How to pour water into the humidifier

What water to put in the humidifier

The owners of household humidifiers do not always monitor whether they have high-quality water, and in vain. If you do not understand what water to pour into the humidifier, you can harm your health, reduce the period of operation of the equipment.

Allergy sufferers and children should especially use humidifiers. They prevent the nasopharynx mucosa from drying out, prevent the development of asthmatic attacks and other health problems.

Features of work

The specifics of operating an ultrasonic humidifier include the quietness of its operation. The ear of a normal person does not perceive oscillations in the ultrasonic range. The user will hear a slight rustle of the miniature fan when it is turned on. Another peculiarity of this device is dependence of its work on quality of liquid poured into working tank.

Since ordinary tap water most often contains dissolved impurities, the ultrasonic evaporation spreads them around the room and gradually settle on the objects in the form of white plaque. In addition, they accumulate on the inner surfaces of the filling tank and the walls of the device, clogging the built-in filter element. The only reasonable solution is to use distilled water for a humidifier.

The conveniences of using these devices include:

Controllable and easily removable disadvantage of ultrasonic humidifiers is the settling of white plaque after prolonged use and the need to clean the surrounding objects.

Which humidifiers are the most harmful according to scientists

Ultrasonic humidifiers process water into a cold mist by ultrasonic vibration. Their main problem. minerals in tap water after getting into the air settled on the furniture in the form of white dust. It is not only aesthetically unappealing, but also dangerous for children and people with respiratory diseases. For this reason, you must learn how to use your humidifier correctly. First, you need to use filtered purified water without minerals, and second, clean your climate-controlled appliances regularly. During constant contact with water, mold problems and bacterial growth can occur, which then disperse into the air and enter the lungs.

“Hot” humidifiers release hot steam, and should therefore be installed out of reach of pets and children to avoid burns. As for bacteria, these models also need to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

There’s no such thing as safe dirty appliances. If you do not clean the air conditioner, dust will enter the respiratory tract and make it difficult to breathe. It is the same with humidifiers. clean water and timely disinfection will allow to use climatic equipment with the maximum benefit for health. And that level of humidifier benefit or harm is entirely up to you.

Review on Hyundai Mirabilis HU5M Overlocker

Today I would like to write a review on the Hyundai Mirabilis HU5M humidifier.

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But first, I’d like to start with the backstory. This is the second humidifier we buy, so we have something to compare. I read reviews of other members of the club online trades and noticed that quite a few members buy a humidifier when they have kids, jumping ahead to say that we also thought about a humidifier when my wife was pregnant. First of all, we decided to find out what our default humidity. Bought in a well-known Chinese store thermometer with a hygrometer from a well-known Chinese manufacturer. It turns out that in winter, when the heating is on, the humidity in the apartment drops below 20%. The skin and especially the lips are starting to dry.

That’s when we decided to buy a humidifier. The first humidifier was bought in another store, it was a humidifier Ballu, the tank pours from the bottom. To be honest, it is oh so uncomfortable. But today we are talking about a completely different humidifier.

My wife’s parents apartment is even drier and they are in dire need of a humidifier. And we decided to give them a gift for the new year. And look for it on the site of online trading.

Looking for a very simple, mechanical control (ideally on/off). and off.). The price is around 2000 The manufacturer we know. In the end we chose this one:

Manufacturer Hyundai, we know it (though not thought about what it is a manufacturer in terms of humidifiers). Fully plastic glossy body, very lightweight. Nice-looking and not too big.

The packaging is standard. cardboard box. On top of a convenient plastic handle (although the box is light, it is not difficult to carry, but still nice that they think about the convenience).

The humidifier itself is in a package, and the top and bottom is fixed with foam. Inside the manual in Russian and warranty card.

Now the most important and interesting. the tank. The tank is 3 liters, which is enough for a whole day of continuous operation. Pour water into the tank from above. No need to remove anything, turn it upside down, wipe off the water which has poured out. just took off the lid, poured the water and closed the lid. Everything is very simple and understandable. In the future, and want a humidifier in which water is poured from the top.

The lid itself has an insert with a steam diffuser, it comes out in two directions and the insert itself rotates 360 degrees.

pour, water, humidifier

The humidifier has no special container or sponge for oil. And parents do not need it. In a pinch you can put a drop of oil in the water. No transparent window to monitor the water level, and do not need it, when the water is over the humidifier will stop working. The filter is already built into the bottom of the tank, screwed with a screw, you can unscrew and clean. But in any case you need to fill the humidifier with clean water. Just filling the water.

I first poured a half liter of water, turn it on, the humidifier began to work unstable (off, the steam was not uniform). Looked through the manual, it says that this is normal for the first turn-on. But I decided that the water is just not enough and added another half liter and the humidifier began to operate normally. Green LED lights up during operation.

When the humidifier runs out of water, the LED lights up red and draws attention to himself.

That’s actually all the functions of a humidifier reviewed. It’s very simple and straightforward. just right for parents. It is enough for one room in 20 square meters. м.

For different humidifier types

The most unpretentious in terms of water devices are considered a steam humidifier. Since the end result of such a device is steam, the nature of the water component does not matter in principle.

Low quality tap water is an exception. In such a case, it is essential to use special filters, otherwise the resulting sludge will adversely affect the operation of the device and rather quickly put the humidifier out of operation.

In so-called “cold” humidifiers, air is forced by a fan through a humidifying cartridge to cool the air and saturate it with moisture. The use of common tap water leads to rapid cartridge clogging and, accordingly, the need for its replacement.

Therefore such evaporators should be filled with well-filtered water, and better still. with distilled water. In the absence of such a possibility should purchase special cartridges to reduce the hardness of the water component.

Are there any peculiarities for the ultrasonic humidifier?

Ultrasonic evaporators are the most advanced and productive, but they are also the most fastidious in maintenance.

The operating principle of such devices is based on the conversion of electromagnetic frequencies into mechanical vibrations and converting moisture into a fine “water dust”, which under the influence of the fan is thrown into the air and saturates it with moisture.

Thus, the process of operation of such a humidifier is quite complicated, and therefore the water should be used only demineralized and distilled. Otherwise, you will have to replace the already expensive cartridges frequently.

What water to use to avoid fouling?

On the appearance of white deposit on the surrounding surfaces often complain owners of ultrasonic vaporizers. As already mentioned, their work is based on the vibration of a special membrane, which breaks the moisture into small particles. And if you do not use the distilled water recommended by the manufacturer, all the impurities in the liquid will also break into small pieces and will be thrown into the air, and then. deposited on the nearest surfaces.

Accordingly, it is necessary to use carefully purified (ideally distilled) water to avoid plaque.

Better ordinary or boiled?

There is no fundamental difference between ordinary and boiled water for ultrasonic humidifiers. impurities remain in the liquid and subsequently transferred into the environment (in the second case, they are only slightly less). Therefore, it is necessary to use the cleanest and demineralized water, and then the quality of the humidifier will be much higher.

Elimination of minor faults and malfunctions

The vast majority of humidifier malfunctions are caused by dirt.

For example, the cause of unpleasant odors during operation of the device is the banal reproduction of bacteria or mold. In such a case, the device should be disassembled, cleaned and each of the parts thoroughly washed with a warm soapy solution, hydrogen peroxide solution or other cleaning composition.

If the humidifier makes a sound, but water level in it does not decrease, it is necessary to check the condition of the supply motor and the diaphragm (for ultrasonic devices). The cause of such breakdowns can be hidden in contamination, displacement of design elements or failure of the pump. To eliminate the problem, inspect the parts of the device, clean or repair them if necessary, and then test the operation of the device.

The reason for no jets of steam from a working device are often clogged outlet holes. In this case it is necessary to check the outlet grid, the blowing fan operation and the filter condition.

For clarity, let’s systematize the most common malfunctions (on the example of Polaris humidifiers) and present in the form of a table:

Empty the tank so that the supply duct is not flooded

The diaphragm or the mechanism that drives it is damaged

Rinse the transmitter under running water and dry it

The spraying is too weak and noisy

take out the converter, clean and dry it and put it back in the device

whitish deposits appear on the walls of the humidifier and the surrounding surfaces

Replace the filter with a new one and the normal water with distilled water

I would like to note that the maintenance of humidifiers often unpretentious, but if you plan a long operation of the device, certain rules for its care should still be observed. In this case, the main guide should be the official instructions for the use of the humidifier in the apartment.

Thus, if you use the humidifier properly, properly approached to its maintenance, the device will last a long time, and its work for many years will remain effective.


Aromatherapy is becoming more popular every year, in fact, many people buy a humidifier just for the purpose of filling the room with your favorite flavor. However, most often people do not think about whether the device has such a function. In detail, whether it is possible to add essential oil to the device, described below.

How to Refill a Water Humidifier

If you do not think about safety and longevity not at all cheap humidifier, you can add any aroma oils. Usually they are just stirred without thinking about some of the consequences, but in vain. After all, essential oils have practically the same compositions and properties as ordinary vegetable oil. Accordingly, the evaporation will form a greasy film on all elements of the device, it is extremely difficult to clean.

Only specialized models allow you to use a humidifier with fragrance without harm. This kind of equipment is equipped with either the ability to reproduce the function of air washing or a compartment for capsules. The fragrance function is able to use oils and fully disclose their fragrance.

The system allows you to dose the saturation of the scent to a small extent, so that you can enjoy the fragrances. Essential oil in the air is not just about inhaling the fragrance of flowers and reminding one of the colors of summer in winter; it has medicinal properties of a physical and psychological nature.

Normalization of air composition helps to get the necessary moisture for the respiratory system. Smells stimulate the mind and motivate the immune system. Aroma oil air humidifier, practically a home station for health promotion, is a full-fledged aromatherapy device for the room.

Important! Always consult a doctor before using in a child’s room!

What Happens if You Open a Vacuum Chamber Under Water? And Do Vacuums Float?

Not every device can be used for scenting the air. A device not designed for such purposes will quickly become dirty and fail.

What kind of humidifier is used to disperse odors in the room? Equipment with fragrance function is ideal for treating the air. The model must have a special compartment where the ether is stored.

What else can be used for flavoring? Humidifiers with an air washer function. They do not have removable filters, which get clogged with oil, and they can work with additives.

The benefits of humidifiers are undeniable. Each of the varieties of this device has its own rules of operation. Some models are less “capricious”, others are more demanding to follow the instructions. This is especially true for the water inside the device.

High-quality distilled water significantly prolongs the life of the humidifier and a beneficial effect on the health of people living in the room.

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