How to move the towel rail to another wall

When carrying out the transfer of a towel dryer, it is necessary to coordinate with the bodies serving housing communications. Moving the appliance inside the apartment changes the characteristics of the heating system of the entire apartment building. Therefore it is necessary to obtain permission from the management company. Due to the fact that the installation of a new towel dryer in a different location will change the hydrodynamic characteristics of the system, you should get advice from professionals.

Tip. When choosing where to install the appliance is recommended to pay attention to the space above the washing machine. It is believed that this placement is the best option. If the machine has front loading, the lid must not touch the towel rail when it is opened.

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Choosing a new place for the transfer of the towel dryer, you should be guided by the requirements of SNIP and common sense:

    the device is positioned at least 0.6 m away from any equipment;

  • If the device has a U-shaped, it is placed at a height of not less than 1.1 m, and the M-shaped. not below 0.9 m;
  • vertical device in the form of a ladder mounted in such a way that you can reach the top of it;
  • The place under the towel dryer is chosen with a view of convenient supply of communications;
  • it is necessary to install shut-off valves and bypasses. the pipe bridge of the device. so that in case of emergency you can shut off the water supply through your device and not shut it off at the neighbors;
  • when replacing old pipes with new ones, their diameter should be the same or larger, also it is necessary to reduce the length of the supply line as much as possible;
  • In order for the new pipeline to withstand high water pressure, steel pipes are selected without seams, and polypropylene. with a layer of aluminum;
  • For prevention of occurrence in system of air corks it is necessary to avoid big differences of levels for what pipes lining do with small slopes;
  • The design of the towel dryer is chosen convenient for connection to the supply pipes, and the connection threads should be the same (foreign models may differ).

Heating devices for apartments in multistory housing are chosen from stainless steel and without seams. Brass products are more suitable for private houses, because there is less probability of water hammer in the pipes.

Before moving the towel dryer, it is advisable to inform the neighbors about a temporary stopping of hot water. The blocking of the riser pipe with hot water is made after agreement with the management company.

How to move the towel dryer

The general scheme of connection of towel dryers through separate pipes

When carrying out major or cosmetic repairs in the bathroom, it is sometimes necessary to carry out the transfer or replacement of the towel rail.

Is it possible to do without major installation work?

Answers to all these questions, experts of the company Bavex, the leading producer of towel dryers in Ukraine, will give the answers in this article.

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Is it difficult to move the towel dryer?

The transfer of a towel dryer in the bathroom to another wall is performed most often if the room is redesigned. Also, it becomes necessary if the location of communications or design changes.

The process begins with the removal of the old device. This procedure is carried out as follows:

If the dryer is connected to the hot water pipes, then first the main riser is blocked and the water is drained from it. The drainage is performed only in the presence of a specialist of the housing management. It would not be bad, to warn the neighbors from above and below that there will be no water in the riser for 2-3 hours.

Preparation of the new installation site:

  • Performed measurement of the new device and determine the mounting points. Holes are drilled in them for the anchor bolts.
  • Determine how the towel dryer will be connected to the riser. It is best to use polypropylene pipes for this purpose. Their usage excludes chemical corrosion, as it can happen with different steel alloys. steel-chrome, steel-bronze, steel-iron, etc. п. If necessary, polypropylene pipes are supported with additional fasteners.
  • The thread is cut with a pipe driver. If the new dryer already has a thread, then polypropylene pipes are connected by a special fitting. “American pipe”.
  • Sealing of the joints is performed either by means of linen wrap with sealant or with the help of foaming tape.
  • Mounting a bypass pipe. a bypass pipe between the upper and lower connections to the centralized junction.

Attention! If you perform assembling works in a khrushchevka house, then the tightness of joints will have to be checked until the heating season starts.

Important: If you are simply moving the heater to a new location, you will not need a permit. If you carry out the transfer of the riser pipe, then you need to coordinate this action.

How is the transfer of the towel dryer to another wall?

The general scheme of connection of towel warmers through separate pipes 2

The electric towel rail is transferred to another wall as follows:

Select a new location for the dryer in advance. The basic selection criteria are as follows: the location must be at least 0,6 meters away from any source of water: bathtub, shower cabin, washbasin, etc.

The electrical wiring can be installed either open or closed. In the open method, the wiring is laid directly on the tiles and covered with plastic decorative trim.

A new electric dryer is installed and connected to the electric wiring.

If necessary, additional finishing works are performed.

The procedure for installing a water towel dryer is somewhat more complicated:

If a towel dryer is connected to the hot water supply, the hot water is shut off. This procedure should be performed by a plumber of the housing and utility company.

Bypass is installed and two ball valves are installed. Bypass. a branch pipe that allows you to disconnect the hot water supply from the dryer in order to change gaskets, punch an air lock and perform other maintenance.

Lead the plastic pipes from the riser to the towel dryer.

Fix the device in its new place with mounting brackets and connect it to the plastic pipes

How to connect a towel dryer to a boiler? The installation procedure is similar to the installation work performed to connect to the riser of the hot water or central heating. However, there are some nuances:

Features of connection:

You can choose a model made of brass. It is designed for a more gentle use. Therefore, it is better not to connect the brass towel rails to centralized systems. too much pressure. However, we recommend that you strongly choose a model from the stainless steel dryers presented in our store. They are suitable for boiler as well as water or heating system operation. This would be ideal.

You should not use threaded connections with a welded riser. Also, do not install any connections in hard to reach places. In the future it will seriously hamper the maintenance of the device.

A slight downward slope along the water-supply line will prevent airlocks from forming in the pipes.

The dryer should be mounted from the surface of the wall at a distance of 3,5-5,5 cm.

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Question : Is consent for such a connection is required??

Moving A Radiator Across A Room

Answer : No, such connection does not require any approval.

Question : Is moving the radiator for drying?

Answer : In itself the removal of the towel dryer on the other wall is not a bathroom remodeling.

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Why touch it at all? If you’re going to install a new one, and throw out the old one and that’s it

How to move the electric towel dryer?

It will be much easier to move the towel radiator to another wall, if the device works on electricity. It is a household heating device that is installed as follows:

  • The place of a towel dryer is chosen on height not less than 130 sm and distance nearer 60 sm from the grounded details of sanitary equipment: a bath, a shower, pipelines.
  • It is made the latent electric wiring and the socket in a waterproof version is established. You can install a switch outside. Electricity in the bathroom is brought through a separate circuit breaker and RCD with a leakage current of no more than 10 mA.
  • The towel dryer is dismantled and then fixed in its new place.
  • The grounding of all metal parts of the premises is provided.
  • Finishing works are carried out.
  • The device is connected to the network.

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With whom to coordinate the work

Before we move the towel dryer, it is necessary to define the principle of water heating. If electric heating coil is used in the construction, approval of the works is not required (the heater is not connected to the water mains). Power supply cables with automatic fuses are routed to the place of installation, safety rules are observed during installation. If the heating device is connected to the hot water pipe or heating, you need to get approval for the transfer in the management company.

List of documents required to obtain a permit:

  • A document certifying the identity of the applicant;
  • Certificate confirming the right of ownership;
  • A free-form application with a list of work to be done;
  • Technical passport of the apartment;
  • Expert commission opinion that confirms the possibility of carrying out the change.

Technical passport of the apartment.

The conclusion on the transfer of the riser pipe is issued by employees of the housing inspection on the basis of the apartment redevelopment project. In some settlements documents are issued by a management company on the basis of the owner’s application. The legalized procedure of moving the water towel dryer removes the risks associated with the violation of the normal operation of the heating system or hot water supply from the owner of the apartment.

Owners of electric models will have the least difficulty in relocating them. They are fully autonomous, and manipulation with them does not require additional investment or coordination with the supervisory authorities. The actual removal and installation of the device is very simple and most often consists of removing the device from one wall and fastening it to the other. If necessary socket is additionally transferred or performed stroba under wiring. On this all works come to an end.

With the water equipment will be much more troublesome. In order to carry out the transfer of a towel dryer, coordination with the authorities responsible for the operation and condition of internal communications and buildings is mandatory. It is connected with the fact that independent moving of heating devices, and to their number can be attributed and water towel dryer, imposes on the owner responsibility for change of technical parameters of system and its condition.

Thus, if there are problems, the claims will be made to the owner of the housing. As a consequence it is strongly recommended to officially agree all changes in the heating systems.

Choosing a new equipment it is necessary to take into account that it should not give an additional load on the thermal system. Therefore, it should only be a certified device, well chosen on the thermal capacity in strict accordance with the volumes of sanitary facilities. Hydrodynamics of heating pipes should also not be disturbed. The device can therefore be installed without creating an air lock and without creating any additional hydraulic accumulation. All these conditions can be met only in the case of competent installation of the device, for which it is best to invite a specialist.

Practical tips and recommendations

To carry out the transfer of a towel dryer in the bathroom according to all the rules and to get a good long-lasting result, you should follow some rules.

For private homes with autonomous water supply suit the brass models, which are designed for more gentle use. It is undesirable to install a towel dryer on the wall, bordering the living room.

It is not recommended to use a threaded connection in conjunction with a welded riser. Also it is undesirable to apply the threaded connection in places difficult to reach for service, for example, behind a decorative furnish.

For the correct operation of the towel dryer during installation, provide a slight slope of the supply pipe in the direction of the hot water flow. This will help avoid the formation of air s.

The distance from the wall to the middle of the supply pipe must be 3.5-5.5 cm

The order of works on transfer of the towel dryer

The sequence of operations when relocating the device will be as follows:

  • The riser in the basement of the house is disconnected with the help of a regular plumber.
  • The old towel radiator is cut out. If necessary, a part of the supply pipe must be removed. The remaining pipes must have a length suitable for the connection of the new pipeline.
  • On the outlets of supply and return pipes threads are cut using dies and then ball valves are installed.

To seal the threaded joints is used tape with paste. Fumi-strap must not be used here. It is advisable to use a device with a coupling nut.

  • Install the supply and return pipes to the appliance. If the distance is large, you should first calculate the pressure loss that they were not much higher than at the towel dryer at its old location. The pipeline is laid along the wall or hidden in it under the decorative coating.

Important! Do not make horizontal strokes in the bearing walls. Can it be done when there is an absolute necessity? The only possible option is a small hole in the diagonal. Horizontal pipes can be hidden under a skirting board or behind a false wall made of plasterboard.

  • With the help of a level a marking is made, holes are drilled in the wall, plastic dowels are inserted, and then the wall mounts and the device itself are installed.
  • The transferred towel dryer is connected to the system through ball valves.
  • Parallel to the device is installed a bypass with a tap to turn off the water.
  • The air vent is installed in the upper part of the towel radiator.

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Features of installation of the electric towel dryer

Residents of private homes will be much easier to choose a place to install the unit. Residents of apartment buildings have limited options for choosing a place.

The electric design will not cause much trouble with the transfer to another wall. There is no need to coordinate the transfer of such a device with the housing inspection.

There are two nuances existing when transferring an electric towel rail:

A large number of advantages have an electric model before his water counterpart, here are a few of them:

  • The closed circuit allows el. Towel rail to be in working order all year round.
  • With such a device you should forget such words as: corrosion, hard water and pressure differences.
  • And of course the biggest plus will be the ability to adjust the strength of the heating.

Methods to improve performance and safety:

  • It is necessary to carefully hide the wiring, which is connected with the towel radiator;
  • It is worth to ground the device due to the fact that it is installed in a room with high humidity;
  • It is desirable to install a RCD (residual current device)

The transfer of the electric heating device

In connection with the high humidity of the room, the owners of the electric towel dryers need to carefully consider their own safety. To avoid unforeseen situations, it is necessary to make grounding and to install the automatic device in the electric switchboard.

Moving the electric towel dryer

The transfer of the electric towel dryer from one wall to another is not difficult. It is only important to maintain a distance to water sources of at least 0.6m. In the process of work you will need:

  • Drill or impact drill, concrete drill bit set.
  • A set of wrenches.
  • A set of screwdrivers.
  • Measuring tape, marker.
  • Fixing.

Start the work by selecting a location. Do not forget that the electric device requires power, so take care to have an outlet near the towel rail or run a separate cable.

The next step is to remove the old device. As a rule, this work does not cause difficulties, the device is simply removed from the wall, and then remove and its fixture. Then in a new place make a marking under the elements of fastenings of a new towel dryer and produce their installation. After that the new electric appliance is installed and connected.

When connecting an electric towel dryer, do not forget about the danger of electric shock, so be sure to ground the structure, and in the switchboard, install a safety switch.

The correct transfer of a water towel dryer without problems with the law

If you do the work yourself, the transfer of the towel radiator is quite a complicated operation. It is necessary to consider the legal aspect of redevelopment and the peculiarities of fittings of different materials, to use the correct schemes of connection of a towel dryer (TW) to risers of heating or hot water.

How to move the electric towel rail?

The easiest way to cope with the transfer of the electric towel rail, which is an ordinary household heating device.

  • Choose a place for the appliance, which should be at least 60 cm from the source of water: sink, bathtub, shower stall, etc. п.
  • To bring electricity to the place of installation by open or concealed means, t. е. Install the plug and socket or lay the cable under a decorative trim.
  • Dismantle the old towel rail.
  • Fix the device in its new place and connect it to the power supply.
  • To carry out the necessary finishing work.

Tip: Since high humidity in the bathroom can be dangerous for electric appliances, it is recommended to ensure the quality of electrical installation work: provide earthing, install a fuse box type “RCD” in the fuse box, etc. п.

An electric towel dryer is not difficult to move, because it is a fairly simple device and it is not connected to the water supply, which saves installers the headache

Electric towel rails have a number of advantages over their water “brethren”:

  • easy installation;
  • possibility to regulate the temperature of heating of heating elements;
  • on/off switchable at all times of the year regardless of the start of the heating season or hot water shutoff schedule during the summer.

Note: To keep the humidity in the bathroom at an optimal level, you need to take care not only about the heating, but also about the effective exchange of air. The installation of forced ventilation will be a great addition to the towel rail.

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