How to reduce the pain of epilation with epilator

How to use an epilator without irritation and pain?

Beauty salons. it’s not always a pleasant procedure. Any girl who waxed in a salon, can confirm that the process is quite painful, and in addition, often not cheap.

Saving the cost of caring for your own body will help epilator. By removing unwanted vegetation yourself, it is also possible to reduce the pain. However, you need to know a few basic rules for epilation at home.

5 rules for effective and painless hair removal

Here it is worth to say at once that to remove completely the pain during epilation, most likely, it is not possible, but all unpleasant sensations can be minimized. So, the basic rules of hair removal with epilator.

  • Hair lengthIf before getting an epilator, you used a razor blade and used to shave your legs smoothly, then before the first use of an electric device, it’s worth to let your skin rest and leave the hair until the hair length reaches about 0 cm.5 cm. This is necessary because the epilator works on the principle of rotating tweezers, and otherwise, simply will not be able to capture hairs of shorter length. Also, it is extremely important that the hair growth is even.
  • Minimum speedAfter the blade, the hair has a thicker shaft, which is not always easy to get rid of. Therefore, to remove it evenly, the first epilation should be done at minimum speed. That way the tweezers can catch more unwanted hair and make the procedure as effective as possible.
  • Hot bathPreceding the procedure, especially if it is the first, it is worth, as necessary to steaming the skin. A hot bath will not only relax you and make you feel relaxed, it will also dilate your pores and make epilation less painful. This tip is good for those whose skin is prone to irritation. Such type of skin shaving “dry” is strictly prohibited.
  • Against your own hair growthIn order to get the best results, it’s best to epilate in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Even if you’re used to shaving your legs and lifting the epilator in all directions, get into the habit of epilating correctly and remove hair against its own growth. Otherwise, you will most likely have to go over the same place several times, which, again, is unfavorable for the skin and can cause quite unpleasant sensations.
  • No pressureNo doubt you may have accidentally pinched your eyebrows when you were pinched. If it’s ever happened, you know it’s uncomfortable. The epilator works the same way, so pressing too hard on your skin will give you the same effect, but on your legs. The epilator should be moved smoothly and lightly over your skin, and held at a slight angle to properly grasp each hair.

Mixed Body Parts Waxing: What You Need to Know?

Keep in mind that hair is different on different parts of your body, so this is the most effective on your legs. As for the rest of the area?

  • FeetThe most sensitive skin areas on your legs are your ankles and under your knees. Where the skin is at its most delicate. The rest of the surface gets used to the pain quite quickly, and in just a few minutes after starting the procedure, you will cease to feel the pain so acutely. Since legs have a flat surface, it’s easy to remove hair. But it is a long procedure, which will take at least half an hour. Before starting the procedure, as mentioned above, it is worth steaming your feet, and if possible use a scrub and a stiff loofah, which will help remove dead skin and make the procedure less painful. But you should not overdo it with the scrub, especially if your skin is too sensitive to external irritants.
  • UnderarmsIn contrast to legs, the underarm area has more delicate and sensitive skin, and so requires a different approach. For a less painful effect, the skin in this area should be slightly stretched. It is worth noting that too long hair can be more painful, so it may be worth trimming the hair before the procedure. After epilation the skin can be treated with cold cream, baby oil or even powder.
  • Bikinileste bikini has the most sensitive skin, which means that hair removal in this area will be the most painful. Before epilation is recommended to pluck a couple of hairs with tweezers, so you set up and yourself and the skin for the upcoming procedure. Also, if the removal of the tweezers would give you too unpleasant feelings, then start epilation at all is not recommended.

Many girls before epilation use sprays with a freezing effect or anesthetic creams. But not always this is necessary. it all depends on the sensitivity of the skin itself. After the procedure is recommended to treat the skin with a cold cream, a solution containing a low concentration of alcohol, as well as oily solution.

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How to make epilation with an epilator painless

Everyone knows that beauty requires some sacrifices. But how it would be desirable for them to be minimal. Using an epilator gives a lot of unpleasant feelings. And even in spite of the desired and long-lasting result, many girls do not dare to continue using this method of getting rid of hair. To make the procedure more comfortable, it is enough to know how to reduce the pain of epilation with an epilator, choose for yourself the most acceptable ways and practice them.

How to use an epilator without pain: tips

For every woman, the epilator is an indispensable tool for removing unwanted hair, which is in the arsenal of almost every girl. However, not all representatives of the fairer sex know how to use it correctly. It would seem that an unusual device, which is all that is needed is to connect to the mains and run them over the surface of the skin: and as a result, to get rid of unwanted hair on your body.

In theory, of course, everything is exactly so, although not a word about the fact that epilation is quite painful procedure, especially if performed for the first time. To make the process less uncomfortable, here are a few tips to make your first procedure as comfortable and productive as possible.

A few basic rules for a high-quality hair removal procedure at home

First of all, you should remember that experience is the key to clean and smooth skin. Therefore, the instruction to the device (epilator) is not a helper in the already difficult case. In this case, a great option would be to watch the video on “Painless hair removal procedure”.

Secondly, you can use epilator professionally at least in the tenth session, after identifying the most painful places on your body and calculating the appropriate speed of the device.

However, first familiarize yourself with the most important rules of the procedure in order to avoid pain.

Firstly, the length of hair before epilation should be 50mm. That is, if before buying an epilator, you used a regular machine and used to shave the hair clean, then before the first use of electric device, you need a couple of days without touching the hair cover. The epilator needs a certain length to be able to grasp hairs entirely, otherwise the result will not meet your expectations.

Second, the speed of the epilator should be minimal. The first procedure should be accompanied by a small speed of the device, because the high speed captures only thin hairs, although the procedure time is significantly reduced. And before the first session, if you used an epilator before, hairs usually have a thick base, which can be removed only at low speed. To reduce the pain a little, try to use a massage nozzle over the head of the electric device.

Third, epilation should be done after a hot bath. let it be a kind of habit. Steaming the skin promotes the expansion of pores, then makes it easier to remove hair with an epilator. Yes, and the process itself will be much easier than on dry skin, as the instrument tweezers will easily and painlessly remove hair follicles.

Fourthly, the procedure of epilation should be carried out against the direction of hair growth. Otherwise, there is a risk of repeating the procedure in the same place, causing skin irritation. Even if you’re used to using the epilator in all directions, it’s a good idea to get used to using it correctly after the first session.

Fifthly, avoid pressure. Don’t force the machine into your skin during epilation. It will not bring the desired effect, but irritation and scratches you are sure to earn yourself. Your movements should be smooth, like shaving with a razor. Naturally, the epilator should be held at a certain angle to the surface of the skin, so that the right grip was made on each individual hair.

How to EPILATE Sensitive Areas with less PAIN: Armpit, Pubic hair, Bikini line || Hair Removal

Waxing different areas of your skin: A customized approach

Each person has a different threshold of sensitivity to pain, and it varies. Although the overall sensitivity of certain parts of the body in humans is almost identical. And here’s the question: where to epilate? In the bikini area or on your legs?. That’s the difference that counts. Not everyone would dare to remove hair in the bikini area with an epilator, but shaving your legs isn’t an option either. The skin on different areas of the skin should be prepared differently. So let’s see in detail the technique of using an epilator in different areas.

The most sensitive areas on the legs are the ankles and under the knee. The rest of the skin surface of your legs gets used to the painful sensation rather quickly and easily. Just five minutes and the discomfort of epilation is gone. The large, flat surface of the skin makes it easy to get rid of unwanted vegetation. However, even half an hour will not be enough for you to finish the procedure so soon.

Prepare your legs for epilation by using a scrubbing agent or a harsh washcloth. About an hour before the procedure, steam the skin, scrub it, and rinse it off with water. Rub your legs with a sponge to improve circulation. The dead skin cells are removed, making hair removal easier and less painful.

Armpit Area Removal

The armpit area is delicate and sensitive to manipulation, therefore, requires proper care. To avoid the pain of epilating as much as possible, you need to pull your skin taut while using the device. This will reduce the time of the procedure and effectively clean the surface of the skin from vegetation.

The presence of very long hairs in the armpit area can contribute to pain and discomfort during epilation. Before proceeding to the procedure, it is necessary to carefully trim the hair to the desired length. Also, shaving the armpits before the destruction of hair follicles must not be earlier than a couple of days before epilation. After the removal of hairs, in the treated area should hold an ice cube and lubricate the surface of the skin with a thin layer of oil (baby oil) to prevent irritation.

The most sensitive skin has the bikini line. Epilation in this area is possible only with the use of a cooling glove or a spray with a similar effect. There are cases of using painkillers before the procedure, although it is not obligatory. Before you start the device, try to remove some of the hair with tweezers. That way, your skin will be prepared for the mechanical action to come. The skin in this area is very delicate, so after the procedure it is necessary to lubricate the treated area with alcohol and children’s cream, which includes chamomile. This will help your skin to recover as quickly as possible after epilation.

Cosmetologists note that different psychological attitudes and times in the menstrual cycle can increase painful sensations, or reduce them to a minimum. In order not to hold back tears, but to take the process calmly, you should choose the first or second phase of your menstrual number. In 2-3 days after your period, the pain will be minimal, as the skin partially loses sensitivity. In the middle of the period the painful sensations will intensify, but the removed hair will not grow for 30-40% longer than usual. While using the device you should think of something pleasant, partly abstracted, then unpleasant feelings will be less noticeable.

Mental attitude is an important part of using an epilator

Hair ingrowth: what to do?

One reason for dry skin. So you should always keep it moisturized. May also help:

  • Regular exfoliation of the places where hair removal is carried out;
  • Changing the usual method to a gentler one;
  • Increase the intervals between epilation procedures to allow the skin to recover better;
  • When shaving, shave the hair along the growth: so there is less trauma to the skin;
  • Using special cosmetics to prevent ingrowth (you should consult a specialist).

Little secrets for pain relief before epilation

To make it easier to remove hair, use some tricks:

  • Perform hair removal closer to evening. A relaxed body does not react as sharply to pain as in the morning hours;
  • Epilate immediately after menstruation. The female body is less sensitive to pain during this period.

The easiest and most effective method of experience. With each procedure, hair becomes thinner, weaker, and less hairy. Keep an eye on regrowth: the shorter the hair, the less painful the procedure will be.

reduce, pain, epilation, epilator

Pain relief during epilation: examples and recommendations

While waxing is a rather unpleasant procedure, it’s still something almost every woman does. For many, it is associated with too painful a sensation to endure. How to refute the expression that beauty requires sacrifice? Not as difficult as it seems at first glance: it is enough to use pain relief for epilation. In this article we will talk about the most well-known and effective means of pain relief, including folk methods.

Analgesic tablets

Girls who have a low pain threshold, it is recommended to use medication analgesics. They are more aggressive, which means that the possibility of pain during manipulation is reduced.

But before taking any analgesics it is important to consult a doctor. Only a specialist can prescribe the drugs that are safest for you.

reduce, pain, epilation, epilator

Most often, drugs are recommended to anesthetize the skin before removing unwanted vegetation:

Independently decide what to anesthetize the bikini zone before depilation, can not. Medications always have health limitations and side effects that may adversely affect your health.

The method of using an epilator is certainly effective, but it is also very painful. The question arises. what is the pain relief epilator at home? There are various medications and special attachments for the depilatory device. It is quite real to depilate the bikini or armpit zone, legs and arms with pain.

Pain sprays

You can buy such a spray at any drugstore, it is not difficult to find. When buying this spray, pay attention to the country of the manufacturer. Experts recommend giving preference to products of foreign production, for example, Hungary. These products are considered to be of higher quality and more effective.

Spray a generous layer on the epilated area and wrap it in cling film for a while. After a couple of hours, remove the film and proceed with the procedure.

Lidocaine in ampoules

This method of anesthesia can be chosen if you can not buy and use a spray.

IMPORTANT. Before using this medication, read the instructions for use. Make sure that you have no allergic reactions to this drug.

If you notice that your skin is sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, this type of anesthesia is better to refuse. The effect is exactly the same as that of a spray with lidocaine.

Creams with analgesic effect

This version of anesthesia has exactly the same principle of action as the sprays. The cream can be used for pain relief in any area of the body.

You can buy such a drug at the drugstore, it may be the cream “Emla” which includes the same lidocaine and prilocaine.

For the analgesic effect to be more effective, the cream should be used in the same manner as the spray.

IMPORTANT. Do not forget to read the instructions for use. Consult a doctor if possible.

Analgesic medicines

If none of the above methods of anesthesia are not suitable for you, you can easily obtain over-the-counter products on the shelves of pharmacies. Their action is aimed at suppressing painful sensations. They may well be used when performing depilation at home.

TIP. Among painkillers you can find: analgin, nurofen and others of similar effect.

Take the pill half an hour before the procedure, it will make the depilation process less painful.

IMPORTANT. Do not experiment, take only those drugs that you are familiar with. Ask your doctor for a consultation if possible.

Steam before the procedure

In addition to drugs you can resort to gentle methods of pain relief. To reduce pain during epilation procedure at home you can take a bath with hot water, you can also steamed in the shower.

Under the influence of steam and water at high temperature opens the pores in the skin, and it eventually facilitates the process of depilation. Carrying out this procedure at home, take care beforehand about your pores.

reduce, pain, epilation, epilator

IMPORTANT. Do not forget that during the depilation procedure, the skin must be dry. After showering or bathing, wipe your body thoroughly with a towel.

Special attachments on the epilator

Epilator manufacturers take care of women. In addition to the technique, which allows you to remove unwanted vegetation on the body at home, they offer a variety of convenient and effective nozzles. The use of these nozzles allows you to achieve a significant reduction in pain. The varieties of nozzles are as follows:

  • Cooling. It is filled with water after which it should be put in the freezer. When the water in the nozzle freezes, you can start the procedure. Thanks to the cooling of the skin during depilation, you will notice a decrease in painful swellings. It is also worth noting that the risk of developing skin irritation after the procedure is significantly reduced.
  • The nozzle with thinned epilating disks. When using this attachment, fewer hairs are removed in a single pass, hence, the pain is reduced.
  • Massage nozzle. Its action is based on vibration. Thanks to vibration, the pain is interrupted. You can describe its action as rubbing with your hand the place on your body where it hurts.
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