How to raise the pressure in a whisman boiler

What should be the pressure in a gas boiler Wiesmann?

The maximum pressure must not exceed 3 bar. Hello! A Viessmann VITOPEND 100 boiler works as normal, but does not supply hot water.

Thus, the norm of pressure in the boiler heating houses on two or three floors is about 1.5-2 atmospheres. In higher residential buildings is allowed to increase the operating pressure to 2-4 atmospheres. It is advisable to install pressure gauges for controlling.

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In order to physically “realize” this value, it is easiest to use the “people’s” calculation-weight method of determining the flow. Take a bucket (in our case, preferably 11 liters) and a stopwatch, open the mixer so that 11 liters are gained in 60 seconds. This will make it much easier for you to “realise” this value in practice. If this intensity of hot water flow suits you, then it’s your choice.

By and large, the volume of the capacitive water heater (popularly, boiler) is determined by an engineer according to the results of the design calculation. When performing it, the number of water outlets, flow rate and the number of people living in the house are taken into account.

However, in order to imagine for yourself approximately the required volume, you can use the following formula:

Gas boiler Viessmann Vitopend 100. Faults and errors of the boiler Viessmann Vitopend 100

Heating equipment from the German company comes in several series: two-circuit gas boilers Wiesman and single-circuit, with natural and forced draught. Each model is of high quality, but in the process of operation sometimes breakages happen. To eliminate them, you should study in detail the instructions that came with the unit, or seek help from a specialist.

Main breakdowns of gas appliances Viessmann

In the gas boiler Wiesmann Vitopend 100 malfunctions are rare. German heating equipment is resistant to loads and independently copes with changes of an operating mode.

how to increase the pressure from the ‘Range Tribune He’ water cylinder connected with solar panels.

Common breakdowns of Wiesmann boilers:

  • Problems with the chimney system. In the process of operation of the heater, there are often difficulties with the removal of exhaust gases. Causes of breakage. blockage of chimney by ice, foreign objects, birds, damage of sensor, etc.
  • Malfunction of the mains controller. Occurs with frequent pressure fluctuations. To prevent a breakdown, it is necessary to install a voltage regulator.
  • Breakage of the heat exchanger. Hard water is the cause of the problem. To prevent the problem, fluid filters should be installed.

Other breakdowns of Viessmann Vitopend 100W, 110W boiler occur less often. All faults are identified by a code that appears on the boiler display as a letter and a number. Often there are false errors, so first they are reset. If the code reappears, carry out diagnostics.

Problems with starting a whisman boiler

Switching on the boiler and the distribution of heat through the house prevents the automation, which finds errors in the system. The equipment does not start when there is no electricity or gas supply, because of a leak in the system, broken control board, short circuit (short circuit) sensors, pollution or chimney burnout.

How to turn on

In order to start the gas boiler Wiesmann, you need to eliminate the faults. If the device does not turn on due to the lack of electricity or fuel supply, it is enough to turn the gas valve and insert the plug into the socket. You can also independently get rid of air s by bleeding the air. For elimination of other malfunctions contact a service center.

Why is the pressure rising

Pressure rises with the increase of the coolant volume, which is not compensated by the expansion tank.

The cause of failure is often associated with an open make-up valve. The source of the problem can also be in the expansion tank itself.

Water expands when heated causing the pressure to rise. This threatens the destruction or explosion of the boiler components. To stabilize the situation, there is an expansion tank with an elastic membrane, which deflects to accommodate more liquid. But if this element is damaged, the coolant fills the tank completely and the extra antifreeze leads to higher pressure.

The breakdown of the expansion tank of a Viessmann gas boiler is evidenced by the constant functioning of the dump valve. To normalize the pressure, it will be necessary to replace the tank.

The pressure drops

The cause of the pressure drop is leakage. The problem is often caused by a stuck discharge valve, a broken expansion tank, heat exchanger, pipes and batteries. You can easily identify the source of the leakage by the puddles under the boiler. To return the pressure to normal, the damaged part has to be replaced or the leakage has to be repaired in some other way.

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How to detect coolant leakage in the heating system? ⇐ Read here.

Error codes of viessmann boilers. Their deciphering and solution

Faults in the German heating equipment are detected automatically thanks to the self-diagnostic system. The presence of a malfunction is indicated by an alphanumeric designation that appears on the display. Deciphering of error codes of gas boiler Wiesman is detailed in the instructions to the unit.

Fault 06

Code 06 indicates blocked burner. The problem occurs when there is low pressure in the system. To unblock the burner, you need to bleed the air in the system and add coolant.

Fault code 0a

Code 0a appears on the display when there is no ignition. The source of the problem is a low pressure in a gas pipe. To perform ignition, it is required to remove ice plug (if any), clean gas filter, check reducer and sensors.

Error 0c

Code 0c occurs at a low supply voltage for heating equipment Viessmann Vitopend 100. The problem is often encountered by owners of private homes where the unit is connected from the central line in densely populated areas. The situation can be rectified with the help of accumulators. With a self-contained power system, you will need to adjust the generator and raise the voltage.

Fault code cc

The cc code indicates a failure of the outdoor expansion module, which has lost communication with the controller. In order to repair your boiler it is enough to check the cable that connects these parts.

Fault code f02

Error f2 indicates a blockage of the burner due to overheating of the heating equipment. Lack of ignition indicates the presence of a breakdown.

  • Air plugs in the circuit and the pump.
  • Not enough water in the system.
  • Failure of pumping equipment.
  • Breakdown of the temperature sensor.

F03 error

Code f03 indicates a false flame. Fault is detected by the self-supervision system before the ignition cycle starts. Cause of the fault: short circuit between control board and flame control electrode.

Fault code f04

F4 error indicates lack of flame when trying to ignite the boiler. The power supply system does not recognize a functioning burner and blocks the heating unit.

Fault code f05

Fault f5 indicates malfunction of the combustion chamber. The source of the problem lies in the fact that the air pressure sensor does not open after starting the burner. In order to repair the boiler, a diagnosis of the air/flue gas system must be performed.

F08 error

F08 code appears when the solenoid valve sensor is blocked. Failure appears as no burner start-up. To fix the problem, check the sensor, valve and connecting wires.

How much pressure should there be in an electric boiler?

For these, the normal operating pressure is max. 2 atmospheres. But if the circuit is long, the pressure can be higher. In some cases, even install multiple pumps to ensure the normal flow of the coolant in the circuit.

Pressure must be 1,5 bars in a closed heating system with a cold medium. And in the process, it should increase to 1.8-2.5 bars. The higher the pressure rises, the better the heating system will work.

Low water pressure in the boiler. what to do?

If there are no leaks in the radiators, then the reason for the loss of pressure is in the boiler. What causes it and how to raise (gain, inflate, increase) the pressure? If you often pump water, and the boiler does not hold pressure, there is a possibility that microcracks have formed in the heat exchanger. When the boiler heats up, the cracks increase and leakage. Urgent intervention of a specialist or the fistula can be repaired with your own hands.

The cause of micro cracks is the wear and tear of the heat exchanger, frequent flushing with chemicals, poor quality of the metal from which it is made, water hammer with a sudden increase in pressure in the line. They occur, as a rule, after accidents in water pipelines.

Locations with microcracks can be identified by a layer of scale. If it is not difficult to remove the heat exchanger, you can try to solder them. Bithermal heat exchangers are almost impossible to repair because of the design features, it will have to change.

The boiler does not raise (does not gain) the pressure when the make-up tap is flowing. If the pressure in the main pipe is higher than the pressure in the boiler, the liquid through the make-up valve increases the pressure in the boiler to a critical point, is discharged through a safety valve.

As a result, the pressure decreases, the water from the heating system pressurizes the liquid in the plumbing and heating system. Close the faucet, check the tightness of its connection or change it, in case of malfunction.

Pressure is turned off (falls) up to 0 in case of three-way valve failure. Large pieces of limescale or rust can get into the valve and obstruct the flow of limescale.

A problem with the expansion tank can cause a change in pressure. The heating process increases the volume of water in the system, this excess goes into the expansion tank. There is a rubber membrane inside the tank.

raise, pressure, whisman, boiler

Space between outer wall and membrane of the tank is filled with gas. Excessive liquid fills the diaphragm and causes the heating system to depressurize. The gas equalizes the excessive pressure.

After the temperature drops, the fluid flows back into the system. This is not the case with a gas leak. The cause of malfunction of the expansion tank is a worn nipple, which must be replaced. Worse, when the diaphragm is torn, you will have to change the tank itself.

A car pump can be used to pump air into the equalization tank. How to add (supply, pump up) pressure in the expansion tank?

When the turned off boiler cools down, it is necessary to carry out the following steps in the exact sequence:

  • Close all supply and return flow valves and taps.
  • Drain all water from the boiler using a drain valve until the pressure gauge reads “zero”.
  • Measure the pressure in the compensating tank, there should be no water there.
  • Connect the pump to the expansion tank slide valve, pump air until water stops leaking from the drain fitting.
  • Bleed out the air. Bleed the system
  • Pump again to the value on the manometer, which is listed in the data sheet for the unit.
  • Shut off the drain connection.
  • Open the supply and return valves, turn on the unit.
raise, pressure, whisman, boiler

If the inflation pressure drops quickly and air escapes through the connection tubing, it means that the diaphragm has ruptured.

The following are the pressure data in the expansion tank of some wall-mounted models.Malfunction of the pressure gauge. this can happen if the pipe that connects the pressure gauge to the machine is clogged. Clean, if that does not help, change the gauge.

What should be the pressure in a gas boiler Viessmann?

The maximum pressure should not exceed 3 bar. Hello! Viessmann VITOPEND 100 boiler works as usual, but does not provide hot water.

It’s how the pump works. When it starts, the pressure rises sharply and then falls in the same way. To avoid such problems, in a closed heating system, install a tank on the return pipe. The pump upstream of the boiler is connected next.

What can cause a clog in the circuit

The importance of air vents cannot be overestimated. Plugs in the circuit can lead to various processes:

Installation of an air vent in the heating system prevents the formation of plugs and s. Running into them, the coolant stops. Sometimes the plugs cut off entire sections with radiators from the circuit. This increases the pressure in the system. When it reaches a critical level, there is an emergency release of coolant. This, in turn, leads to a drop in pressure. In this case there are many cases where the air has collected in the radiators, the circuit continues to work, only half of the radiator becomes cold. This significantly reduces the efficiency of heating and somewhat increases its operating costs.

For open systems one of the biggest threats is rust. In this case, the question of how to remove air from the heating system arises only at the design stage. Such circuits are made of pipes with a large diameter, respectively a lot of water in the system. Given the fact that the coolant is in contact with air and involves it in the circulation, the oxygen level in the pipes is more than sufficient. Since it takes a long time to remove air from the heating system, oxygen reacts intensively with the metal. The interaction results in the formation of corrosion on the inner walls of the pipes. Sometimes rust eats away at the tank so much that you have to replace it.

The direct consequences of a clogged circuit entails indirect consequences, which are no less dangerous:

Happens in the case if the valve to bleed air from the heating system and all sensors are good, and working properly. Due to an increase in pressure an emergency release of coolant occurs, which leads to a decrease in the amount of coolant in the circuit. After cooling down, the liquid in the system will not be enough, the pressure will drop sharply. If it does not meet the minimum required to turn on the boiler, respectively, the heater will not turn on. And from this point in the winter countdown starts when the pipes will unfreeze. Depends on how insulated the house is. Sometimes it happens in just three hours. In this case, unpleasant news awaits at home from work;

This occurs if a malfunction occurs in the valve to bleed air from the heating system, or controlling the temperature of the equipment. This is an unlikely situation, but it is a possibility. The results of this are extremely bad. In the best case, repair or replacement of the boiler, in the worst case. getting injured;

bursting of the circuit and ejection of a hot water fountain.

Very likely situation, the joints may not be tightened enough. When the pressure increases, they can not withstand and give a crack. In this case, the hot coolant flows from the tube, in a fountain. It is not only necessary to repair the circuit, but also to do the neighbors’ ceiling, because you flooded it good. Here’s what chain can cause a simple air leak in the system.

Why the pressure in the boiler rises?

Too much excess pressure in the boiler can be caused by two reasons: the formation of air s in the radiators or pipes; overlap shutoff valves.

  • You will hear some air and maybe some liquid dropping. Wait until the hissing stops.
  • Turn on the water and supply it until the arrow on the pressure gauge reaches the start position. Turn off the taps.
  • Start the boiler and listen to the operation.

Boiler characteristics 100-W WH1D262

This boiler Viessmann Vitopend 100 will cost the consumer 33 800 This boiler is a gas convection equipment, the capacity of which is 24.8 kW. Double circuit equipment has a bi-thermal heat exchanger. Thermal output can be 10.7 kW, as for the heat load, it varies from 11.7 to 26.7 kW.


Coefficient of efficiency of this device reaches 92,8%. Described boiler Viessmann Vitopend 100 can be controlled by electronic panel. This unit should be installed on the wall. Includes an integrated circulation pump and a 6 liter expansion tank. As the fuel can be used liquefied or natural gas. In one hour the natural gas will be consumed 2.83 m 3. As for liquefied gas, this figure decreases to 2.09 m 3 / h. If you decide to consider the described gas boiler Viessmann Vitopend 100, you should be aware of its nominal pressure, which varies from 13 to 30 mbar. The maximum temperature of the heating medium is 76 ° C. The permissible pressure for liquefied gas is 57.5 mbar.

The temperature in the hot water circuit can show from 30 to 57 °C. Boiler brand Viessmann Vitopend 100 WH1D has a capacity equal to 11.5 l/m. In the heating circuit, the maximum water pressure can reach 3 bar, while the maximum water pressure in the hot water circuit is 10 bar or less.

To date, boilers firm Viessmann are in great demand among buyers of heating equipment. This German company has long been engaged in the production of boilers and has proved itself in the international market from the best side. Viessmann company produces heating equipment of absolutely different models, among which it is possible to choose the goods for any preferences.

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