How to operate your saeco machine correctly

Why you shouldn’t neglect to read the instructions for your coffee machine?

First, from the instructions for use of your coffee machine you will learn the causes of the error code on the display and the manufacturer’s tips for troubleshooting.

Philips Series 3200 LatteGo EP3246/70 Automatic Coffee Machine. How to Install and Use

“Thanks to the information about the meaning of error codes you can make an informed decision: fix the problem yourself at home or call a service center to repair your coffee machines.”

Secondly, the manual describes in detail the recommendations for home maintenance of the coffee machine, such as decalcification, brewpool cleaning, automatic cappuccinator cleaning, disassembling and rinsing the cappuccino maker, changing the water filter, etc.д.

“Careless handling and lack of regular cleaning is one of the most common causes of coffee machine failure. Following the basic recommendations for the care of your coffee machine from the manual will significantly reduce the risk of coffee machine breakdowns and extend the life of your machine.”

Third, the manual describes in detail how to measure the water hardness level and program it for the machine.

“Untimely descaling is the most common cause of coffee machine repairs. It is enough to measure the water hardness level correctly once and program the machine so that it remembers it and takes it into account for future use. When a certain amount of limescale is formed in the boiler, the control display will indicate the need for decalcification.”

Fourth, you can learn from your coffee machine’s manual how to properly adjust the grinding of the beans.

“Too fine grinding of beans leads to the following problems in the operation of the coffee machine: premature breakage of grinder components, when the machine is running the coffee is poured very slowly or does not flow at all, clogging of parts of the machine coffee dust.”

“Too coarse grinding leads to the inability to complete the coffee pressing cycle in the brewing unit and, consequently, to the breakdown of its gears or gearbox.”

Fifth, it is a good idea to read the manual carefully, so that you can learn to adjust the settings, try a new coffee recipe or use extra options like pre-sprinkling the beans.

“All the tips for setting up your coffee machine properly are described in the instruction manual. We advise you not to neglect reading it.”

Couldn’t find the manual for your coffee machine model? Write to info@life-kofe.We try to help!

Instructions for Saeco coffee machines

Today there is a very strong competition in the market of coffee machines producers. Therefore, each manufacturer of this device is trying to diversify their new models with a maximum number of functions, which leads to the fact that, at times, it is very difficult for an average user to understand them. For example, if the first models of coffee machines were quite simple and performed the same function. making coffee, no instructions and explanations of their work were simply unnecessary, as everything was already intuitively clear. But today’s models are packed with so many different functions that it’s hard to understand without an instruction manual.

Saeco coffee machines are no exception. Saeco is one of the leaders in espresso machines today, so you can find its models just about everywhere. In order to make it easier for the average user to understand the functions and parameters of the coffee machines, each model of Saeco coffee-making device is equipped with a detailed manual, which describes in detail the various features and the correct settings of the coffee machine.

Instructions for Saeco coffee machines usually have these basic settings:

It is worth noting that the instructions for Saeco coffee machines contain detailed descriptions of each setting, and for each drink should be set differently.

The main advantage of having a manual is that the user, if there are any incomprehensible messages and any difficulties in operating the device, can always find answers to their questions. Having a Saeco coffee machine manual allows you to quickly respond to a malfunction. The manual notes all kinds of malfunctions and the messages that indicate these malfunctions. over, you can fix certain malfunctions without calling a specialist, which can save you a lot on expensive repairs.

So, thanks to the manual, the user can not only quickly adjust the coffee machine’s functions, but also perform preventive maintenance on the machine, which saves time and money. With the instructions, setting up your coffee machine will no longer be a problem, but a quick and easy way to make yourself a cup of aromatic coffee.

RUSSIAN Introduction Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome to your home.

Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome to Philips! To make the most of your Mac support experience, register your purchase at’ll find all the information you need to install, use, clean and descale your appliance in this manual. And if you need extra help, we encourage you to call the toll-free Philips Customer Care number. Phone numbers can be found on the last page of this document and in the warranty card included with the unit.

Grinding control knob2. Pre-ground coffee bin3. Coffee bean hopper4. Cover for bean hopper5. Panel

Coffee spout7. Cup support grate8. Drip tray full indicator9. drip tray10. Waste container11. Coffee Preparation Unit12. Service door13. Food-based lubricant for the coffee brewing unit14. Power cord15. Feed tube protection16. Pannarello nozzle (for hot water/steam tube)17. Water tank18. Receptacle for power cord19. Main switch 20. Grinder adjustment key Pre-ground coffee spout21. Test strip for reading water hardness22. Cleaning brush23. Bowl for collecting liquid waste24. Espresso button25. Espresso Lungo button26. Hot water/steam selection button27. ON/OFF button28. Aroma” switch button. Pre-ground coffee29. Descaling button30. Descaling button

Read this manual carefully before using the appliance and keep it for future reference.

Do not allow water to come into contact with live electrical components of the machine: danger of short circuits! Steam and hot water can cause burns! Never point the steam or hot water jet at any part of the body; touch the steam / hot water spout very carefully, using a suitable handpiece for gripping it: Danger of burns!

Carrying out descaling

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Based on coffee machine readings using 8 removable filters. Actual number of cups depends on speciality selected, rinsing and cleaning cycles.

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All Saeco machines

There are three programs for cleaning the internal cappuccinators:

Auto Steam Shoot cleaning program automatically starts after you have had a milk beverage. To select HygieSteam or Milk Clean, tap the cleaning icon and select the desired program.

  • Auto Steam Shoot: The Auto Steam Shoot descaling program runs automatically after you have had a milk beverage. For quick cleaning, the coffee machine supplies the internal cappuccinatores with pressurized steam.
  • HygieSteam: The machine thoroughly cleans the internal milk system with steam. Place the milk spout on the milk spout holder and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Deep Milk Clean: This program should be started when using Philips milk circuit cleaner to effectively clean the system.

The following cleaning procedures are recommended for regular use of the milk system to ensure that the milk froth is airy and clean.

Daily cleaning: start the HygieSteam program. Touch the cleaning symbol on the coffee machine and select HygieSteam. Rinse milk pipes under the faucet after use.

Weekly cleaning: Take apart the cappuccinatores and wash all parts and milk pipes under the faucet with detergent.

Monthly cleaning: follow the Deep Milk Clean procedure with the CA6705 milk circuit cleaner. To start the cleaning cycle, touch the cleaning symbol on the machine and select Deep Milk Clean.

Preparing milk-based coffee

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Pour cold milk (whole, low fat, skim, soy and lactose free) to medium level into the jug.

Remove the hot water spout. Replace the milk container so that it is positioned on the drip tray.

Cappuccinator spout must be pushed to the right as far as it will go until the milk in the jug is properly foamed.

At the end of the beverage, the machine prompts you to start the quick cleaning process. Place a cup under the spout of the milk foam drain and press “OK”.

If you want to prepare a large coffee (e.g. a latte macchiato), remove the pouring spout.

your, saeco, machine, correctly


Delonghi ECAM Series Service Price
Replacing the milk container 112 BYN.
Replacement of dispenser nozzle 72 BYN.
Repairs to the grinder 89 BYN.
Delonghi ESAM Series Service Price
Change of the pump 67 BYN.
Replacement of the brew pad 112 BYN.
Maintenance of custard block 68 BYN.
Descaling 38 BYN.
Cleaning of coffee cycle 45 BYN.
Delonghi ETAM Series Service Price
Brewer group cleaning 68 BYN.
Supply valve replacement 24 BYN.
Compensator Replacement 148 BYN.
Control card repair from 169 BYN.
Delonghi EAM Series Service Price
Repair of custard drive 124 BYN.
Hydraulic Repair from 60 BYN.
Replacing the dispenser 22 BYN.
Saeco RI Series Service Price
Control board repair from 170 BYN.
Grinder repair 118 BYN.
Saeco HD Series Service Price
Control Board Repair from 170 BYN.
Grinder repair 118 BYN.

Milk jug doesn’t foam

First, check that the spout is fully open and that the milk pipe is correctly attached to the whipping mechanism.

If the problem persists, disassemble the milk jug and rinse each part under running warm water.

Try to use semi-skimmed and whole cow’s milk, as well as soy and lactose-free milk.

Professional coffee machine repair

We have been repairing coffee machines professionally for years. We strongly recommend that you read the manual before carrying out any work on your coffee machine. Especially if you are going to repair your coffee machine, make sure that you have followed all the necessary steps suggested in the instructions for your coffee machine. Only after you made sure that there is something wrong with your coffee machine or after you found out that it is necessary to apply to the service, follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

For example, some coffee machines have only one indicator light for all occasions. Possibly incorrectly inserted brewing mechanism or waste tray. This alarm could also mean there are no beans in the grinder or water in the container. On top of all this, the same signal can alert you to the presence of air in the thermoblock and simply opening the steam tap can solve the problem in seconds.

But if you always strictly follow all the rules of your coffee machine, and you’ve come to the site to download the manual in good faith. And you have done all possible actions and still no result. There is a simple way out of this situation!

Luckily for you, we not only have all the instruction manuals on our website. But we also provide professional repair service for all brands of coffee machines. If you are at a loss to find out whether your coffee machine is faulty or not, give us a call. We’ll give you a free consultation.

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