How to reset the timer on a gorenje oven

Set the desired time. Symbol.

Place the core temperature probe on the meat. Temperature can be set between 30° C and 99° C.

The temperature inside the meat is measured by the temperature probe.

Insert the probe plug into a suitable socket and push the probe probe into the dish.The socket for the core temperature sensor is located in the front upper corner of the left side of the oven. The socket is equipped with a metal plug, which must be removed beforehand, and after cooking is completed

Make sure that during cooking meat

of the heating element!We recommend using the temperature probe for cooking large cuts of meat, if possible without bones, because the bones

make it difficult to measure the temperature and may end up giving incorrect temperature values. We do not recommend cooking chicken or rabbit meat with the core temperature sensor.

Procedure:e Connect the sensor and stick it into the dish.

set to 80° C. Turn knob 1 to the “temperature” position, and turn knob 2 to the desired temperature

to change the desired temperature. If, for example. you have set the desired

temperature to 75°C and the actual temperature is 30°C, on the display

set the heating mode and the oven control knobs to the desired temperature.

inside the dish, which will continuously increase.

timer, gorenje, oven

e When the set temperature has been reached

stops working and a beeping sound is emitted, which is switched off by pushing the

turn off, it will come back on again.will elapse after the set time has elapsed (when the phase is switched off, it will turn back on again).The desired temperature of the dish will be reduced to the desired temperature). This will maintain the actual temperature of the dish,

e Remove the food probe from the dish and out of the socket. on

The current time of the day is displayed on the programmer display.

Using the temperature probe in combination with the time function (for more advanced users)

When using the probe, you can also set the cooking duration, the cooking end time, or the automatic mode in the same way as above. However, the following should be taken into account:

e If you use the set

will switch off after this time has elapsed, although it is possible that the actual cooking time will be different from the actual cooking time

the temperature inside the dish has not yet reached the set temperature. For this reason, set a slightly longer duration

Духовка gorenje BO75SY2B Как выставить время, блокировку.

Reaching the desired internal temperature

If you use the function for setting the cooking end time and for the automatic mode.

Prepare for operation, 1 setting, 18 cooking cabinet

The hob must only be connected by qualified personnel from a specialised organisation authorised to install and service gas appliances.

timer, gorenje, oven

The door can be opened by tilting it upward


The bottom of the slab has a cabinet. oven MUST be installed in a room with adequate ventilation, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MANUAL, INCLUDING THE SAFETY AND MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS APPLIED IN YOUR REGION!

In the bottom part of the hob there is a cupboard designed for storing the kitchen utensils

There are two versions of stoves: with a drawer and with a hinged door.

To open the door lift it upwards and tilt it towards you (fig.15).

Instructions for use for electric stove Gorenje EE 180, E 245, E 271, E 274, E 131, E 271, E 270

To avoid the danger of electric shock, the hob must only be connected to the electric mains by an authorised electrician or service technician.

If the appliance is repaired by a non-specialist, there is a danger of electric shock or short-circuiting. Repairs may only be carried out by a specialist or a repair shop.

timer, gorenje, oven

Excessive heat can ignite easily. Special care must therefore be taken when cooking foods with large quantities of fat or oil.

Make sure that small children are not near the stove and that older children only use the stove under adult supervision.

Certain parts of the hob become hot when the appliance is in operation (door glass, door handle, hot air exhaust vent, areas around burners). To avoid burns, make sure that children are not near the stove when it is in operation.

If there is an appliance connected to the mains near the hob, make sure that the wire of the appliance does not touch the cooking zones in operation and is not trapped by the hot door of the oven. Do not clean the oven with a device that produces hot steam at high pressure and could cause a short circuit.

The oven door becomes very hot when the oven is operating. For this reason, a third element can be added as a safety precaution

glass (only on some models), which reduces the surface temperature of the oven door glass.

Do not store flammable, explosive or heat-resistant objects in the stove drawer (e.g. (e.g. paper, potting cloths, plastic bags, spray cans and cleaning agents) because of the risk of fire when the oven is in operation. Use the stove drawer only for storing equipment (trays, grease filters, etc.).д.).

The device complies with all prescribed safety standards, but despite this the device may only be used by persons with reduced physical, motor or mental capabilities, as well as persons without sufficient experience or knowledge for its use, under supervision. These recommendations also apply to children.

Oven pilot light: lights up when the oven is heating up and goes out after reaching the temperature set.

Instructions for Use, Installation, and Connection

Oven indicator light: lights up when the oven is heating up and goes out when the temperature reaches the set temperature

Turn the burners without cookware on at maximum power for 3 to 5 minutes so that they catch fire. In this way, the protective coating on the burners forms a durable layer.

Remove all the pieces of equipment from the oven and wash them with warm water and a commercially available oven cleaner. Do not use harsh detergents!

The first time you heat up the oven, it gives off a characteristic “new appliance” smell, so afterwards you should ventilate the room well.

Set the correct time of day according to the timer‘s instructions. Setting the time to use the appliance is mandatory, as the oven can only operate once the current time has been set.

Maximum setting time 60 minutes. After the set time has elapsed, an acoustic signal sounds for approximately five seconds. Time is set by turning the knob clockwise and then turning it counterclockwise to achieve a precise setting.

The pan is too big or too small. Cookware made of heat-resistant glass whose bottom extends beyond the edge of the burner may crack. Cookware that is too small or has the wrong lid is wasteful of energy.

A good cookware is distinguished by a smooth and thick bottom. If the bottom of the cookware is uneven, more energy is consumed and the cooking time is longer.

When buying cookware, pay attention to the fact that the upper diameter of the cookware is indicated, which is usually larger than the diameter of the base.

Pressure cookers save time and energy thanks to their hermeticity and high pressure. Also thanks to the short cooking time the vitamins are preserved.

Heat is best transferred when the base of the pot and the burner are the same diameter or when the pot is positioned in the middle of the burner.

Saucepans and pans can be larger in diameter than the burner, but they must not be smaller because energy is wasted and any pollution on the burner can catch fire.

The size of cookware must be commensurate with the quantity of food. Cooking in a large, partially filled pot requires more energy.

in good time, reduce the power level of the burner and turn it off a few minutes before the cooking time because you can make use of the residual heat from the burner and thus reduce the energy consumption.

Always make sure there is enough liquid in the pressure cooker, otherwise it could overheat and damage both the pressure cooker and the hob.

cookware made of heat-resistant glass, especially with a ground bottom, is suitable for use on glass ceramic hobs if its bottom corresponds to the diameter of the burner.

Operating instructions for Gorenje E 52260, E55329, E65348, E52102, E63102, E52103, E63103, E65333, E63297

Unpack and inspect the appliance. If you notice any transport damage, do not connect the oven and contact the retailer where you bought the appliance.

Never carry or hold the oven by the door handle. The door handle is not designed to take the weight of the appliance and could break and damage the oven door.

The appliance must only be connected to the electricity supply by a qualified technician. The manufacturer is not responsible for possible malfunctions due to incorrect connection and assembly. These faults are not covered by the warranty.

Because overheated fat can catch fire, always keep a watchful eye on the cooking process when cooking food with large amounts of fat or oil. Danger of burns and fire!

If oil catches fire, do not extinguish the flames with water. Cover the dishes with a lid or a plate. Turn the burner off. Leave the cookware to cool on the cooking zone.

The burners and oven are not designed to heat the room. Do not place empty cookware on hot or running cooking zones.

Make sure that the cables of neighbouring appliances are not trapped by the hot door of the oven. Danger of short circuits! Keep the cables of neighbouring appliances at a safe distance.

Trays, grids and inner surfaces become very hot when the oven is in operation. Use oven gloves or oven mitts! Danger of burns!

The door becomes very hot when the oven is in operation. For added protection, the door is equipped with a third glass pane that reduces the surface temperature of the outer pane of the door (on some models).

Do not keep flammable, explosive or non-tolerant objects (e.g. paper, rags, bags, cleaning products and sprays) in the oven drawer. Danger of fire! Use the stove drawer only for storing equipment (shallow and deep trays and under.).

Do not cover the exhaust vent at the back of the oven since this serves to ventilate the oven.

Do not cover the oven with aluminium foil or place trays or other dishes on the bottom of the oven since this restricts air circulation, interferes with proper cooking and may damage the enamel inside the oven.

The oven door hinge may be damaged under load. Do not place heavy cookware on the open door. Do not lean on the door when cleaning the oven. The door can be removed before cleaning the oven (see “Cleaning the oven” on page 31). (see “Removing and installing the door”). Do not step or sit on the open door of the oven. Do not allow children to do this!

If the seal is very dirty the oven door does not close tightly and can cause damage to neighbouring furniture.

Sugar and sugary foods can severely damage the glass ceramic cooking surface so remove them immediately with a scraper to avoid damaging the surface, even if the cooking surface is still hot.

Do not use the glass ceramic hob as a work surface. Sharp objects can scratch the glass ceramic.

Do not use cookware with rough bottoms as they could scratch the glass ceramic surface.

Do not cook on the glass ceramic surface in thin-walled aluminium cookware, aluminium foil or plastic dishes. These could melt and damage the cooking surface. Do not place plastic objects or aluminium foil on the hob.

Do not use a cracked or broken cooking surface. If cracks are found, immediately disconnect the appliance from the power supply by turning off the fuse to which the appliance is connected and contact the service center.

Do not use high pressure or steam jet cleaners to clean the hob as they could cause a short circuit and electric shock.

In the event of a malfunction, unplug the appliance immediately from the mains supply and call the service center.

During the warranty period, repairs and replacements may only be carried out by a specialist from an Authorised Service Centre. Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself to avoid damage to the appliance and personal injury. Unqualified repairs can endanger the user. Danger of short-circuits and electric shock!

After prolonged use, the surface of the cast-iron burners and the metal rings around the burners may become discolored. Replacement is not covered under warranty.

Warning! Danger of burns in small children and children who are unaware of the dangers associated with improper use of the appliance. Due to the risk of burns, small children should be kept away from the appliance and older children should only use it under supervision.

The packaging material (film, polystyrene foam, etc.) can be dangerous for children. д.Packaging material (foil, foam plastic, etc.) can be dangerous for children. Danger of suffocation!

The device fulfills all applicable safety standards; however, it may only be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge if they are supervised. These recommendations are also valid for children.

Настройка часов духовой шкаф GORENJE

The packaging is made of environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled without any harm to the environment and can be stored in special landfill sites and disposed of. Packaging materials are marked accordingly.

Make a defective appliance unfit for use. To do this, disconnect the hob from the power supply and cut the cable that connects it as it could be a hazard to children playing.

The symbol on the product or its packaging indicates that it must not be disposed of as household waste. The product should be handed over to the appropriate electronic and electrical equipment collection point for recycling. By disposing of the product correctly, you will help prevent environmental and health hazards that could be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this type of waste. For more detailed information on the disposal of the product, please contact your local authorities, your waste disposal service or the store where you purchased the product.

How to switch on the oven on a Hansa gas hob?

To switch on the Hansa gas oven, light a match, press the knob as far as it will go and then turn it to the left until it reaches the temperature chosen. Hold a lit match to the ignition point, light the gas and keep the knob pressed for 3 to 10 seconds. If the flame goes out, repeat the operation.

  • ventilate the oven for a few minutes and locate the igniter hole;
  • Hold a lit match or lighter to the igniter;
  • turn the gas switch and hold it down until the flame burns out;

How to turn on the burning stove

The process of turning on the stove for the first time is quite simple. Remove the shipping carton and trays from the oven, wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth.

Turn on the cast-iron burners for 3 to 5 minutes at maximum power so that they burn, the protective coating forms a strong layer. It is not necessary to put any dishes on the stove. At the first heating there may be smoke and the characteristic smell of a new appliance. Ventilate the kitchen.

Gas burners are ignited by turning a switch. Electric ignition by pushing the knob or button, depending on the model. The thermostat must be in the “high flame” position. A spark forms between the candle and the burner and ignites the gas. Keep the switch pressed for about 5 seconds to allow the flame to stabilize. If the gas does not ignite after 15 seconds, turn the knob to 0 and wait at least one minute. Then repeat.

The heating zones on glass ceramic hobs are activated by turning the knob. It is not necessary to heat them, you can immediately put the dishes and cook.

EIT6351XPD induction model equipped with a recessed switch for oven control. On the hob there is a touch screen control panel where the heat is set by pressing and

How to unlock a Neff hob?

To release the cleaning pause, press and hold the corresponding button on the touch panel or press and hold the switch. The cleaning pause function can be started with a separate button. After activation, the sensor panel locks for 30 seconds.

How to release the lock on a Gorenje washing machine?

Continuous shut off While the washing machine is running: first hold down the MENU button for 4 seconds, then press START/PAUSE and stop the program. Then press the MENU button to access the “Safety Block” function, and then press the SELECT button to disable it.

The program display and temperature display will turn off, the timer display will show the current time and the “A” symbols and in flashing mode. Press one of the sensors ” ” (3) or “. ” (6) or (5) to unlock the oven, then the oven switches to manual mode. Press the sensor (4) to turn off the oven.

Do not use metal to clean the cooking surface.

Do not use aggressive sprays and detergents to clean the hob

Do not use metallic sponges or abrasive cleaners, since they could scratch the glass ceramic surface.

It is not possible to clean the hob with a scraper

Using aggressive cleaning sprays or unsuitable liquid detergents (fig. 1 и 2).

Cooktop decorations can be obliterated by the use of harsh or coarse cleaning agents or by using cookware with a damaged or coarse base. Do not use this solution to wipe the frame of the appliance (on some models), as it will lose its luster. Do not use aggressive sprays or detergents to remove limescale deposits. Stubborn dirt and burnt-on food can be removed with the special scraper.

Only use the scraper when

The dirt could not be removed with a damp cloth or vitrified clay cleaner.

Hold the squeegee at a right angle (45° to 60°) to the surface to be cleaned when using it. Lightly press the scraper to remove dirt. Make sure that the plastic handle on the scraper (on some models) does not touch the hot surface.

Do not use the scraper to clean the surface at a straight angle

Do not scratch the hob with the edge of the scraper. Do not rub the cooking surface with the tip of the scraper.

When working with the scraper also be careful not to injure yourself on the blade!Sugar and sweet foods can severely damage the glass ceramic surface. To avoid damaging the surface, remove them immediately with the scraper even if the cooking surface is still hot A change in the color of the glass ceramic cooking surface does not affect the operation of the appliance. Most often there are traces of burnt food as a result of using certain types of cookware (e.g. aluminium, copper). These types of stains are difficult to remove completely.

The above-mentioned damage refers to external

The wood is not affected by the appliance and does not affect the operation of the appliance. Damage of this kind is not covered by the warranty.

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