How to prepare for underarm waxing

How to get ready for underarm waxing

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Depilation bikini wax. an effective way to cope with unwanted vegetation in the intimate area. For minimal cost and effort you get amazing results. And the procedure is popular with both women and men, and this is not surprising, given how many advantages it has.

Features of the method of wax depilation, pros and cons

Considering how to do the procedure at home, to begin with, it is worth defining its key concepts, because epilation and depilation are different terms. The first method involves hair removal by completely destroying the follicle, the second does not affect the hair follicle, which means that the hairs will grow back. Home depilation can include wax, special creams, razor, epilator. For more information on the differences between waxing and depilation, see our article.

When you perform waxing at home, you can get long-lasting results. up to 4 weeks. The essence of the procedure is to put a wax on the body and then tear it off along with the regrown hairs. Many girls believe that the procedure can bring a lot of pain, but if everything is done correctly, the discomfort can be minimized. Follow this link to learn how painless hair removal at home is performed.

Depilation at home has many advantages over other methods of removing unwanted hair:

  • no mechanical damage to the skin, which often occurs when using a razor;
  • can be used on any area of the body (for example, for waxing bikini or underarms at home);
  • effectiveness for any hair structure. both fine and stiff;
  • Hair removal without irritation, redness or inflammation of the skin;
  • Excellent results even with excessive sweating;
  • reduction of hair growth. over time they begin to grow thinner and weaker, so they are almost invisible on the body;
  • ease of self-treatment;
  • Cost savings. depilation at home is more profitable than in the salon.

Telling you how to do wax depilation at home, we should note that the procedure has some disadvantages. In particular, if performed incorrectly, pustules or bruises can form. If the hair has grown too much, painful sensations may occur when using wax. In addition, the wax is poor at capturing long hairs, so between sessions a woman has to put up with some degree of hairiness. To compare the advantages and disadvantages of waxing with other methods of hair removal, follow the link to our article “Types of hair removal, which is better”.

Advantages and disadvantages of underarm waxing

What to choose: shugaring, wax depilation or something else? Our salons offer four different types of hair removal for hair removal in problem areas, each of which has its own positive characteristics, so you can try each of them.

Speaking of wax depilation, there are such advantages:

  • speed of performance. the underarm area can be cleaned even in 5-10 minutes, so often experienced craftsmen manage to do waxing in several different areas at once in just half an hour;
  • noticeable degradation of the roots of the hairs. many people note that after the procedure they have a reduced volume of vegetation, the hairs become weak, thin and light. Sometimes waxing gives even more effective results than shugaring;
  • there is a peeling of the skin. together with the paste and the hair is removed top keratinized layer of skin, making it smooth and shiny;
  • Duration of the effect. it lasts for at least 2 weeks, and with each repeat session the hair grows more slowly and the effectiveness of the procedure can be observed for 1 month

For the result to last as long as possible, and irritation and redness of the skin do not spoil expectations, it is important to avoid visiting the solarium, pool, sauna, gym, as well as direct sunlight, armpit cosmetics, stiff loofahs for the next 3-4 days after returning from the salon.

You must use body care products that will be recommended by a specialist who conducts waxing.

To reduce the risk of ingrown hairs, you can start doing light exfoliation once a week after 4 days.

Underarm waxing is recommended once every 3-4 weeks. Everything is quite individual and depends on the characteristics of the body, the speed of hair growth, their structure. But with each subsequent removal of the vegetation will “come to naught”. thinning, lightening, slowing its growth. Some women, judging by their reviews on the Internet, have noticed that after vaxing they have completely stopped the growth of hair under their arms.

In cosmetology salons, professionals use cosmetic and medical products from the world’s top manufacturers, among them:

Depilflax is a Spanish brand wax product based on three basic ingredients-rosin, beeswax and titanium dioxide.

Beauty Image. waxes from the Spanish manufacturer take into account the type of skin, so they are suitable even for sensitive, delicate skin prone to irritation.

Lycon. premium cosmetics for waxing. Made of beeswax, natural herbal and essential oils.

Waxing. an effective, easy and affordable way to remove hair in problem areas. However, it is not suitable for everyone and not for home beauty treatments. Before visiting the salon is worth carefully read the indications and contraindications of the procedure to exclude any risk to your own health.

Underarm waxing with hot waxes

Before proceeding to the procedure of depilation of the armpit zone with hot waxes, you should prepare the skin. Use a special product that gently cleanses and degreases the skin, facilitates further adhesion of the wax to the hairs, ensuring high efficiency of hair removal.

An indispensable tool before the procedure with hot waxes is talcum powder. For example, use White Line’s menthol cooling talcum powder. Absorbs excess moisture and lifts hairs.

Apply a small amount of talcum powder to the palm of your hand and then distribute it over the area to be treated with a sponge or lint-free towel.

HOW TO: Prep Skin Before Waxing | At Home Tutorial

Now on to waxing. Break the wax into small pieces and melt it in the wax melter until it reaches a honey-like consistency, and the average temperature is 45 degrees.

Translucent Natura Azulen wax has all the benefits of filmic waxes: it completely follows the relief of the body, it is effective for removing stiff and short hairs. Fewer applications are needed per area than with traditional hot wax.

Using a wooden spatula, spread a small amount of wax with slight pressure over the area to be treated, along the hair growth. Use your free hand to gently pull the client’s skin to the opposite side.

At the bottom of the treated area of the skin, put a wooden spatula, undercut the tip of the wax strip so that there is a free edge, which can then be grasped.

With a sharp movement against the growth of the hair, holding and pulling the skin at the bottom of the area, tear off the wax strip.

In the armpit area, the direction of hair growth is often different. Therefore, treatment should be carried out in small areas.

Finish your depilation with White Line cooling gel. The product eliminates irritation and redness of the skin, and has a soothing effect.

Depilation procedure is completed. The skin of the armpits is clean and beautiful. With White Line, hair removal is quicker and less painful.

Local anesthesia for waxing

Hair removal by waxing requires quality anesthesia, especially for people with a low pain threshold. There are two methods of anesthesia, which can be used in cosmetology: infiltration and applicative anesthesia. But the use of injections for hair removal, especially at home, is not justified.

First, it can be dangerous (if inexperienced, you can damage blood vessels, subcutaneous tissue, etc.), and secondly, injections are an additional stress to the body. In addition, after injections the skin may become inflamed, more sensitive, making waxing even more painful.

In cosmetology, during traumatic procedures, including the mechanical removal of unwanted hair, use applicative anesthesia. It often involves the use of painkillers in the form of creams, gels, sprays.

To anesthetize the skin during hair removal by waxing, you can use the cream Acryol Pro. It contains two active ingredients. 2.5% prilocaine and 2.5% lidocaine, which belong to the amide group of anesthetics and are much rarer than the essential ones (novocaine, tetracaine, etc.).) cause allergies.

Additional advantages of applicative anesthesia are rapid penetration into the skin, minimal toxic effects, and no traumatic effects.

How to make epilation underarms at home more comfortable?

If you need to anesthetize the skin, you must use special agents for this purpose. local anesthetics. You can use Acriol Pro cream as an anesthetic for epilation.

The use of topical anesthetics before waxing must be correct. Read the instructions, follow the recommended dosage and area of application. Make sure that the anesthetic does not contain ingredients that may cause allergies. Check if the product you choose is a medication. Thus, Akriol Pro is registered as a drug and can be used for local anesthesia of the skin and mucosa of the genitals.

Acriol Pro cream contains 2.5% prilocaine and 2.5% lidocaine 7. Both anesthetics are amide, they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than ester anesthetics (tetracaine, novocaine, etc.).) 7. The drug can be used from the first day of life 7.

In case of minor cosmetic procedures Akriol Pro can be used without occlusion. When applied for 60-120 minutes the analgesic effect lasts about 2 hours 7.

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prepare, underarm, waxing

“AKRIHIN is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies that produces high quality and affordable medicines in therapeutic groups most demanded by Russian patients.

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Preparing for waxing for the first time

First of all, the product discussed adheres not only to the stems, but also to the surface layer of the epidermis, removing its particles.

High temperatures, if hot wax is used in the salon, will be another major challenge.

prepare, underarm, waxing

Based on this feature, our efforts should be aimed at maximizing the protection of the skin.

Examine in detail the intended place of work.

There should be no acute inflammation, viral lesions, abrasions and injuries on the skin. Protruding moles, spots need to be shown to the beautician to protect them during treatment.

A few days before the visit, start purposefully moisturizing the working area.

Ideally, of course, this should happen not only before the session, but also in between. In this way, we will increase the resistance of the upper layer to injury.

Patience is needed in the difficult task of regrowing the hair to the right length.

The minimum length of the instances for effective gripping should be 0.5-1 cm.

However, don’t be in a hurry to jump out of your seat when you’ve barely achieved this size. There is one important point. the cyclicity of hair growth.

prepare, underarm, waxing

My Underarm Waxing Routine | Remove Hair From Underarms at Home Using Veet Wax Strips

If the manipulation is done for the first time or after a long break, our hairs appear in a patchy pattern.

That is, some part will be visible and other “colleagues” will be directly under the skin. And after a perfectly performed “operation”, the bristle will appear after a few days.

Wait until the “recruits” are as complete as possible above the surface (4 weeks of growing) to remove them at once in one fell swoop.

With regular visits to the salon, the cycle will even out, which will improve the end result.

A gentle exfoliation will clear the follicle mouths of dead layer, which will make it easier to remove later.

Of course, this should be done 1-2 before the X date. Remember that your skin needs to be spared on the day of therapy.

Ask your master to do a patch test 24 hours in advance. In some cases, people may develop a reaction to any of the ingredients.

Nowadays, there is a wonderful ingredient, retinol and its active forms, that can do wonders for rejuvenation. But at the same time it greatly increases the sensitivity of the tissues.

For this reason, it will be optimal to stop using this product 2 weeks before your visit.

And now. An important point: Keep a close eye on your beautician.

He must wear disposable gloves, use disposable materials and follow antiseptic (hygiene) techniques.

Once you notice irregularities, do not hesitate to express your demands. After all, it’s your body, and it’s the only one you have.

Medically written and reviewed by: Julia Nicholson, dermatologist, physiotherapist Published by: Olesya Smagina, Assistant Director of hair removal centers “Beauty Universe”

Why is it worth doing underarm depilation in the salon

Underarm zone, like the bikini zone, is highly sensitive, and the follicles are deep enough, and the hairs grow in different directions. Because of this, self-depilation with wax underarms is very problematic, because the composition must not only be applied in the right direction, but also correctly remove. Otherwise, there may be unpleasant consequences:

To avoid it and to get a smooth, beautiful and healthy skin, trust a specialist. He will make all the necessary preparations and provide the best possible result.

If you are interested in how much does it cost to wax your underarms, where to get it done, how to prepare for the procedure, call us and our manager will answer all the questions.

Contraindications to cryotherapy:

Each area requires an individual approach. In particular, warm wax is used for hands, hot mixture is necessary to work with more problematic areas: the bikini zone or the armpits. Be sure to clarify this point with the master, especially if you conduct the procedure for the first time.

Hand waxing has a number of nuances that are important to consider in order to get the desired result:

  • During depilation, the wax should be applied along the hair growth, but in the hands they grow differently than in other areas. Experienced masters keep this in mind, so they never distribute the wax perpendicular to hair growth.
  • Do not forget about the hands and fingers. Hand waxing also removes hair on hands and fingers. Sometimes these areas are overlooked, but without them the procedure will not be complete. It is better to stipulate with the master in advance what result you want to get.
  • Do not use ice as an anesthetic before the procedure. An ice compress narrows pores and makes hair removal more difficult. But after depilation it is very useful.

After depilation procedure does not require special care for the hands, waxing the skin is difficult. But to consolidate the result and beauty of your skin, it is recommended to follow a few simple rules:

Within a day after hair removal, refrain from taking a hot bath, going to the sauna, swimming pool or open bodies of water to avoid the risk of infection.

  • Postpone doing sports for a day: sweat in the pores can cause inflammation.
  • After depilation, use a light moisturizer, such as chamomile or aloe extracts. they have a soothing effect.

As you can see the procedure requires little effort, but the result will be enjoyable for a long time. Especially if you go to the clinic to a specialist. Of course, it is possible to remove hair at home as well: for that you will need cold hand wax, which you can buy in any cosmetic store, an antiseptic and patience. But in such a situation, there is a great risk of doing something wrong and getting not the best result. Therefore we recommend to entrust the work to a master.

If you are interested in hand waxing in St. Petersburg, the cost, duration, appointment for a specific time. call the number listed on the website and our manager will answer all questions.

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