How to put silicone molds in the oven

How to bake in a silicone mold?

Almost every family has at least one sweet tooth, who adores baking. And these gourmands do not always settle for store-bought treats. That’s why many housewives have to make biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, casseroles, and various portioned desserts.

Silicone molds can make their work much easier. These products have a number of positive features. However, in order to appreciate them on their merits, you need to know exactly the rules for using such “rubber dishes”. For example, it is recommended to figure out beforehand how to bake in a silicone mold or how to freeze food in it.


These molds are made of chemically inert silicone, which does not emit any harmful substances when heated. That’s why many housewives have been using them with pleasure for a long time. But we always advise you to choose only quality products, such as Italian forms SiliKoMart, because in the pursuit of cheapness you can often come across toxic materials. It is better to buy dishes made of food or medical silicone.

When you go to the store, just smell the product. A quality mold will not exude pungent rubber smells. Otherwise we advise you to look for a different maker.

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The advantages of silicone molds

  • It is very versatile! See for yourself: suitable for any oven, microwave, it can even be put in the freezer (it can withstand temperatures from.40 to 240), so it is excellent for baking and freezing (for example, mousse cakes).
  • Manufacturers recommend lubricating such a mold only once. just before the first use. Many housewives say they skip this step altogether. and baked goods always come out perfectly, because silicone has wonderful non-stick properties. In any case, if it makes you feel safer, you can grease the mold at least every time. it won’t make it worse for sure. By the way, many chefs use vegetable oil rather than butter for this. And how to prepare a biscuit ring read here.
  • Not only cakes and muffins cook perfectly in silicone. Round, square and rectangular molds can be used safely for cooking meat, vegetables and fish.
  • And you can store them however you like. bend them, twist them into a tube, put them in the narrowest storage space. These molds will not warp and will return to their original appearance instantly.

Important rules for using silicone molds

  • Always wash the mold thoroughly before using it the first time.
  • Rinse with water after each use.
  • Do not wash it with a scrubbing brush. that would damage the shape.
  • Never place silicone products on a fire. they will burn.
  • Do not store near sharp and metallic objects.
  • Baking is easy enough to remove. just turn the mold upside down. Large pies can be removed with silicone or wooden spatulas.
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Can I use the silicone mold in the oven?

The pan can and should be used in the oven. Let’s take a closer look at how to use silicone baking pans in the oven.

Some hostesses grease the container with vegetable oil, others cook in a dry. Pour the dough into the mold and place it on a baking tray or wire rack. Place it in the oven and time it. After the mold is taken out and covered with a clean towel for 5 minutes. Then tilt it sideways and it rests on a plate. If the cake is stuck, turn the mold outward and pick up the cake with a wooden spatula.

Important! Use the products in gas and electric stoves, as well as in the microwave oven.

How to choose a silicone microwave mold

When choosing a microwave-safe dish, choose oval or cylindrical microwave dishes. It is best to use wide and shallow pans. Thanks to this form of dishes, the heat will be distributed evenly.

For baking, it is better to use a mold with a high rim, as unlike the oven, the dough rises higher in the microwave oven. Dishes with lots of decorations will only make it harder to work. Flat molds without a curve are best.

If you want to make pasta or grains, choose a larger dish. Preferably, it should be wider at the top.

Important points to consider before buying a silicone mold:

  • Choose molds with a neutral color. Too bright products contain harmful chemical elements. Their fumes when heated can be harmful to your health. Pay attention to keeping the color even. Various defects indicate that the product is made from poor quality raw materials.
  • Do not buy molds that have a strong chemical or rubber odor.
  • Try to bend the product. If a white mark remains on the crease, discard your purchase.
  • It is better to choose a ring shape for making cupcakes. Dough rises well in these, and baked goods cook more quickly.
  • Do not buy a product with very thin walls and bottom. In a denser mold, the quality of the dish will be higher.
  • The country of origin does not matter much, but buying cookware of an unknown company is not worth it. It is not necessary to buy an expensive product. A low price is not an indicator of poor quality.
  • If you see a GOST mark on the product, this means that the product meets state requirements.
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Advantages of silicone molds for microwave cooking

This pan is mostly used for preparing baked goods.

Consider the merits of these products:

  • Silicone molds are easy to clean with a regular dish sponge. You do not need to use cleanser.
  • Such a dish does not need to grease. Without it, the dish will bake evenly and not stick.
  • Baked goods can be easily removed from the silicone product. The molds can be reversed or simply turned upside down.
  • The contents of the molds do not stick.
  • They take up little space when stored. They are easy to roll up or stack into each other.
  • They can withstand any temperature from.60°C to 250°C.

Simple Rules for Use

Watch this video if the split mold is leaking, and also, here’s how to line it with parchment or foil.

Now let’s move on to the delicious part. Here are a few recipes for simple sweet and savory pies that everyone can make.

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What to put the product with baking in the oven

Since the products are soft, when working with them can be difficult. Not every hostess knows how to properly put them in the oven, starting to use them like metal molds. However, this approach is not correct: you must use a rack made of ceramic, glass.

This is due to the fact that silicone can quickly lose its shape when moved on the rack. There are also some subtleties:

  • when baking a high biscuit, pudding, the heaviness of the dish can lead to the overturning of the form. it is better to put the product in a deep frying pan;
  • Do not fill the dish until it has been put on its base.

It is recommended to place the mold so that its edges do not touch the walls of the oven. Otherwise, the silicone can melt.

How to choose the right mold for baking

When using silicone molds, you must always pay attention to their characteristics. Some of these products may be dangerous to your health. Unscrupulous manufacturers add to the composition of those substances and use those raw materials that can not be used for the production of tableware.

When choosing a silicone mold, you should always pay attention to the manufacturer and the marking. There should be a sign on the product itself, not on the package (often a painted fork and glass). A quality product is always very dense and opaque, so in the place of pressing should not remain white stripes, as well as the color should not change.

Pay attention to the color of the silicone as well. Bright and colorful products are usually not very suitable for heat treatment. Always pay attention to smell. If it smells like rubber, then that product is also bad.

Silicone that smells like vanillin or other fragrances can also fall into the same category. This is how manufacturers want to deceive the customer and remove the pungent smell of rubber. Always pay attention to the temperature at which the molds can be put into the oven.

Silicone moulds for desserts: what are they made of and where can they be used?

Flexible dessert molds are made of food-grade silicone, which

  • Does not emit any harmful substances when baked or frozen;
  • Does not react with the dough and the baking tray;
  • Withstands a range of temperatures from.60 to 250°C.

Due to the above qualities, in such forms you can both bake cakes, muffins and cookies, and cook cold desserts. The main thing is to remember a couple of important rules about how to use a silicone mold for cakes and desserts, and you can safely conquer the pastry Olympus.

Producers of silicone molds for baking

The choice of any product is based on its quality characteristics and price. In many ways, you can always tell by the manufacturer. There are several foreign companies, which produce silicone molds. Besides the United States and Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, China and other countries are engaged in supplying such products to the market. For example, you can choose the following manufacturers.

This reduces baking time by 18-20%, so you have to watch your baking carefully.

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  • Marmiton. This brand name is produced in China. The molds are high quality and cost-effective at the same time. They have a beautiful shaped design. In Moscow stores you can buy them for 110 to 700 p.
  • Atlantis. The Chinese brand again. It is less known, but quite decent. Moulds can withstand temperatures up to 240 degrees. They are distinguished by bright colors. The initial price of products from 460 rubles.
  • The Tescoma Company. Czech manufacturer. Produces a wide variety of shapes from mini to large for pizza and pie. Heating can reach up to 230 degrees. The price starts at 350 p.
  • Oursson. Swiss brand. Widely trusted. The products manufactured by this company are molds in which you can bake cookies, make chocolates and other confectionery products. The starting price is low. The brand’s cheapest mold costs 300 p.
  • Danish company Fissman. Known for a wide range of attractive shaped molds that bake small cupcakes, baby casseroles. Sold at from 400 p.

Be sure to study the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the mold so you don’t ruin it.

Among many other popular companies are the Spanish company Lekue, the Italian manufacturer Regent and Silikomart.

It can be used to make a wide variety of baked goods quickly, easily, and with pleasure.

Silicone baking molds offer many advantages. It saves cooking time and allows you to please your loved ones with delicious, beautifully made cakes, pies. The whimsical nature of the moulds gives housewives plenty of room for their imagination.

silicone, molds, oven
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