How to repair the oven in an electric stove

The oven in an electric stove is not working

Housewives who regularly bake something, will be unpleasant to find that the unit turns on or does not heat. Causes of the problem can be very diverse, so if the oven does not work in an electric stove, to try to fix it with your own hands is not recommended.

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Cooking in the oven is one of the best ways to cook food. Baking it in the oven is healthier than boiling it, much less frying it in a pan. The hostess, caring about health of the family, it is impossible to manage without an oven.

Oven in an electric stove, unfortunately, too, can fail, as any other electrical household appliance.

And as in the case with the breakdown of any other electrical appliance, you need to contact a reliable repair service.

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Incorrect operation of the electronic control

If the “electrical part” is okay, then the cause of the malfunction may lie in the electronics. A faulty control unit explains the arbitrary “behavior” of the stove. It turns on and off without a command, the indicators are flashing, the sensors do not respond to touch. Only a qualified technician can “bring to sense” the electronic stuffing and figure out the causes of failure. If an unprepared person tries to do the repair, the consequences will be sad for other expensive components. Usually the module is reflashed or replaced.

Replacing a light bulb in the oven

If the regulator does not respond, it needs to be replaced. This is done by unscrewing the back panel of the stove, the mechanism is replaced. In order not to get confused in the placement of knobs and wires on the stove, you should sketch a diagram (or better. take a photo).

In some cases, you can fix the stove by replacing the fan. But not always a fan that has stopped working is a strict need for a new one, sometimes it’s enough to wipe its components with oil to prevent them from rubbing against each other.

The bulb in the oven is designed to last a long time. But if it burns out, it needs to be replaced. Be sure to keep the paper manual for the electric stove, because there is information about the size of the base of the bulb and its power.

To replace a light bulb you need to:

  • Disconnect technique from power supply;
  • Remove the protective cap;
  • Replace the bulb according to the recommendations in the individual manual (the replacement algorithm may vary from model to model).

When buying a new bulb, the main criterion will be its high-temperature resistance. Almost always the guideline is 300 degrees. If the bulb with a weaker rating, it will quickly break.

Do-it-yourself repairs are only worthwhile if the failure is not too serious. To assess the extent of damage, it is worth to understand what can be a breakdown of the oven in the electric stove and what each of them means.

No power

In this case, the indicators do not light up, the oven does not respond to switches, and the entire stove, including burners, does not turn on. In this case, check from the socket. If it is faulty. check the power cord. Then proceed to the inspection of the stove.

Lockout is on

Modern models of electric stoves are equipped with a lockout for safety reasons. If the user has set a timer or forgotten to perform the self-cleaning procedure, the oven stops working automatically.

Internal wiring damage

Wiring problems can be not only with the entire stove, but also inside the oven. In such a situation requires an experienced craftsman, as without knowledge of the power supply circuit hob can not do.

Top Reasons Oven Won’t Turn On — Electric Oven Troubleshooting

repair, oven, electric, stove

The thermal protection system has been triggered

The oven, as well as the entire stove, turns off when the set temperature is exceeded. In this case the circuit is broken electronically or mechanically. Overheating can be caused by anything from cooling fan failure to a faulty temperature controller.

Faulty heating element

Blown heating elements, top or bottom, are among the most popular oven faults. In this case, it still operates, but the heat is much lower and the food cooks unevenly. Visually inspect the heating element.

Important! No cracks, blistering or dark spots on the heating element. When switched on, it heats up to red evenly.

The switch is broken

Faulty mode switch is another common cause of malfunction. The contact springs hold very loosely over time and can be burned by the temperature. It is sufficient to replace the switch.


A faulty thermostat is sending faulty temperature readings to the oven’s main control module. Because of this, the technique perceives overheating in the absence of such and block a poorly heated oven. It is not uncommon for periods of high heat to be interspersed with periods of low heat.

Fan problems

Failure of the fan also causes the oven to block to avoid overheating and a fire hazard.

Important! often than not, when the fan breaks down, a special error code appears on the oven screen.

Mechanical damage

A door that is not properly closed, cracked or does not fit properly when it is closed causes the entire oven to lock. Even minor deformations and damage due to mechanical influences must be repaired.

repair, oven, electric, stove

Control module failure

Modern ovens rely completely on electronics for their operation. Faults and malfunctions in the brain of the appliance lead to complete lockout or spontaneous start-up of the oven. Repair of electronic components is complicated and requires a professional approach.

De Luxe 5040.38г

So, we continue our detailed review of gas stoves and the next model is De Luxe 5040.38г. The body of the device has a black color, which gives a special elegance to its appearance.

The cooking surface is covered with black enamel and is equipped with 4 burners of different performance:

Such burner power will be enough for most traditional cooking. The pan stand is steel, so over time it can deform. Although enamel protects against corrosion and damage, but the disadvantage of the surface is the difficulty to clean

So before buying the stove I recommend to have a good cleaner.

., Therefore, it will be enough for a small family or a single person. And it can not boast of functionality: there is only the bottom heat. For baking, of course, is enough, but you can not cook gourmet dishes. I was pleased with the presence of gas control and a thermometer for the oven. Which is very convenient and practical. It is also worth noting that the oven door is removable. It will allow you to clean it and the chamber itself better if necessary.There is a utility compartment for storing utensils. Although the way of opening it is not very convenient.

The stove under consideration has the following advantages:

Among the disadvantages I would like to note only the lack of grate for the oven in the kit.

The design and construction of the stove

Usually all electric stoves have an identical structure. The differences lie only in the private details of one or another node:

  • Cooking surface. This is the upper part of the device with burners. Cooking takes place on it. It can be made in the form of separate burners of cast iron or metal heating tens. It can also have a glass ceramic coating (how to repair stoves made of glass ceramic?).
  • Control panel. It has the main temperature control knobs for each burner and separately for the hob.
  • Oven control box. often than not, it’s a stand-alone programmable unit.
  • Oven. A large part of the oven that can reach up to 300 degrees Celsius. The oven can be optionally equipped with an external heating fan (grill) and a fan to create convection.
  • Lower open shelf. Used to store trays, racks, and other small kitchen utensils. Also serves as an air barrier that protects the floor of the room from excessive heat.
  • Metal walls. Rear and side steel plates that cover the insides of the electric stove from moisture, dirt and other debris.

There are many power wires inside the electric stove that fit both the burners and the oven. It is important not to mix them up during the repair, and connect them in their places when the work is finished.

External Reasons

Given that most modern ovens are powered by electricity, the most common reason for not turning the device on is a trivial power outage. To solve the problem it is recommended to check the electricity supply in the house. If voltage is present, it is worth checking the functionality of the socket to which the device is connected. It is also important to check the functionality of the cable. If at this stage no problems are detected, you should proceed to a more detailed study of the device.

Overheating of the appliance

The same electronics locks the hob in case of overheating. Check the operation of the cooling fan and the free passage of air through the ventilation openings. High-power stoves may forbid the use of the oven and the top burners at the same time. In this case, too, it triggers the overheat protection. Check also the temperature sensor. If it’s defective, the control module blocks the oven from switching on and indicates the malfunction with an error code.

We’ve figured out why the stove shuts down during use and how to spot most malfunctions. Home handymen can easily diagnose, identify breakage, clean and repair contacts. But for a comprehensive check and correction of all problems with the appliance, it is better to call the service center. Despite the complexity of the repair, it does not take more than a couple of hours. The electric stove will be ready to work safely again for months and years to come.

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