How to sew leather on a sewing machine

How to Sew Leather with a Home Sewing Machine ; 3 Secrets for Success

Machine Selection Criteria

To make leather goods at home, the machine must meet the following parameters:

  • Have a conveyor belt disconnect function;
  • have a stepping foot;
  • Ability to switch the stitch length;
  • Use needles with a spike shape.

Tools and sewing technique for leather

The technology of working with leather has significant differences and secrets, requires special equipment and skills.

  • Pair patterns must be cut in one direction only, as leather tends to stretch more in the transverse direction.
  • Do not use pins to pierce the leather.
  • When sewing soft leather you can use the needle number 0 and 90, for thicker materials choose special.
  • If you do too fine stitches, the skin can crack and tear in the puncture points.
  • To cut the skin you need to use special knives or a standard shoemaker. It is better to choose a plastic or plexiglass board.
  • You will also need rubber glue, strong thread, a thimble to protect your fingers, a hammer, and an awl.


  • Since this material has a high density and thickness, the machine must be powerful, and the foot lift higher than in standard models.
  • Do not forget that the needle should not pierce, but cut through the material. Choose needles with a pike shape.
  • Stitch length 6-8mm.
  • Gears in machines must be able to withstand heavy loads.
  • Take into account the size and weight of the equipment (some machines weigh more than 15 kg).

Choose a mechanism for sewing leather goods is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Follow simple tips and recommendations, use the machine only for its intended purpose, do not exceed its capabilities. In this case, the technique will last a long time and will please with high-quality and neat work.

In the video below you can see useful tips on how to choose a sewing machine for leather.

leather, sewing, machine

Features of selecting threads for sewing leather

Sewers often need to work with leather, both natural and artificial. This can be sewing leather jackets and coats, accessories. Even replacing a zipper or simple repair of leather goods requires some skills in working with this material.

leather, sewing, machine

For sewing things made of leather, you will need special threads (

To master them, you need to choose the right threads for sewing leather and tools to facilitate work with this difficult material.

How to sew from leather? Sewing leather products includes the choice of the type of source material. Natural material comes from a variety of animals:

  • Cattle. calves, bulls, cows, buffalo. Large material area, strength, elasticity. indicators for the production of shoes, bags, headwear, as well as outerwear.
  • Pork. inferior in quality to the previous, but also has a high cost. Most often used as a shoe lining. Modern technology for processing raw materials has allowed customers to obtain the result soft suede, as well as other materials that are suitable for creating various types of clothing, leather goods.
leather, sewing, machine
  • Sheep. the material is delicate, soft to the touch. Small size sheepskin is mainly used for the production of gloves, especially valuable in the manufacture of handbags, various accessories, jewelry. In rare cases, the material is used to produce a jacket, jacket.
  • Goat. it produces a fine, soft, wavy pattern. The difference from the previous version. the leather is more dense, more uniform in thickness, waterproof. The last characteristic, especially the price in the manufacture of shoes, clothing.

info! The skin of deer, elk and young stallion is highly technological and consumers often buy it. This raw material. the basis for sewing luxury clothing, shoes. Suitable for sewing products exotic options. reptile skins, crocodile, python, fish, stingray, ostrich.

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