How to set the clock on the oven electrolux

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To set the current time, press the and buttons at the same time., hold them down for 3 seconds until the buzzer sounds. Then use and. buttons to set the current time. To set the timer, press the “M” button for 3 seconds, then, after the beep, set the desired value.

  • Press repeatedly the button. until the display starts flashing
  • Turn the TIMER knob towards ” ” and “-“. to set the clock.
  • Press the button again. until the icon flashes on the display and the
  • Turn the TIMER knob towards ” ” and “-” to set the minutes.
  • Press the button again

Electrolux Oven How to Set the Time

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preparations. It is not necessary to do this when setting the TIMER.

To set the time for the oven ON/OFF switch, turn the TIMER knob towards ” ” or “-” to set the desired function

TIMER knob toward ” ” or “-” of the desired function of the clock, use or.


You finally realized the dream of many modern housewives and bought a brand new oven from one of the well-known companies, such as Bosch “Bosch”, “Ariston ”, “Siemens” or “Electrolux”. Everything is fine, the purchase was delivered on time, you installed the appliance yourself. But suddenly there is a problem. the oven does not work. This mishap doesn’t necessarily mean that you have been given a faulty product. It turns out that modern ovens don’t work without setting the time on the electronic display. The built-in oven belongs here too. In order to start this piece of household equipment, first of all, you should understand the question of how to set and adjust the time on the oven ElectroluxElectrolux” or any other brand.

  • Press the button repeatedly. repeatedly until the icon on the display flashes
  • Turn the TIMER knob toward “” and “-“. to set the clock.
  • Press the knob again. until the display shows
  • Turn the TIMER knob towards ” ” and “-” to set the minutes.
  • Press the button again

Setting the clock on Beko stoves takes 4 steps:

  • press and hold down the two buttons. the timer and the one next to it (usually a pot is shown above it);
  • Depending on what time you want to set;
  • adjust the time;
  • release the buttons: the clock will start immediately thereafter.

To set the time accurately, use the special knob or in the case of the electronic panel, the button. Once you have set the required hours, press the time sign and go to the minutes setting. After adjusting the time precisely, press the clock icon. The time is set.


To set time you need: Press sensor 1 (MENU). The “Steaming Pot” symbol should light up. To set the current time, use the two sensors 2 and 3 (arrows pointing left to right). When you finish setting the time, the new data will be saved in the memory.

  • Press ” ” or ” “.
  • Wait 5 seconds after setting: the “cooking time” indicator will light up and the display will return to show the current time.
  • When the cooking time has expired, the oven will automatically
  • Switch the appliance on;
  • set the desired temperature;
  • Allow the oven to heat up to the set temperature;
  • center the dish;
  • Close the door and set the timer;
  • After the buzzer sounds, check the dish and, if necessary, turn the appliance back on.
  • Press the ” ” or ” ” key
  • After setting, wait 5 seconds: the indicator light will light up and the display will return to show the current time
  • When the cooking time has elapsed, the oven will automatically
  • Press the Clock button twice.
  • Set the time to “4:00” using the cooking time knob.
  • Press the Clock button.
  • Set the time to “4:30” using the cooking time controller.
  • Press the Clock. The time is now set.

Adjust the clock to the exact time of the day by simultaneously pressing the leftmost buttons 1 and 2 (0.00 lights up, only AUTO flashes); subsequently, using the rotary switch (on the far right of the timer panel), day time setting must be carried out (at this point, the AUTO symbol

  • Press and hold down the. until the AUTO light flashes and the oven is at the correct temperature
  • Select the cooking time value using the touch keys or
  • 2 beeps will be heard, slowly
  • Select the cooking function and the value
  • When the cooking time has elapsed, the oven

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