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How to Clean Air Conditioner Filter With Your Hands

Cleaning the air conditioner is one of the most important points in the care of this device. Is it possible to clean filters of air conditioner by yourself, and if yes, how? In fact, it is not difficult at all, as you will see after reading this article.

The degree of clogging of filters of home air conditioner defines not only its efficiency, but also the quality of air itself. Let’s list the main negative consequences of dirty filters. The air conditioner considerably worsens the way it functions. In other words, in summer time it will not cool air as well, and in winter time it will heat air badly. Accordingly, the other functions, whether it is dehumidification or air circulation, will be performed ineffectively.

The air conditioner will last less. If you ignore the filter cleaning, the device will work longer before it reaches the set temperature parameters and, therefore, will use up its life time faster. Due to the deterioration of the heat exchange, the climate system will overheat and can fail, and the failure can be as small as a full replacement compressor.

Causes unpleasant odors. Passing through clogged filters, the air absorbs and accumulates its odors, which are not delightful when you turn on and use the appliance. Especially cooking and pet odors.

The filter becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and is harmful to health. Remember that filters clog not only the mechanical particles but also various micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, etc. And due to this whole colonies of such inhabitants form in them. And some, such as mold and mildew, grow and multiply due to increased humidity while the system is in cooling mode. Because at the moment of cooling, the moisture in the air condenses on the heat exchanger and flows into the drain hose. Dust, by absorbing moisture, creates ideal conditions for the growth of these uninvited guests.

Eventually, it will lead to a large part of them getting into the air, more so mold spores, negatively affecting the health and well-being of the person in general. Particularly affected are young children and elderly people, as well as anyone with respiratory health problems.

Excessive noise and wet spots under the air conditioner. When the filters become too dirty they create quite a significant resistance to the air flow, which increases the noise level from the fan.

If the filters are too clogged, the unit may freeze and condensate may form on the plastic of the housing, accumulate and drip directly on the floor, or flow down the wall, with all the ensuing consequences.

The importance of timely cleaning and disinfection

In the last decades of the 20th century about 30 previously unknown microorganisms which are pathogenic for humans were discovered. Airborne infections are especially dangerous. This year a great human effort has been made to prevent the mass spread of a new virus, the creator of the so-called SARS.

Tip of the expert: It is recommended to disinfect the air-conditioning equipment in time, to avoid its complete destruction or a worsening of the climatic conditions in the room. Timely contact with an experienced handyman can prevent the above problematic situations.

The primary means of transmission of the pathogen is aerosol and particles of contaminated dust or soil. Subsequently, it was determined that the most common cause of legionellosis spread was centralized water air conditioning systems, and household air conditioners were also easily contaminated by the bacteria, which are ubiquitous and readily inhabit water basins and soil. The purpose of this study was to develop and test a simple and safe way to disinfect household air conditioners.

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The research was conducted in the bacteriological laboratory of the testing laboratory of the Moscow City Disinfection Center. Tests were conducted at All-Russian Research and Testing Institute of Medical Institutions using two domestic split-system air conditioners (model AU-126E, Sharp) which had been working under similar conditions for a year and a half before the tests.

One of the air conditioners was a control one, which was not treated with the anolyte, and the other was a prototype. Anolyte ANK is a multi-purpose solution, so it is used for

  • disinfection, pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization;
  • general room cleaning;
  • Disinfection of equipment in medical and preventive treatment institutions.
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Cleaning of filters of your air conditioner one fan-coil/splitter is not enough for removal of unnoticeable residual dust, fungous impurities deposited inside the components of split-system unit. Professional cleaning is essential for all appliance owners, which we are ready to help you with the ideal price-quality ratio for the work you do.

Dirt, dust, fibers and other airborne solids collect on all surfaces inside the fan coil or split unit. Some of this dirt is organic and provides nutrients for microbes. In addition, dirt collected on the surfaces causes:

  • The blower and housing become dirty, reducing speed.
  • Flaps and mechanical joints become encrusted, preventing normal operation.
  • Tube and fins are covered in dirt, minimizing heating and cooling efficiency.
  • Filters fill with dirt and must be replaced before germs appear.

Cleaning the indoor unit of split systems

You can clean the internal filters, fan, drainage system and heat exchanger with your own resources. What you need for that?

You will probably not like to touch and inhale dust on contaminated internal parts. Remember to wear a respirator and gloves before starting work.

  • If the apartment is on the lower floors, it is necessary to pay extra attention to the outside unit. If you do, it will pick up more dirt from the street and need to be cleaned more often. It is best to have it cleaned at least once every three months.
  • For rooms on the seventh floor or higher, cleaning the outside can be done no more often than every two years.
  • It is necessary to clean the inside of an air conditioner approximately once a week regardless of a living room floor. Regular maintenance will be less expensive than repairing or replacing parts.
  • You need to pay special attention to the serviceability of the unit during the winter, especially the exterior of the unit. In it, icicles can form, which can cause a breakdown of the unit.

Sometimes you use a supply air conditioner that uses filters to bring air into the air conditioner. In this case, there is much less pollution and you will have to think about how to clean the air conditioner much less often. In this situation, all dust and dirt will settle on the filters, which will need to be changed periodically.

Cleaning the outdoor unit of the air conditioner by yourself

If you have access to the outdoor unit, cleaning it will be much easier than the indoor unit. To do this, you will need:

  • A sprayer;
  • Dish detergent;
  • Water tank;
  • A Phillips screwdriver;
  • A soft paint brush;
  • Vacuum Cleaner.

The main elements of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner that need to be cleaned are the radiator and impeller (fan). To access them, completely unscrew the screws that fix the body and remove it from the frame.

If you have a washer, the process is extremely simple. Simply apply a solution of detergent and water to all units and components of the outdoor unit, then rinse it off thoroughly. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to spend a little more time.

First, use a vacuum cleaner to try to clean the radiator and the impeller. That way you can remove as much dust, small twigs, popliteal fluff and other dirt as possible. Also vacuum the sump. a lot of dirt accumulates there.

After that, dilute some detergent in water and wash the radiator with a brush. After cleaning, the remains of the solution should be rinsed off with normal water. As in the case of the indoor unit try not to bend the radiator plates.

Wash the tray, which contains all the elements of the outdoor unit, thoroughly with a detergent. Do the same with the casing. After that, wash the internal units (compressor, evaporator) with plain water. Water won’t be able to harm them, since all the connections are sealed.

Arctic King Portable Air Conditioner Deep Clean/Storage

Clean and disinfect the drainage system

Drainage system in an air conditioner is a system that consists of two elements. a sump that collects water; a tube that drains the liquid. Dust in conjunction with moisture leads to the development of fungi and other harmful microorganisms. It causes unpleasant odors and other consequences.

Disconnect tray from the board and drain tube first. After that, it is easy to rinse the part under a stream of warm water. Compressor or vacuum cleaner is used to clean the drain tubes. For the canal use a normal soapy water with a soap solution, or a neutral cleaner. They are suitable for all those who are interested in how to clean the split system.

Mildew or fungus are necessarily removed from the system, if such negative effects. Then the surface is treated with antiseptic, any kind of. It will not be superfluous to periodically treat the sump, because mold often accumulates inside this part.

Air conditioner cleaning products

Tools for air conditioner cleaning

Users not seldom wonder what to clean their home air conditioner with? And you can name three groups of agents:

Any special means is aimed at decontamination of places where fungus, mold and bacteria like to take roots. Cleaners also fight corrosion, salt deposits. To work with them it is necessary to wear gloves!

Methods of cleaning and their efficiency

Equipped with different filters, modern conditioners gained the ability not only to collect dust but also to struggle effectively with pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses of influenza, to clean air from harmful formaldehyde, and also to neutralize unpleasant smells, such as tobacco smoke. Even if there is no need to change the temperature, it is enough just to switch on the indoor unit of air conditioner in the mode of air circulation, while the electricity consumption will be minimal, and the air conditioner will work as a cleaner.In this article we will consider what options of air purification are present in modern models of household wall-mounted air conditioners, which are the most popular among customers. They have the most stringent requirements in terms of air filtration, design and functionality.

As a matter of fact the mechanical air cleaning is very basic, because absolutely all types and models of conditioners are equipped with this function. Filter, which is a fine mesh, does not let dirt, dust, pet hair through thus it provides mechanical air filtration. The advantage of this filter is its durability, because it does not need to be replaced. It is necessary to clean it from the accumulated dust by flushing it with usual water at least once a month depending on how often you use conditioner. It will allow to keep cleanness of heat exchanger and normal parameters of air conditioner’s productivity and effectiveness, and also to avoid unpleasant smells from accumulated dust.

In modern conditions, cleaning and disinfecting an air conditioner does not require much effort. It boils down to the application of detergent to the heat exchangers and the subsequent flushing of the detergent with water. Within half an hour the indoor and outdoor units regain their original shine and cleanliness. This reduces losses during air conditioner operation, increases cooling efficiency, and significantly improves cleanliness and indoor air quality.

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