How to make the fan cooler more air

A fur coat in summer is bad

In order for the air conditioner to work effectively, it has to dissipate heat well through the outdoor unit. For this purpose it is served by a radiator. It gets dirty with time, the dirt, dust, poplitee fluff are deposited on it.

They create a kind of “coat. Because of it the radiator gives out the heat badly and conditioner starts to cool a room badly. The easiest way is to wash the radiator of the outdoor unit with the usual dishwashing detergent.

Be sure to see if the fan works. If it spins slowly or stands still at all, even a clean radiator won’t be able to give off heat. You can replace the fan motor, but it is better to call a specialist. Find a good wizard can be on the portal to find private professionals.

Air the right way

You can’t do without fresh air in summer. Only that there is no fresh air in the midday heat, so airing at this time does not make sense. You should open the windows when the temperature outside is as low as possible.е. from late afternoon till early morning. Let the apartment air out all night, and do not forget the mosquito nets.

This tip works great when paired with shading. You let in fresh air at night and close the windows with blinds or shutters in the morning to keep out the heat and conserve the coolness you have achieved. Windows can be kept in aeration mode by setting the handle in the diagonal position.

Tip. Always compare the temperature at home with the temperature outside the window. Weather sites will tell you the night temperature. If it’s hotter outside, don’t open any windows, just leave them open for micro-ventilation.

Approximate temperature dynamics during the summer months

Home cooling appliances

So our job is to create that coolness. The youngsters guided by the crazy passionate Greta Thunberg know how to bring coldness back into the world: they have to give up coal and nuclear power and become vegetarians. We adults, in search of coolness, choose another way, we go to the store and buy an air conditioner or a fan. Not as radical, of course, as affecting global warming, but at least you can lower the temperature in your apartment.

No way! As in the good Soviet times. all air-conditioners and fans are sold out, we go to the Internet and the same situation is there. Actually it’s strange, the heat was quite expected, on the other hand: when winter comes, everybody knows too, but snow drifts are perceived as some kind of miracle, a natural disaster, and so every year. But we all know about the heat: it’s bound to get hotter and hotter every year. The shelves in the stores will soon be filled with fans again and then. Then we’ll buy the first one we find and, having made sure that it doesn’t bring us much relief, we’ll start looking for coolness in earnest.


Seemingly the simplest cooling devices, the only thing simpler is a fan. They create a wind that blows around us. According to the principle of operation they are axial and radial (centrifugal), the performance of table and floor, exotic, like a hat-fan not consider. Axial is a propeller that blows air, radial is something like a turbine. There are also original ventilators by Dyson which blow air with something unknown and how, and look like a hole from a bagel.

The air, even unrefrigerated, blows around the skin and carries away the boundary layer heated by the body. It also accelerates evaporation from the pores, and this is a well-known effect: sweating in the heat, standing in a draught get a runny nose.

What fan features are important? Power at the table and floor fans is usually equal to 30-50 W, a little, not ruinous, they only rotate, but do not heat or cool. Noise level: the less decibels the more comfortable, 50-55dB is good. Adjustment of rotation speed is usually three-step, it is enough, from a light breeze to a hurricane, almost all have regulation. Oscillation, i.e. the rotation back and forth in a horizontal plane, usually between 90-120 degrees, a useful feature for room ventilation, can always be turned off. Also, table fans, i.e. small fans, often have an adjustable tilt to direct the airflow up or down. Floor-standing fans may not have an adjustable tilt, but their height can vary, for example, in the range of 80-120 cm. Some table fans do not have any deviations and oscillations at all, they are compact, they stand on the table and blow to one side. The price of the fan is usually between 20-50 euros. Some models have a remote control (Fernbedienung), allowing access to the basic functions, it is convenient, the price is not particularly affected. Often a timer is provided for automatic shutdown at a set time, it is important if you leave the fan on overnight.

Already in our century appeared on sale Turmventilator fans (or towers) Turmventilator (Sä(uleventilator). Inside the tower, up to 120 cm high, the blades rotate to direct the air to the side slot openings, these are so-called radial fans, ejecting the air flow under the action of centrifugal force. They do not produce a circular air flow like an axial fan, but rather a flat air flow. Their advantages: their compact size at the base, not more than 20 x 20 cm, they aesthetically fit into the design of a modern apartment (they resemble loudspeakers), their parameters are not inferior to axial fans with paddles, have approximately the same power, up to 50 watts, not much more expensive, usually up to 40-60 euros. Of course, there are also high-end models like Rowenta, Sichler, Honeywell or AEG, which can cost over a hundred bucks.

There are advanced models, both based on floor-mounted axial fans and column fans that also humidify the air (Sprühnebel spray mist), and some also ionize to eliminate odors. This enhances the cooling effect, can be useful when the air is too dry. Water is pre-filled into the integrated tank.

Finally, the Dyson, the bagel-hole, is top-notch, a triumph of design and aerodynamics. Hidden in the base of the turbine, driven by the original digital electric motor, forces the air into a circular slot, from which it picks up the surrounding air and accelerates it, eventually increasing the amount of air in the stream up to 15 times (Air Multiplier technology). They are silent, have infinitely adjustable power, very economical and beautiful, can be both desktop and floor-standing.

There are several varieties of these devices, such as Dyson Pure Cool, which not only creates a powerful stream of air, but also filters the air, purifying it from any particles, smoke, dust and bacteria. There are, although it’s not quite. also air heaters of the same circuit. The last novelty is called Dyson Pure Cool Me Luftreiniger and already does not remind a thin loop, but also on the usual fan is not similar. This device creates a directed flow of purified air.

They cost according to quality, 250 600 euros, depending on the model. But they have already seen similar cheap devices.

Air conditioners

The fan does not cool the air, but only creates its flow, with this long heat (we already feel its imminent approach) we need a device that cools the air. It’s not necessarily a box outside the window, a compact device with the ability to move within the apartment is more suitable for us.

It’s called a Luftkühler or Klimagerät/Klimaanlage (can both heat and cool). There are two types, and the difference between the two is in principle.

Question for physicists: Can you cool the room by opening the door of a working refrigerator?? The answer is clearly no!

That’s why the heat that is taken away in the room has to be conducted outward. Some devices dissipate heat, others do not, that is the difference.

The ones that don’t ventilate are simpler, noticeably cheaper, and not as efficient. They are based on evaporation, and are sometimes called Verdunstungsluftkühler. The air in them comes in contact with water in a special way and is cooled at the same time. The simplest of these devices are compact (tabletop) and cost a few dozen euros. But you can’t call them effective.

These devices can humidify and clean the air in the room. If you put ice water in them, the effect of cooling the air is even higher, but. We asked about the refrigerator for a reason, getting ice or cold water in it consumes energy, that is, it warms the air. In the kitchen, where there is a fridge, it becomes warmer, but in the bedroom, where there is a cooler, it is cooler. Minus the inevitable heat loss, minus the water must be replenished. The cooling of the air by 3-5 degrees is really achieved.

But if the heat that the refrigerator in the room gives out, then the room will be really cooler. This is the principle of home air conditioner, the warm air is taken outside with the help of special thick hose about 10 cm in diameter (Abluftschlauch). The only question is in the sealing of this output, because the window must be closed, not to make a hole in the glass with a diameter of 10 cm. Or, alternatively, to drill a hole in the house wall? For this there are special sealing and fixing devices which are either included with the hoses or purchased separately. These Fensterhalterungen and Fensterabdichtungen allow the hose to run almost hermetically through an ajar window or balcony door to the outside. Nevertheless, for the successful operation of such devices, it is the output of the air vent hose outside is the main problem.

These devices are quite power-consuming, two or more kW, are usually many hundreds of euros, while quite compact, have castors, can not only cool but also heat the air and dry the room. In comparison with devices without a hose and fans they are noticeably noisier, on the average 65 dB against about no more than 50 dB. Realistically, an average mobile air conditioner cools a room of 20-25 sq.m, for a decent sized apartment its capabilities are insufficient.

Their main manufacturers: De’Longhi, Sichler, AEG.

Mobile air conditioners, undoubtedly, today are the best individual solution against a warming climate.

How to cool the apartment and the room with a fan

Many residents of apartment buildings faced with the problem of cooling housing in the hot summer time. As a rule, tenants who can afford it, install expensive air conditioners, which effectively cool the rooms of the apartment. However, there are other equally effective ways to cool rooms with affordable fans. In this article we will describe in more detail how you can cool the apartment and your room with the fan without significant cost and create a favorable microclimate in the house or apartment during the hot season.

There are some of the most effective ways to quickly bring the room temperature down to a more comfortable.

We need a basin with cold water, a floor fan, a plastic bottle with frozen water and a scrap of gauze.

We take the gauze and thoroughly moisten it in cold water. After that you need to throw moistened gauze on the fan. To do this, you must drop any of the 4 ends of the gauze into a basin of cold water, which will stand next to the fan. After that we turn on the fan and the room air will start to cool the room along with the circulation. For maximum effect put a plastic bottle with ice or very cold water in the basin. Depending on the diameter of the fan and the height of the installation, you will need to choose the size of the gauze.

We offer you another effective method that will help answer the question how to cool yourself and the room without air conditioning? For this We need a floor fan and a large container of water. It is best to use cool water, and the bigger the container for it, the faster the room will be cooled. Install the fan in the desired position and put a container of water in front of it. While intensively blowing warm air into the room, the water will begin to evaporate. And thus the temperature in the room will fall by 2-5 degrees.

Recommendation. Keep an eye on the water level in the container and top up periodically.

With the help of a floor fan you can effectively cool the room in the evening or at night. To do this you need to turn the fan in the direction of the window. That way the hot air will be blown out of the rooms. In the other rooms we will need to open all the windows. In this case we get a draft, when the inflow of fresh air from the street will push the hot air with the fan outside. This will equalize the temperature in the rooms with the cooler outdoor temperature.

For this We need a floor fan and empty plastic bottles of 1.5-2 liters. We pour cool water into plastic bottles and freeze them. After that we place bottles with frozen water in each room. In the living room we install a floor fan, which will cool the room more effectively. When the water melts, you should again put plastic bottles in the freezer and repeat the procedure again.

make, cooler

The principle of operation of a conventional air conditioner

To understand how to cool a room without an air conditioner, you need to know how modern household air conditioning devices are designed and work.

  • Inner and outer radiators (heat exchanger). The two structures are connected by copper pipes to the circulating refrigerant (freon).
  • At the end of one line is a compressor that creates excess pressure. This promotes the movement of freon through the tubes and its condensation.
  • On the second line there is an expansion valve.

How To Turn Your Fan Into An Airconditioner AC

In other words, the refrigerant constantly circulates in a closed loop. In one heat exchanger, it evaporates and in the other one, it condenses.

The principle of operation of the air conditioner is as follows:

  • Freon in liquid form enters the internal unit of the unit. Warm room air circulates through the fins of the heat exchanger and is drawn in by a fan. Due to warm air masses the refrigerant is heated up and evaporated. This takes heat energy from the air.
  • The freon then enters the compressor in a gaseous state, where the gas pressure rises. As the refrigerant compresses, it condenses in the street radiator. Here the temperature is much higher than in the room.
  • The outdoor heat exchanger blows its own fan. There, the refrigerant changes from gas to liquid and flows through the pipelines back to the indoor unit. And during the transition from one state to another, freon gives the withdrawn thermal energy to the street air.
  • When it returns to the room, the refrigerant passes through an expansion valve, which lowers its pressure. Because of this, the freon is able to evaporate in the radiator of the internal unit.

In today’s world, there’s nowhere to hide from the fintechs. Sometimes they can be annoying, but in some cases, such as the summer of 2021, they are life-saving. Citizens are increasingly suffering from unbearable heat, and in these conditions it is extremely difficult to do anything. Of course, someone has an air conditioner, in this case is much easier, but what to do if you do not have one?

A fan, found in almost every home, can help. In normal mode, the fan can only cool the room a little bit. But with a little ingenuity, you can achieve a totally air-conditioned space. One of the most effective methods is to take a few bottles of water, put them in the freezer, wait for the water to turn into solid ice, and then put those bottles in front of the fan. The airflow will be directed at the ice bottles and will help cool the room down more.

For another method, you will need a floor fan and a large container of water. You need to use chilled water, remember that the larger the container, the faster the space around you will be cooled. All you have to do is set the fan in the position that will be directed to the container. Put a container of ice cubes in it. According to the authors of this tiphack, ice cubes or cold water will get you very quickly. You will feel as if you have an air conditioner right next to you. There are many other options which are similar to this.

#Table fans

The most popular cooling tool born in the USSR, before and after is a fan. The propeller on a stand is a constant attribute of most Soviet apartments, offices, buses, cars, and more.

A traditional Vitek fan on a stand: a protective casing and three speeds

Desktop fans, suggests KO, are designed to be installed on a table or on a window sill. The blades of these fans are small, and so is the power, if compared with other types of similar devices. These fans are designed to create a comfort zone for one person at most, and their main advantages are compactness and the ability to quickly relocate to another place. There are even super-compact models powered from USB.

An Orient table fan is no longer on a stand but on a frame

How to make air conditioner at home using Plastic Bottle. Easy life hacks

Most table fans allow you to regulate the power of the air being pumped with buttons or a rotary knob. And almost all of them are equipped with a protective grid that completely covers the fan from all sides. Although, of course, you can find simple models with no protective mesh at all.

The Timberk table fan without the protective grid, but still stylish

From the technical characteristics of desktop models the most important are power and noise level. It is recommended to take a fan with a noise level no higher than 30 dB, although, some models allowable noise level can be up to 38 dB, that is, during operation the unit will be happy to ride on your ears. It is better to listen to the chosen model before buying: often manufacturers indicate in the data sheets only the lower noise limit, which is true for the slowest mode of the fan.

Many brands sell table fans in Russia, both good and Russian-Chinese: SUPRA, Rolsen, Timberk, Mystery, Vitek, Polaris, Bimatek, Stadler Form, Bork and others.

Self-made conditioner for a house 5 variants. 220V/12V/no electricity.

On hot summer days, many of us go to the cottage or country house. Not everyone has a full-fledged split system there.

You can of course get out of the situation by installing a mobile version. But here also there are some problems with connection and channelling of warm air.

What to do? Suffer from the scorching heat? Not at all, there are at least five ways to assemble homemade devices that can partially replace a professional air conditioner.

Let’s start with the option where there is no need for any electricity, ice and all sorts of fans. Some people even try to apply the law of conservation of ideal gas to this method of cooling.

make, cooler

For this homemade marvel, you need a lot of plastic bottles. It’s best to take two-liter sheets with a large diameter.

You cut off the top of them along with the neck about 1/3 of the way.

make, cooler

Do not throw the lids away, they will also be needed. They just need a little bit more work. For that you cut off the top part with a penknife.

Next, you need to get out of the closet or buy a sheet of plywood the size of the window. On it is just assembled the entire structure.

You can also use cardboard as a base, like they do in India or Bangladesh.

That’s where this method of cooling came from.

But as they say, if it rains, the cardboard is gone. That’s why plywood is a more stable and reliable material.

On this sheet every 15 cm you drill a hole with the diameter of the bottle neck.

It’s best to use a feather drill bit. But you can also use a wood crown.

After making all the holes, you insert the bottles in them and screw on the back side with cut caps.

The plywood itself is mounted in the window of the bedroom or the room where the cold is needed. If you walk up to the neck of the bottle and put your palm to it, you can really feel the cool breeze blowing.

So how does it work?? There is no fan, no ice to provide that much needed coolness? Where does the cooling come from??

The inventors explain very simply. The wide part of the bottle that faces the street acts as an air intake. The breeze compresses the air and blows it into the room with a fan effect.

But there’s one thing you need to do. it has to be cooler outside than inside.

This kind of construction can work well at night. You won’t hear any noise from the fan blades.

In theory, a large volume of warm air from the street, passing through a narrow window, should eventually give the same cool draught. But it doesn’t.

The same can be said about this air conditioner.

You simply block the direct rays of the sun from penetrating through with this construction. Consequently, the floor and walls are heated less. Hence all the efficiency.

Where does the coolness come from, because if you put your hand to the bottles, you can really feel it?

Hence all the sensation. To really cool the air, you would not need plastic bottles, but tubes of brass, three meters long! The law of conservation of energy has not been repealed.

In the wide part of the tube there would be a fan and it would blow air along the inner walls, which would be heated by it and thereby cool it. Then, throwing the cold jet out the back narrow side.

Nevertheless, where there is no electricity and do not want to buy fans, the method can be tried. If you open another window or door, the effect can be heightened by a draught.

Just do not forget about its dangers and your health. But we repeat once again, all this works if it is much cooler outside than in your house. If it’s 35C or 40C outside, a draught won’t help any of the residents of your house.

How to make an amazing air cooler for summer

And you will remain without daylight. Certainly one can replace plywood with plexiglass, but the efficiency of such conditioner will fall by 90 per cent at once.

And outside such a futuristic construction does not decorate the building facade at all. The neighbors will laugh.

And don’t forget about mosquitoes, which will be sucked with a whistle right into your apartment.

Therefore we will consider more effective and practical variants.

For the next method you need an ordinary floor fan. Without an upgrade, it’s not much use. Unless, of course, you are sitting right in front of it 24 hours a day.

In fact, it just blows hot air around the room, but does not cool it down. However by simple manipulations you can dramatically change everything.

It’s enough to screw a couple of ice bottles to it with a wire. You fill plastic bottles with water and freeze them in the freezer.

When the cooling cartridges are ready, you tie their necks together with wire.

After that you hang them behind the fan blades.

For taking out exactly cold air from back part and not to suck outside warm streams you should glue a self-made casing from cardboard along fan circumference with double-sided adhesive tape.

In fact the air conditioner is already ready for operation. It takes you the most time to make it by freezing the ice in the bottles.

For a constant changeable reserve, I advise you to freeze them in 6-8 pieces beforehand. Just for half an hour such installation is able to cool a small room for a couple of three degrees.

Six ways to make operation of your conditioner more effective

If you know how to work with your hands, enjoying and benefiting from it, you can easily, without much effort, make your air conditioner work more efficiently. Here are six ways to improve the efficiency of your split system that do not require special skills. Anything more complicated, leave it to the professionals.

The air conditioner filter clogged with dust does not allow pumping the necessary volume of air through the radiator. It leads to a longer cooling time of the required area. time leads to higher electricity consumption. Dust from a dirty filter inside the case can cause the fan bearings to fail.

Rinse the filter simply under the faucet. Replace the old filter with a new one. Clean the filter once a month. When you call our masters you get not only qualitative service but complete consultation about the right operation of your air conditioner.

Set the cooling temperature to 24 degrees.

Many people believe that setting the temperature to 16 degrees will cool the room faster and they will enjoy the coolness faster. That’s a little off. The temperature of about 24 C is comfortable for a person. On this temperature and it is necessary to set the air conditioner. It’s easier for the air conditioner to bring the temperature down to 24 degrees than to 16 degrees. It requires less energy, and you will feel great. To keep the bar at 16 C 0 the air conditioner will constantly turn on and off because in hot weather the difference between inside and outside will be great. The room will heat up quickly. Proper use of air conditioner temperature modes saves energy.

Through the windows, in sunny weather, gets a lot of solar heat. Even if the sun’s rays are not shining directly through the window, a lot of reflected light comes in. Curtained windows save a huge amount of electricity. You also need to close the windows. When the window openings are open, there is a loss of cold air. In this case, your air conditioner works to cool the entire earth’s atmosphere. it will cost you much;). When heating, it is the opposite, it is necessary to open all the curtains and screens.

Do not place indoor unit on the sunny side.

In the sun the case of indoor unit will heat up and with it the temperature sensor. This will cause the air conditioner to measure the room temperature incorrectly. Electronics will make the compressor work even if the temperature in the room is equal to the one set on the remote control. You get additional electricity consumption.

Usually air conditioner is installed in the corner of the room, near the window. And at the far end of the room the temperature does not fall to the values that are reached in immediate proximity from the air conditioner. An imbalance in the temperature distribution is eliminated by the fan that is constantly stirring the air in the room. The room will be cooled more qualitatively due to more volume of cooled air. all the air will be cooled, temperature will be kept longer, conditioner will be switched on more seldom.

Once a year call a technician to service your air conditioner.

Freon amount in system decreases with time, unit radiators and fans drives clogging. Wiring terminals can become loose or damaged by birds. Often the ribs of the outside unit radiator are subjected to the blows of hail, the hailstones crush the lattice. Crumpled grill does not let air in properly, which also leads to the deterioration of the air conditioner. If you still have questions concerning the effective exploitation of split-systems please contact our specialists, we are always glad to help you.

If air conditioner is installed on the sunny side. install sun visor over it, it will increase efficiency of operation of air conditioner during those daytime hours when it is in direct sun rays. In winter it protects the outside unit from falling ice.

Watch the condition of the winding of pipes running along the street side of the wall. Wrapping and black insulation of the route dries out and disintegrates due to wind and rain. Bare pipes begin to give off cold already outside, your home begins to feel a lack of cooling.

In summer, during exploitation, once a month carefully look at the tubes in the place of their connection to the outside unit. if they froze or became covered with black deposit. freon is not enough in the system. conditioner is not working efficiently, it is necessary to charge the system.

Adjust the position of horizontal louvers so that the cold air spreads as high as possible in the room. Set vertical blinds in the direction of the middle of the room. In this combination, the temperature distribution in the room will be the most efficient. Proper use of air conditioner will bring you more pleasure.

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