How to reflash the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi

How to Russify Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner: simple step-by-step instructions

One of the most unusual features of robot vacuum cleaners is controlling them with voice commands. And also a “voiceover” of the operation mode.

And the vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi in this respect. the most “customizable”.

After all, the manufacturer has released a special API, which allows you to easily modify the firmware and add to it the voice commands.

Almost all languages are supported, not only Russian.

Standard variant

If the robot vacuum cleaner supports voice notifications, you only need to install the Mi Home app on your smartphone and then activate the option through it.

Performed as follows:

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  • Run the application, perform pairing with the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. If system asks for automatic update. give permission and wait until the firmware installation is completed.
  • Open the device menu. Swipe up (by dragging the bottom of the screen). In the dialog box that appears, select “Voice alerts”.
  • Select “Russian”. Wait for the language pack to finish downloading and installing.

But in this case the voice from Google Translator is used. It is not possible to change or rename commands. That is, you will only be able to use the only language package provided by the manufacturer itself.

reflash, robot, vacuum, cleaner, xiaomi


  • To run this program, you need to reset all Wi-Fi settings in the robot. After you install the language packs in MiHome, you need to bind the robot as you did the first time;
  • To reset the first version, you need to hold down the 2 buttons (return and shutdown) for three seconds. If you need to reset version 2, you should press the other buttons: return and local clean.
  • Then the robot will notify you that all Wi-Fi settings have been reset, and you will see a new access point with the name of the robot on your smartphone. The next step is to connect to it;
  • After connecting to the robot, run the installed XVacuum Firmware application on your phone;
  • After the program connects to the robot, it gets the status and the token. If this does not happen, the buttons will remain inactive. As soon as they are activated you can proceed with the firmware;
  • The next step is to download the language pack you need, which was mentioned at the beginning;
  • Then you should press the FLASH SOUND button and select the desired voice package;

Самостоятельная прошивка робота-пылесоса Xiaomi на новую озвучку

  • After that the flashing will start. As soon as it is finished, the screen will say “DONE!”After that the flashing process will start and you will be informed about the successful end of the operation;
  • Then simply stick the robot in the MiHome.

This completes this uncomplicated procedure. For Android owners: Download

How to reflash the robot-vacuum cleaner Xiaomi in Russian

Robot vacuum cleaner. an indispensable helper. Smart home devices are becoming more popular every year, and their range is correspondingly increasing. In the arsenal of Xiaomi has a lot of similar equipment, but out of the box vacuum cleaners global version can only speak English. But it can be fixed!. How to teach a robot vacuum cleaner to speak in Russian.

The instructions apply to the following models: Xiaomi Roborock Sweep One S50/S55 and Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum.

First, download this app to your Android smartphone, but do not open it after installing.

Then download the file with the Russian voice pack. You can download the official package or choose the most favorite option from the archive. Save the file at the beginning of the memory path of your phone.

Как откатить прошивку на роботе-пылесосе Xiaomi?

Next, take your Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, turn it on and reset the Wi-Fi settings. To do this you need for a couple of seconds holding the combination of the key to return to the base and enable or local cleaning.

Then you should turn off data transfer and set up Wi-Fi on your smartphone.

Find the access point your vacuum cleaner is giving out without a password and connect to it.

Now run the app that you installed earlier.

Your gadget’s token will be automatically detected, and then two keys will become available. Press the Flash Sound button.

Select the voice pack, then it will be installed.

After a few seconds, the installation will be finished. Then you can connect the vacuum cleaner to the proprietary Mi Home app.

In case the firmware fails, you will see 50 lines that say Trying to flash thefirmware. Then you’ll have to reset all your vacuum cleaner settings and retry reflashing.

If your phone does not allow you to install the app, you need to deactivate the “Scanning apps with Play Protection” option, which you will find on the way: “PlayMarket”. “Play Protection”. “Settings”.

Firmware first generation Xiaomi vacuum cleaners

To russify the device, use the following instructions:

reflash, robot, vacuum, cleaner, xiaomi
  • Download the firmware and Russian voice pack on your smartphone;
  • Reset the wireless network settings by pressing the two buttons on the device for 2-3 seconds and waiting for the sound signal to appear;
  • On your smartphone, select “Wi-Fi Settings” and select your vacuum cleaner as an access point;
  • Select the “Voice settings” menu and run the firmware;
  • Open the folder in which the sound files are saved, and select the appropriate.

How to flash Xiaomi Roborock vacuum cleaner to Russian?

Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roborock Sweep One just recently on our market, but has already become a bestseller among devices in the segment of smart home. How to understand it? We have to set the Russian language.

For this we need a Windows-based computer (preferably the 10 version), an Android-based smartphone, and the vacuum cleaner itself. Important! These instructions are exclusively for Xiaomi Roborock Sweep One robot vacuum cleaner (S5, S50, S52, S51).

  • Install the custom application Mi Home. If the smartphone has this program. you need to remove it and replace it with the version that we suggest;
  • Go through the registration, select the Chinese/South Korean region (depends on the version of the vacuum cleaner Chinese or global) and synchronize the vacuum cleaner with your smartphone ;
  • Go to the tab with the vacuum cleaner;
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “General Settings”;
  • Click on “Network Information”;
  • Remember two parameters: IP address and token;
  • Open a file with the extension “.Ini” and replace the IP and token with the ones we got in the “Mi home” app;
  • Save, exit the file and put the vacuum cleaner on a charging station (minimum. 20%);
  • Launch the file with the extension “.bat”. Agree with all requests and wait for the console to finish loading;
  • In the console, write “1” and click “Enter”;
  • Repeat the previous step;
  • Add Russian language;
  • Run file “win-mirobo” with extension “.bat”;
  • Enter “2” and press “Enter”;
  • Set one of the language packs, for example 4;

You can listen to the voice variants in the “voicepacks” folder. After flashing is finished the vacuum cleaner will talk in the chosen language.

This article is given for evaluation purposes, the site administration is not responsible.

Instructions for reflashing

First you need to install custom version of Mi Home software, because the original version will not allow you to perform flashing of the device. That is why if there is an official application for controlling Xiaomi smart devices on your smartphone, you will have to uninstall it and either find a suitable variant on the Internet or use the suggested link.

Next is the installation of the utility. During this process it is necessary to choose either “Mainland China” (for the Chinese version of the firmware), or “South Korea” (for the global version), after which the synchronization of the two devices will occur.

After that in the application perform the following actions:

  • Open the subsection with the desired model of the vacuum cleaner;
  • Press the button in the form of three dots and then click on General Settings;
  • Go to “Network info” item. Here it is necessary to remember (or better to copy the data into a separate file) the IP-addresses and the token;

Then you need to click on “Save”, exit the file and put the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner on the docking station. Minimal allowed charging percentage for further actions should be 20% but it’s better not to remove the device from the charge while reflashing.

After that, open the file that has the extension.bat. Here you will have to agree with all the pop-up requests. Then you need to wait until the process of loading the console is completed and then write in the number “1” and press the “Enter” key. In the new window you need to repeat the previous step.

Then you will need to wait for the new firmware installation to finish and then you can add Russian. To do this, run the file win-mirobo, which has the extension.bat, enter “2” in the new window and press “Enter”.

It remains only to select the number of one of the offered language packages and press Enter.

This completes the firmware process for the Xiaomi Roborock Sweep One robot vacuum cleaner, and after turning it on, it will “speak” in the selected language.

It is worth mentioning that all the performed actions are the responsibility of the device owner, because the manufacturer is not responsible for the quality of custom firmware and does not recommend using it. Therefore, it is impossible to fully guarantee that the performance of the device will remain at the same level after the installation of another shell.

Why do you need to Russify the vacuum cleaner

It is necessary for the app for your smartphone to display the robot’s settings in Russian.

  • Voice notifications about the current status of the robot vacuum cleaner will also “pronounce” in Russian;
  • The user will be able to give voice commands to the vacuum cleaner in Russian.

Also it should be noted that if the purchased robot vacuum cleaner is made for the Chinese consumer market, by default it will have only 2 languages available: Chinese and English. You won’t be able to enable voice notifications in Russian through the proprietary app.

reflash, robot, vacuum, cleaner, xiaomi

It is for such cases that the firmware is required. You can use it to add any “voice” to your robot, or even record it yourself.

How to Russify using the built-in app

To remotely control, configure and monitor the status of the robot vacuum cleaner, it must be synchronized with your smartphone. To do this you must install on your phone branded application Xiaomi for work with “smart” equipment. Mi Home.

After. be sure to update the firmware to the current version (the program will do everything automatically, you only need to provide the requested permission). Then in the parameters of the robot vacuum cleaner, it will be possible to enable voice control, as well as to select the language of commands (in this case. Russian).

After that, the smartphone will download the necessary voice pack, store it in the vacuum cleaner’s memory. By default, the “voice” of Google Assistant is used.

But, if necessary, it can be replaced with any other through a special program.

Reflashing the popular Mi Robot Vacuum

The most popular of the line of vacuum cleaners from the Chinese corporation is considered this model. To install the new voice package, you will need a smartphone, a computer and the device itself. Before you start the operation, you need to charge the device by more than 20%.

  • install the Mi Home application in the usual way;
  • go through the registration procedure (it is important to set the location to “China”);
  • synchronize with the robot and open the appropriate tab;
  • looking in the upper right corner, you will see an icon, and after clicking on it from the list select “General Settings”;
  • go to the tab “network data” (here we need a token and an IP address);
  • on the PC download the firmware and the archive of voice commands, open it;
  • choose one of the suggested files: “mirobo”, “mirobot” or “win-mirobo”, all have the extension “.ini”;
  • open and enter the IP-address and token;
  • go back to the archive again and enter another one with the extension “.bat”;
  • in the pop-up window agree with all the requests and wait for the end of the downloading process;
  • a field will appear, in which you need to press number 1 and send it with “Enter” key;
  • The process will take no more than 8 minutes, after that a window will pop up asking you to agree to all the requests;
  • press number 2 and send using the “Enter” key;
  • Wait for half a minute before you finish loading;
  • When finished, you will hear a beep on the robot.

The token, which is considered the identification number of the device, you will find in the Mi Home app.

After completing the firmware, you only need to select the appropriate voice packet and enjoy the work of your automated assistant with clear commands or various gimmicks.

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