How to set the clock on a Gefest oven

So how to bake properly in Gefest gas ovens?

First you need to figure out what kind of oven you have. There are two types of gas ovens:

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1) Without thermostat. On the panoramic glass has a scale of degrees, and on the door there is a temperature indicator (red arrow). Such stoves include not expensive segment, in which a control valve with a gas control device is installed, without automatic flame control:

Of the modern models produced today, these are:

Gefest narrow gas stoves with a table width of 50 cm.: 3100-08, 3200-08, 3200-06, 3200-05, in all colors.

Large gas stoves Gefest with a table width of 60 cm.: 1200 C5, 1200 C6, 1200 C7, 6100-01 in all colors.

2) With thermostat. There is no scale of degrees and no temperature indicator on the panoramic glass. On the collar of the knob of the oven control knob or on the front panel are the numbers of the temperature scale. These ovens vary in price upwards due to the “smart faucet” installed, which itself maintains the set temperature in the range of ±15˚C degrees.

Of the modern models available today, these are:

Gefest gas stoves with narrow width of 50 cm.5100-02, 5100-03, 5100-04, 5300, 5500, in all colors.

Gefest wide gas stoves with a table width of 60 cm.: 6100-02, 6100-03, 6100-04, 6300, 6500, 6700.

Lots of room for your culinary imagination

The oven isn’t just about pies and whole chickens roasted for the holiday. Any dish that we used to boil, fry or stew on the stove will only benefit from the use of the oven. You can cook stews and porridges, scrambled eggs and even soup with it. Foods retain more nutrients and taste even better.

Even if you can’t refuse to roast or the recipe insists on it, it is useful to combine the two cooking processes to get a healthier, but no less tasty dish. For example, restaurant chefs often pre-roast foods and then send them to the oven to bring them up to snuff.

Any oven by virtue of its technical characteristics and functionality provides the hostess with certain features, which are described in detail in the instruction manual. But there are also a number of general suggestions that can be useful in any oven, which are covered in this article.

What does the “electronic brain” think??

The oven has an “electronic brain”. If it were not for it, you would not be able to cook in different modes and use such convenient functions. Once the clock on your oven is set correctly, the current time will appear on the display and you’ll hear a beep after each task.

Changing the time refers to the ability to set the current time, select the cooking time, program the end time, set the clock.

Safety includes automatic shut-off and child-proofing, where the oven buttons are locked to prevent small household members from turning on the stove or knocking the mode.

To start setting the time on the oven press the function knob. Then use the buttons next to ” ” and ” ” to set the time. With the same buttons you can also change the clock if you have set it wrong before.

Hint: If you press the ” ” and ” ” buttons briefly, the time will change by one minute. A long press speeds up the process.

If you connect the oven for the first time, you will immediately notice that the indicator light on the display starts flashing, which means that you have to set the clock. And if you need an extra function, then turn the knob to ” 0 “, set the time, and then turn the knob back to the desired function.

Setting the time in the oven

How to set the clock in a Gefest oven

1) Instructions for baking in an oven with a thermostat

JV Brestgazapparat OAO produces Gefest stoves with oven thermoregulator (TUP), in which

The oven keeps the right temperature automatically in all conditions!

In these stoves Gefest is guaranteed that, for example, the temperature on the third division of the knob TUP corresponds to (160±15)C, on the fourth. (180±15)С

and in this case you do not need to set the cooking temperature.

Gefest stove with oven thermostat

When baking in a Gefest oven with a TUP, the following recommendations must be followed:

1) There must not be any foreign objects in Gefest oven (it must be empty).

2) Place the rack in the center of the Gefest oven (for Gefest frame ovens 600 mm wide, 4 shelves counting from the bottom,

For frame Gefest stoves with a width of 500 mm. and plates 6100. 3 shelf counting from the bottom).

3) Before baking, preheat the Gefest oven at maximum temperature for 20 minutes.

4) It is necessary to bake on the aluminum tray.

5) Quickly insert the aluminum tray with the dish laid on it into the Gefest oven.

6) The tray must be placed up to the stop on the back of the Gefest oven and in the middle of the rack

(there must be a gap to the right and left of the tray, preferably the same).

7) Quickly close the door of the Gefest oven;

8) Turn the knob of your Gefest oven from max to a position corresponding to the cooking temperature.

9) Do not open the door of your Gefest oven during baking. Observe through the sight glass.

At the end of baking you can open the door a little and assess the readiness of the product.

Corresponding temperatures and the thermostat position of your Gefest oven are given in the table in this manual

Bake yeast dough pies at 180-200˚C,

2) Instructions for baking in a GEFEST oven without thermostat

Information on the rules of baking culinary products in GEFEST ovens.

The GEFEST oven with an oven control tap (without a thermostat)

When baking in a GEFEST oven with a tap, the following recommendations must be followed:

1) There must be no foreign objects in the GEFEST oven (it must be empty).

2) Install the rack in the center of the oven (for 600 mm wide GEFEST frame stoves 4 shelves counting from the bottom,

For 500 mm wide GEFEST frame ovens. and 6100 ovens. 3 shelves counting from the bottom).

3) Before baking, preheat the GEFEST oven at maximum temperature for 20 minutes.

4) Bake on an aluminium baking tray.

5) Quickly insert an aluminium tray with a dish laid on it into the GEFEST oven.

6) The tray must be inserted all the way to the back of the GEFEST oven and in the middle of the rack

(there should be gaps to the right and left of the baking tray, preferably equal).

7) Quickly close the GEFEST oven door;

8) Turn the knob of the GEFEST oven from max to a position corresponding to the cooking temperature.

9) Do not open the door of your GEFEST oven during baking. Observe through the sight glass.

At the end of baking you can open the door a little and assess the readiness of the product.

Due to the fact that on GEFEST stoves with an oven control knob the temperature in the oven depends on

The settings of the gas supply network (pressure, calorific value of the gas, etc) are shown on the display. д.), then in the same position of the knob

different temperatures are set in the GEFEST oven in different regions.

  • To determine the cooking temperatures in your GEFEST oven for your use
  • you can use the temperature indicator on the panoramic glass of the GEFEST oven.

To find out if the temperatures are correct, proceed as follows:

which will display the temperature in the center of the oven for this position of the knob;

Bake yeast dough at 180-200˚C,

WARNING. It is necessary to know that after placing the food to be cooked in the GEFEST oven,

The temperature gauge no longer shows the actual oven temperature.

Therefore, its readings should not be taken into account and in any case do not change the set position of the tap knob.

Gas burner does not ignite or fades out

The cause of malfunction related to switching on the oven and ignition of the burners can be clogged or worn parts, failure of the sensor that monitors the state of the flame.

Ways to solve the problem may be as follows:

  • Faulty (tip displacement, clogged or worn) thermocouple. Causes insufficient voltage to be supplied to the solenoid valve. As a result, it cuts off the gas supply to the oven burner. The problem can be solved by replacing the part.
  • Solenoid valve breakage. In case of gas valve malfunction, control sensor transmits voltage. However, the valve is not held open. burner operation is interrupted immediately after releasing the gas cock. The valve must be replaced.
  • Nozzle clogging. Prolonged use or ingestion of food on the nozzle causes partial or complete blockage of the gas outlet channel. To fix the problem, the burner is removed and cleaned.
  • Failure of the TUP faucet. The cause of the malfunction may be damage to the internal swivel mechanism or to one of the links in the pinion. Part must be replaced with a new one. If the valve is clogged, clean it.
  • Oven goes out after heating. A poorly regulated minimum flame after the oven has reached the maximum temperature causes the flame to go out very slowly. The control sensor does not warm up sufficiently and shuts down the gas supply. The problem can be corrected by a technician. adjustment of the burner operation is necessary.

Gas ovens are not always equipped with gas control function, sometimes have no electric ignition. Therefore, the rules of operation, ignition and the causes of fire extinction should be considered for each model of gas stove separately.

How to know the temperature in the oven by the marks

How to determine the temperature in the oven by the marks, without a thermometer, if the minimum and maximum values do not fit into the category of “average”? Some models have a finer temperature control and up to 9 or 10 divisions on the knob. Others may only have 5 divisions and it is difficult to choose the most accurate temperature. That’s why manufacturers of some gas stoves attach tables to their products, which will help to understand if the oven should be 180 degrees, how many units it is on the regulator.

A breakdown of the scale is also available for the other most commonly used cooking temperatures.

tmin. 170, tmax. 266, number of divisions: 5

tmin. 135, tmax. 270, number of divisions: 7

Divisions on AVR handle t, °C
1 135-165
2 150-180
3 170-200
4 180-215
5 205-235
6 220-250
7 240-270

tmin. 135, tmax. 250, number of divisions: 8

Dividing on the regulator knob t, °C
1 135
2 150
3 165
4 180
5 195
6 210
7 230
8 250

tmin. 150, tmax. 280, number of divisions: 8

Division on the regulator knob t, °C
1 150
2 160
3 180
4 200
5 220
6 240
7 260
8 280

tmin. 140, tmax. 280, number of divisions: 9

Advice! A suitable chart is best placed in the kitchen so that you can easily determine the temperature of your oven.

Clock does not turn on

Hello. The model of my electric stove Gefest 5140-02 0037 for 4 burners, white. Bought this three months ago, but I still have no idea how the clock works. It turns on as it should, but the allotted time runs out and the stove turns off with a bell and the knob slowly returns to zero accordingly. Clock does not turn on most of the time, I set the mode up and down in the oven, then the temperature and then the clock, turn it off and the bell chimes. I would very much like to have the clock work as it should, what is the matter, please advise?

In the oven manual it says: the oven is controlled by two knobs, depending on the model, by a timer. Electromechanical oven, not induction. Further in the text: the mode knob sets the required way of cooking; the thermostat knob sets the oven heating temperature. To turn on the heating of oven models with an electromechanical timer, you must set the timer in the manual mode. All! Where is the manual for the clock. I turn it up and down, then I set the temperature and then the clock. I use it often, in three months the oven clock turned on correctly only twice, and I turn it on in the same way every time. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

That’s point 5.6 of the manual, but there’s another 5.14 and there are two options and developments. 1. To set the oven operating time: a) set the cooking method and heating temperature; b) turn the timer knob clockwise to set the cooking time. The oven will turn on and will automatically shut off after the set time. The timer will beep. This is how I did it. I used to turn it on and the clock was ticking, now it’s silent. The second option is to turn the timer knob in the hand position (manual mode), then turn on and the switch itself, I now and so it works, but I put the time, but off all the same self. The knob does not move itself to zero and the clock is not ticking. ☹️

Now for some universal tips on how to set the time in the oven. First, you have to set it and plug it in. You will see the display light up and either the numbers or a clock icon will blink.

And then proceed as follows:

  • Use the button (if electronic display) or the knob to set the hours.
  • Press the clock icon.
  • Now set the minutes.
  • Press the clock icon again.

Normally, you can adjust the oven clock by pressing ” ” and “. ” or by using a special knob that you can turn. Once you’ve set the time, wait a minute.

If suddenly there is a failure of electricity, the “brain” of the oven will forget the time that was installed. You’ll have to set it again. Or the appliance simply will not turn on.

The new apartment, new kitchen, new appliances, I begin a series of reviews about the repair of the kitchen. Let’s start with the appliances. My husband and I chose a domestic manufacturer because of the price and design. No question about buying a stove, just told my husband that it will be an electric oven and a gas cooktop. All selected from the same series.

I’ll start with the oven. We chose by appearance, the functions in the low-price category they are about the same, and the conditions from my husband, that there was a rotisserie (elegant thing)

General Info

The place of purchase. The official online store Gefest. There was a discount on the purchase of two pieces of equipment. We took the oven and hob at once

The first thing we used in the oven is the spit. Baked a whole chicken, thawed and pickled beforehand. The chicken was delicious my husband was delighted, it took about an hour and a half to bake, it got so cooked in the end that it divorced and fell off the spit. Tried baking a piece of pork, didn’t like it, took a long time to bake, ended up grilling in a pan, wanted to eat. I liked it a lot, but in the end I fried it in a pan and wanted to eat it. Another great dish on the spit.Slices of pork marinated in mayonnaise and ketchup and added liquid smoke, it was a real shish kebab, but not enough.

Heating mode on both sides. The basic mode which we use, cooked on it: pizza, sandwiches, meat, etc.д

Heating from underneath. I use it when I make yeast dough, put the dough in a slightly heated oven so that it would come up, it can be used for cooking in a water bath.

Convection heating. I use it when I cook French fries in the oven, so that the potatoes are browned.

.5. Convection grill, haven’t tried anything yet.

Now for the extra functions.

Clock. Everything is clear here, it is very convenient when there is a clock in the kitchen.

Alarm clock. Or simply put timer. You can set the time after which you want to turn off or check the dish. The alarm itself does not turn off the oven

Manual. You set the temperature and cooking method and run around to check if it’s done or not.

Semi-automatic. You can select temperature, cooking method and time. On, the oven switches itself off when the set time has elapsed

Auto mode. Select cooking time, temperature, method of cooking, and oven settings ! At what time should the dish be cooked! Oh, boy!

1 baking tray. Black, I recommend covering with silicone cloth, parchment, or foil.

2 piece tray to collect grease, at high temperature about 200 degrees and fan mode, deforms, returns to its original position when cooled. I have a warp spilled grease that stuck on the bottom of the oven, now I do not know how to clean( even nuclear detergent does not work(((

1 telescopic guides. Very convenient, no fear that the tray or rack will fall out., You can nominate far away.

After you turn the oven off, it still keeps humming until it cools down

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