How to remove the filter from a Dyson vacuum cleaner

Can you clean your floors with a vacuum cleaner? A special attachment for Dyson vacuum cleaners will help with wet cleaning

The unit is equipped with a dust container which must be emptied every three mopping cycles, even if it is not yet full. If after a single use of the device a lot of dust has accumulated in the dust canister, be sure to shake it out.

Wired and wireless models are equipped with two pre-filters and a final cleaning: the first product must be washed at least once or twice a month.

Fine filters, depending on the material it is made of, can be:

  • Reusable. made of fluoroplastic fibers with an activated carbon filler. These devices can be washed as they become dusty.
  • Disposable. made of paper, fiberglass with antimicrobial impregnation. Do not blow air or put the filter in water to remove dirt. the product will become deformed and lose its performance. If dust accumulates in the appliance, replace it with a new one.

IMPORTANT! Dismantle the device and remove dust from its internal surfaces at least once every six months. If you use the cleaner often, every three months do this.

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How to increase the level of efficiency of a household appliance

The device will work effectively if it is chosen according to the conditions of use. Dyson makes two types of devices:

Wireless vacuum cleaners can be selected for cleaning households of any size. A set of accessories allows you to vacuum any type of coating:

This device is suitable for owners of pets, especially long-haired ones. The quality of purification of the air that enters the cyclone makes it possible for people suffering from allergies to lead a normal life.

Compact size makes it easy to use in your car.

Cylindrical ones are not suitable for delicate surfaces, and are inconvenient for vacuuming cars.

How to wash your Dyson DC39 cylinder vacuum’s filter

To keep your household appliance efficient, there are a number of rules you must follow:

  • Choose the right vacuum cleaner from the range offered by Dyson, taking into account all the tasks to be performed by the device.
  • Use the recommended nozzles for cleaning surfaces.
  • If there is a system for switching the suction power, adjust it according to the type of cleaning to be performed.
  • If you want clean air for a child or a person with allergies, Hepa filters are more effective at low suction power.
  • Do not allow moisture to get inside the unit. Thoroughly dry all washable parts.
  • Do not place household appliances near an open fire or a heating device.
  • To be safe, you shouldn’t use a vacuum cleaner to clean wet surfaces.

Unique “Apple-like” design

What can I say. Dyson has a style all its own. When you walk through a household electronics store, this brand’s vacuum cleaners are always a sight to behold. They look among usual vacuum cleaners as a spaceship in a medieval port. Very cool. the turbines, the metal, the shine. It’s common to see these appliances disassembled so you get the impression you’re looking at a bitty stump of something bigger. But this particular vacuum cleaner is very cool even without the tube, making it look like a scooter from Star Wars.

When the V8 hangs in its base on the wall, the resemblance to a spaceship only intensifies. Who would have thought that such a mundane unit as a vacuum cleaner looks like a rocket on a launch pad?

No element of the Dyson V8 stands out. The design and appearance are concise. The harmony of technology and design, in a word. It seems that the company engineers have a connection with the developers from Cupertino. In my apartment, in which the iPad and iPhone were the basis of style. Dyson V8 looks great. I can’t imagine anything cooler.

Perfect match for Apple appliances. With any modern appliance.

Repair of Dyson vacuum cleaners at home

Before you disassemble a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you need to find out if self-repair is possible. The fact that the most common problems of vacuum cleaners (loss of power, extraneous noise) you can fix yourself by cleaning the filter and dust canister, checking the hose and brushes. In all other cases, manual checks and repairs are not recommended, because you can damage the “insides”.

Before opening a Dyson vacuum cleaner, it is worth studying the manual. It will help to understand the nuances of a particular model, for example, how to remove the filter from a wireless device or how to take out the dust collector from the vertical appliance.

Dyson can be removed and reassembled in a few steps:

  • Unplug the machine.
  • Check the nozzle and hose if necessary. If there are jammed items inside, use a long ruler or wire to pull them out. Things can be blown out of the hose or cleaned with a water jet. You can tell a problem by a knocking sound during cleaning, loss of power, or overheating of the motor.
  • Then open the dust canister compartment. This is usually done by pressing the snap button on the cover. The container is taken out, shaken out or washed, then thoroughly dried.
  • Filter is usually located near the dust canister. It can be removed, following the diagram in the manual, and replaced or flushed.
  • Every few months, you need to remove the back cover to wipe the accumulated dirt from the technique inside. To do this, you need to unscrew the bolts, remove the lid and fabric gasket.
  • It is also occasionally necessary to disassemble and clean the nozzles, in which the dirt remains from the inside.

What tools do you need for that

No tools are required to disassemble the appliance at home. All parts that can be removed are fastened so that the user can open them and pull them out, clean them and put them back in. Manual disassembly of the motor is not recommended.

How to improve the efficiency of the unit?

During the use of the vacuum cleaner strictly follow the rules of operation of the device, specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.

If your unit is not equipped with a dynamic load sensor system that automatically adjusts the motor speed, set the power mode to the right one to clean different types of surfaces (smooth floors, carpets, palats).

How to increase the level of efficiency of the unit?

When using a vacuum cleaner, strictly follow the rules of operation of the device, specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.

If your device is not equipped with a system of dynamic load sensors, which automatically corrects the speed of the motor, for cleaning different types of surfaces (smooth floors, carpets, carpeting) set the required power mode.

How to wash a Dyson vacuum cleaner |

After several years of use Dyson vacuum cleaner, even when following the instructions, the suction power of the device decreases. Can I wash my Dyson vacuum cleaner?? The fact that the top cup, including the aerodynamic cone system, the manufacturer forbids to open during the warranty period. That’s where the cone can get clogged, the gasket or rubber seal can collapse. Even in the service centers cautiously refer to the disassembly of this unit, explaining its unrepaired. Visually see compacted dust in the labyrinths, reducing hydrodynamics. No one forbids to wash a bowl, a container with a fine filter. It is important that there is no moisture left in the assembly, which will lock the motor winding and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

On how and why it may be necessary to wash Dyson vacuum cleaner, you can watch video. Slowly and visually the author took apart the cyclone block to the screws, showed the problems after 4 years of operation of a domestic cyclone vacuum cleaner.

How to wash your Dyson vacuum cleaner without violating the manufacturer’s requirements? Use cool running water without detergents to wash. Surfaces should be as dry as possible beforehand. Any operations on the unit are performed after the battery capacity has been used up or the unit has been disconnected from the mains supply. Of course, from time to time it is necessary to wash with running water the collection bowl, the vacuum canister that holds the HEPA filter cup, and the filters themselves. With the top lid open and the drainage hatch, it is easy to do. Transparent structures are cleaned to shine with a pressurized water jet.

Washing the tubes, you must remember, even a wet spray, getting into the motor, will cause costly repairs. Can Dyson vacuum cleaner be washed under water, with immersion? Such a method will lead to short circuit of not dried up contacts, mud in cyclones, mucked up holes and nipples of small cyclones.

To wash the cylindrical HEPA filter installed in the center of the cyclone in your Dyson vacuum cleaner, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. After repeated washing of the soft seamless fiber, it is dried as an ordinary cloth, spread out for two days. Dyson vacuum cleaner motor filter is more difficult to remove. It is installed under the canister or in a ball, you need a tool to disassemble. The solid rubber framed plate is rinsed with compressed water and shaken vigorously. Dry the plate also 48 hours.

During the water treatment it is necessary to pay attention to the integrity of rubber seals, plastic cone and cup. If necessary, replace defective components.

The outside of the structure is cleaned with an anti-static cloth to remove static charges that interfere with the removal of electrified dust and hair. You do not need to wash the body with water to prevent droplets from getting inside. Wipe the corrugated hose with a damp cloth and make sure that the drainage chambers are clean, or remove the contents with a small spatula and brush.

After all water and alcohol procedures disassembled vacuum cleaner leave for airing, collect it and run it in 48 hours. Clean nozzles and brushes dry using a toothbrush and a flat, stiff brush, a knife or scissors, a textile tourniquet.

How to disassemble and reassemble the machine

Before you open your Dyson vacuum cleaner, it is worth studying the manual. It will help you understand the nuances of a particular model, such as how to remove the filter from a cordless unit or how to remove the dust canister from an upright.

Filter Cleaning. Dyson Cyclone V10.

Dyson can be dismantled and reassembled in a few steps:

remove, filter, dyson, vacuum, cleaner
  • Unplug the unit.
  • If necessary, check the nozzle and hose. If items are stuck inside, pull them out with a long ruler or wire. Things can be blown out of the hose or cleaned with a water jet. You can tell about the problem by the knocking sound during cleaning, loss of power or overheating of the motor.
  • The dust canister compartment is opened next. This is usually accomplished by depressing the locking button on the cover. The container is taken out, shaken out or washed, then dried thoroughly.
  • The filter is usually located near the dust collector. It can be removed according to the diagram in the manual and replaced or washed.
  • Every few months you should remove the back cover to wipe off accumulated dirt inside the appliance. To do this, you need to unscrew the screws, remove the cover and fabric gasket.
  • Also occasionally it is necessary to disassemble and clean the nozzles, in which the dirt remains from the inside.
remove, filter, dyson, vacuum, cleaner

What tools are needed for this

To disassemble the appliances at home, no additional tools are needed. All parts that can be removed are fastened so that the user can open them and pull them out, clean them and put them back in. But it is not recommended to disassemble the motor by hand.

Note! If the part is screwed down, it was not intended to be removed at home.

How to clean Dyson vacuum cleaner

In most cases, disassembly is carried out for cleaning. When the air flow at high speed, the dust begins to electrify, it covers the inner surface. Dyson vacuum cleaner can be cleaned according to the following sequence:

  • The appliance can be disassembled. In most cases, it is sufficient to open the container in which the filter is located.
  • Inlet tubes can be flushed. A large amount of dust accumulates on the inner surface with prolonged use.
  • Every few months it is recommended to remove the back cover, for which you need to unscrew a few screws. A cloth gasket is installed to protect the motor. It must be fitted with a high degree of watertightness.
  • The unit is reassembled to its original form.

Cleaning must not be carried out with aggressive detergents as they can alter the properties of the material used. The instruction manual states that acid-based and alkaline products can damage the structure.

The effectiveness of the device can be improved by cleaning the nozzles from hair and wool that accumulate over a long period. Recommendations for carrying out the work are as follows:

  • The nozzles are disconnected from the appliance. Fixation can be carried out using different methods.
  • Tubes are difficult to clean because they are not disassembled and have a long length. A special product is required for this purpose.
  • The cover of the brush is removed. This work must be done carefully, because otherwise you can damage the construction.
  • Remove dust and other dirt with a special cloth.
  • Coarse hair and fur can be removed with tweezers.
  • Brushes and other elements are put back in place.

If the suction power is lost, the dust collector should be cleaned. It is forbidden to wash the cloth bag in water, because the mechanical action can cause damage to the material. Before carrying out the work, it is advisable to read the operating instructions, which contain the following basic recommendations.

remove, filter, dyson, vacuum, cleaner

Filter Cleaning

A modern vacuum cleaner has multiple filters, making it more efficient at separating dirt from the air flow. Prolonged use of the unit causes the filter elements to become clogged with debris. Dyson vacuum cleaner cleaning procedures are as follows:

  • The unit should not be plugged in.
  • The filter is often housed in a separate compartment, so there is no difficulty gaining access.
  • The filter element itself indicates how often it can be washed.
  • Canisters are rinsed under the water jet. Dirt is removed by hand or soft rag. Remove dirt from the rubber dustpanel with care, as strong mechanical action will damage the material’s integrity.
  • The filter element is cleaned by rinsing it. The use of hot water and detergents is not recommended, as they can change the properties of the material.
  • Allow to air dry in room temperature conditions. Do not install a wet filter.
  • Install the element in its place.

The filter must be clean at the time of cleaning. Too much blockage can result in loss of air flow, adversely affecting the engine.

Cleaning the canisters

Despite the high tightness of the device, dust and dirt can accumulate inside the housing over time. Clean the vacuum cleaner as follows:

Clean the surface with water or soapy water. Allow unit to dry before reassembling directly. Handle with care, t.к. Moisture inside the engine compartment can cause short circuits and some other problems.

Clean the housing and handle

It is not recommended to wash the device under water, as too much moisture can cause oxide deposits on the contacts. Recommendations for cleaning the blender body and handle are as follows

  • The use of a soft rag is recommended. Even light abrasion can cause scratches on the soft-plastic surface.
  • Soap solution is required to increase the effectiveness of the procedure.
  • A generous amount of wetting of the cloth is not recommended.

Clean the handle and housing as needed. When checking the condition of the appliance, pay attention to how dirty the socket is. It should also be cleaned of dust in a timely fashion. Fouling of conductive elements may cause increased resistance and heating.

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