How to repair the piezo element on a gas stove

Requirements for an electric ignition stove

The main requirement for an appliance with electric ignition is to connect the device to a 220 volt electrical outlet.

For this purpose, the set includes a cord. a three-core cable with a section of not less than 1.5 mm, ending with a plug with grounding. Near the place of installation of the device mount a socket with an earthing circuit.

For added safety, a special safety disconnect device is installed on the common incoming panel, which blocks the network in case of current leakage.

Important. For the work it is better to invite a specialist electrician.

The gas stove ignition button does not work

Modern gas stoves are equipped with an automatic spark ignition function. Now to turn on the desired burner, no need to light any matches. just press the button.

This function not only facilitates the use of the stove, but also makes it safer. However, every mechanism has its own resource, which, once exhausted, it begins to fail.

The ignition button is not an exception, and it has to operate under the constant negative influence of external factors. water, splashing grease, high temperature, etc.п.

As a result, at first the burner does not light up the first time, and over time and stops working at all.

What to do if the gas stove ignition button is broken?

The easiest option is to try to fix the problem with your own hands. But to do this, you need to understand how the auto ignition mechanism works. And it consists of four main elements: the button itself, high-voltage unit, conductors and a candle.

In this case, the electric ignition is of two types:

  • automatic. when the piezo cells begin to work in constant mode when you turn the switch on the control panel (the spark flashes at a frequency of 50 Hz);
  • manual. when you press the special button on the control panel, the capacitor is charged, and when you release the arrester produces a single spark that ignites the blue fuel.

Electric ignition system works from AC 220 volts and is very sensitive to voltage fluctuations, which are quite often.

You can also highlight the main reasons why the auto ignition system does not work.

  • Lack of spark on the electrodes;
  • Contamination of the whole system or the plug with grease and/or water;
  • The presence of damage to the candle insulation;
  • Transformer failure (spark generation unit burned out);
  • Oxidation of the button contacts;
  • Fouling of the pins as a result of a short circuit.

Often interruptions occur after washing the cooking surface of the stove, when moisture gets on the starting system.

In this case, you just need to drain the contacts and spark plug itself to eliminate the problem. If cleaning and drying did not produce a result, you will have to disassemble the system for a more detailed diagnosis and further repair the button.

Find the cause of the problem

If the gas stove burns poorly or the burner does not light, you must first disconnect the equipment from the gas and electricity. Inspection and repair of the hob may only be performed after the gas supply has been shut off.

Basic safety precautions should not be neglected here.

Whether or not the smell of gas in the kitchen after the burner fades. it does not matter, any manipulations on the maintenance of gas equipment should be performed only with open windows and good natural ventilation of the room

Many modern gas stoves are equipped with electronics and automatic ignition systems, which require electrical power. Often inexperienced home craftsmen forget about this feature of this appliance when working with a gas hob. As a consequence. ignition of methane vapors from sparks. Therefore, it is recommended to unplug not only the stove itself, but also all electrical appliances in the kitchen before starting any repairs.

Problems with the burners of the gas stove arise from:

  • malfunction of the solenoid valve and/or thermocouple;
  • clogged with grease and soot nozzles;
  • Faulty ignition plugs;
  • long interruption in the service of gas equipment.

Owners of private homes and apartments, where there is a gas stove, must sign a contract for regular checks of the equipment in question with a specialized organization. Without such an agreement, the gas will not be supplied to the consumer.

And gas workers should come at least once a year, checking the performance of the stove and, if necessary, immediately repairing it. All other calls are charged separately.

If you have problems with the stove between regular inspections, you’ll either have to call a technician again or repair it yourself

In this case, if you self-repair burners and other devices hob will be damaged, then without a gas engineer faulty device can not be turned on. Even if the stove is more or less workable, then at the annual inspection a specialist of the gas company will identify the breakdown and immediately cut off the gas until the defects are corrected. And this is inevitable additional costs. Plus, you could also be fined.

To take up for repair of the gas stove with your own hands is recommended, only if you are sure that you will do everything right. There are no particular difficulties in these works, but it is possible to break something through negligence or ignorance.

  • Flame not bluish as it should be. not enough oxygen or too much gas to the nozzle.
  • The burner does not light. soot clogged spray holes or a defective thermocouple or spark plug.
  • Light goes out. gas supply is cut off because of faulty gas control or a problem with a gas pipe.

You can clean or replace a burner on a gas stove yourself. But if the problem area is the meter, the gas pipe (cylinder) or the external detector, it is better to refrain from self-dealing.

In such a situation you should ask for help from a gas engineer, who is responsible for the good working order of the gas distribution network and the gas pressure control system.

Special features for repair

You can repair the igniter device yourself, but before you must conduct a thorough inspection of the device. It is important first of all to establish the cause of the breakdown, the degree of difficulty. If the malfunction is simple, you can fix it yourself.

If the ignition function does not work properly, then the repair process for all models of household products is usually the same. At all gas stoves this function is arranged in a template.

It is advisable, before starting the repair process, to carefully study the device of the stove: you can find information on the Internet or study the enclosed instructions for use. If you know how the appliance works, it will help to perform a high-quality and proper repair.

Electric ignition repair depends on the type of breakdown. To understand how it is made, it is worth considering the types of breakdowns and their elimination:

    The burner should be lit with matches or a special lighter. Carefully examine the appearance of the flame: it must be even, bright, spread across the entire circumference of the flame spreader. If a yellow coloring is noted, it will indicate improper indicators of the gas to air ratio. To eliminate this problem, you need to clean the nozzle or replace it completely. The problem may be caused by clogged flame-spreader holes or moisture in them. It is also desirable to take preventive measures: blow all the holes, take out the burner housing and carefully examine it;

Diagram of a modern electrical ignition device

Many gas appliances, mainly comfort stoves, are equipped with a modern ignition circuit. This method is realized by means of various electric schemes, but the principle is the same in all of them. for ignition of gas it is necessary to have a voltage source.

The main elements of the modern mechanism:

  • Pressing the button or sinking and turning the knob on the panel.
  • Applying voltage to the capacitor, which begins to charge.
  • When the capacitor is fully charged, it delivers a current pulse to the thyristor.
  • Thyristor opens and the capacitor quickly discharges through the thyristor and transformer primary windings.
  • High voltage pulses are induced in the transformer.
  • Sparks occur in the spark plugs on the burners. The spark is used on the burner on which the gas supply is open.
  • The gas on the burner ignites.

The mechanical and automatic versions of the electric ignition are based on this scheme.

What to do if the piezo constantly clicks by itself

The sources of the malfunction must be found. Then follow the troubleshooting instructions written in this article. Refresh your memory with all your knowledge of this. It is important not to panic in any situation, to act strictly according to the rules, only then the outcome will be favorable.


Most damages can be repaired by yourself. they are not dangerous.

How to fix the problem at home

Here are the actions that can help remove a possible malfunction.

  • For example, when the cause is water, that is, because of the constant ingress of liquid on the stove, it is required to dry the appliance well. You should pull the plug out of the socket, turn off the device for a few days (two to three days is recommended). During this time the device should have had time to dry. If the snapping continues after this procedure, you will need to call a special technician, who will certainly be able to cope with the problem.


Never use the oven when drying, otherwise moisture will collect in huge quantities, let it evaporate naturally.

  • If the button is braking (with the spring) due to a buildup of grease and dirt, you must release the handle and use a brush to thoroughly clean and allow the stem to dry. It is not guaranteed that the clicking will happen by itself, as before. There is a variant when the button will not press all the way to the end because of the low seating.


Ремонт портативной газовой плиты. Замена пьезоэлемента. Portable gas stove repair.

For more productive cleaning use a soapy solution

Replace the unit if you use the machine for a long time. It is a natural phenomenon, so there is only one way to avoid sounds in this situation.

  • If only one burner doesn’t work, it’s because the wire is damaged, the fault lies in the channel of the whole unit.
  • If the burner is out of order, it should be replaced.
  • However, in the event of recurrent clicking it is worth using a lighter or matches.
  • Or call a professional technician, who will be able to diagnose the cause and repair your appliance.

The main thing is not to panic, but to act consistently.

Signs of trouble

Specialists on gas stoves on the basis of collected statistics have made an approximate list of common failures.

  • No ignition occurs if the burner control knob or a separate dedicated button is pressed.
  • Product automatics in the gas stove works constantly, you can hear clicks, but there is no spark. gas does not ignite.
  • The system does not turn off after the button or knob is released.
  • The unit continues to operate continuously, even when the button is not pressed.
  • Ground fault circuit breaker in the apartment switchboard blows on start-up.
  • Closed circuit of piezorozhiznichestvo or electric ignition of the stove.

The main ways of troubleshooting

Before you proceed to repair the equipment you should follow the elementary safety rules: disconnect the device from the power supply and cut off the propane.

Then it is recommended to perform the following actions:

  • eliminate moisture on and inside the device (water is a good conductor of electricity, so it is better not to leave it on the technique, but to wipe it dry with a rag);
  • разобрать аппарат и тщательно просушить кнопку;
  • при необходимости заменить поджиг на новый (если не уверены, что справитесь, вызовите мастера);
  • очистите внутренние детали конструкции от скопившейся пыли, грязи и жира;
  • попробуйте проверить, что дело в кнопке (достаточно включить следующую конфорку; если пламя не появилось, проблема в ней).
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