How to remove the mixer from the stand

Mixer Repair

Mixers relieved us from the tedious and difficult work of mixing the ingredients of various dishes. Their whippers and beaters turn different products into perfect blends without any effort on our part. We don’t have to work long hours with a wooden spoon. Lightweight handheld models that you move inside some container or vessel, ideal for mixing small amounts.

There are three- and five-speed varieties. Some models have stands that fix them over a vessel, thus turning them into a table mixer. This attachment has a rotating base, which rotates the vessel under the stationary mixer whisk.

Inexpensive mixers with plastic bowl

In this category you can choose a budget mixer with a plastic bowl. This material is lightweight, convenient, and the devices themselves, despite their small price, have all the necessary functions.

Moulinex HM 4121, white

In third place. a mixer with a fairly capacious bowl of 2.5 liters. It rotates while stirring, which is the main advantage of the device. As a result, any mixture is homogeneous, lumps are completely eliminated. With a power output of 450 W, this should be sufficient for normal household use.

The device supports five speeds. The first speed is suitable for working with dense dough, the maximum speed is designed for whipping. It produces a homogeneous foam. Whites can be whipped in this way, for example. There is a “turbo” mode, which can be used if the ingredients are hard or dense. It comes with four attachments, including dough hooks and whisk attachments. The mixer can be used without a stand. After cooking, the bowl is easy to clean, dishwasher safe.

Philips HR3745/00, light gray

This stationary kitchen mixer, which took second place, is similar to the previous model in many ways. The first difference is the larger bowl volume. It has a capacity of 3 liters. The device is well suited for baking, t.к. Kneads the dough well and makes it very fluffy. The conical nozzle helps achieve an airy and gentle consistency. The ingredients are oxygenated during the whipping process. And the blending is very fast. The motor power of 450 W is well suited for stirring different types of dough. When using the mixer bowl rotates, so you get a homogeneous mass without lumps.

The device has 5 speeds. The turbo mode allows whipping at maximum power for a short period of time. Attachments can be easily attached and detached by means of a special button. Thanks to this you will not get dirty with the device and your hands.

  • rotating bowl;
  • ease of use;
  • Separates from the stand;
  • efficient;
  • whips quickly;
  • compact.

Bosch MFQ 36460, white/anthracite

In first place is a model from a well-known manufacturer of home appliances. Bosch is known for producing quality products at an affordable price. The material for this mixer was made of durable plastic. Bowl capacity is 3 liters., To allow for simultaneous mixing of many ingredients. The rotation of the bowl ensures that all the contents are evenly whipped. The nozzles are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. It comes with four of them. Whisk attachment for whipping cream, egg whites and creams. The result is an airy, light mass. Dough hooks are suitable if the ingredients are heavy, dense.

The device is included in the rating of mixers as one of the best due to the precise speed control. There are five of them in total. You can achieve the perfect consistency for each dish. There is a “turbo” mode for intensive beating and kneading. After use, the nozzles can be removed with a special button. They are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

MOULINEX Power Mix HM612110 instruction manual online. page 10

The MOULINEX Power Mix HM612110 manual for the blender contains pages in Russian.

you can download a pdf file of this manual: Download PDF

the holder. You will hear a click when it clicks into place


the speed levels and the Turbo mode button. Always start mixing or whisking on speed 1, and only then switch to speed 2, 3, 4 or 5

it is advised to use only speed 5.

How to Fix a KitchenAid Mixer That Isn’t Spinning

the Turbo mode button (a2).But it is recommended to use this mode only for a short time (max 30 seconds for thick dough).

the speed control switch (a2) to the “0” position.

button (i) to unlock and lift the holder. Then press the mixer unlock button (j) to unlock the mixer from the stand.


remove, mixer, stand

The speed control switch (a2) is set to “0” and the nozzles are set to “0”

the mixer’s settings are retracted when the mixer is switched on and the whisking or kneading tools are removed from the mixer.

turn the blender shaft (l or m) counterclockwise without excessive force until you hear a click.

before switching on the blender to avoid splashing.

Speed control (a2) Set speed 1 first, then you can switch to speeds 2, 3, 4, 5. If the recipe calls for a higher intensity, use the Turbo mode button (a2).

the blender shaft out of the mix (to prevent splashing).

If the shaft is screwed in tightly, it must be skewed.Remove the shaft completely, align it and screw it back in.

Removing the blender shaft: Stop the appliance by moving the

speed control switch to the “0” position, unplug the appliance and disconnect the blender shaft (l or m) by turning clockwise.

Do not use the blender shaft: in a pot standing on the stove. the blender shaft (to prevent splashing) or to chop raw meat or dried fruit and

Which blender or blender to choose??

The main difference between these machines is the different functions:

  • The purpose of the blender is to chop the product with the blades, and the purpose of the mixer is to whip with the whisk, as well as to knead dough with the hook. The mixer can’t make cream soups, baby food, smoothies and shakes, chop nuts, and the blender can’t turn cream into foam or knead yeast dough.

But since an immersion blender always has an additional attachment in the form of a whisk and sometimes even a hook for kneading dough, the question arises. can the blender replace the mixer? Yes, but only partly.

  • The thing is that the blender is comparable in its capabilities only with a hand mixer, but not with a stationary one. After all, only a stationary device can quickly and efficiently knead thick and dense dough, say, for pies and dumplings. Neither a blender, nor a hand mixer can cope with this task.

But with such non-trivial tasks as beating eggs or pancake batter, the blender copes almost as well as a hand blender (but the blender is still more efficient and comfortable for prolonged work). If you like the idea of 3-in-1 devices, we advise you to choose either an immersion blender with 500 watts or more with a hook included, or as powerful a blender-blender as possible, which looks like a mixer, but has a chopper attachment. Learn other nuances of blender selection in our step-by-step guide (see material: Guide to selecting a blender of immersion and stationary type). And this video will not only help you understand the difference between the two similar devices, but also help you choose a mixer for the kitchen.

Main malfunctions

First, let’s look at when you need to resort to disassembly and repair of the mixer. Frequently occurring malfunctions of mixers Braun (Brown), Scarlett, Bosch, Ross and others household appliance service experts include the following.

  • Breakage of power supply cord inside. This defect can occur due to poor quality insulation. frequent kinks when winding the cable for laying in the box lead to a breach of the inner insulation and short circuit the individual strands with each other.
  • Problems with the start button. a frequent problem of Brown mixers. If it jams, you need to dismantle it and fix the problem, in case of a serious breakdown. install a new button.
  • The electric motor: there are many variants, the simplest one is that the malfunction can be due to the brushes, which are worn out and lost contact with the rotor. One or more speeds do not work: the main reason may be in the failure of the switch. its contacts from frequent use can be burned or oxidized. Repair is simple enough. remove the regulator and inspect the contacts, if necessary clean them, and if the wear is complete, replace them.
  • Extraneous noise. there are only two possibilities: bearings and no grease in the gearbox. Check the bearing rotation, if there is ringing, they need to be lubricated, and the backlash appeared. only replacement. In the gearbox, due to the effects of kinetic energy, grease may accumulate on the worm gear ends. Carefully distribute it between the gears with the tip of a screwdriver and make a few revolutions. the strange sound will disappear.

Knowing the typical failures of a manual or planetary mixer, you are free to repair the product yourself. it does not need any special tools. The main thing here. it is caution, patience and basic knowledge of the design of the product.


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Leran SMB 0557 SB Stand Mixer. Review

Hello! Today will be a review of the electric mixer LERAN SMB 0557 SB. Exactly one year ago I was given this equipment for my birthday. My joy was boundless, because I love the oven. I wanted a new mixer for a long time and this one also has a stand. That is, expanding the circle of recipes. I took a bunch of pictures to write a review about it. But I never got around to writing it down. For a year I couldn’t get enough of it. It whipped my liquid dough, creams, mashed potatoes, homemade mayonnaise and even marshmallow, which is exactly the kind of recipe you need a stand that holds the mixer. But not everything lasts forever. I will not write about the technical specifications, because today I’m not writing a review, but a warning.

Here’s what happened after almost a year of using this mixer. Once again I needed it for work. I put a bowl of product on the stand and started the machine. It does not work. I turned the mixer off and picked it up, that’s when the ring that powers it fell off the bowl. It burst. For New Year and Christmas, I had to make some adjustments to my baking. After the holidays I went to the store. It takes quite a bit of work. First there was no return manager. Called me a day later and invited me to change the machine. Came in, waited a long time, exchanged, checked the mixer itself, I got into the box with the goods did not give me, it seems all is well. I came home, I put the equipment in its place. “and what do you think?!”And there’s a huge crack in the ring! I mean, the bowl on the rack won’t turn. The next morning I went back to them. We looked at it, we changed it. Now I myself have looked at the bowl. A couple of days later I decided to bake profiteroles. It was time to put the eggs in the dough and. The bowl won’t turn! I decided to take the mixer off the stand, but it was jammed, it is not removable. I somehow calmed down and continued cooking. The profiteroles came out. But my nerves! Tomorrow I will go back to the store and I don’t know how this story will end.

“Friends, can anyone. you use a mixer like this and you’re lucky, but my story says a lot. I wouldn’t recommend this mixer to anyone!

Stationary mixer Scarlett SC 1040. review

Read the neighboring reviews of this product. They’re not complimentary. But I have a completely “different relationship” with this mixer. That’s what I want to write about.

remove, mixer, stand

Maybe it’s because my mixer doesn’t run for longer than 10 minutes at a time, somehow I didn’t need to.

There is a pin to attach the mixer to the stand. I’ve looked at many other models of mixers, and all were attached by snaps (this too has them). I don’t know what the latches are like on other models, but mine were terrible. Fix it hard, but it is possible. But to unbuckle! It’s unrealistic. The first time it unhooked was a miracle. The second time my husband disassembled the “machine”. The third time he sawed off the latches, because, to paraphrase Fagot, they were a ton of damage and no good. The latches and the pin can be seen in photos 2 and 3. So here it is. pin. it’s cool! It does a great job of holding the mixer, and not letting it “slip” off the stand. That’s all you need from it.

Bowl rotates. In a neighboring post wrote that the bowl does not rotate. I have one that rotates. It is true, due to the fact that the nozzles are not in the center of the bowl and on the edge, so that the rotation comes from the rotation of the nozzles (bowl rotates after the nozzles, as they report it a torque, but it rotates slower because it has a friction on the stand).

Hands free. Well, that’s understandable, due to the presence of the stand.

Yes, I agree. the plastic is cheap, both on the stand and on the mixer. But on the other hand, the price is low, which means that. It’s okay if something happens (you drop it, etc.).п.). To buy a mixer for 10,000 and have to shake on it. even more uncomfortable.

A huge plus for me. You can take the mixer off the stand and put it on again. Maybe for some people it doesn’t matter. Me. need. Not all models have this feature. It often happens that if the mixer is on a stand, to remove it you have to disassemble (remove the nozzles), and one move does not remove it.

After work, you may need to lift the nozzles and hold the mixer over the bowl for the dough to drain from the nozzles. The stand allows you to do this, standing on the stand the mixer is safely held at an angle of 45 degrees.

In general, the mixer is very common, I will not say that it is some kind of special. But it works great. What else you need from the device?

In the kit includes nozzles for the dough (hooks), well, and the usual nozzles “for mixing everything”. When attached to the mixer the nozzles do not reach the bottom of the bowl by about 3 mm. This is good, because it kneads everything you need, there is no “resting zone” on the bottom.

As I said, longer than 10 minutes in a row mixer I have not worked. I find that during this time it warms up. But not by much. Within normal limits.

As for bouncing on the table. Not in my case. That is, at speed 5, or in “turbo” mode, the design vibrates, and “crawls,” but to jump, or shift considerable distances. That didn’t happen. Quietly leave the mixer running for 5-7 minutes, leave the kitchen when I come back. everything is fine.

Button to eject nozzles work properly.

Been using it for about six months, didn’t get in the way of much steep dough. The consistency is usually from “liquid” to “thick” sour cream. No problem, it’s in the way.

I advise this mixer to everyone who needs an inexpensive option without “frills”.

If you liked my review, please click “YES” just below. I would be very grateful for it!

KitFort KT-1308 mixer after a year of use

It has been 1 year My wife came and told me the mixer was buzzing and barely spins. Started the disassembly process again, which was easier this time because I didn’t screw the two hard to reach top lid self-tapping screws back in.

I will tell you what happened this time. The motor axle, as it turns out, does not spin in a rolling friction bearing (ball bearing), but in a friction bearing. In simple terms. the manufacturer of the motor (China) put a metal sleeve in which the shaft rotates and that’s it. In the photo you can see the blue color. where the motor shaft overheated.

The KitFort KT-1308 mixer engine model is called 7630M23, power 600 W. can be found on sale. Comes as a motor for a blender Saturn ST-FP.

remove, mixer, stand

With time the bushing ate and the motor shaft bite from misalignment.

Picture of the bushing from the opposite side. I can see the wear and tear.

I found nothing better than to flip the bushing the other way and put some graphite grease on it. Next time I’ll have to look for a normal bearing.

And now a puzzle for me: how to re-install the pinion correctly?

Tell me in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, what’s better. So far stands option 2. let’s see how it will work.

Just look at the video on this beauty in comparison with his big brother KitFort KT-1324.

The KitFort KT-1308 mixer leaves a very pleasant impression. It is well assembled, nothing squeaks. I’m happy for our appliance designers, who have learned to design with integrity. Now it remains to tighten the quality of components and you will get a sweet deal for a fair price.

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