitcher, the ability to prepare two cups of drink at the same time;
  • Availability of a cappuccinator with a diverter tube.

This drink gives a lot of strength and energy. It contains a variety of vitamins necessary for the functioning of the body, antioxidants, flavonoids that strengthen blood vessels. Hot chocolate increases vitality and mood, improves memory, performance, and mental alertness, and is less harmful to the body, since it contains less sugar than solid chocolate.

Types of hot chocolate are mainly divided into types according to the method of preparation. There are such ways as French and Italian. Italian hot chocolate is thick and rich, that is why it is mostly not drunk and eaten with a spoon. French hot chocolate is more like cocoa. Many experts still do not agree on whether the hot chocolate is a drink or still a dessert.

Also, the method of preparation, and therefore the types of hot chocolate, depends on the following factors:

Using powder, specialty chocolates, or solid chocolate. There are also hot chocolate capsules especially for capsule coffee makers. So the type of hot chocolate depends on the chocolate base. Many gourmets advise you to use bitter chocolate for a classic drink. Milk and dark chocolates can also be used. Both the chocolate and the cooking powder must be of good quality in order to make the beverage as tasty as possible. When choosing a hot chocolate powder, make sure it does not contain large amounts of emulsifiers and stabilizers.

Using a liquid base. Cream, milk and water can be used as the base. With water, you get a light drink, but not a rich one. Hot chocolate based on cream or milk is more palatable, but also caloric.

Using additives. Sour cream, starch, rum, liqueur, ice cream, fruit and dried fruit are used to change and improve the taste. Coffee chocolate is no less popular.

Using spices. You can add vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, chili pepper, and cardamom to your drink. To give a special flavor, you can use salt, but only very little. Sweet tooth lovers can also add sugar.

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There are different recipes for cooking: sometimes the drink is very thick, which is impossible to drink, and sometimes it is very rare and there is almost no taste. The best taste is when it is rich, when there is an aftertaste with a little bitter, but sweet ingredients.

Hot chocolate in the coffee machine

Hot chocolate has always been considered one of the favorite treats for children. And adults sometimes would like to treat themselves to this slightly tart, rich and so cozy drink. It can be prepared in different ways. But if you have a coffee machine, you can use it to make a delicious cup of rich, hot chocolate, which not only cheers up and energizes. This drink is also very beneficial for the heart and helps strengthen blood vessels.

So, in order to make hot chocolate in a coffee machine, you need the machine itself with the function of whipping milk. It is also called a cappuccinator. That is, you pour milk into a special compartment and let it whip into a froth. Almost all modern coffee machines have this function and use it to make cappuccino or lattes.

For hot chocolate you need milk. Whole milk is best, or milk with a higher fat content. This makes the hot chocolate more viscous, intense and dense. You will also need chocolate powder for making hot chocolate. You can buy it in supermarkets in the special section. where they sell teas, coffees and related products.

So, the brewing process itself looks like this. Whole milk is poured into a special section of the coffee machine and slightly heated until warm. Then pour in the chocolate powder. Reconnect the compartment to the coffee machine and turn on the cappuccinator, which thoroughly mixes the chocolate in the heated milk. The more the milk is heated, the thicker the chocolate drink will be.

Once the drink is whipped, you can pour it into a cup, add some sugar and a little ground cinnamon. Stir the hot chocolate well and you can start tasting it. And you can also decorate it with grated dark chocolate on top.

Unlike coffee machines and brewers, the coffee machine does most of the work automatically, but you will need special products to load the machine.


It is better if it is a whole product with a high percentage of fat. Professionals advise diluting the milk with cream, which not only increases the fat content, but also gives the drink a creamy taste. Sometimes it is more convenient to use powdered milk (diluted with boiled water).

Chocolate powder

This product is perfectly balanced with a good balance of cocoa butter and cocoa beans. Mix dry chocolate (black or white) with milk.


The chocolate powder packets are for coffee pods. Due to the ease of use, they are very popular. Beverages made with Nescafe Dolce Gusto and Monbana capsules have an excellent flavor.

Chocolate bars

This product is grated before use.

Sequence of operations with an ordinary (non-capsule) coffee machine:

How a barista prepares hot chocolate using Rebel’s Drinking Chocolate

  • Fill a pincher (a special milk container), glass, or glass with the milk product. Mix the milk powder with water until you obtain a homogeneous mixture.
  • Preheat milk.
  • Pour 1 portion of dried chocolate into a container with warm milk. If you have a large package of powder, use a measuring spoon. Chips can be used instead of chocolate powder.
  • Stir thoroughly.
  • Warm up the milk-chocolate mixture with the steam of the coffee machine. Bring it to the boil, but do not boil. If your machine doesn’t have a cappuccinator, remember to stir the mixture all the time while heating.
  • Allow mixture to thicken by reducing heat to low. The longer the heating time, the thicker the hot chocolate will be.
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From the pincher, the mixture should be immediately poured into a more suitable dish (such as a cup). You cannot prepare hot drinks in advance. Serve and consume immediately.

With a cappuccinator in the machine, you don’t need to stir and whip the treats during the brewing process. The cappuccinator will even reheat the mixture, automatically adjusting the heat setting. You just fill the pincher with ingredients and press the button. Your coffee machine takes care of the rest.

If you use a capsule machine, you don’t have to do much. The capsules you fill your machine with already contain milk and chocolate in the right proportion.

Cooking Technology

The general procedure for making the drink is quite simple. Let’s see how to prepare chocolate in a regular (not capsule) coffee machine.

  • A special milk container (pincher), a glass or a glass is filled with milk. Whole milk is poured into a cup, while dried milk is poured and thoroughly diluted with water until it reaches a uniform consistency. Now it needs to be heated.
  • Pour dried chocolate into a bowl with warm milk. Many baristas find it more convenient to use prepackaged powder: the amount per serving is in the packet. If you have a large package at hand, the required amount of powder is poured into the pincher with a spoon. The same is done with a crushed or grated bar. Milk and added chocolate are thoroughly mixed.
  • Using the steam of a coffee machine, heat the mixture, almost bringing it to a boil. If your coffee machine does not have a cappuccinator, you need to stir it constantly while heating the mixture! But you should not boil the beverage when it is almost ready!
  • Let the mixture thicken if desired.

Warning! Thickness varies depending on heating time. If you want a drinkable chocolate, finish heating it earlier. A thicker beverage can be achieved with a longer heating time.

A capsule machine does almost everything for you. You just need to fill it with special capsules which contain all the necessary ingredients.

How to prepare hot chocolate in the coffee machine

Everyone loves fragrant, hot chocolate. Even adults don’t mind gorging themselves on it once in a while, and kids certainly don’t! And it’s very handy when you have a machine at home to make it. Connoisseurs of this drink are happy to learn new recipes and make them regularly. Luckily, there is already a good selection of coffee makers with similar capabilities. A coffee machine with hot chocolate function is indispensable for every party at home.

Classica” and “Italiano” cooking methods

There are many recipes for this aromatic drink. Each of them differs in its palette of flavors. We propose you to prepare a classic and Italian drink, which will surely please sweet-tooth people with its exquisite taste.

To make it, you should stock up on the following ingredients:

This drink tastes reminiscent of any cocoa from childhood. Liquid made in a coffee machine has a more subtle and delicate flavor, thanks to the addition of vanilla extract.

Pour the hot milk, cocoa, sugar, and vanilla into the mixer. If your coffee maker has a “Hot Chocolate” function, you can activate it. A couple of minutes later, the beverage is ready!

  • 100 ml of heavy milk;
  • Six tablespoons of cocoa;
  • sugar to taste;
  • A teaspoon of potato starch;
  • A pinch of cinnamon.

Making the perfect Hot Chocolate

Pour the sifted cocoa, the starch and cinnamon into the warm milk. Here we add the required amount of sugar, and pour the liquid into the pitcher. Bring it to the boil with the steam, then reduce the power, and cook for about 5 more minutes. The beverage is ready, make a pastry and enjoy its exquisite flavor.

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Which coffee machines make chocolate??

Nestlé Professional offers free coffee machines for rent that, at the push of a button, make delicious coffee and hot chocolate. Let’s take a few models as an example:

Classical hot chocolate with a bold taste or delicate milk chocolate. the NESCAFÉ MTS 60 E masterfully cooks any of them and more. The menu on this model includes up to 48 types of drinks! Convenient touch screen control makes barista skills accessible to everyone.

A hot chocolate or mochaccino to indulge in dessert. Maybe an espresso to cheer you up. This high-capacity model can handle any task. And it makes it quick!

Compact, productive and functional coffee machine offers a menu of 12 drinks, including chocolate and hot chocolate. Professional technology ensures consistently high quality cup by cup.

Making hot chocolate in the coffee machine is quite easy. You just need to know the technology of preparation and choose the right ingredients. Before you start making the milk, make sure that your coffee machine has the special function.

Carefully study the instructions for the coffee machine, then proceed directly to make hot chocolate. You will need the following ingredients for this:

How to make hot chocolate with the new coffee machine

  • Milk. For hot chocolate, milk of any fat content is suitable. But completely skimmed milk is not recommended, as the dessert would lose its taste. A good drink is also made with powdered milk, which must first be diluted with water.
  • Dry chocolate. Chocolate powder is added to the milk for a delicious hot chocolate. Different brands of cocoa powder offer a unique composition with a balanced amount of cocoa beans and oil.
  • Capsules. Coffee machine pods with dried chocolate and milk inside are popular because they are easy to use. Capsule coffee machines are often found in offices and retail environments.
  • Chocolate bar. If you don’t have chocolate powder and your coffee machine is not a capsule machine, then make a hot beverage from an ordinary bar. Traditionally a bar of chocolate is grated or crushed.

It doesn’t matter if you choose cocoa powder or a bar. the recipe won’t change. Only true connoisseurs of chocolate will answer that the unsurpassed taste of the drink is obtained exclusively from quality ingredients.

In most models of coffee machines for making a delicious dessert, you need to add all the ingredients and select the appropriate mode.

  • Pour a glass of milk into the special pitcher. If you have dry powder, pour it into a bowl and dilute with water. Next, the milk needs to be heated.
  • Sprinkle dry cocoa powder or crushed chocolate bar. Packaged cocoa powders are very convenient to use, as one packet contains exactly one cup. If you have regular cocoa powder or grated chocolate, then add 1 tablespoon of the ingredient. Mix the warm milk thoroughly with the chocolate.
  • Using steam, cook the resulting mixture, almost bringing it to a boil. If your coffee machine does not have a foaming machine, you need to stir the mixture continuously while it is brewing.

If you want a liquid dessert, you do not need to heat it up for a long time. But you need to languish the drink longer to get a thicker texture.

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