How to make waxing strips at home

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Twice I bought wax strips from the Belarusian manufacturer. I have now decided to try Lady Caramel. And here’s what I think of them. I like the strips. They remove the hair as much as possible, but the short hairs remain. Easy to remove wax from the face. On the strips themselves a lot of free edge, so you do not have to think about which side to stick them and have something to hold on when tearing off.

Grey Mouse

Now I use wax strips Veet with Shea butter “Naturals”, and we’ll talk about them. Many people write that the oil wipes do not remove the wax from the skin. I don’t know where you get these. How many boxes I bought in this life. can not count. I’ve never come across one that’s so stupid. A lot of people write that these strips can’t remove hair. And it’s not. They can, they can. Many people write that they have bruises halfway down their face after using the strips. But do you girls ever wonder why? Maybe you do something wrong? Maybe you should try doing it differently? Of course, it’s easiest to give it up with cries of “They hurt me,” “They’re traumatic,” “They don’t pull anything out,” and continue to parade around with a mustache. But it’s even easier to be pretty. Even with a little bit of practice.


Review of Byly Gold. Well, what can I say the first experience of using wax strips in the area of those “tendrils” was not successful. I wrote about Wit strips earlier. They were too coarse for my sensitive skin and left hairs but where the hairs were propelled they did not grow for about 2 weeks! But here is another situation: Only pimples remain, it removes hairs well (I use 2 double strips for my mustache area, and I still have half left),BUT they very quickly begin to “sprout”.I have to depelinate almost every two weeks and they’re even darker. So they do the job, but I stopped using them. So I only gave it a 4 because it was good for my skin and didn’t leave wounds

Kseniya Kseniya

http://irecommend.They differ in size, material, and composition

Many cosmetic product companies produce strips for waxing. They differ in size, quality, material and composition. Skin type, sensitivity and the area to be treated should be taken into consideration when choosing. When buying carefully check the expiration date, as well as the condition of the packaging. Do not purchase products with signs of opening. this causes the wax to dry out on the surface when exposed to the air. We recommend choosing only big stores, like Magnit Cosmetic, which has an assortment of similar products, quality control of products.

All Clear

It is a Pakistani manufacturer that has won high prizes in cosmetic contests. For the manufacture of strips uses natural and high quality components, prepared using a combination of Eastern traditions and modern technology. Recommended for delicate skin, one pack contains 20 pieces, as well as 2 wipes to remove wax residue. The line has two flavors. fresh berries and citrus. The advantage. high efficiency and low price. Among the disadvantages are the likelihood of allergies to plant constituents. Cost from 200 ₽.

The use of Velvet strips

In the range of this company there are several options for depilation at home. The most popular brands:

  • Strengthened nutrition;
  • Gentle restoration;
  • Intimate hygiene;
  • Intensive vitamin therapy;
  • Delicate hair removal.

make, waxing, strips, home

A distinctive feature of Velvet products is the use of additional components for complex effects on the skin. Shea butter, calendula extracts, and various vitamins can be found in the composition. Each pack contains 12 to 20 strips and two wipes to remove sticky residue.

Velvet products can be recognized by the bright cardboard packaging, only muted shades are used for design. Means for wax depilation of this brand are sold in any cosmetic store.

How to use Lady Caramel strips on delicate areas

They are distinguished by their versatility and high effectiveness. In the composition of additional components and flavorings such as green tea, vanilla and strawberry oil. Each package contains 12 strips and 2 wipes to take care of your skin after the procedure. They are 13 cm long, which is enough to work on any part of the body. Disadvantage. products in Russian retail chains are rare. Price from 230 ₽. And about the jar waxer you can check out at.

Faberlic with aloe vera for vaxing at home

All Faberlic products belong to the mass segment, but are of high quality and safe for the body. Under this brand comes out Deline waxing series with aloe vera The product allows you to remove even short hair in one movement of the hand, due to the herbal additives reduces the risk of irritation and accelerates the healing process. Suitable for any part of the body for both men and women.

Oriflame (Oriflame) Silk Tenderness

Mass segment product from the well known Swedish manufacturer of skin care and color cosmetics. Silk Beauty System includes wax strips, hand and body cream and shaving gel. This is enough for a complete care. The advantage of the product is its light texture and safety, and its small size is ideal for removing unwanted facial hair. Beeswax, silk protein and primrose oil are the main ingredients. Set includes 10 strips, 2 wipes and instructions. Average price 300 ₽.

All vegetable ingredients used in its manufacture are strong allergens. Before the first use, you should carefully read the composition on the package and check the reaction of the skin.

Veet (Veet)

It is one of the most popular brands. The manufacturer uses its own Easy-Gelwax technology, which makes the procedure even easier and safer. The series includes the following products:

The set includes only 10 strips that do not need to be heated between the hands. The thick and saturated composition of the wax copes even with short hairs on any part of the body. Warm wax for depilation Veet is also famous for good reviews.

Intimate depilation with waxing strips: benefits, problems

Knowing how to do intimate depilation on your own is an important skill. It will save you money, help you maintain confidence when you don’t have the opportunity to visit a salon. If you are going to remove unwanted hairs in the bikini area for the first time, try ready-made wax strip kits. This method has a number of advantages compared to shaving, and the duration of the results is the same as in waxing or shugaring.

Types of products

All waxing strips for depilation are divided into 2 groups:

The first type is most suitable for those people who have no experience with hot wax or just want to carry out the procedure as quickly as possible and with the least effort. The second type is designed to remove hair through hot wax. This procedure is already considered more time-consuming, but hair removal in both cases is comfortable, and the result stays for a long time.

Today, there are various removal strips on store shelves, which can be used for depilation of bikini, legs, tendrils, etc.д. Most often they are up to 20 cm long, they are more convenient to use for waxing legs and arms. Means up to 7 cm long are suitable for the bikini zone and face.

As for the means without waxing, they are subdivided into:

Professional are often sold as a roll, they are made of cotton fabric and are often used directly in beauty salons. Thanks to the roll, it is possible to determine by oneself what length to make the next strip.

Semi-professional waxless ones are already cut and are usually 20 cm long. They come in both fabric and paper. It is worth knowing that it is better to take cloth ones, as they are much better attached to the already applied wax, while paper ones are not always firmly attached, but thanks to the special fixing film they do not tear when removed.

Wax products are often presented for a specific skin type, namely:

Thus, you can choose the product that suits you personally.

Sequence of application

Choosing wax strips for hair removal, suitable for your skin type, it is necessary to carefully prepare the surface for hair removal. After the hair removal area is cleaned and dried, sprinkle it with a little talcum powder. Baby powder without fragrance can be used. This is to ensure that, tearing the strip from the skin, do not damage the upper layer of epithelium. In this case, it may leave an abrasion.

Then heat the wax between the palms or with warm air from a hair dryer. It is important that the wax be slightly warmer than body temperature. Then it will better adhere to the hairs. If you don’t heat the strips enough, more than half of the hair will not stick. As a result, the woman will ruin the strip and endure the pain, not getting the desired result.

The heated strip is separated into 2 (usually they are waxed inwards) and glued along the hair growth to the full length. Pressing, stroke with the palm of your hand to make them stick better. Next, you need one hand to press the skin just below the strip, and the other sharp movement to rip the wax against the direction of hair growth. If all the hair is not removed at the first time, it is necessary to powder the skin again and repeat the procedure with the same strip. When tearing strips should not pull them up, you should guide the movement along the surface of the treated area, as close to the skin as possible. The remaining sparse hairs can be removed with tweezers.

There is 1 small trick to make the depilation procedure less painful. After taking a hot relaxing bath, a woman will not only clean but also steam the skin, pores on it open. After that, epilation will be less painful, the hairs will be easier and faster to remove. If you remove the wax strip with a quick and steady movement, you will feel less pain and there will be fewer hairs left over.

If there is wax left on the skin, it must be removed, as it is sticky and visible on the skin. It does not wash off with water. You can wipe it off with oil wipes, which are usually sold with wax strips. If there are none, then you should take a paper handkerchief, drop vegetable oil on it and remove the wax. A few days after the procedure it is recommended to use a scrub and moisturizing cream to prevent ingrown hairs.

How to make strips for depilation at home

Make your own wax strips for depilation or shugaring at home is quite simple. To do this, you will need:

Buy pure (without wax) strips you can in every cosmetic shop, they are inexpensive. Cellulose strips, spandbonded strips, or those with a non-woven base are considered convenient to use. But if you want you can make them yourself.

To do this, a natural cloth or strong paper is cut into rectangles. The size of segments depends on the intended epilation area. For the face you should prepare small strips, which will be convenient to use. For the legs, they can be made larger, so as to cover a larger skin area.

Keep in mind that too long strips are difficult to use: they will twist and crumple.

As a paste that removes hair, in addition to wax, you can use sugar caramel, honey.

For home preparation of wax you need:

All ingredients are mixed and heated in a water bath or in a wax-melter, a special device, designed for heating wax mixtures.

Thoroughly mixed, the wax is removed, let cool to a temperature of 38-40 ° C.

Ready wax mass is applied to the pre-prepared strips, stepping from the edge by 1-1.5 cm. The strips are then ready to use. They are recommended for getting rid of the hair on the arms and legs.

Removal of excess hair in areas with sensitive skin is better carried out with the help of strips, on which a different composition is applied. For it you need:

Two types of wax are melted to a liquid state, after which glycerin and oil are added. All components are mixed. You can apply the wax mixture by cooling to a temperature of 35-40 ° C.

To make honey waxing mixture at home, you will need:

Honey, sugar and lemon juice are mixed together and heated over a flame until it melts. The mass is brought to a thick syrup and removed from the fire. After cooling to 35-37 ° C, it can be used.

To prepare sugar caramel for shugaring, you will need:

Mix the ingredients in a small saucepan, bring to the boil on the fire. After acquiring an amber color, the mixture with frequent stirring is boiled for another 5-7 minutes. It is then removed from the fire and cooled.

If you want to get a liquid consistency of caramel, you need to add more citric acid.

Sugar paste is used to remove hair on any part of the body.

Remove unwanted body hair with depilation strips. They differ:

  • Quality. You can find cloth or paper strips in the store. Cloth is considered more durable and more expensive than paper. You can buy strips in a roll;
  • The thickness of the paper. It is recommended to buy thick strips. Thin paper is disposable, tears quickly;
  • Size. Standard strips (1018 cm) are used for legs and arms, for the bikini zone and face usually use narrow ones (720 cm);
  • The wax layer. The amount of wax applied will determine the quality of depilation.

What are the bandages

Modern cosmetology offers several options for this product, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages:

DIY WAX STRIPS | Zero Waste Reusable Wax Strips | Hair Removal Hack

  • Paper. The simplest and most common type of bandage. Its main advantage is its low cost. Such strips for depilation shugaringom can be used in combination with factory-made paste or homemade compound, prepared by yourself. The disadvantage of this variety is that such strips are made of a weak material, so they are suitable for only one procedure.
  • Tissue strips for shugaring depilation. Strips are made of cotton material. These bandages are highly durable, which allows them to withstand exposure to water. Due to this, the strips can be used many times. In addition, the properties of the material provides a better fixation of the adhesive mass on the bandage, it almost does not remain on the skin.
  • Polymer bandage for shugaring. This type of bandage is relatively new. Designed for multiple applications. Unlike previous types, is not able to absorb the paste, so that the same sugar layer can be used more than once. Here are a few more advantages of this type of bandages:
  • Does not change its shape when used repeatedly.
  • Has a transparent texture, so you can see where the paste does not stick well to the skin.
  • The thin, flexible polymer is able to take the shape of the body, which ensures a perfect fit of the strips to the area to be treated.

The disadvantage of polymer bandage is its high cost.

In addition to the above varieties, also distinguish professional and semi-professional bandages. The criterion for dividing into types in this case is not the composition of the material, but the shape of the strips:

  • Professional. sold in rolls. For the procedure of shugaring cut off a part of the bandage required size.
  • Semi-professional. represented by strips of fixed length and width (the most common sizes are 17 by 7 cm or 7 by 4 cm).

Sugar depilation instead of wax strips

Another popular method of depilation, applicable at home and convenient for constant use, is shugaring, or depilation with the use of special sugar paste. This method is suitable for removing hair from any area of the skin, even such sensitive areas as the face and bikini zones. The paste can be used for very short hairs. Regrowth of the removed hair will not, so for those who often face such a nuisance when using wax, shugaring can be a real salvation.

The mixture for sugar depilation is made from sugar (10 tbsp. л.), water (1 tbsp. л.) and freshly squeezed lemon juice, and is therefore virtually hypoallergenic. It adheres very poorly to the skin, almost never causes irritation and damage to the skin. As a precautionary measure, it is better not to use sugar paste on those areas of the skin, where there are any wounds or scratches.

Another important advantage of shugaring can be considered the cheapness of this procedure at home, because the ingredients needed to make the sugar mixture is very cheap. In the salons, however, this method can be much more expensive than waxing, so it is easier and cheaper to learn how to depilate on their own. The only contraindication for it is varicose veins, but with strong manifestations of this ailment, any procedures other than shaving are prohibited.

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