How to season the refrigerator instead of a freon you can. Step -by -step instructions for replacing freon with your own hands

What is Freon in the refrigerator, what color it is and where is it

Modern comfortable life is impossible without such a household device as a refrigerator. Its breakdown entails great troubles: spoiled products and blanks for the winter, and for some financial losses, if we are talking about an industrial freezer or trade refrigeration equipment. One of the reasons for failure is a violation of the contour in which the cooling gas is located, t.e. a leak. To save and make a refueling of Freon with your own hands, you will need special tools and certain skills, but about everything in order.

This article is suitable for all models of Soviet and foreign production-one-, two-chamber and three-chamber, including built-in: HotPoint Ariston / Hotpoint Ariston, Ardo / Ardo, Beko / Bosch / Bosch, Candy / Kandy, Daewoo / Daewoo, Electroluc / Electrolux, Gorenje / Gorenje), Haier / Haire, Hansa / Hans, Hitachi / Hitachi, Indesit / Indesit, LG / Eljeri, Liebherr / Liebherr, Polar / Polar, Samsung / Samsunk, Sharp, Sharp, Sharp, Sharp, Sharp, Sharp Shivaki, Siemens / Siemens, Snaige / Snaneig, Stinol / Stinol, Toshiba / Toshiba, Vestel / Vester, Vestfrost / Westfrost, Whirlpool / Whirlpool, Zanussi / Zanussi, Elenberg / Elenberg, as well as Nord, Birusa. Ocean, Minsk and Don.


Cooling the cooling system by freon

The repair of the refrigerator is better to entrust the master from the service center. However, if there are minimum repair skills and a set of necessary equipment with the task, you can cope yourself. Before starting work, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the principle of operation of the refrigeration unit, the location of components and service fittings, as well as take into account:

  • Features of the repair and operation of vessels operating under pressure;
  • the purpose of the refrigerant;
  • method of using equipment for refueling;
  • Safety rules when working with Freon.

Before performing the repair, it should be taken into account that incompetent actions can lead to a more serious breakdown

Equipment and materials

Replenishment or full refueling of the cooling contour by a refrigerant is carried out by a special tool. For the repair you will need:

  • Freon. Its type and quantity are indicated on the information plate mounted on the case of the refrigerator or compressor. You should purchase a small cylinder of the desired substance or take a large vessel in the service center. During transportation and work, they treat it carefully: the capacity is under high excess pressure.
  • Vacuum-glorifying station. A complex of pumping equipment designed to test the system of pressure and complete removal of gases from the refrigeration circuit. It is impractical to buy a station for one.time use, it can also be taken in a service center for a while.
  • Electronic balance. Necessary for accurate dosing of the refrigerant.
  • Welding post or gas burner, as well as flux and solder for sealing the system after repair or refueling. Sing materials are selected depending on the metal from which the contour parts are made.
  • Tecretter. If the system is damaged and this caused the evaporation of Freon, the device is needed to search for a depressurization site.
  • Filter-dryer. The component of the refrigerator, which is necessarily changed when pouring freon.
  • Shreder valve. Needed to keep in the vacuum system or pressure.
  • Capacity with nitrogen. Gas is necessary to blow out and drain the components.

Freon replacement is a procedure associated with the possibility of injuries from electricity or excess gas pressure. When the work is performed independently, a number of rules must be followed:

  • refrigeration equipment is turned off, taking out a fork from a socket;
  • When filling the system, open fire is not used;
  • The joints are soldered by observing the fire safety rules (you can prepare in advance stewing means in case of possible fire);
  • testing the system, control the pressure of the medium.

Search for leakage

If sealing is violated in the system, just refueling will not eliminate the malfunction. Initially, you need to determine the place of damage. In most cases, an external inspection allows you to find the cause. Cracks and rust appear on the heating circuit of the door sealing. In places of capillaries connection, hoarfrost or ice are visible. If the leak cannot be found, a soap solution is applied to all surfaces of the contour. The appearance of bubbles indicates damage.

To determine the defect inaccessible to visual diagnosis, a special device is required. a lectern (haloid, electronic or ultrasonic).

Refrigerant gas stations

After elimination of leaks, they begin to fill the circuit. Course sequence:

  • Shreder valve is placed on the compressor service pipe.
  • Flip the contour with nitrogen. Gas will displace moisture from the system. If the nitrogen is under a pressure of 10 atm or more, it is necessary to use a gearbox.
  • Change the filter-dryer. To do this, cut off the old one, and the plugs are removed from the new. Insert the filter into the capillary and solder the junction.
  • Connect a vacuum-pump station. How to do this correctly, is indicated in the instructions for its operation.
  • Pump out air from the contour. The remaining moisture is removed at the same time. The total vacuum time is at least 15 minutes.
  • Slood a refrigerant (the number depends on the type of refrigerator).
  • Seal a service pipe (soldering or a special cap).

You can fill the cooling circuit with your own hands. This will significantly save on the call of the master

However, it is important to know exactly how to carry out repairs and have the necessary equipment

Features of the refrigerant R134A

Freon R134A (tetraftoremetan, HFC 134A) was created to replace the refrigerant R12. It does not contain chlorine and does not destroy the ozone layer. At the same time, it has a great potential of global warming (GWP), 1430 times more carbon dioxide.

The R134A refrigerant is not a fuel, it does not pose a danger to human health. It is used in refrigerators, automobile air conditioners and other climatic equipment. In cold production, it is worse than Freon R12.

Read more about this gas in the article: Freon R134A: detailed characteristics, properties, features. We wrote about R-12 refrigerant in the publication: R12 Freon: characteristics, properties, features.

Features of the refrigerant R600A

Freon R600A (Razutan, HC 600A). isomer Butana. Has the same chemical formula, but another arrangement of atoms in the molecule. It began to be used in household refrigerators and freezers later R134A. It is also a substitute R12.

Ridagent R600A fuel, like ordinary natural gas. Does not have a toxic and poisonous effect on human health. It has zero potential of global warming, ozone disclosure of the refrigerant is zero. We wrote more about this gas in the article: the characteristics and properties of the Freon R600A (Knowoutana), features.


The characteristics of the R600A freon is somewhat worse than the characteristics R134A or R12. Therefore, when replacing, the cold.productivity of the equipment will decrease. This leads to three possible consequences:

  • The system is slowly cooling to a given temperature;
  • The equipment does not turn off if it is necessary to gain low temperature;
  • The technique cannot provide cooling to the minimum level.

Rleadon R600A is the easiest and most economical option for replacing CFC-12. The elaborate is compatible with mineral and synthetic oils. When refueling, it takes 3 times less than R12 or R134A. R600A price is much lower. We suggest watching a cognitive video about the replacement of the refrigerant R12 and R134 on R600A:


This refrigerant was originally developed as an alternative to HFU-12. In terms of characteristics, they are poorly different. Both colads are compatible with mineral oils. The composition of R406A includes:

At the moment, the R-406A is rarely used as a substitute R12. Better modern alternatives appeared. In addition, practice has shown that he:

The procedure for the replacement of Freon

Before proceeding with the replacement of the coldgent, you need to make sure that at hand there are all the necessary tools and materials for the work.

Step #1. diagnose the problem on our own

The refrigerants do not burn, but their absence or insufficient amount in the system can cause early wear and damage to other parts.

In addition, a violation of a given heat transfer will lead to the fact that the refrigerator will become too warm, the products will deteriorate, an unpleasant odor will appear, etc.P. Therefore, it is important to learn how to quickly determine the signs of leakage and eliminate them.

The presence of snow inside the refrigerator can be a sign of a malfunction, especially if after defrosting a snow cap appears again

These are the moments that are worth paying close attention to:

  • The temperature inside the chamber is too high;
  • Mostly reduced breaks in engine operation;
  • The compressor works continuously;
  • Condensate appears inside the device;
  • An unpleasant odor comes from the refrigerator, not related to the presence of spoiled products;
  • The evaporator is covered with a snow cap or ice, etc.P.

Sometimes a leak can be found immediately. With an inaccurate removal of ice from the evaporator, the contour tube can be accidentally pierced.

As a result, gas with a characteristic hiss will come out of a narrow hole. If you pay attention to this moment, you can quickly eliminate the fault.

Corrosion of the case may be a sign of a lack of refrigerant in the circuit: the temperature rises inside the chamber, condensate accumulates, moisture affects the metal, rust appears

Step #2. Preparatory work before replacing

Before starting repair work, of course, the refrigerator should be disconnected from power supply. All heating devices and sources of open fire should be turned off or removed away from the place where refueling is performed by freon.

The electrical equipment that will be used during the repair should be grounded in accordance with the operating instructions.

When carrying out soldering, you should also take care of fire safety. Although Freon is not dangerous for people, nevertheless, the room during the conduct, as well as at the end of work, is better to ventilate.

First of all, you must definitely turn off the refrigerator from the network and prepare the entire set of necessary tools

season, refrigerator, instead, freon, step

Before starting the repair, it will not prevent you from finding and the instructions for the operation of the refrigerator in order to take into account the features of a particular model. When refueling the refrigerator by freon, you should focus on the information indicated on the tag, as well as on the tags on the gas station cylinder.

Step #3. remove the remains of the cold

Before pumping gas to the system, you need to remove the refrigerant remaining inside it. To do this, you need to find a filter-dryer, it is clamped using a needle capture.

After that, a hole in the copper is made in the filter. The element damaged in this way will have to be replaced in the future with a new.

When refueling by a refrigerant, the filter-drying filter will be damaged, it will have to be replaced with a new serviceable element. In addition, you will need to unscrew the contour and install additional valves

It is better to cook a place for rations of the valve in advance. It needs to be removed from the fitting and cut off the excess length. Then the valve is recommended to immediately solder to the compressor.

After the residues of the refrigerant come out of the system, you will need to blow all the pipes with nitrogen. This will remove moisture from the contour, which may have got there.

To pump gas in the refrigerator’s operating circuit, the Schroeder valve is installed, which excludes the outflow of the freon in the opposite direction.

You should not use cylinders for such work in which gas pressure exceeds 6 atmospheres, so you can damage the system. Information about internal pressure is usually indicated on the container.

If there are no cylinders with suitable characteristics, you need to supply gas to the system using a lowering gearbox.

A brand of Freon is indicated on the cylinder with the refrigerant, as well as working pressure. If the gas inside is compressed to more than six atmospheres, you need to use a reducing gearbox

The system needs to be blown for about 10-15 minutes. After that, the valve on the needle capture is blocked and the filter is cut down next to the capillary tube.

Then it is necessary to purge the circuit again. At the end of the purge, you need to install a new drainage filter instead of the used.

This should be done within 15 minutes after the end of the last purge, since the refrigeration circuit cannot be left open for a longer period.

Professional masters use a whole set of special tools to perform this type of work: leak detector, tester, vacuum pump, worshiping keys, thermometer, pliers, piercing ticks, etc.P.

To perform soldering, you should stock up with protective screens, you will also need a shreder valve and a new filter-dryer.

To perform a one.time refueling of the refrigerator, it makes no sense to buy a separate set of equipment. Cheaper and easier to take everything you need.

Step #4. Complete the Freon pumping

To perform this operation, you will need devices that will allow you to control the pressure in the system. The repair shops of household appliances use a gas station consisting of two manometers with locking valves and three hoses.

Manometers differ in color: red and blue. With the help of the first, the pressure is measured, and the blue determines the absorption pressure.

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Conclusions and useful videos

This shows the process of eliminating leaks and downloading a freon into the refrigerator using Libra:

The general procedure for performing this type of work can be watched in the video:

It is relatively easy to season the refrigerator with a freon if there is the necessary equipment and the corresponding skills. However, it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances: comply with safety requirements, identify and eliminate all the malfunctions that caused the refrigerant leak, and efficiently perform the final soldering and t.P.

It is better for inexperienced masters to observe the work of specialists first in order to learn how to perform this operation on their own.

If you have experience of independent refueling refrigerators by Freon, please share it with our readers. Tell us how it was possible to diagnose the problem and what was done to solve it. Write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share your experience, ask questions. the communication unit is located under the article.


If the work on replacing Freon was decided to do it independently, you need to understand that this is a responsible and dangerous lesson. When conducting it, it is necessary to insure yourself and adhere to the following tips:

  • the refrigerator must be turned off before the process;
  • When the freon in the device will change, you cannot turn on heating devices at this time and smoke nearby;
  • The work should be performed on a special isolated site, while grounding equipment is grounded;
  • soldering joints of the joints is carried out, adhering to fire safety;
  • The room in which the repair was carried out, after the descent or pumping of the gas, must be ventilated for at least a quarter of an hour. Freon has no smell, but its couples can affect the state of a person conducting repairs and his household;
  • For refueling, gas should be purchased only from well.known manufacturers providing guarantees for it;
  • When conducting tests of the system that works on the freon, you need to study the instructions for the repair of refrigerators.
  • An overview of the reasons why the refrigerator does not turn off and continues to constantly work.
  • Drill the refrigerator inside or outside? Do not rush to call the master! Perhaps you yourself will eliminate the problem!
  • If your refrigerator does not work, and the freezer continues to freeze, then read this article.
season, refrigerator, instead, freon, step

When you need to refuel the refrigerator with a freon

The refrigerant has no expiration date, that is, does not lose its properties over time. The reason for the refueling is only a leak of the reagent due to violation of the integrity of the contour. The most easy way to verify the need for refueling is to compare the current temperature with the stated in the technical documentation. By the value of the difference, one can judge the amount of lack of reagent.

A leak in the refrigerator can occur due to improper installation and mechanical damage.

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Diagnosis of malfunction

To imagine the importance of the correct level of the freon in the refrigerator, you need to understand the principle of operation of the mechanism. The refrigerant circulates according to the hermetic system of tubes. In the condenser, the gas lies and gives heat to the environment, and in the evaporator boils and takes the heat from the refrigerator or freezer. Freon in a closed circuit does not deteriorate, effectively cools the refrigerator/freezer chamber for many years.

Freon leaks can be suspected if the compressor works, but the refrigerator/freezer does not cool.

Freon evaporates due to violation of the tightness of the circulation system.

  • use of sharp objects in defrosting;
  • poor.quality materials underlying corrosion;
  • production marriage; damage to the capacitor or compressor.

Cross ref refition is performed if the gas completely disappeared from the contour or gradually oozes from microcracks.

Search for leakage

If sealing is violated in the system, just refueling will not eliminate the malfunction. Initially, you need to determine the place of damage. In most cases, an external inspection allows you to find the cause. Cracks and rust appear on the heating circuit of the door sealing. In places of capillaries connection, hoarfrost or ice are visible. If the leak cannot be found, a soap solution is applied to all surfaces of the contour. The appearance of bubbles indicates damage.

To determine the defect inaccessible to visual diagnosis, a special device is required. a lectern (haloid, electronic or ultrasonic).

How many grams of freon in the circuit

Each refrigerator has its own configuration of the circuit and the amount of gas in different models of even the same manufacturer varies.

The most accurately as possible the weight of the refriges is indicated on the nameplate, which is usually located behind the cabinet or on the compressor data plate. This information is also available in the refrigerator documentation. But quite often, after the end of the guarantee, the owners throw or “hide” the user’s guide and all the other documents for the refrigerator in an indefinite place, and the nameplate on the refrigerator body disappears over time in an unknown direction.

In such cases, even despite the fact that it is hardly possible to restore the exact information, you can determine with a rather high accuracy how much the freon should weigh in the refrigerator of your model. For this, the volume of cameras in liters is divided into 2. The result is the required amount of refrigerant in grams.

Another way is to refrigerate the refrigerator by a pressure on pressure at the suction point. It should be up to 0.3 atm. But it must be borne in mind that the latter is suitable for refrigerators, in which only Freon is used as a refrigerant.

The reasons for the leakage of the cold

Speaking briefly, the cause of the freon leakage is a violation of the tightness of the refrigeration circuit. But the causes of such a situation can be very different. A random mechanical effect exerted on the elements of the refrigerator or on the compressor can cause such a malfunction.

The breakdown of the compressor practically inevitably causes the need to fill the freon. Even if the refrigerant remains in the circuit, it will still have to be refueled when replacing a faulty element. The low quality of the capillaries by which Freon moves, or their wear also often causes depressurization of the system.

If the joints of the individual elements of the refrigerator are mounted incorrectly, they can weaken over time, the refrigerant will flow through the gaps that appear.

If the pollution of the capillary tubes occurred due to the freezing of the moisture that has fallen inside, it is not difficult to clean them. But sometimes such a blockage occurs as a result of the accumulation of pollution from particles of burnt engine oil. The filter-dryer does not catch these substances, they gradually accumulate inside narrow tubes and form an obstacle to free circulation of the refrigerant.

If the broken compressor must be replaced with a new one, you will have to open the refrigerator and after replacing the new portion of Freon to be pumped

Although Freon’s leak in such a situation is not observed to normalize the operation of the system, you will have to open the refrigeration circuit.

After cleaning the capillaries, you will have to restore its tightness, and then introduce a new refrigerant into the system instead of the lost.

Before starting the refueling, the cause of the leak should be identified and eliminated. To do this, you need to inspect the contour to understand exactly where this is happening.

To identify the place of the freon leakage using soapy solution, you need to examine the condition in the places of connection of the tubes, as well as where traces of oil pollution are noticeable

If the inspection of the results has not given, you can use a soap solution. At the same time, air is supplied to the system under slight pressure.

Soap solution is applied to the surface of the tubes, places of joints, etc.P. He will bubulate in places of leaks. It is impractical and unsafe to process the entire contour in this way.

season, refrigerator, instead, freon, step

It will be easier to first check the weakest and most suspicious areas: places of joints, as well as areas where there are traces of pollution with technical oils.

To accurately determine the point of damage to the contour and leakage of the refrigerant, a lecture detector is used. a device that responds to a specific brand of Freon

If the soap solution does not give results, to determine the place of leakage of the refrigerant, use the current leak or invite an experienced master. This is not a universal tool, a specific device is usually set up only to a certain brand of refrigerant.

It can be used to identify the leakage places not only before they are eliminated, but also after the end of the circuit is finished to make sure the sufficiently high quality of the operations performed.

If this is not done, you can miss any shortcom. Low.quality repair will manifest in about two weeks, all work will have to be carried out again.

In addition to eliminating leaks, it will also not hurt to check the functioning of other elements of the system. Insufficient freon often leads to increased wear of individual details. If you do not eliminate the causes that cause a violation of tightness, very soon you will have to start repairing again, download the refrigerant, etc.D.

Causes of freon leakage and malfunction diagnosis

The main reason for the refrigerant leakage is a violation of the tightness of the refrigerator. Among the reasons for this situation, the following are noted:

  • Mechanical exposure. For example, damage during loading/unloading the refrigerator.
  • Compressor failure. In this case, a complete replacement of the refrigerant is always required.
  • Incorrect installation of individual elements of the refrigerator circuit. During operation, they can weaken, and Freon will begin to flow through the resulting cracks.
  • Moisture or particles of waste engine oil inside capillary tubes. The use of the filter-dryer does not solve this problem, so it is required to open the circuit and the complete replacement of the freon.

To set the place where the refrigerant leakage occurs, you need to check the condition of the refrigerator circuit. First, visual inspection is carried out. The presence of places where there are traces of oil is established. If such a check did not help find sections of leaks, then soap solution is used.

It is applied to the surface of the tubes and the joints. Small pressure is supplied. In places of leakage, Freon will begin to bubble. It should be remembered that the entire circuit is not recommended for safety reasons to be treated with soapy solution.

If all the events did not help to set the place of the refrigerant leaks, then the current. You need to know that a separate device is able to determine the leak of a particular brand of freon. The universality of the current leakage is that it will help not only set the leakage to the refueling, but also exclude them after the work carried out.

season, refrigerator, instead, freon, step

In addition to restoring the tightness of the system and refueling the refrigerant, you need to check the condition of other elements. Most often, the failure of one node provokes increased load and rapid wear of others. If you do not eliminate all the reasons provoking a violation of tightness, then soon the probability of re.breakdown is very likely.

It happens that a set of measures did not allow to independently identify the location of the freon. In this case, it is best to invite a specialist.

Among the additional signs indicating a violation of the tightness or insufficiency of Freon in the system, it is worth noting the following:

  • Increasing temperature in the storage chamber of products.
  • Lack or significant reduction in breaks in the refrigerator.
  • Continuous work of the compressor. condensate.
  • The formation of an unpleasant odor that is not related to spoiled products.
  • Formation of snow or ice on the evaporator.
  • The presence of corrosion on the case.

We diagnose the problem

The very first step is to find a leakage. Visual inspection will help determine. The above has already been said about the elements that should pay increased attention to. Corrosion that occurs on the tubes when isolating moisture will also tell.

If the usual inspection has not given results, then you can resort to the old method of processing with soapy solution and supplying pressure. Applied to tubes, places of joints, and then nitrogen is supplied to the system. Bubbles will appear in the places of depressurization.

There is also a special tool. lefravik. As a rule, it is designed for the specific composition of the refrigerant, so it may not show the place of leaks in case.

Important! Weak places should be sought both before downloading and after. This will exclude the repetition of the problem in the future.

How much does a refrigerator be filled with a freon

Devices repair services are mainly provided by private firms. The price of replacing freon in the refrigerator can vary in a fairly wide framework. It all depends on the qualification of the employee conducting the inspection, on the type of breakdown and on the type of refrigerator. On average, the following numbers can be called. from 1500 to 5000

So, having analyzed the available information about the replacement of the freon in the refrigerator, we can draw the following conclusion: the breakdown significantly affects its work, because without a refrigerant, the device actually stops freezing. The repair is carried out by calling the master directly to the apartment and you can cost you up to 30% of the cost of the unit itself.

Varieties of freon

There are four types for refrigerators:

  • R134A is completely safe for humans and the environment, does not explode and does not ignite.
  • R12 will not lead to suffocation, because the volume from one cooling system is not enough for this. At temperatures above 330 ° C R12 toxic. Manufacturers rarely use it in refrigerators. Destroys the ozone layer.
  • R22 at temperatures above 250 ° C is toxic. Found in old models. Destroys the ozone layer.
  • R600A is dangerous only in high concentration, which cannot be achieved by the volume of one unit. Used in most refrigerators.

If a leak occurs, it is necessary to detect and eliminate the cause as soon as possible. It is also important to restore the volume of freon in the compressor.

It is interesting:

Low Frost. what is this function in the refrigerators.

Why are analogs R12 Freon

Until recently, diphorachlormethane (R12, HFU-12, Khladon-12, CFC-12) was used everywhere. They were seasoned with household and automobile air conditioners, freezers and industrial refrigerators. Everything changed in 1987.

The R12 refrigerant belongs to chloruclerds. It destroys the ozone layer of the Earth when it enters the atmosphere. In 1987, the Montreal Protocol was signed, according to which until 2021, the use of ozone.destroying substances that fell into the protocol established by the protocol should be completely terminated. These include gas R12.

Alternative analogues R12

There are composite (multicomponent) refrigerants that are recognized as suitable or are tested at the US Environmental Protection Agency (United States Environment Protection Agency, EPA). But they still do not have a classification in the form of R-A by Ashrae.

Some manufacturers say that their alternative refrigerant does not require replacement of oil or drainage filter. Others report that their mixtures are more productive than R12. The highest quality and most effective alternative freons are considered:

  • Free Zone (RB-276), a mixture of R-134A (79%), R-142B (19%), oil (2%);
  • Freeze 12, a mixture of R-134A (80%), R-142B (20%);
  • Frigc (FR-12), a mixture of R-134A (59%), R-124 (39%), R-600 (2%);
  • GHG-X4, a mixture of R-22 (51%), R-124 (28.5%), R-142B (16.5%); R-600A (4%);
  • GHG-HP, a mixture of R-22 (65%), R-142B (31%), R-600A (4%);
  • Hot Shot \ Kar Kool, a mixture of R-22 (50%), R-124 (39%), R-142B (9.5%), R-600A (1.5%).

One of the manufacturers said that he sold several million pounds (1 million pounds. 453,592 kg!). From this we can conclude that alternative refrigerants meet the standards of quality and compliance with Freon R12.

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