How to put a dishwasher in the finished kitchen

Choosing a place for a dishwasher in the finished kitchen

Home appliance manufacturers are trying to simplify housewife’s duties at home and minimize the amount of her effort. An impressive part of the time each day is taken up with just the dishes.

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To free the family from burdensome duties more and more often in the house acquire indispensable helper. dishwasher. It’s good when the kitchen is big and spacious. But, unfortunately, very often these rooms in the apartment are very compact, and to fit there one more additional item. Not an easy task.

We look for a place and make a size calculation

When we are just starting to plan the interior of the kitchen, and there is nothing but dilapidated walls in the room, it is much easier to determine where the dishwasher will stand. In our case, a normally functioning kitchen is already there, everything in its place and there is nothing unnecessary. How to integrate a new appliance into such a room, and even more so a very large appliance. this is an important question that needs to be solved as a matter of priority.

First of all, you should have an idea in your head where you could put this kitchen appliance. As you know, we will have to think very carefully, because there are not many options. Thinking about the place of installation, you need to keep in mind the thought of connecting a dishwasher, because just put it is not enough, you need to ensure that it works properly, without any “technical extremes”. Experts suggest a few ideas.

  • Putting the dishwasher in the sink under the sink. The idea itself is not a bad one, the width and depth of the sink is just the same as the width and depth of many models of dishwashers. And the height can be increased by redesigning the bottom of the sink. You’ll also need to buy a special siphon, but it’s close to the water and sewer pipes.
  • Place the dishwasher in one of the large floor standing cabinets, used to store large dishes. Cabinet, of course, will have to redo, about this we will tell a little later.
  • Put a dishwasher in place of an electric stove. Many people now discard electric stoves, replacing them with smaller cooking tops. If you don’t need an oven and were planning to “write off” your old electric stove anyway, this is an option you might want to consider.
  • Remove the least necessary element of the kitchen set and put the dishwasher there. It’s unlikely you’ll have one, but don’t write it off.
  • You can put a dishwasher on top of a freestanding appliance. For example, if you have a washing machine placed somewhere in the corner of the kitchen, away from the kitchen set, it is quite possible to put a “dishwasher” on top, although no one removes the issues of aesthetics in this case.

Consider! It is not necessary to place the dishwasher on the floor. there are many design solutions, when it is built into cabinets, which are 60-90 cm above the floor.

Before you calculate whether the dishwasher will fit in a particular place, you need to decide what type of machine you want. There are the following types of “dishwashers”:

  • Not built-in. they are not designed for installation into furniture;
  • Partially built-in. you can put it in the furniture, but not in any furniture;
  • fully recessed. special appliances, designed to be integrated into the kitchen set piece.
  • Compact. they take up so little space that they can fit into any finished kitchen.

Fully integrated, small or partially integrated dishwashers are the best in a finished kitchen. You can read how to do the calculations and successfully fit the built-in machine in the right place in the article Installing a Recessed Dishwasher. By the way if you buy a compact dishwasher you won’t have to look for space for it, because the size of a small “dishwasher” is comparable to the size of a microwave oven.

How to rework the cabinet for a “dishwasher”?

If you have a cabinet in the kitchen, which can accommodate a dishwasher (it fits in the size), then you need to adapt it properly for this purpose. By the way, not only standard floor-standing cabinets with shelves are suitable. You can even put a dishwasher inside a cabinet with pull-out drawers. What to do?

  • Remove the front part of the appliance. If the cabinet has pull-out drawers, pull them out.
  • Pull out all the stuff inside, along with the shelves.
  • Unscrew the hinges that hold the doors. they may interfere with the placement of the dishwasher.
  • Unscrew the back wall. it will only bother us.
  • Estimate the size, whether our dishwasher will fit in, if yes we order the front on the cabinet.

Important! If you don’t want to splurge on the fronts, or if there are problems with making them, you can put the doors back in, having previously redone the hinges on them.

What you might need for installation?

What tools and materials will be needed to install a “dishwasher” in a finished kitchen? We can only speculate, because there are thousands of options. Basically requires a standard set of tools that are in the pantry of every owner, but with the components are not all clear.

  • If the dishwasher will stand from the siphon or outlet of the drain pipe at a distance of 1,5-2 meters, the standard drain hose that comes with the dishwasher may not be enough. We do not advise to try to join the hose, it is better to buy a solid, but more authentic.
  • You may also need an extra long drain hose. If it is assumed that the dishwasher will also be connected to hot water, the two hoses.
  • We’ll need a brass tee with a shutoff faucet.
  • You will also need rubber tape and rubber gaskets.
  • If the “dishwasher” will be installed in the sink, you will need to buy a special siphon.

The above list of materials. this is the basic accessories, but you may also need a whole bunch of different things: self-tapping screws, countersunk hinges for the doors, clamps, crimp couplings, and more. In general, be prepared to match your ideas with whatever materials you have on hand or can easily buy.

Please note! If you are going to make a separate outlet for the dishwasher, get a two-wire copper wire with good insulation and a moisture-proof socket.

How to build a dishwasher in a prefabricated kitchen: options for installation procedure

Complete installation of a new kitchen set with a set of equipment. an ideal, but not always possible solution. It so happens that the dishwasher is bought later, and a special cabinet for its installation is not provided. What you need to do to make the long-awaited purchase successfully fit into the furniture module?

All about how to build a dishwasher in the finished kitchen, you will learn from the article presented by us. We will tell about what options for arranging the equipment tested in practice. Self-employed home masters in our detailed step-by-step guide.

Tools and parts for installation

Depending on the installation location, you will need the following accessories:

  • euro-sockets (moisture-proof);
  • copper three-core cable with a cross section of 1.5 mm (for wiring to the socket);
  • brass tee;
  • Drain and fill hose of increased length (connections are not allowed, it is better to take whole hoses);
  • corner faucet;
  • a 16A residual current circuit breaker (in the case of self-preparation of electrical communications);
  • rubber gaskets, clamps, oakum, foum tape;
  • siphon with two outlets (for installation under the sink);
  • Water filter (will prolong lifetime of the appliance).

Prepare the tools in advance, so that everything is at hand:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • pliers;
  • A set of screwdrivers (Phillips and slotted);
  • a spirit level;
  • tape measure;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • an oscilloscope (for the wiring grooves);. a level.

On powerful equipment is recommended to install a stabilizer, which will protect the model from damage in case of power surges.

How to install a recessed model

Manufacturers of household appliances describe in detail the entire process of its installation and inclusion in the accompanying operating instructions. And dishwashers are no exception.

The installation process can be divided into several steps, typical for any model.

Before installing the machine, be sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The first such step is the preparation for installation. Take care beforehand to bring electricity to the place of installation. To connect to the pipes you also need to buy some spare parts, as well as sealant, fumlenta or ordinary caulk. Check that you have the necessary tools. Most likely you will need a hammer, screwdriver or electric screwdriver.

You will need additional plumbing and electrical equipment, as well as the necessary tools for the job.

Checking the package of the washing machine

The next step is unpacking and checking the delivery set.

Important! Verify the equipment in the presence of the salesperson or delivery person. This will avoid unwanted problems, because if you find incompleteness you will promptly correct it.

After unpacking find the instruction manual, which always contains a list of all accessories. Check availability against this list.

The first thing to do, when you receive the machine, is to unpack it and check the completeness of delivery in the presence of the seller’s staff.

The instruction manual should always be in Russian. In addition, well-known companies in most cases describe the installation process on their official websites.

Dishwasher kits most often include:

  • an integrated protective rubber apron;
  • Hoses for water connection and drain;
  • the necessary gaskets;
  • A rubber apron that attaches to the bottom of the machine door;
  • metal plate or film to protect the inside of the countertop from steam;
  • A template for installing the faceplates;
  • fasteners.

To assemble it in place

  • Once again, make sure that the place you have chosen is the right size for your dishwasher. In the sides of the furniture module or at the back, there must be a place for the hose routing.

How to install your Electrolux 45 cm Dishwasher. Under the Worktop installation

The gap between the unit and the walls of the niche should be about 1 cm.

At this stage, it is important to adjust the legs of the machine so that it stands strictly upright.

Connecting to the sewer system

There are two options when connecting your dishwasher to the drain:

  • Connecting the drain hose to the drainpipe. This is possible if the sewer pipe has a free hole located under the jay;
  • Connecting the hose from the dishwasher to the sink drain. Options with installation of an additional odour trap are possible here.

Connection to the water mains

Tapping into the pipe is usually done with a suitable tee. A tap with water shut-off device must be installed. This will come in handy for repair work. Any threaded connection must be sealed with oakum or fumlenta, you can, of course, and use a sealant, but this is not recommended, since after it dries connection will be very difficult to dismantle.

The appliance must be connected to the water mains via a cold water pipe.

A filter must be installed on the cold water supply hose. Its absence can lead to rapid breakdown of the dishwasher.

Important! If your dishwasher is equipped with a hot and cold water supply, we recommend you connect the cold water only.

This is due to the fact that in the vast majority of homes can not adjust the temperature of hot water. In addition, there are no purifying filters for hot water.

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The quality of cold water is noticeably better; it is less hard. This will extend the life of the filter and the appliance itself.

Connection to the power supply

The use of extension cords or surge protectors is not recommended, and a 1.5 m mains cord is standard for dishwashers. If there is no power outlet in the vicinity of the place where the appliance is to be installed, it is advisable to arrange for one to be installed there. The ideal connection would be a separate power strip equipped with a circuit breaker.

It is best to have a professional install the power socket. If you are not an electrician, you should not do this work with your own hands.

How to Add a New Dishwasher to a Kitchen | This Old House

Important! You must de-energise the entire apartment during any work on the electricity.

Types of dishwashers

Dishwashers in the kitchen, designed to make working with the hostess as easy as possible, should not create discomfort, disturb the design or take up a lot of space in a small kitchen. Before you build a dishwasher in the kitchen, you need to opt for one of the manufactured design modifications. The dishwashers come in three main size groups for ease of use.

There are several variations on the appliance, for automatic dishwashing

  • Full-size. Their height varies in the range from 82 87 cm, width 60 cm., 55 or 60 cm deep. Catering for the largest pots and pans (up to 17) can stand alone in the kitchen or be integrated partially or fully into the kitchen furniture.In partially built-in designs, the machine control panel remains on the outside; in fully built-in models, it is located in the upper edge of the open doors of the machine.
  • Narrow. Only differ from the previous class in width (from 45 to 49 cm).), wash no more than 9 sets of dishes, depending on the model. The type of location in the kitchen area is similar to the full-size types.
  • Small compact modifications have all dimensions of full-sized machines, except for height it is 1,5-2 times lower, as for quantity of simultaneously washed dishes, their ceiling is 5 kits. In the kitchen, they are installed directly on top of the countertop or mounted into the niche of a kitchen cabinet as a separate module.It is possible to note one significant disadvantage of this type of machines unlike other models due to their design features, they do not provide water supply to the bottom basket with dirty dishes, which worsens the quality of washing.

Rules for integrating the dishwasher into the finished kitchen

Many housewives choose a dishwasher not only because it saves time on daily household chores, but also because it saves water. If the repair is not planned in the near future, you can install the technique directly in the set. Built-in appliances have a number of advantages: installation in the finished kitchen does not spoil the design idea, the device is hidden behind a piece of furniture, even a man who does not have enough experience can cope with the installation. To do this, you need to determine where to build the device, calculate the geometric parameters of the niche, choose the model of the device. With a long-awaited purchase the question arises: how to build a dishwasher in the finished kitchen? This article will help you to install the appliance so that the technique works for a long time and without failures.

Rules for installing a dishwasher in a finished kitchen

Perhaps today the dishwasher is still a luxury, and not just an everyday appliance. That’s why not all apartments have one. But people tend to want a better life, and if the kitchen already has appliances for different purposes, then think about buying a dishwasher. It is true that to insert it into an already prefabricated set is not a simple thing, because it is not only connected with the supply of communication networks, the device itself is not so small, which means that it needs a voluminous cabinet. Therefore, the question of how to build a dishwasher into a finished kitchen, today sounds quite often. Let’s get into it.

Installing a dishwasher with your own hands in a finished kitchen

In recent years, technological advances have reached such a level that it is sometimes difficult to imagine what tomorrow’s manufacturers can surprise us with. Companies are involved in collaboration with scientists and research centers in order to create all new solutions that can make our lives more comfortable.

Modern household appliances are quite different from their predecessors, which were available to the consumer 2-3 years ago. Manufacturers regularly introduce new solutions with the only purpose. to save our time and make household chores easier. Every modern housewife is familiar with such an appliance as a dishwasher. When you come home from work, sometimes you feel so tired that you have no energy left to wash the dishes after the evening meal. But if there is a dishwasher in the kitchen, then you do not have to worry about this.

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