How to remove scratches on a steel refrigerator

Remove scuff marks from the paintwork with colorless oil: baby oil, massage oil, or food-grade oil. Apply it to the damage with a soft, lint-free cloth. Allow it to fill microcracks and dry for 10 minutes. Then gently wipe with a paper towel or cloth.

Acrylic dyes are perfectly safe, since they contain no poisonous substances. They can be used to lightly paint your fridge, making it look great. Also, this type is available in a wide variety of colors. Apply with a brush, or better yet, with a roller if needed, in two layers.

  • Detergent for stainless steel dishes;
  • fine-grained paste (slurry) for polishing stainless steel and copper;
  • mild stainless steel polish;
  • whitening toothpaste.
  • A scratch on brushed stainless steel can be removed with a nail polishing block.
  • Whitening toothpaste may be used as an abrasive. Apply it to the damaged area and rub it with a soft-bristled brush or soft cloth along the texture of the metal.

Polishing with toothpaste

How else you can remove scratches on your refrigerator? Small minor scratches can be removed with white toothpaste without crystals or granules. If polishing with a soft cloth doesn’t do the job, you can resort to harder ones, i.e. a toothbrush:

  • Put some paste on the bristles of the toothbrush and rub the problem areas with it. Move along the texture of the metal and do not rub too hard.
  • Wipe the toothpaste off periodically with a rag and check the results. Continue until you are satisfied with the results of your efforts.
  • After all the manipulation, wipe the surface with a moist cloth.
  • Apply a little olive oil to the cleaned and sanded surface.


Painting your refrigerator is easier, but it is important to consider the peculiarities of the appliances. The coating of the refrigeration appliance must meet specific requirements.

The paint must not only be beautiful, but also comply with the following characteristics:

  • Protect your refrigerator from mechanical damage;
  • keep an even coat upright and not drip down as it dries;
  • Be elastic to withstand different temperatures;
  • Be resistant to detergents.
remove, scratches, steel, refrigerator

In particular, tools with acrylic composition for metal, automotive nitro enamel and epoxy or polyurethane paint are suitable.

Surface preparation and painting

Ideally, you should take the refrigerator outdoors and paint it there in windless weather. If this is not possible, circulate the air in the room (no draughts, otherwise the paint may drip). Then prepare the space around it:

  • Cover the floor, walls, and other surfaces that might be affected by the dyeing agent with newspaper.
  • Unplug the refrigerator and move it away from the wall for convenience.
  • There is no need to primer the surface, just wash it well with a detergent.
  • Remove the old layer of paint with sandpaper, carefully sanding off any irregularities.
  • Wipe your refrigerator with a wet and then a dry lint-free cloth.
  • Degrease the walls and door.
  • Cover the parts that don’t need to be painted with food film (electric panel, knob, rubber seals, holes, etc.).).
  • Wear rubber gloves and a respirator.
  • Apply the paint with a brush, roller or sprayer/sprayer in two to three layers, letting them dry between each layer for 40 minutes.

Tip. Apply the polish vertically or from left to right. Stock up on a small brush to touch up hard-to-reach areas. If you wish, you can top-dry your refrigerator with automotive varnish, which will give it a shiny finish.


This is a more reliable method of getting rid of nasty scratches. The following remedies are used to grout the damage:

  • Household chemicals. Bon Ami, Ajax, Comet or WD-40 cleaner and polish will do. Carefully read the instructions and always wear gloves. It is advisable to dissolve the powder to a homogeneous paste and rub it into the scratch just a little to see what effect it has. WD-40 pure is applied with a dry paper towel. If there are no problems, with a sponge or damp cloth, try polishing the damage until it is completely gone.
  • Baby oil will correct scuffs. When polishing, it fills in the micro cracks and makes them less noticeable. It is rubbed into the surface of the refrigerator with a dry, clean cloth. Remove oil residue with a paper towel or cloth.
  • Toothpaste. Only whitening toothpaste without color, crystals, granules and other additives is suitable for this method. First, polish the scratch with a soft cloth. If the smooth surface effect is not achieved, use a clean toothbrush, but do not rub hard. Periodically wipe off the excess paste and monitor the results. After the scratch is removed, the refrigerator is wiped with a damp rag and a little olive oil is applied to the place of damage to consolidate the result.

Remove spots from the paintwork with colorless oil: baby oil, massage oil or cooking oil. Apply it to the damaged area with a soft, lint-free cloth. Leave it on for 10 minutes to fill microcracks and dry. Then wipe gently with a paper towel or cloth.

You can use epoxy paints, but they are more difficult to apply and require dexterity. The coating will be detergent-resistant and have a glossy appearance. Water-based acrylic paints have a bright palette, form a persistent film, and are non-toxic. You can use a paint roller or brush to apply the paint.

How to remove scratches from the plastic in the car, on the laptop, on the phone

Almost every home has a TV with an LCD monitor. And quite often as a result of the careless attitude to the similar thing on it various scratches can arise. It is impossible to remove such damage at all, but. Thanks to the pattern of action of the liquid crystal monitor you can easily disguise the flaw.

  • A good way to cover the defect is to apply petroleum jelly. Before the application procedure it is necessary to wash the monitor with a soft lint-free cloth and warm water. After filling the scratches with petroleum jelly and letting it dry;
  • You can try to remove defects on the LCD display with a school eraser. It should be new, clean and soft. After cleaning the monitor, as with the first method, start gently wiping the scratch from the monitor. The movements should be directed along the damage. After achieving the result, the screen needs to be cleaned from the remains of the eraser, this can be done with a dry soft cloth;
  • At a drugstore buy isopropyl alcohol and prepare a solution by adding water in the ratio of 1/20 respectively. Wipe the clean screen with a soft cloth soaked in the prepared solution. The essence of the solution is that the alcohol dissolves the anti-glare film and its particles fill the depression.

Remember that a liquid crystal monitor requires careful and gentle action. Strong pressure can disable the screen itself, and the need to remove scratches will no longer be relevant.

In this video they test a special pencil Fix It Pro:

How to remove scratches from plastic parts and combined parts on the refrigerator

To remove scratches on plastic and other parts of the refrigerator, you will need to prepare the following remedies:

Work with these means it is necessary accurately. There are many shades of material available on the shelves in stores.

To remove minor scratches or major damage on refrigerator parts, you will need to use a polish or creamy product that contains abrasive particles.

To even out the surface, you need the help of a soft finishing product.

remove, scratches, steel, refrigerator

It is important to use a lint-free cloth.

Remove scratches

  • If this kind of work is familiar to you, then an ordinary lighter will help. For the procedure you need to light it and bring it to the damaged place at a distance of 10 mm. Wait for the surface to cool down.
  • If you are a beginner, you can paint over the scratches on your fridge with a color-appropriate concealer pencil. On a clean and dry surface apply the pencil. Remains of the agent should be removed with a lint-free cloth.
  • Sometimes a drop of cooking oil is enough. You need to drop it on the problem area or apply it with a cotton pad. Polish the surface thoroughly. This will not fix the damage, but it will camouflage it for a longer period of time.
  • If the surface detected small scratches, then do not delay with their removal or masking. Masters of their craft recommend to try Goi paste. With its help, you can forget about scratches on the refrigerator. Spray a small amount of the product on the prepared surface and polish it thoroughly. After which remove the remains of the substance.
  • Plain wax will also work. Apply a small amount of wax to the damaged area. Use a flannel cloth to wipe the surface.
  • Experienced hostesses recommend using the following car interior care product. Use the composition strictly according to the instructions. and the result will not keep you waiting.

Let your fridge shine with cleanliness and smoothness of the surface for many years to come! After all, removing scratches from its surface or at least painting over them is not that difficult.

The help of a specialist

If your refrigerator is badly damaged and you don’t want to fight for its appearance yourself, you should turn to professionals who can handle this task. The master will assess the scale of the work and suggest ways to restore the surface.

Important! As a last resort, you can completely replace the ruined door. If you come to this decision, then contact the service center and find out how to do it.

  • Be very careful not to remove scratches from the surface, but always move along the texture of the metal. If you polish stainless steel across its texture, this will only add to your problems. there will be noticeable streaks on the surface of the door and you will have to solve the problem of how to remove them as well.
  • Do not use a steel wire sponge when polishing. Not only will it not remove old scratches, it will add new ones. This can also cause rust to form.
  • If you have deep scratches, but they are not very long, they can be blocked out. Hang magnets of such size on the spot so that they cover the scratched area.

I wonder why it happens that big, deep scratches appear on the most visible part of the refrigerator door? Why wouldn’t a scratch appear on the bottom of the door or on the side facing a wall or window? It is sure to occur at eye level or in the middle of the door.

It is especially annoying when the scratches appear when moving or moving the fridge immediately after the delivery from the store. It’s a scratch that doesn’t give you peace day or night. You don’t even want to go into the kitchen.

Scratches on your refrigerator can even be left by magnets that were once placed on the surface.

How to Clean a Fridge Scratch?

Of course you can use a scratch remover or auto enamel to mask the scratch, but unfortunately if the scratch is deep it’s impossible to hide it 100%. It stands out in spite of all your tricks.

Probably the best way to hide a scratch. These are large magnetic panels on the fridge. This will allow you to cover up minor surface imperfections such as scratches, scuffs, or small dents on your fridge.

Magnetic panels on the refrigerator door in the interior

The magnetic panel is very thin, it can be easily placed on the edges and emblems of the refrigerator, smoothing out the protrusions.

You will need: 1. Sandpaper. 2. Gasoline. 3. Acrylic or enamel paint. 4. Putty. 5. A marker or concealer. To remove scratches from your refrigerator, you’ll need to do some preparatory work. Sand the damaged area with sandpaper.

Then, carefully clean the refrigerator with gasoline and putty. Allow the surface to dry completely. Then, sand the refrigerator again with sandpaper. After that, apply paint, with a small brush. In addition to ordinary enamel, you can also use acrylic paint. It dries faster and is odorless, but the disadvantage is that acrylic does not adhere to the surface as well as enamel. This is the first way to paint over a scratch on your refrigerator.

There is another option. You won’t need such drastic measures for small scratches, in which case, it’s better to use a special, masking marker, which has applications for eliminating scratches on cars. Read the prescribed instructions before using. Give the marker a good shake and scribble over the scratches. Car concealer is not cheap, so in order to save money, buy it when there are a lot of scratches.

Alternative to the marker. Paint over the scratches with French manicure polish. After buying nail polish, carefully run a brush along the scratch. Make a thin stripe first, because if too much nail polish is applied, an unsightly bulge will form and the appeal of the refrigerator will be lost. It is better to wait until the first coat dries and then, if necessary, apply another thin strip.

How to remove scratches on your refrigerator if you don’t have special scratch removers? In that case, use a regular text corrector. It can cover up minor damage to the surface of your refrigerator. However, it is necessary to take into account that the corrector is not durable and the painted surface can be erased in case of thorough cleaning. Gently wash the scratched areas or occasionally paint over the scratched areas.

If you don’t feel like painting over the scratches, there is a bold solution that doesn’t take time: glue a magnet to the fridge. Some ingenious people scratch a pattern on your refrigerator and claim it is a new design. So, it’s up to you to decide which method is acceptable for your refrigerator.

How to paint over a scratch on your fridge using enamel paint or a car marker? How to remove scratches on the refrigerator, if you do not have money for expensive repairs?Is there an economical way to paint over a scratch on your refrigerator?

You can use white polish for a French manicure. Apply it in a thin layer Caulk the scratch with text corrector. However, in that case, from time to time, touch up the surface.

If the fridge is washed unsuccessfully with the metallic sponge or scratched while moving it, then there are scratches on its surface Consider how to remove the scratches on the fridge or appliances of other colors using improvised means.

remove, scratches, steel, refrigerator
  • Take an old toothbrush (the bristles should be soft) and apply the toothpaste;
  • Using careful strokes along the texture of the surface material, apply the cleaner to the scratch and wait a few minutes to allow it to dry slightly;

spread a small amount of toothpaste on the plastic, about the size of a pea, then polish the plastic in a circular motion with the cotton pad. Moisten another cotton pad with water and rinse off the paste. polishing is complete!

The easiest steps

When special tools are not available, you can use a common proofreader, which corrects errors in typewritten text. This can be used to cover up small scratches. However, it is worth bearing in mind that in the process of thorough cleaning, you will need to be quite careful to wash the painted areas in this way. Although it is not at all difficult to update them regularly.

Well, in case you do not want to bother with the paint, you can just hang a magnet that hides the defect. This is the most affordable option. Souvenir magnets perfectly conceal the dents received during transportation of the refrigerator.

Modern refrigerators are made of inexpensive carbon steel with a polymer or paint coating. Therefore, various scratches are possible when transporting them.

  • – sandpaper;
  • – gasoline;
  • – putty;
  • – Enamel or acrylic paint;
  • – white nail polish;
  • – marker or corrector;
  • – decorative magnet.

how to remove stainless steel scratches

Minor damage can be perfectly disguised with a scratch marker

on cars. Shake it thoroughly before using it and sketch the defects. Since it’s not exactly cheap, buy it if there are a significant amount of scratches.

A cheaper option is to sketch out the scratches

French nail polish. Buy

If the fridge is washed unsuccessfully with the metallic sponge or scratched while moving it the scratches appear on its surface Consider how to clean the gray refrigerator or household appliances of other colors with improvised means.

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