How to make waxing wax at home

Preparation for the procedure

Many girls and women are interested in how to do waxing at home. It is desirable to perform the procedure, when the hair length reached 5-8 mm, otherwise the pain will be stronger and the process will take a longer time. It is necessary to prepare the skin, treating it with a special lotion before and after the procedure. These actions will get rid of discomfort and redness, reduce pain. You should not use a means of high grease, it can complicate the process of hair removal.

If the area to be treated underarms, then during the week before waxing you should use deodorant with a sprayer. During the periods of critical days from the mechanical action is better to refuse. Before the initial application of the agent must be tested for allergies by applying the composition to the elbow for a few minutes. The surface to be treated should be disinfected before epilation. To avoid infecting injured skin, disposable gloves are used for the procedure.

Principle of hair removal with home wax

When the mixture is ready for use (cooled to a temperature of 35-45 degrees), it can be applied to the problem areas of the skin and remove the hair. If the mixture has been stored in the refrigerator, then the composition should be heated to the appropriate temperature before use.

Get rid of hair by waxing is recommended if their length does not exceed 7-10 mm. If the hairs are longer, then beforehand they should be trimmed with scissors. If you perform the hair removal procedure for the first time, it is better to see the video. The process often takes a long time the first time, but once you learn, you can devote no more than an hour to the procedure.

The technique of hair removal at home looks like this:

  • It is necessary to apply the prepared mixture to the problem area in the direction of hair growth.
  • After the layer has been applied to the skin, a cloth or sturdy paper, but not cardboard, should be placed over it.
  • The cloth or paper should be carefully pressed onto the skin where the wax mixture is applied. After pressing it down, you should remove the cloth with the wax sticking to it in a sharp motion. It is important to know that it is necessary to remove the strip in the direction against the growth of hair.

Hair removal on legs and arms in this way is less painful than removing hair on sensitive areas like the bikini, armpits, or face. The first epilation is always much more painful than all subsequent ones, as the skin adapts to the process. Some recommendations on how to use wax to remove hair on different parts of the body:

  • To make the hair removal procedure on sensitive areas less painful, it should be done with hot wax, but no more than 45 degrees;
  • To depilirate such parts of the body as legs and arms is recommended to warm wax;
  • On the face to remove hair is better with ready-made strips for cold epilation.

Waxing. hair removal with a mixture based on paraffin, glycerin and two types of wax. This method of hair removal can be carried out at home even in the absence of experience and minimal skill. Before cooking the mixture, prepare the necessary materials and work space.

Waxing (from the English “wax”. wax). the oldest method of depilation with wax, it has been used for thousands of years by Egyptian queens. According to Russian chronicles, Princess Olga introduced hair removal with hot resin and wax. Such procedures were not only a tribute to beauty and tradition: a skin cleansed of hair was no longer a breeding ground for parasites. Today, mastering vaksing at home, every girl can remove hair from the desired area and save time and money.

How waxing works

The special mixture, which is based on wax, is brought to the desired temperature and applied in a thin layer to the skin. The heated composition has a viscous consistency and envelopes each hair. Place a cloth strip over the waxed area. Then it comes off with the hair. Hair growth is restored only after 1-1,5 months.

Important: the wax mixture is applied to the skin along the hair length, but it is removed against the hair length.

Types of waxing

The temperature of the mixture during waxing depends on the treated area:

  • Hard wax, heated to 45-48 ° C, is used for sensitive areas under the arms and bikini, on the face. The hot composition opens pores easily, which dulls the pain of tearing away. It is used to remove stiff and thick hair. The technology requires certain skills and strict observance of temperature conditions to avoid burns.
  • The soft wax is heated to 38-40 °C. It is easier to treat large areas. hands and feet. Warm wax is the best option for getting your first depilation skills. It is more painful than the previous one, but it eliminates the possibility of getting burned skin.
  • Cold waxing wax is not prepared at home. They are used to heat a purchased paper towel with a sticky layer of wax on it, stick it on the skin, and tear it off. The procedure is painful and ineffective, t. к. The remaining hairs have to be removed with tweezers.

What you need for self-cooking wax

Waxing mix is a combination of different components: beeswax, resins, paraffin. Cheaper to make at home. Self-cooked mixtures for waxing are safe and hypoallergenic.

Ingredients needed

For each of the following recipes will need the following ingredients:

  • Natural beeswax is an essential component of the waxing mixture; it softens the skin and does not clog pores.
  • Carnauba wax (carnauba wax). the hardest of all known waxes; contains resins, fatty alcohols, esters, acids, gives the product plasticity, viscosity.
  • Glycerin; prevents the skin from drying out during waxing.
  • Paraffin; used to soften the skin.
  • Rosin, a substance extracted from pine or spruce resin, enhances the adhesion of the wax mixture to the surface of the skin.

The necessary components of the composition of wax for depilation can be purchased in some drugstores and natural cosmetics stores.

Tools and supplies

In addition to the ingredients of the composition, you will need additional materials for preparing and using the wax:

  • To heat the wax and mix the ingredients it is best to use a wax melter. a container with a temperature indicator and thermostat. For home use, the jar version with a working volume of 400 ml is suitable. Warm wax can also be melted in a water bath.
  • Stir the warmed mixture with a wooden or plastic spatula, then apply the wax to the skin.
  • To work with warm wax you need to stock up on strips of paper or cloth. They can be bought in a store or make it yourself. Material: thick tracing paper, baking paper, cotton, linen, but never synthetics, which adhere to the wax, hard to tear off and provoke skin irritation. The optimal width. 5 cm, length. 7-8 cm. Too short strips will be difficult to grip and tear off, and too long will make the procedure more painful.

Photo gallery: equipment for home waxing

To work with hot wax will need a wax-melter, it will control the temperature of the mixture Wax strips can be made on their own from cotton, thick tracing paper or baking paper Spatulas are used to stir the wax and apply it to the skin areas

Wax melting methods

When using wax for hair removal at home you can not buy for this purpose special devices, such as a heater for melting wax. Means, which are in the house, may well replace it.

You can do this by using a water bath.

Example of how to melt wax in a steam bath

This requires a large saucepan, a spatula to stir the mixture, and a thermometer to check the temperature of the wax.

Important! The pot should be as large as possible, to prevent hot wax droplets from splashing out on the open flame. There is a risk of fire.

Once everything you need is prepared, you can start melting:

  • The pot is filled to a third of its volume with water, and the wax is placed in the center of the pot, the edge of which must always be above the water level;
  • This pot is placed on the stove, and the contents are stirred constantly with the spatula over a low flame;
  • The composition should be on the fire for 10 minutes, most importantly, to ensure that no water gets into the container with the wax;
  • When the wax is homogenous, remove the pot from the fire.

Additional Information. When melting the wax, it is preferable to do it on an electric stove, so that the wax, which becomes gaseous in the process of heating, does not get on the burner flame.

The wax is also melted using the microwave oven. In this case, you need only a bowl of wax, a spatula and a thermometer. The container must be suitable for microwave use.

The sequence of steps is as follows:

  • The material is placed in a container and sent to the microwave;
  • The oven is set for the necessary time to melt the wax. How long to set the timer for? With the medium power set, this time will be about 45 seconds;
  • After that, you need to make sure that the wax has reached the desired temperature, using a thermometer.

Important information! An incomplete container of wax heats up much faster than a full one.

How to make facial wax

How to make a face wax wants to know every girl who wants to look beautiful and not spend a lot of money on it. Facial wax is an ideal alternative to waxing. It can be used as a mask, as well as for depilation as in the salon, and the procedure with the proper skills can be performed as well. Recipes on how to make facial wax at home usually point to simple and affordable products that are in every home lemon, sugar, honey, etc. Today we’re going to talk about how facial waxing is done at home. Read the following article on the pages of pro-vosk magazine.0.

How to make sugar wax without lemon

Lemon juice (acid) is considered a mandatory component of sugar wax. Many people mistakenly believe that it is just an additional ingredient. In fact, citric acid is the stabilizing agent of the whole mass. Natural lemon juice contains different concentrations of acid. This can cause the viscosity of the paste to decrease or increase. Warning! Lemon juice is considered an allergenic product.

It is dangerous to use if you are hypersensitive to citrus fruits. Experts advise to include citric acid. Prepared according to a certain recipe, caramel may not meet expectations. That is why there are a variety of recipes for shugaring paste. Also important is a certain mode of cooking caramel.

Citric acid is one of the main components of sugar paste. It provides the necessary properties for shugaring caramel. Specialists draw attention to the fact that it is undesirable to replace it with another product. In extreme cases, apple cider vinegar can be included instead of citric acid.

Recipes for making wax depilation at home

At home you can make excellent mixtures for depilation, which will significantly reduce the cost of removing unwanted hair on the body

Many cosmetic procedures can be performed both in a beauty salon and at home. For example, at home you can make excellent mixtures for depilation, which will significantly reduce the cost of removing unwanted body hair.

After the procedure of hair removal wax hairs do not grow back for 2-3 weeks or even longer, and the skin at the same time soft and tender, because along with the hair removed keratinized skin cells. In addition, the regrowth of hair becomes thinner and less frequent.

make, waxing, home

The procedure is not recommended for women with varicose veins, with hypersensitive skin and tendency to allergic reactions. For everyone else, here are a few recipes for home depilation mixtures. Conduct the procedure not on the day when you need to show off your smooth and well-groomed legs, but the day before, so that the redness of the skin could pass.

Compounds can be easily prepared from those products that you have at home. sugar, lemon, water, honey, beeswax, carnauba wax, castor oil, lanolin, etc.

DIY Sugaring Wax Recipe and Tutorial

Pros and cons of waxing

The disadvantages of waxing are associated with lack of technique and subjective feelings. Inexperienced hands can easily damage the skin with sticky warm waxes, and overheating the composition can cause burns.

What you need for waxing at home

Before starting the vaxing procedure at home is required to purchase materials, tools, decide on the technique of depilation. For the sensitive areas of the body is good hot wax. Any composition can be used to remove vegetation in other areas. The mixture for the session can be prepared on their own or use ready-made cans brands. In addition, you should prepare in advance for manipulation, which allows you to avoid unpleasant consequences.

For the first time the procedure of wax depilation is recommended to take place in the salon. An experienced beautician will prompt the most successful versions of compositions, you can observe the technique of execution.

What you need tools for waxing

Despite the simplicity of the method, wax depilation requires special skills and special equipment. To conduct a session will require:

  • lotion;
  • talcum powder to dry the surface;
  • ready-made wax, depending on the method it can be a cartridge, plates or pellets;
  • A wax-melter with thermostat and a removable container;
  • tissue strips, wooden spatula, spatula
  • restoration gel.

We recommend that you purchase a special cleaner for your work surface. This will make it easier to clean up after waxing, as the wax mixture does not come off well with simple methods.

Advantages of pre-packaged kits

On the market you can buy ready-made waxing kits. They can have different accessories depending on the technology of the procedure. Contains products to work with the skin before and after waxing. They’re a plus. you don’t have to pick up the tools, composition and texture of the mixture yourself. Popular brands of kits:

Starter kit usually contains a wax mixture, wax melter, strips and spatula, as well as lotion to prepare the skin for the session. All the components are fully combined with each other.

How to choose a good ready-made wax

Depending on the sensitivity of the skin and area of the body, different remedies are used. They differ in texture, melting point and specific application. Waxing is carried out with hot or warm composition, which require preheating, cold wax for rapid removal of vegetation.


Recommended for work with coarse hair on sensitive areas of the body. No paper strips are needed for the work, the product is applied with a spatula. It significantly reduces the risk of injuries and side complications. Can be applied in any direction of hair growth.

Take the form of application into account when choosing. It can be in the form of discs, bars or pellets, briquettes. The material is malleable, pleasant to work with. The procedure with heating is more often performed in cosmetic salons, because it is required to observe the temperature regime precisely.

The main components of hot and warm formulations are beeswax, natural resins and paraffin. Some manufacturers additionally add vitamin additives, essential oils.


Comfortable and popular type. Has a low melting point, quickly removes hairs without leaving irritation on the skin. Suitable for working on large areas of the body, such as legs or arms. Usually sold in cartridge form with a roller. they allow for even distribution of the composition, but a cartridge wax melter will be required.

Requires a special heater which maintains a constant working temperature. The mixture can be applied in any manner, and strips are recommended for removal. When choosing a particular brand, you need to consider the texture of the wax, its density and adhesive properties, which are always indicated on the package.


This type is optimal for home treatment. The product is applied on special strips that are ready to use. Consists of beeswax, pine resin and fragrance. The use of cold formulations allows you to work on medium-sized areas of the body, but because of the low temperature you have to treat one spot several times. This can lead to irritation, ingrown hairs and other unpleasant consequences. When choosing, you should consider the level of manufacturer, the number of wax strips in the packet, the composition and the specific model.

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