How to raise the confidence level in the kettle

The Serenity Kettle Spirit at Genshin Impact

At the entrance to the house is the cutest (not counting Qi Qi) creature in the game. Puffy, the bird on a saucer. It is your guide and helper in the world created by the adepts.

You can solve all your daily issues through the Puffyman. make furniture, change the shape of your abode, buy blueprints or furniture, collect rewards for trust upgrades and Adepts treasures.

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Another spirit appears at a certain time and offers a new item sheet each time. You can read more about where to find the Wandering Spirit, what it sells, and when it appears here.

How to increase the power of Adepts

After making furniture, we recommend that you waste no time and install the items you have made in your home. This way you will immediately get the reputation and credibility of a “serenity kettle“.

The strength of Adepts will increase automatically after placing any structures and furniture in your abode. The fastest way to increase Adept strength is to make and place interior sets in your home. Such kits become available as you increase Poohlyash’s trust level, and you can easily find them in the edit menu (just select the “Interior Kits” tab).

Interior sets allow you to earn extra Adept power points by making all the necessary items in one room. How it works. For placing any furniture you create, you will receive the power of Adepts. But if those same items are assembled in the same room and placed correctly, you will gain extra Adept power points.

Remember, the more Adept Strength points you get, the faster you will increase your Confidence level. This will directly affect your development: you will be able to learn more blueprints, additional slots for furniture crafting will become available, the maximum capacity limit of the “jug of wealth” for collecting money will increase.

How to raise your credibility rating in the kettle

Tubby the Teapot Spirit is an NPC in Genshin Impact that provides various services from Serenity Teapot. One of these services is tracking a player’s trust rating, which can be raised to earn new blueprints, primogams, and more. For those players wondering how to increase their confidence rating in Genshin Impact, this guide contains complete information about this new development system.

How to Raise Confidence in Teapot

Genshin Impact allows players to explore the fabulous Teiwat and has players work together with group members and engage in visually impressive battles. It features a unique art style, a huge open world, and a vibrant combat system. But it also has a housing system that allows players to build their own house and customize it to their liking.

Understanding Confidence Intervals: Statistics Help

Unlocked after players complete a quest called “Kettle to Call Home,” players will gain access to the Serenity Kettle, which serves as the primary point of contact for accessing the housing system. By keeping Tabby’s spirit inside, players will quickly realize that they need to gain this spirit’s trust in order to gain access to several rewards, such as an increased maximum limit on world currency, additional slots in the creation queue, and even access to special blueprints. So, how players can increase this trust level?

Genshin Impact’s Confidence Level

To gain some bonuses in Genshin Impact, players must be friends with the in-game character Spirit of the Teapot and increase their level of trust. You need to focus on this NPS when creating your dream home. It’s a fun helper, dwells at the entrance. Using the Kettle Spirit, you can do everything from making furniture to buying blueprints. It will help to expand the land, make money and increase space for making furniture.

This article will tell you how to increase your level of trust in the Genshin Impact Kettle Spirit.

Kettle of Serenity. Abode

Kettle of Serenity is a new type of gameplay in Genshin Impact, the traveler will have his home (abode) at his disposal and will be able to equip it.

In this guide you will find all the information you need: how to raise the Confidence Level and the Adept Power, how to open new areas and forms, where to get blueprints, how to create furniture, and much more, as well as lots of useful tips on how to set up your abode with maximum efficiency.

How to Get the Serenity Kettle Tool:

  • Achieve an Adventure Rank of 35 or higher
  • Complete the Archons’ Quest: “Approaching a New Star” Volume I. Chapter III
  • Complete the Quest: Kettle of Serenity. full bowl.”

Making Furniture

Having sorted out the trust level and the local currency, we can move on to look at the most important mechanic of all. making furniture items. To do this, chat with Puffy and select the phrase “Make furniture”. This will take you to a new menu with all the item blueprints you have.

Furniture blueprints

There are several ways to get new recipes for decorative items and objects for your abode:

  • Purchase them from Poohlyash in the “Treasure Room” section. You will need treasure (silver) for this.
  • You can also acquire them from special merchants who live in Teyvat. It’s about Goethe and Master Lou. In a separate guide we have listed their location and assortment.
  • You can obtain them from the Wandering Spirit (Merchant). It will appear in your abode on Friday and leave on Monday.
  • Get them as a reward for increasing your confidence level.
  • Get them for completing the goals of the Mansion Guide (can be accessed by clicking on the teapot icon in the upper right corner). For example, you can get a green-eyed cat, a toy rack, a two-level counter, and an umbrella store for the first chapter.
  • Find in the amazing chests located on Inazuma.

Let’s add that it’s not enough just to get the furniture recipes. you will also need to learn them. To do this open your inventory, go to “Gems” and select all the drawings you received earlier. Only then will they appear in the crafting window.

Materials for furniture creation

Back to the furniture crafting menu. Select any recipe to find out what resources you need to make each item and how long it will take. Note right away that it will take several hours of real time to produce most items (you can reduce this value with invited guests, but it only works once for each item).

As for the materials you need to craft furniture, you will need several types:

    (birch, tsuhua, pine, sandwood, cedar, fir, and bamboo tsinze).

  • Red, Blue and Yellow Dyes (dyes).
  • Fabric.
  • Ore. You can see its location on the interactive world map.

Confidence levels in confidence intervals

If you have enough resources, you click the “Create” button to start the furniture making process. In the “queue” tab, you can see how many items you can create at once. To open additional cells, you need to increase your level of trust. In this window you can also use the Adept’s Vial of Speed. allowing you to instantly create furniture. It is sold by Fluffy.

Where to Find the Teapot of Serenity or How to Get It

The serenity kettle cannot be found or knocked out from somewhere. So how do you unlock it? In order for this item to be on your tool list, you will have to meet several requirements. Here’s a list of them:

  • The serenity kettle is available from the 35th rank of adventure until you reach that rank, no miracle will happen.
  • You will have to go through the Archons’ quest Approaching a New Star it refers to the first volume and the third chapter;
  • After that you will only have to complete the Full Cup Kettle quest.

LEVEL UP HOUSE FAST! Dont Make This Mistake!. Genshin Impact

After completing all the requirements, immediately go to the window with tools and look for a kettle of serenity there. Speaking of tools, we advise you to get a parametric converter as well, it is very useful for recycling unwanted loot into useful resources.

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