How to prepare for laser hair removal

Diode laser hair removal. easy and effective procedure for your beauty

Diode laser hair removal. is a way to remove unwanted vegetation on the body, which currently provides almost the most efficient and long-lasting effect. A normal shaving helps only for a short time, because only the visible part of the hair is removed, but the follicle remains unharmed, so the regrowing hair has to be removed almost daily.

The modern beauty industry uses different types of lasers for hair removal. Diode laser hair removal, according to customer reviews, is the most advanced and effective development. It destroys unwanted hair very productively, for a long time, painlessly, without affecting the skin.

How the diode laser works? To remove hair it is used for its property to sharply increase the temperature in the cells that make up the hair, due to the local effect on melanin (the pigment that stains it) and destroy them. The laser beam affects the entire length of the hair, including its subcutaneous part (follicle), destroying it almost instantly.

Pain and burning during removal of unwanted vegetation diode laser does not occur, although the temperature in the cells instantly rises. This effect allows for a special sapphire optics diode laser, which protects the skin tissue surrounding the hair, from heating.

The laser beam in modern devices has a very small diameter (up to 18 mm), due to which the destructive thermal effect is directly exposed to the follicle, which is responsible for the appearance of vegetation. This method guarantees the absence of hair for a long time.

After the session is over you can already see the result of diode laser hair removal, but the full loss of unwanted vegetation occurs after 7-14 days. Hair that has been exposed to high temperatures breaks down gradually. About 20% of actively growing specimens are destroyed during a single session, therefore it is not recommended to treat laser hair removal only once.

Area effect of diode laser destroys not only the hair itself, but also the hair growth area, which stops the subsequent appearance of unwanted vegetation in the treated area.

This procedure is considered the most harmless of all the methods used, including photoepilation, because its local effect on the hair does not damage the surrounding tissue.

The removed body hair is of different type, structure and thickness. It all depends on the gender, age of the client, the location of the area to be treated, so modern devices there is an opportunity to set a certain level of thermal radiation. This allows the cosmetic surgeon to adjust the degree of exposure required individually.

Areas of unwanted body hair growth where diode laser hair removal is traditionally used:

Chin, upper lip, cheeks, eyebrows, nape of the neck;

Brushes, fingers, upper and lower elbow.

Efficiency of the procedure: how quickly the hair falls out after laser hair removal?

The result of laser hair removal is visible after the first session, though not immediately. Within ten to fourteen days, “false growth” occurs: the hairs, whose bulbs have been destroyed, are pushed to the surface by the skin. But after about two weeks these hairs completely rise and fall out. In their place new hairs do not appear. Even after the first visit to the cosmetologist, you can achieve a reduction in the number of ingrown hairs, slowing the growth of hairs.

But do not expect all hairs to fall out on the treated area at once. The fact that the laser beam acts only on those hairs that are in the active growth phase. Hair loss usually equals 15 to 30% of hair loss in a single treatment, and this number only increases with each time. A more visible effect can be achieved after about the fifth session, when only individual fine hairs remain on the body.

How to shave before laser hair removal?

Another important part of preparation is shaving. It is necessary to use a razor the day before the session. It is important to remove hair from all parts of the intimate area.

Knowing how to prepare for bikini laser hair removal, you can make the procedure more effective and pain-free (as much as possible). And also to reduce the risk of irritation or other side effects.

How to prepare for laser hair removal of deep bikini, face, legs, and armpits

Shave before treatment if you intend to remove body hair. On the face, hair does not need to be shaved. You can trim them if they have grown longer than 1 mm.

The fact is that the laser energy travels along the hair shaft to the hair follicle and heats the surrounding tissue. The laser must “see” the point, that is, the tip of the shaved hair and heat the shaft to the base. Length of hair should not be more than 1 mm.

If the hair is too long, the laser energy will not reach the follicle, it will not heat up and the blood in the vessels that feed the hair will not clot. This means that the hair will continue to be nourished and grow.

How to prepare for a laser hair removal procedure

Finally you’re getting waxed, too! We’re glad you’re starting a new life, but you’ve got to prepare for it. Seriously. Talk about the preparatory step.

Don’t get a tan in the sun or on a tanning bed for at least two weeks before the treatment. The same rule applies afterwards.

Why: To avoid a first-degree burn, especially after exposure to ultraviolet light, when the skin becomes overly sensitive.

Since you’ve decided to switch to a laser, say goodbye to shugaring and waxing.

Why: These procedures remove the hair together with the follicle from which it grows. The laser simply will not remove anything, because it acts on the melanin contained in the hair.

prepare, laser, hair, removal

Don’t use any scrubs, peels, or harsh loofahs on your chosen area for three days. For the next three days, don’t do it either.

Why: So as not to damage the skin mechanically and not to cause unnecessary skin irritation. For the same reason, it is better not to visit a bath or sauna the day before.

Shave your hair 1-3 days before the procedure.

Why: The laser light works directly on the hair follicle. There is no sense in wasting energy on the hair itself.

Don’t use lotions, shower gels, creams, or other skin care products on your big day.

Why: They usually contain alcohol, so they dry out the skin and may cause discomfort after the laser.

Read the list of contraindications.

Why: No one wants health problems. Not even for beauty.

One more important thing: Make an appointment at your nearest Laser Love salon in advance.

prepare, laser, hair, removal

Why: Here. no comment. To choose a convenient time and not to worry that the procedure will have to be postponed. You’ve already made up your mind!

Follow these simple rules and come to us for smoother skin, apple freshness and great vibes.

Minimal impact on skin

Facial skin is thinner and more delicate than other areas of the body, so methods that are good, for example, for removing hair on the legs, are not suitable for facial hair removal. Especially if the skin is prone to irritations and rashes or is simply sensitive. So, it is not recommended to use an electric epilator on the face. And most depilatories contain aggressive chemicals, which can be very irritating.

Waxing is often practiced to remove facial hair. This method is quite capable of making the skin smooth for one to two weeks, but it has negative aspects. First, the procedure is painful, and secondly, there may be an ingrown effect of hair, spot redness and pustular inflammation in the place of hair removal.

Laser hair removal saves the skin not only from facial hair, but also from their accompanying unpleasantness. After all, the impact on the skin is short-term (milliseconds), non-traumatic (the laser destroys the hair structure without affecting the surrounding tissue) and causes virtually no pain and discomfort.

With all its advantages and effectiveness, this procedure still has some limitations:

Herpes or other infectious processes in the body;

The period of pregnancy or breast-feeding;

abrasions or cuts in the intended area of exposure;

susceptibility to formation of keloid scars;

Respiratory or viral diseases;

The procedure is divided into several stages, each of which is carried out by a doctor in a clinic or beauty salon. In order to have a successful procedure, the preparation for laser hair removal must be performed correctly. This issue should be taken very seriously to avoid complications. A consultation with a dermatologist is mandatory (it is necessary to learn about personal tolerance of the procedure, based on the color of the skin and hair).

After making sure that there are no contraindications, about a week before the procedure you need to start preparing for it. Laser hair removal will be more effective if you adhere to the following recommendations:

Before exposure to the energy beam is recommended to test for possible allergic reactions;

1-2 days before the procedure, adjust the length of hair on the desired area of the skin (use a razor for this purpose);

Do not apply on the face on the day of the procedure cosmetics.

Before epilation, the doctor who will conduct it, should make an examination of the client, paying special attention to the skin, discuss possible risks and contraindications. If there are no obstacles, the procedure takes place in the following order:

prepare, laser, hair, removal

The specialist examines the skin, determines the phototype, the structure of the hair and adjusts the equipment: the optimal length and power of the laser.

During laser hair removal the client lies on a comfortable couch. His eyes and the doctor’s eyes are protected by special glasses.

If necessary, the cosmetologist shaves the hair and treats the skin in the desired area.

A special gel-conductor is applied to the treated area to improve the properties of the laser.

Hair removal. The laser flash, which penetrates the skin to the depth of the hair follicles, heats them narrowly. As a consequence, they are destroyed, and the hair in that place stops growing. The flash during the facial hair removal lasts just a few milliseconds.

The irradiated skin is treated with a restorative, soothing agent.

After exposure to a laser for a few days to create a gentle mode for the face, avoid mechanical, light and heat effects. At this time it is not recommended:

How do I prepare for Laser Hair Removal?. First Treatment

In some cases, when the skin in the place of hair removal is irritated, it is necessary to use soothing and moisturizing creams based on aloe vera.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal. WORTH IT? 6-Year Check-In

The hair after laser hair removal, which didn’t fall out immediately, will leave their places for several days afterwards. Important point: the laser can affect only those follicles that are in the active stage, so the final elimination of hair will require an average of 4-6 sessions.

After a full course you will forget about the need to fight body or facial hair. It is very rare for some girls to have single hairs, but if this problem occurs, then one session a year will be enough to keep the skin smooth.

Laser hair removal on the face: its characteristics and advantages

Unwanted facial hair is not just a problem for men, but for women as well. The hair in this area looks unaesthetic and spoils even a very attractive appearance. Laser hair removal is one of the most modern, popular and effective ways to eliminate this problem. What is the procedure, what are the contraindications and consequences, you will learn in our article.

The face is everyone’s calling card, and women especially. What methods modern representative of the fair sex use to get rid of unwanted vegetation? This is the use of razors, and the use of various creams for hair removal and wax strips. But after such methods of exposure, facial hair grows faster and becomes even harder.

Laser hair removal. a popular modern technique, which is used not only by women but also by men in the fight against unwanted vegetation.

The essence of the procedure is that the device is directed to the hair follicle and a flash occurs. The laser beam passing through the hair reaches the bulb and heats the melanin pigment located in it. The hair follicle is overheated and destroyed. After a short period of time the hair loosens. It is worth noting that the surrounding tissue is not damaged.

The laser hair removal procedure is not recommended for everybody. The patient’s color type plays an important role. This method of getting rid of unwanted vegetation is suitable for people with natural hair color from light to dark blond.

The darker the hairs, the better they are removed. Very light and gray hairs will not be removed by laser, because they contain too little melanin, which is necessary for the beam to work.

The device does not work on all follicles. Some of them are not active and are in a dormant or growing state. That is why more than one procedure is required to completely remove the hair. The exact number of sessions is determined by the specialist, depending on the individual characteristics of the particular person and his/her skin. Most women have an average of four to nine treatments every 7 to 10 weeks.

Customers with sensitive skin note that the procedure is absolutely painless. In rare cases, a slight burning sensation may occur. In such situations, the area is treated with painkillers. Laser hair removal procedure takes about 35-40 minutes.

Among the popular female areas for this manipulation can be identified:

Optimal hair length

Before the procedure is not necessary to completely shave, pluck out with an epilator or wax hair. Insufficient length can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

But also grow strongly length it is not necessary, as it will complicate work of the master (reduces the review of the treated zone). The optimum length of hair for electroepilation face, underarms, bikini, and other parts of the body is 5-7 mm. It is usually achieved 6-8 weeks after shaving or 2-2.5 months after shugaring, waxing. The color of the hair does not matter for electroepilation.

What not to do before the laser hair removal procedure?

In the rules of preparation for laser hair removal, observance of restrictions is the main detail. Otherwise the treatment will have a weak effect or cause complications that will not allow you to enjoy smooth skin.

The list of prohibitions prior to laser treatment is not too long, but it is undesirable to ignore the items. How to prepare for laser hair removal, and what not to do before the session:

  • 14 days before hair removal limit tanning. Do not use a tanning bed or self-tanning cream.
  • It is not recommended to lighten the hair with cosmetic compositions or peroxide concentrates. Brightening treatment deprives hairs of the melanin pigment. Vegetation with low m of this pigment is poorly amenable to laser treatment.
  • Do not use an alcohol-based skin care product for 3 days before the treatment. The substance dries the skin. This weakens the effect of the beam of the device and increases the discomfort.
  • Do not take antibiotic medications, stop hormone therapy. Such drugs interfere with the proper operation of the laser.
  • 24 hours before the light epilation do not apply any cream, pajume or deodorant to the skin. The skin must not contain traces of any products. It will impede the function of the apparatus. The composition used for treatment may provoke a chemical reaction with the remains of the applied substance.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages on the day of laser hair removal and 2 days afterwards is strictly prohibited. Especially on the day of the session. Alcohol affects the condition of blood vessels and blood flow. Exposure to the beam may cause burns, irritation or allergies.
  • No tattoos may be applied before or during the treatment. Epilation of the tattooed area causes inflammations and complications. If the picture is tattooed in another area, withstand at least one week between tattooing and laser treatment.

Removing unwanted hairs with a laser remains the safest method among others, measures taken before the session maintain this status. There are no hard points in following what not to do before laser hair removal. All of these together are responsible for no pain, quick removal of hairs from the skin, and no complications.

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