How to remove lock from Zanussi. TOP-5 induction hobs

How to remove protection from children on the hob?

Click the control button of the function of protecting against children and do not let it go for 3 seconds, until a single sound signal is issued and the “LO” symbols are disappeared from the timer indicator, while the protection function of children will be disabled.

To do this, you need to press the “Key” button and wait until the plate is unlocked. The main thing is if you have a small child, do not show him how to do it. Back blocking is put on the same principle.

How to disable l on a stove?

To unlock the hob:. Click on the sensor “./Off.””. For all zones of heating on the display, “l” is displayed At the same time, click on the sensors “.” and “” of the right front heating zone (the left front zone of heating for PVD 633), and then click on the “.” sensor again for this heating zone.

The lock is removed by simultaneously pressing “and”-“. You can turn off the panel for 10-15 minutes from the network, then turn on, and the lock will be “dropped”.

Protection from children

Plates of leading European manufacturers such as Bosch, Neff, Siemens, Gorenje, Ariston, Candy and other models are equipped with special functions aimed at maximum safety.

The slabs of leading European manufacturers are equipped with special functions aimed at maximum safety

So that children do not accidentally turn on the oven or change the current settings, in household appliances, blocking is provided. It turns on as follows. Click on the “Key” button and hold until the inscription “Protection from children is active” is displayed on the screen. Together with this phrase, the key image will appear. It will take about 4 seconds to carry out the operation. After that, it is impossible to change the settings and turn on the oven.

The installation is canceled in a similar way. The setting of the pen responsible for the choice of functions should be in position “0” within two seconds. In this case, the lock responsible for the safety of children will remain in an active state.

Subtleties of the process of unlocking hobs of different manufacturers

Despite the wide selection of household appliances, the option under consideration functions on different models almost the same. Therefore, regardless of whether the Bosch, Kandy, Siemens or other manufacturer has been purchased, blocking and unlocking are carried out in a similar way.

Activation of blocking for children’s safety press the “Key” button and hold it in a closed state until the inscription “Protection against children is active” and the symbol [key] appear on the display. It takes about 4 seconds. Now the oven will no longer turn on. Settings also cannot be changed.

Attention! If the function of choosing functions is in position “0” for more than 2 seconds, the current installation is canceled. Blocking for children’s safety remains active.

Blocking a drawer of the oven carts you can change the basic installations so that the drawer of the oven is additionally blocked. How to do this is explained in the chapter “Basic installation”. If during operation the blocking for the safety of children is activated, the drawer of the oven carts is blocked at a temperature above 50 ° C. The symbol [lock] appears on the indicator on the indicator.

The cancellation of the blocking click the “Key” button and hold it in a pressed state until the text and symbol go out. After that, you can again change the settings of the oven and put forward a cart.

How the loops are removed

The door may work incorrectly due to loops. If these details are faulty, it will not completely close or hard to open.

The loops must be removed, and then install them in place or put new. To do this, remove the door and unscrew additional mounts. On some models of oven cabinets, springs are on both sides.

In order not to break the loops at all, they must be removed carefully, to be extremely attentive. You can’t crush much. otherwise they will bend or break. Manufacturers of kitchen technology of Darina, Zanussi, Kaiser, Curting, Samsung, Electrolux, hotpointer Ariston and others try to make ovens so that the process of removing and disassembling and adjusting the doors is uncomplicated. If during work it is felt too strong resistance of devices, then disassembly is done incorrectly.

Certain rules must be followed and then the loops will not break. Before they are to be removed, you should make sure that all the screws are twisted. Even the remaining detail will lead to the fact that the mounts will bend, they will need to be changed. When you have to remove the door or glass, you cannot use force. Ovens have a design in which all mechanisms and elements as a whole are removed without difficulty.

You need to remove the loops carefully so as not to damage them

The main malfunctions and their elimination

Breakage associated with the door does not allow it to be closed normally, to fix it or it generally stops holding. All these malfunctions have different reasons.

The offset of the seal

The displacement of the seal is evidenced by the fact that it becomes impossible to close the door tightly. without applying certain efforts. During prolonged use, this part often jumps up from its place and does not allow the oven well to cover. The displaced parts of the seal are neatly put in a special groove and everything will come to normal.

Wear of the door loops

It happens that the door begins to walk too free or stagger. The reason in the worn loops on which it holds. The loops are damaged due to prolonged sagging and physical exposure. They are not always conveniently located, and to find out if they are a problem, you will have to tinker.

Correct the screws with the help of an ordinary screwdriver. In some situations, the door is disassembled to change the loops. They are springs that change or pull.

The door is blocked

In this case, it cannot be opened. First of all, they understand why this happened. The reason may lie in the accidental inclusion of the protection system or the start of the process of the device. During this procedure, the temperature in the oven reaches high values-400-500 degrees. Electronics is used for locking. She monitors the temperature inside the chamber, the door holds the blocking mechanism. When it fails, the door will rest against it and will not close. If everything is in order, it will open as soon as the cleaning ends.

Often to remove the lock, the oven for 1 minute is disconnected from the electric network. And after that it will open. However, modern ovens have a complex device, therefore, to perform a certain procedure, you should read the instructions. In some cases, you can’t do without intervention. This concerns the failure of the control module or breakdown of the lock, which is why it is impossible to open the door.

Rarely, but it happens that the door adjacent to the plate. The curved is replaced, and the legs of the plate can be adjusted in height.

Cleaning the door from dirt

Most modern ovens are equipped with a function. In inexpensive more simple models, glass and surface of the walls are cleaned by steam. In the pan, the water is boiled and put in it in the chamber, which is included at low power, left for 30 minutes. Then you will have to clean it, but it will be easier to do, because fat and dirt will soften.

Be sure to wash the rubber seal. Special stores are suitable for this purpose, although you can use improvised, for example, vinegar. Take 2 tbsp.l. and stir in 1 liter of water. The resulting solution is washed in contaminated places.

The composition of citric acid and soda applied to the dirty wet surface helps to effectively cope with dirt.

The mixture is left for 2 hours, then wiped with a sponge moistened in a soap solution.

Another very effective recipe: soda is dissolved in water until thick gruel is obtained. Apply in a thick layer to contaminated places. Wash off after a few hours.

A solution prepared from 2 glasses of warm water, 0 removes pollution, 0.5 hours. l soda and a small amount of liquid soap. Everything is thoroughly mixed, poured into a sprayer and sprayed onto the glass and walls of the oven. Leave for 30 minutes, wash off with warm water.

To eliminate soot and fat, it is recommended to use alcohol solutions. It is undesirable to wash the glass of the oven door with dry powders, after it there are microcracks.

Pollution of the door circuit

If the oven is not cleaned for a long time, dirt is collected on the door itself and in the places of its fit, it is visible to the naked eye. Due to its accumulation, the oven cannot be tightly closed. This small trifle can lead to serious problems. Even into small cracks, air quickly penetrates, reducing the temperature inside the chamber. As a result, cooking time will increase, electricity costs will increase. can be damaged by furniture that stands nearby. Therefore, dirt should be cleaned regularly.

With independent repair, it is recommended to carefully dismantle the door. So that there are no problems, it is advisable to shoot it together, because it is heavy. Handle the taken glass carefully, as it may fall out. With improper actions, you can damage the brackets and fasteners. You need to be careful.

Proper operation will help extend the life of the oven. After each cooking, the device should be washed well so that the garbage does not accumulate, and the fat that inevitably appears on the walls of the oven did not have time to get cold and dry.

Methods of unlocking

You can remove the block as follows. you need to press and hold the “Key” button for a few seconds. Until the block is removed. If this method does not work, try to remove the lock with other actions. It is necessary to simultaneously click on the buttons “and”-“. This method can help when there was a shutdown of electricity. After unlocking on the panel, a rapidly flashing signal will be displayed.

With such complex electronics as in the hob, failures can occur, especially when improper operation. Sometimes, to remove unlocking, it is enough to do simple manipulations. If the lock button is still burning, you need to turn off the device from the outlet. Wait about a minute and turn on the panel again. After that, you can again set the desired mode.

Unlocking and changing the settings is performed when position “0” is worth on the screen of the heating zone (in 3 parts).

Thus, answering the question of how to unlock the Bosch hob, it is worth noting that this is not difficult and there are several options. At the same time, they are suitable for other brands such as HotPoint Ariston (Hotpoint Ariston), Beko, Cata, Dexp (Dexp), Electrolux (Electrolux), Gorenje, Graude, Hansa (Hans), Kuppersberg, Lex, Neff (nepf), NEFF (Neff). Bosch (Bosch PKF 375FP 1 E, PKN 645 B 17 and T.D.), Schott Ceran, Siemens (Siemens), Weissgauff, Maunfield, Zanussi, Samsung.

Rating of the best induction hobs

Electrolux EHH 56240 IK

type. induction;

Power. 6.6 kW;

panel material. glass ceramic;

the number of fireproofs. 4;

depth. 52 cm;

height. 6 cm;

Width. 59 cm.

Weissgauff Hi 642 Bfzc

type. induction;

Power. 7.2 kW;

panel material. glass ceramic;

the number of fireproofs. 4;

depth. 52 cm;

Height. 5.8 cm;

Width. 59 cm.

Bosch Pie631FB1E

type. induction;

Power. 7.4 kW;

panel material. glass ceramic;

the number of fireproofs. 4;

depth. 52.2 cm;

Height. 5.1 cm;

The width is 59.2 cm.

Weissgauff Hi 640 BSC

type. induction;

power. 7 kW;

panel material. glass ceramic;

the number of fireproofs. 4;

depth. 52 cm;

Height. 6.2 cm;

Width. 59 cm.

Electrolux ip 6453 KF

type. induction;

Power. 7.35 kW;

panel material. glass ceramic;

the number of fireproofs. 4;

depth. 52 cm;

Width. 59 cm.

Zanussi ZEL6640XBA Induction Hob Product Review

How to remove locking from the hob?

Manufacturers strive to ensure safety during the operation of the hob. Therefore, each modern model is equipped with the possibility of blocking fireplace, which makes it impossible to accidentally change the settings and reduces the danger of producing burns.

Today, hobs are gaining more and more popularity, gradually displacing the classic overall electric and gas slabs. In addition to increased efficiency, users of kitchen equipment receive an attractive design of the room, thought out functionality. Naturally, manufacturers strive to ensure safety during the operation of the hob. Therefore, each modern model is equipped with the possibility of blocking fireplace, which makes it impossible to accidentally change the settings and reduces the danger of producing burns.

  • Short.term locking of the device for cleaning the glass.ceramic panel in case of contamination. Activated by fluid flooding;
  • Protection from children. To turn on such blocking, they usually press the “key” button on the touch panel, holding the inscription on the activity of protection on the screen. Together with the inscription, the image of the key will glow. For all operations it will take about 4 seconds.
  • Automatic unit due to insufficient voltage or short circuit, with problems in connecting to power supply and other malfunctions.

The warning signal differs in different models, but it is not difficult to understand it.

How to unlock the hob

You can unlock the hob can be unlock in several ways, the choice of which is usually due to the type of lock:


Press and hold the “key” button for a few seconds until the lock is removed. If this method does not work, the device is trying to unlock differently.

At the same time, click on the buttons “”-“. This method is considered effective when turning off electricity. After the stove is unlocked, a quick flashing signal can be seen on the display.

If the lock indicator is still on, the following manipulations will help. Disconnect the household device from power supply. Wait about a minute and turn on the hob again. Then set the required mode.

If the blocking of control functions is caused by overheating of the electronics, you need to check whether hot dishes are on the sensors and the control zone, remove the dishes and wait for the cooling of electronic components. If this did not help, it is recommended to call a master from the service center.

Despite the wide selection of household appliances, this function is realized on different models almost the same and described in the instructions. Therefore, regardless of whether the Bosch (Bosch), Candy, Siemens or other manufacturer is purchased, blocking and unlocking are performed in an identical way.

The main switch with security blocking from children

The electronics of the control panel are turned on using the main switch. After that, the device is ready to use.

To turn it on, press the button and hold it until burning indicators on the burners appear. Similarly, shutdown is carried out. The residual heat indicator will burn until the burner completely cools down. After all the burning appliances are turned off, it stops working in automatic mode in about ten seconds.

The peculiarity of the work of the hob with an active lock function for the safety of children is that, for each turning on, you need to press the main circuit breaker and hold a finger from four seconds. During this time, the image of the “castle” flashes on the indicator. As soon as it goes out, I remove the finger from the button, since the hob is ready for operation.

With an active lock function for the safety of children, at every turning on, you need to press the main circuit breaker and hold a finger from four seconds

Detailed operating guide

In all cases without exception, before starting to operate the device, they carefully read the factory instructions. Different models have their own design features.

Sensory control makes equipment extremely light and convenient to operate. To turn on a fairly easy touch to the key for literally two seconds. and you can proceed to the cooking process. To turn off you will need only one second.

Often the hob stops working due to the formation of water condensation on the control board. Why is this happening? This happens when the device is located above the oven or dishwasher. If there was simply no other place for installing the panel, during installation, enhanced isolation is used from the negative effects of heat and moisture coming from below.

During operation, it is important to observe several general rules and, of course, those indicated by the factory by the manufacturer and are purely individual for a particular product.

It is recommended to select an effective heating surface for the size of the dishes. At the same time, it is important to know the features of the temperature conditions of heat treatment of various products. Using the function of automatic switching thresholds in the process of preparation, they reach the maximum savings of energy, protect the working elements from wear.

The use of the timer is also useful in work. This option is used to configure the time of operation of the burner for one cooking cycle. The timer should be installed after choosing a burner.

The function of blocking from children is a very necessary and useful addition. It avoids accidental inclusion, uncontrolled heating, and hence traumatic, fire hazardous situations.

In addition to the described, the human factor takes place. Incorrect connection, especially when using a barrier contact group, often leads to a blocking of the terminal box, up to the failure of the power control unit. In these cases, the panel works with interruptions or does not work at all.

Careless treatment, mechanical damage are also able to cause serious damage to the product. It should be remembered that the glass surface is not designed for punches and other heavy objects.

If foreign objects, water, oils come to the surface, an emergency shutdown should be made. For this, many models are even equipped with a special button. Repeated inclusion is allowed only after complete cleaning of the hock panel.

It is interesting:

Connecting a fork to the hob

Consumed power panels consumed

How to remove a lock from Weissgauff stove?

Using the control function function, you can avoid unplanned presses, for example, by children. It is also worth knowing how to disable the lock (unlock) the hob. To do this, click and hold the touch control button for some time according to the instructions.

  • Turn on the hob using the main switch “0”.
  • At the same time, touch the “/ h” and “h/” buttons, and do not let them go at least 2 seconds until the sound signal sounds.
  • Then touch the “h/” button again.

How to disable the lock on the Bosch hob?

To do this, you need to press the “Key” button and wait until the plate is unlocked. The main thing is if you have a small child, do not show him how to do it. Back blocking is put on the same principle.

How to remove a block from an oven? To remove locking from the oven, you need to clamp on 5-6 seconds two extreme buttons on the left side. up and down.

Why do not work firewalls work?

One of the most common causes of non.working fire. Brown heating element: spiral or nichrome thread. The burner with a burned spiral will have to be replaced. By the way, in modern plates, one burned burner can block the inclusion of the entire electric stove.

To enable such a device, you need to touch the “VKL/OKL” button. All indicators will appear the symbol “-“. Then you need to install a suitable dish on the desired heating area. For models without a slider, the degree of heating is selected by the buttons “-” and “”.

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